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  1. All jokes aside it’s probably just ambient sounds coming from some objects. I noticed when I started turning the sounds off, that a lot of objects give off ambient noise particularly torches, fireplaces, water, etc and they’re LOUD(basically the things you’re always hearing because they’re everywhere) We tend not to notice them when there’s a stream playing top 40 hits, someone’s playing all of the annoying gestures and someone’s dog is barking on mic. Eventually, I started turning ambient sounds off too. One thing people don’t give secondlife credit for is that the sound quality is amazi
  2. I’m pretty sure we’ve all had a moment where we wanted to delete our car from the driveway because it was making too much noise. So there’s that!
  3. Funny story, I had a parcel where I kept hearing Robin Thicke’s “blurred lines”. It was only in one area of the parcel, so I’m thinking my neighbor had something on her parcel and I’d just deal with it. One day, I had some friends over and one of them goes, “Wow, you must really love Robin Thicke.” So I’m telling him, it’s my neighbor. He’s like, no it’s coming from the car in your driveway. I cam into the car in the driveway and sure enough. There was a tiny media player with a YouTube video on loop. So, I deleted the car, the music stopped and my framerate went up s
  4. Or worse still, start a conversation with you and go AFK for hours then pick up the conversation like 5 hours haven't passed. You: I'm good. I like your new look, is that a new head? *3 hours passed, you left the sim, closed the box and forgot about the whole conversation* *ding ding* Them: Back. Oh yeah, thanks. I decided to try Lelutka, I kinda like it.
  5. https://community.adobe.com/t5/download-install/can-t-install-cs6-on-computer-with-windows-10/td-p/8431143
  6. I just discovered this last night...got a whole 4 seasons to watch.
  7. When my husband built this PC he cloned everything from my old PC's HD to the new one onto an SSD. https://gyazo.com/e4eb8c38662ab2b557c87b7e92c4cfea Also, there is a patch for CS6 to work with Windows 10, it seems to have issues with AMD cards, but there is another patch for that too.
  8. Try applying scale to the mesh. Also, unrelated, but turn smooth shading on.
  9. Mutresse also has scripted clothing that has a dressed/undressed state. I like them because they’re usually at c88 for $L188 for a fat pack. I usually grab them because it’s so cheap. It comes with a hud for undressing and it does a cute animation.
  10. I mean, yes it is hard for newbies, but at the same time you can't really hold up a pewdiepie clone as an example. That video was basically a video full of jump cuts with him running around like a chicken with his head cut off. I'm guessing that's his schtick. He did say people tried to help him, but he was still running around like that....why? Because he didn't want help, he wanted content. There are plenty of youtubers that do howtos and do secondlife content that show secondlife as it really is at this point.
  11. Shhhhh...they were being wise, with a twist of angst and nihilism. *chef’s kiss* I used to LARP that when I was 20.
  12. So are creators meetings; the first half is "Here's what we're doing, any questions?" the second half is "You said you were going to fix ________________ three years ago in the meeting on 06/03/18. It's still not fixed...explain. AND ANOTHER THING...."
  13. If their concern is truly new user retention and ease of use, it should be a non issue even with creator complaints.
  14. Yes! And they usually are.... Good question. Because I'm pretty sure a lot of people that say they're on a potato pc, aren't. Just because you're on a GTX 1050, doesn't necessarily mean your PC is a potato. But some people say they are, even though its perfectly adequate to run SL. I mean, you're not going to load everything at SupaSEXXI event '21 on opening day in 30 seconds, but it'll run SL at high graphics settings. I would consider a PC running integrated graphics, no graphics card and 4 gb of ram somewhere in the potato category.
  15. I agree; SL has been running like crap lately. For me it goes in cycles where it runs great, everything loads quickly to I have a hard time loading my own house. Right now I'm in the cycle of I can't load my own house. I think it is relevant, because whenever someone has this discussion, someone inevitably brings up "most people are on potato pcs" in the mix. Most people I know are trying to run SL on ultra, if you look at the technical discussions forum half the threads on the first page start off "I have a RTX 10000, how can I improve my framerate?" or someone is always bragging about h
  16. Eh, he said that in back in 2014 though. Second life wasn't built with cell phones and laptops in mind, its from a time when errrrrbody was using a Dell desktop, in black if you were fancy. Roblox can be played on console, and that's primarily how its played, a market LL hasn't even attempted. Minecraft can be both CPU and GPU intensive, especially with all the mods people use and very few people are playing vanilla Minecraft. A modern day smartphone probably has just as much processing power and graphics capability as a desktop PC from 2014. I'm not so sure how scientific the low end user sta
  17. For some reason, when you start talking about improving things or adding features that other successful "games" have people always plug their ears and go "la la la" and LL gets a pass. That's weird to me. If you want to grow your user base, that's exactly what you do.
  18. This is a very simple concept: If people are complaining about something not working for YEARS, clearly it is something people want or need. This isn't really about people who are here already and who have adapted or just kind of accepted things the way things are, because there are a lot more people that don't. Those are the people LL want, the people that leave for whatever reason. That's how you get to 100k+ users, by improving the existing features. To say groups weren't intended to be social groups...lol. Well, where are the social groups? Why don't we have them? Know what's going to
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