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  1. Need Animation Help Please

    I'm not quite clear what you mean when saying 'make animations'. It sounds like you are trying to load animations into an AO. I'll assume that is what you are talking about. If you put No-Copy animations in an AO, the only copy of your animation goes into that AO. To get animations to work in Firestorm you use a link to the animation, which has to be in inventory. Since yours are no copy, that would mean you likely had to remove them from the AO back to inventory. The AO they came out of would stop working. So, the problem with Firestorm is one uses links to animations in inventory
  2. Animation Overides No Longer Working. Please help

    Ask your question once. Multiple posts of the same question create confusion.
  3. Clothes are not fitting once worn a second time

    Things have changed over the years. So, depending on how long you have been gone, doing things the old way will create problems like you see. There are now different types of avatars in SL. There are two sorts of new starter avatars, one type we have has what we call mesh bodies. The older type we call Classic. There are newer avatars in the Library and signup pages that use the classic and mesh bodies. You won't notice which is which by just looking at the avatar. You'll have to examine the list of what is being worn. The classic avatar skeleton and skin are the base avatar for both mesh and classic. The classic is likely the type of avatar you are familiar with. They were the first avatars in Second Life. When using a new mesh body the skin of the classic avatar is hidden behind it. As the classic body will poke-through the mesh body when animated the classic body is hidden using alpha layers. Classic or System clothes were all we had for years. System clothes are like decals that are painted on the Classic avatar body. In 2013 the Lindens added the ability to create rigged mesh clothing that fits over the classic body. Prior to that, we used Sculpties to make clothes that fit over the avatar body. Very quickly people began to make better bodies. Now it is very common for the entire Classic avatar to be hidden under rigged mesh head, hands, body, and feet. Mesh clothes are rigged to fit on top of the mesh bodies. There are technical reasons that the clothes fitting over mesh bodies do not always fit well. So, mesh bodies are made with HUD's so that we can make parts of the body invisible, so the body doesn't poke through the clothes. You can catch up on what has been going on with bodies and clothes by reading the various blogs covering SL. Mesh Body Addicts is a good one to start with. On a more technical level try my blog (see signature) or Inara's Living in a Modem World. Start with articles in 2013. Welcome back.
  4. Second Life Beta

    For more information on the ADITI grid, aka Preview, aka Server Beta, aka test grid...
  5. Windows 10 has little problem with SL Viewers. Install the viewer (whatever brand), launch it, Windows pops up a message asking if the program can have network access. Answer yes and move on. If you are trying to set up the firewall before launching the viewer, you are just making work for yourself. The old information on configuring firewalls for SL hasn't really changed.
  6. There is no easy way. The marketplace will allow you to search for Store or people names. Try Jstyle. Find their store. Then try to figure out what you might search on that would bring up the hair you are interested in. Otherwise, it is page by page. There is a free HUD named What is she wearing... It will give you a complete list of what an avatar is wearing. Of course you have to run it while they are in your presence.
  7. Looking for a script...

    There is a free HUD called What is she wearing... a bit sexist. But, it will tell you what is attached to an avatar. If you need the info for a script you are writing, Rolig has pointed you in the right direction. There are LSL Script Libraries. Google. If you Google on llGetAttachedList and llGetObjectDetails you may find some scripts that do what you want.
  8. No. You misunderstand what I meant. While you can set your Windlight and the region owner can set a default Windlight, the region owner cannot script your Windlight setting as you move through the region. As it is now, if I want you see rain at ground level and sunshine at 1500m... I have a problem. Firestorm has a thing to help with that. But, this change will give region owners more control and add scripting control.
  9. Firestorm and SL viewer both log me out after 2 mins

    When logged out, does the viewer give a reason? Almost all of these cases are connection problems. Having a good Internet connection does not mean you have a good connection to the SL servers. Test your connection to SL. That your connection worked last year doesn't mean a lot. Your router could be dying, your ISP could have a failing piece of equipment. A neighbor may have a noisy AC unit that interferes with your wireless signal. A rabbit could be gnawing on your cable... There are a lot of possibilities. Test to see if you can find where the signal is failing... or if it is failing.
  10. There are many attacks on free speech. Hate speech is a primary beginning point for those wanting to control public discourse. Ban hate speech to breach free speech laws then start redefining what is hate speech. Soon saying I HATE peach pie.... will land you in jail. The idea is to devolve to the place where saying anything someone somewhere doesn't like is hate speech. Germany already controls speech and is placing more and more limits on it. Saying anything negative about a world leader outside of Germany can land one in jail or in a law suite. I've been surprised at the number of SL'ers that think that is OK. (Reference) California's ridiculous governor and Democrat controlled legislature want to make misuse of gender pronouns a crime. (reference) No regard for free speech. You have to say it our way. Basic fascist style government.
  11. Another Annoying "Improvement"?

    And the @ formatting has changed. It still works but looks different in my Chrome after I submit the post. I thought I had done something wrong. Because my Grammerly makes a mess out of posts here. I usually have to turn it off.
  12. I can not connect

    @TielenMoraes Some additional information for you. SL downloads inventory folder by folder. Not the things, just the names and pointers to the actual assets. So, it is downloading text information. Depending on connection quality and speed, problems appear around 5,000 items per folder. May be less, way less, on a really poor connection and more on a great connection. Computer performance may also affect the problem. There is no SL limit on the size of inventory or the number of items you can have in inventory total or per folder. But, the physics of the Internet network system imposes a per folder limt. As it is different for each user, there is not definitive recommended limit. On a practical level, I find it difficult to deal with more than a few hundred items per folder. So, have lots of inventory folders. NOw that I've been playing in Sl for 9 years, I need to clean out old stuff I never use. For the last 3 years I have been using year numbers in folder names. So, in CLOTheS I have: 2014 Dresses 2015 Dresses 2016 Dresses 2017 Dresses Mesh Short Sexy Long Evening etc Classic There are tools built into the viewer available for cleaning up and organizing inventory and working with outfits. If you aren't using them, look them up.
  13. For those that don't follow Second Life News... In 2017 we will see Animesh and a new Windlight added to Second Life. Animesh is a new type of 'primitive' (e.g., cube, sphere...) that allows a mesh object to be rigged to a Bento Skeleton and placed in world. Some what like a bot is now. But, there will be no external server control as there is with bots. It will be just like a scripted car or pet, wholly within SL. (well... kinda) The Bento Skeleton can be made into anything. Pets, people, machines... and animated very much like we animate avatars with animation files, BVH or ANIM. Windlight will be enhanced. There will be new controls for cloud and moon textures. Rider Linden talked about the coming changes to Windlight at the Content Creation UG this past Thursday (8/10). Medhue live streamed the meeting (see about 12 min in) and I provided a link to the video and a text index to the video here. The big Windlight change is script control that will allow Windlight changes for individual avatars. If I understand Rider, this will mean while in the same region I can walk into a cave while you are on the beach and we will each have individual Windlight changes. Windlight settings will become an asset. We can create them, trade them, sell them on the Marketplace. Animations are changing... being extended. There is a default WALK animation. Newer AO's change that default animation. The SL servers then tell your viewer to play that animation whenever it detects you are walking. There is a default sit-animation that is handled the same way. So, once the defaults are set, you AO does not have to do anything. The older AO's before this new stuff was added had to continuously watch your avatar and notice what it was doing and play the right animation. The new style is much less work for the viewer and servers. Bento has added new complications for smiling and hand movement, along with wings and tails. The animation system is being changed to allow for default animations for Bento related new stuff. 360-Images - This project is partially complete. Those testing it are posting 360-Images on Facebook, Flickr, and other social sites. Voice - There is an RC Voice Viewer in testing. It has various fixes for voice problems. Alex Ivy - This is the 64-bit Linden Viewer that is in testing. Maintenance Viewer - There is a maintenance viewer with changes and fixes that are in testing and likely to soon be the new LL main viewer. (Release Notes) and more... This past week the SL Lindens had their planning summit. This is the meeting where a significant portion of the viewer software, server, and operations people figure out what they want to accomplish in the coming months. That information is semi-classified... so we don't hear a lot about what was decided. There is a lot happening in the area of SL development. If you have been thinking SL is static, you have lost touch with the reality. Follow my blog, link below, Inara Pey's blog, Medhue's YouTube Channel, Daniel Voyager, and others that talk about the new things happening in SL. Each month or usually each week there are dozens of improvements and changes in SL. This past 6 months many of the changes have been in the SL infrastructure. For instance, all the servers running SL have been updated to a new Operating System. Software libraries have been being upgraded to the 64-bit versions over the last year. Some of these changes require a huge amount of effort. There is a constant effort to combat griefers and improve security. There is a good sized team of Lindens that are devoted to improving SL. I believe they have a clear idea of what SL and Sansar are and how DIFFERENT they are. The best explanation I can give in a nontechnical way... I will be working in Sansar and Playing in SL.
  14. Display name or username on search ?

    You can search on Display Name. But, you must have selected the PEOPLE filter for it to work. Even then it may not work well.

    Now I understand why you are having problems. Good luck.