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  1. Banned from Club unfairly

    @DRAGONHEART991 There is a lot going on at OgAsMs. I suspect they ban a lot of people for all sorts of things. An estate manager can ban anyone for any reason and for as long as they want. BUT... a busy place that is banning lots of people will eventually fill up their ban list. Then they have to flush someone off the list to add a new person. So, in 3 to 4 months you'll find out you have aged out of their list. If you talk to a manager of OgAsMs, they likely will have no idea why you were banned or even who you are. Nor will they remove the ban. When someone claims they are innocent, we salt those claims pretty heavily. But, I got banned from OgAsMs' and to this day I have no idea why. Maybe it was a bad click, maybe my name was similar to someone's that they intended to ban, maybe I was flirting with their boyfriend... There are more fun places than OgAsMs. I'm not sure if you can beat OgAsMs for people watching. But, there are more fun places and places where you ARE more likely to get hit on.
  2. ow can i get mhy lower body texture and rename it?

    Since you said GET... It could be complicated. The FS Texture panel will show you what the Classic/System avatar textures are. If they are full-perm, you can download them. Otherwise, the FS viewer, or any legit viewer, is not going to be helpful. It is an anti-theft thing. Finding the textures used in attachments, like mesh bodies, is difficult. What can be done is dependent on the viewer and how the attachment was made and permissions assigned. None of the legit viewers and most rational users won't help people steal stuff, which is why I'm being vague. It is a controversial point, but there are apps that will show you all the textures in your cache, which you can copy and do with as you please, BUT NOT legally. The nuances of copyright law and prohibitions of the Linden ToS are not well understood by most. Most of what Fair Use copyright law allows the Linden ToS excludes. So, what you can do with a texture pulled from your cache is restricted, very restricted. Don't get caught abusing other people's rights. You'll find SL users aren't all that tolerant. Because of the legal issues there are not features in most viewers that help you to steal stuff. Since the viewer cannot determine what you intend to do with textures you pull, the feature to pull textures is restricted. So, because of bad behavior our legitimate uses are restricted and often blocked. It is deliberate that the stuff you own is hard to change and modify.
  3. Avatar Height Restrictions on Adult Sims.

    mmmm... reverse discrimination for all the banning of short people? At 5-10 I often am not even nipple high to many... with heels 6-0 ... 6-2... I may still need a ladder to kiss...
  4. freezing and crashing sim

    There are various possible causes. A restart is the best, simplest first step. On a personal level you can open your Viewer Statistics panel, Ctrl-Shift-1. Watch the server numbers, Server FPS is key as is Time Dilation. Respectively the ideals are 44 & 1. The farther the values depart from the ideals the worse the region is lagging. So, you'll know it is a server side problem. Also, in the panel look at script time and free script time as they are additional indicators of poor region performance. Script times are more about how the region is built and what people are wearing into the region. For instance a load of vending machines can lag a region on script load. A region where people are wearing high script count and large scripts, think Xcite!, can lag. Packet loss and long ping times are an indication the connection is having problems. It could be you, your ISP, or the Lab. The Viewer stats on Packet Loss and Ping are not the same as your operating system's packet loss and ping. If the server is lagged, viewer ping and loss will go up even if you have a perfect connection. So, one has to resort to tools outside the viewer to make a determination on ping-loss. To complicate things even further, it may not be your region that is the problem. It may be another region within the host server that is hogging resources. SL is a one region per CPU type deal. The servers have multiple CPU's. I'm a bit fuzzy on how many CPU's there are per type of region host. I think it is a minimum of 4 and some hosts have more. The good thing is that when a region is restarted, it almost always moves to a new host, AFAIK. So, if it is another region that is the problem, you can escape it.
  5. Is there a way to derender lights?

    This depends on your viewer and some of your settings. Firestorm has more options than the Linen viewer. A good place to check for esoteric settings in the Linden viewer is the SL Wiki page Debug Settings. The nice part is you can use browser search to find things.
  6. Best program to make an animation???

    There are two pro animation tools for SL; AvaStar and MayaStar. AFAIK, these are the only two that are designed to work with avatar shape sliders and the new Bento bones. AvaStar requires Blender. MayaStar requires Maya.
  7. Here we go again

    Server updates are where scripting changes roll out. Syntax checking comes from the server via a file listing all functions and their format. Scripts are run on the servers. So, the only place where script functions change are the weekly roll outs. There haven't been that many lately. But, when they do come it is via a server update. Recently the HTTP calls to external servers changed and that was a server change in how the HTTP call was generated. It broke most of the DJ boards in SL. Throttles that get changed are server side and all of them are enforced server-side. The emailing of IM's is something that happens server side. Now the email verification will determine if the servers send IM's as email. The server will tell the viewer to gray out the setting in the viewer if there is no verification on file. This is all handled server-side and updated in roll outs. The coming release of Animesh is highly dependent on the region and asset servers changing. On the viewer side the changes are UI changes with some changing for rendering mesh. The limits to what can be uploaded and tagged as animesh will be enforced by the servers. Physics are all server side. So, anyone using vending machines, dependent on physics (think golf course), using Pathfinding or Keyframe motion, or complex scripts needs to know when a server change is coming that affects their area of their interest.
  8. Here we go again

    So, show up at the Server-Scripting UG meeting today. Simon and Oz Linden facilitate the meeting. You'll have a chance to complain in person. The meeting is a better place to find out what's coming and what the Lindens expect to change and why. The Server Beta UG provides even more information on what is coming. Updates are seen in ADITI before they roll to the main grid RC channels. You can find out which regions have which beta versions. Good For testing things that rely heavily on server features before the changes hit the main grid. When you can't make those meetings you can check Inara's or my blog for the latest information on servers and viewers. Inara tends to publish on Monday. I tend to wait until Tuesday. But, neither of us can say much when the Lindens aren't talking. Today at 8:50 AM PT my home in a main channel region has not detected a restart since 9/26.
  9. Video card

    You are likely either bandwidth limited or memory limited. Use the free app Memory History to see if memory is bottlenecking you. It will show you which programs are using memory and how much. You can use the Win10 Resource Monitor to see if you are maxing out your connection. can be used to verify your connection is as the ISP advertises it.
  10. Is this a griefer or just a plain idoit?

    Klytyna: As I said, your arrogant ivory tower academia institutionalized [sic] ignorance is showing... Now that is just projection… Klytyna: Here's a fact... Atheism is NOT a religion. Well, I can make a good argument that it is, based on the definitions of ‘religion’, the philosophy of atheists, and the unprovable concepts espoused. Since you feel ‘logical debate’ isn’t founded in reality, is there any point? For others, atheism fits the 3rd and 4th definitions of the word ‘religion’ in most dictionaries. Whether any belief system is a religion or not is very much a matter of opinion. But, the definition of the word religion is clear enough. So, it is not a difficult debate/decision on what is or isn't a religion. When using ONLY the single narrow definition of a religion being a belief system about a supernatural being does atheism appear to not fit the definition. But, atheism is a belief system about the lack of a supernatural being, which is kind of still about a supernatural being. There are other factors we attribute to religions and atheism fits several of those too. So, it is debatable opinion far more than a fact. Klytyna: The only people who ever claim that it is are the intellectually dishonest liars That one is easy to disprove. Read the definitions in dictionaries. Then show me/us where the publishers are trying to suck people into a cult or are being intellectually dishonest. You can’t. Defeated again… aaw. Klytyna: The various lawsuits that have attempted to have Atheism officially classified as a 'religion' I doubt that. Can you show me even one lawsuit that was to have Atheism classed as a religion? I’m betting you can’t. Klytyna: You are the one divorced from reality. Now THAT is projection. I use commonly accepted definitions to prove my points, you don’t. I point to and accept several generally accepted world views, you don't. I see many places in this conversation where I am much more grounded in reality than you. You just deny most of what I say based on your opinions and those vary greatly from accepted norms. Not exactly the exemplary model of a rational person. While I’m willing to listen to rational arguments, your quotes at the beginning of the previous post prove that, you don’t seem to even understand what I’ve written, nor do you address my points. You deny and attack me, basic Alinsky strategy. (But, then you don’t seem to understand Alinsky’s relevance in this conversation.) Klytyna: …without any actual experimentation, as 'the founders of scientific method' clearly showing that you don't actually understand what 'scientific method ' is, … I am truly amazed you can’t see the development of the Scientific Method through early society’s philosophic explorations or how current day scientists first philosophize a hypothesis and then move to experimenting and testing. Especially for one likely to believe in Darwin style evolution. As most of the rest of the world can and does attribute ancient philosophers with development of ideas and processes that lead to and make up today’s Scientific Method and you don’t, that is a classic example of mental issues, a departure from reality when claiming it is a fact they didn't. Klytyna: You ignore the role played by philosophy in the origin of some very nasty socio/political ideas... How would you know? Klytyna: You wouldn't know a fact if somebody carved it in base relief letters a foot high... I’ve pointed to facts, like definitions in dictionaries, and called them facts, meaning the definitions are there – not that they are correct. So, your statement is false. Klytyna: Not ONE of your posts has contained any factual information, examples of 'logical thinking' or any degree of 'intellectual honesty'. And now you are resorting to fraudulent accusations of 'Religion'. Now you are repeating points I have repeatedly demonstrated are false. On religion, above I mentioned the dictionaries provide broad definitions of what a religion is. Merriam-Webster 3 & 4. They do. That is fact. You could make a rational argument for why atheism shouldn't be classed as a religion. But, you try to present it as fact. Conclusion At this point I am convinced you cannot provide rational conversation nor even understand what I am saying. Your statements that I disprove or show are not accepted as established knowledge are ignored. No intellectual rebuttal is offered. You are stuck in denial and personal opinion which you state as fact and personal attacks. It is pointless talking to you. PS: I suspect you are compulsive enough you will have to have the last word. So, please... let's see.
  11. Xbox 360 Controller Y axis settings

    That isn't exactly what I said. Everone is learning about VR. I think of everyone at Linden Lab as knowing about VIRTUAL WORLDS. The Sansar programmers I've heard talk, a hand full, have not given me the impression they are familiar with VW's... not even close. I do get the impression they are very knowledgeable about the technical side and they definitely seem smart enough. I hope they spend lots of time talking to Torley.
  12. Refunds and balances

    But... but... it was such a great opportunity to roil everyone... (teasing) Thanks for making the apology. They are rare.
  13. login issues

    Having a good general Internet connection does not guarantee a good connection to the SL servers. Test it. Wired connections are better than wireless. But, wireless is way better than most believe, provided you have a new access point, mean 3 or 4 years old or newer. Most devices don't pull that much bandwidth. Alexa and others may stream TV or music. That can be a problem for an SL user. So, Rolig's pointing that problem out is realistic. Check what is being used. Checking will depend on the router/gateway you have. Google for help. Remember. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days servers go offline for updates. Between 5-6 AM PT they start and generally finish between 8-11 AM. Any one region will be down for 10 to 20 minutes. But, recently regions have been double starting. That is or soon should be fixed. But, I'm not sure where they are in that 'fix it' process. So, how long a given region will be down is unpredictable. The Forum has a Deploys thread where they update us on what is happening with the servers. The Grid Status tells us WHEN things are happening.
  14. SL performance has drastically gotten worse?

    You can get the free program CPUID HD Monitor to check performance and temperatures. Your i3 and 425 should provide mid-range performance. That it has changed does suggest something isn't the same. The viewer and servers have not changed that much in the last couple of months, at least in performance. I suggest looking at your Windows software. That your machine only has 4GB is a likely problem. If it only has 4GB because it is a 32-bit system, you may want to upgrade to 64-bit. A 32-bit can only use 3.5GB so you would gain 0.5GB. I had problems with 8GB doing mini freezes. An upgrade cured the freezes. Also, look to see what is running in the background. Microsoft likes to load stuff in with the updates that run in the background. Something may be using memory and squeezing the viewer out, A free program named Memory History will give you info on how much memory your viewer is using and how much is free. You should be able to tell if there is a memory squeeze slowing you down.