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  1. True, animations load once and playing require few system resources. BUT... like stand-animations repeating the same one over and over gets really monotonous and looks supper fake. With stands we use scripting to move between animations thus chaining them together. My AO will play for about 5 minutes before the animations start to repeat. Animesh hair would likely come with a means of controlling the hair. I would build the hair to detect walk, run, swim, and sit and play appropriate animations. As those animations change that information has to be sent to all nearby avatars increasing t
  2. One of the challenges is few people know about the SL Forum. Even fewer know about this thread. Over on Flickr there are a number of people that like landscape photography. When you see nice images there ask them to post here too. Let more people know this thread exists.
  3. @Vanity Fair Posting blog links related to the topic, even loosely, doesn't bother me. I appreciate it. If you did it every post and were all spammy then I would have a problem. GROUPS... these are a mixed bag of good and bad. The motivations for forming a group varies. Some are well run and others not so much. Some are pure spam. Some are great deals and others total rip offs. Others serve to provide limited access. Not always easy to know which are worth joining. Is there a Consumer Report for groups? I just wish there was a way to easily keep track of which groups I paid to be in
  4. I think there are lots of possibilities with animesh hair. But the render and script loads will be WAY heavy. So they will have to be a very impressive "do" for me to consider wearing them.
  5. @Marianne Little I like the edited version. There is so much you can do in post. But I agree having a good starting point gives you more possibilities.
  6. I would think you would be smart enough not to limit yourself to a single source. Google is charged by a huge number of people with massive bias, including a number of Google employees that have blown the whistle (ref). One list of 59 million hits and a second of similar size with both having the first most relevant hit being articles with multiple references to multiple studies and you can't find them... sheeese... Get a clue carry your weight.
  7. Skell provided good information. Check all those possibilities. I would change DELETE settings.xml to RENAME settings.xml. That way if the elimination of settings.xml doesn't fix the problem then you can restore it and not have to redo all your settings. For those of us that trial and error test to find the problem this is preferred. Three things in settings control your height; appearance Hover, right-click-avatar Hover Height, and the Shoe item. The first and last of these can be used with an Outfit to control your hover height for a specific outfit or character. The show item
  8. Yeah, the style decides it for me. I have the same dislike as Maitimo, head tilting forward flipping the hair up in back. But often rigged hair is not really rigged. I haven't looked at how bones in the head work with sliders. But I think if the head is made bigger the hair should change accordingly. What I am really annoyed by is rigged hair that comes in various breast sizes... REALLY!?! If I change breast size or watch my Avatar Physics the hair doesn't behave as I think rigged hair should. My skin tight tops do but my hair doesn't. If I turn my head the hair over my shoulders and
  9. Yes. Even with Rowan's change to Appearance Editing it is a pain. Blushes' choice to use the foot/shoe shaper setting has some of the same problem. But once you get it right, that shaper is set for life. Changing foot shapers is easier than going into Appearance to change hieght.
  10. So... ...is Orwar talking about the image or what he is wearing when he snaps the shutter? I mean that would be REAL...
  11. @MelonyGaming I did answer your IM. I also sent an in-world IM. Talli and I both had the same question, what are you interested in? We could refer you to a group about fluid mechanics or one about adult activities... which in SL (Second Life) could be the same group. It gets REALLY complicated. Penny and I both suggested you use SL search to find those things of interest to you. Search can be filtered for groups, places, people, etc. You put gaming in your name. I assume you like to game. It can be very confusing if you think SL is a game. SL is not a game... well... that is WA
  12. I had never really thought about whether using all the stuff in the viewer counts as raw when making an image. As I think about it, the changes we make in the viewer are "setup" for the shot. Much like RL studio shots arranging of lights and poses. The environment settings are always in use in the viewer. We always have it on 'default', region settings, or a selected Windlight. But, the viewer uses something for every frame it renders. So, only tweaks to the environment? So... is it raw if we don't change settings in the viewer? The more I think about it the harder and more complica
  13. @Fauve Aeon Getting good rim-lighting in SL is a bit of PITA. I tend to add it in post. I've found that I can often get a better mask with the viewer's depth map. I can increase its contrast, use of max & min filters, or other techniques to eliminate the gray areas. Black Dragon's Poser locks the avatar in a pose. I can then get a set of color and depth images that are perfect matches.
  14. Welcome to the thread. Awesome happens here but it is not a requirement. There are nights where I am just awake. The ones I don't like are when I am awake and tired. I haven't seen people complain about post-production image processing. This is pretty much an eye-candy thread so the more pretty the better. The "Now" thread is the same but supposedly with less chatter. There is a raw image thread here. But even there people Photoshop the images. Several show the before and after, which is neat. Your image is VERY nice. The text does add to the image giving it a "look
  15. For the links I provided I went back and looked at the lists returned by both search engines. Still, both list articles that are about studies and link to them from the #1 position of results. You don't seem to have even looked. If you don't consider that giving you studies, why should I think you are smart or interested enough to debate those issues?
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