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  1. There are in-world tutorials regarding how to change your avatar. You can search in-world. Caledon Oxbridge Gateway is a good general purpose tutorial covering most of SL tech. Here is a link to the avatar customization section: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caledon Oxbridge/240/146/27 - This is a URL that will open the SL Maps page on the website. There you can click Visit and your viewer should open and teleport you to that location. You can paste it into the address bar of the viewer once you are logged on. YouTube has a bunch of tutorials. Search on terms like second life
  2. Shapes are a bit of a problem. Body makers design a shape that shows off their body. Unfortunately they include some head's settings in the shape. You wear their shape for the body and you get the shape they included for the head. The image illustrates. While shapes can be edited to remove either the body's or the head's settings, AFAIK no one does that. Sad. You can however edit your own shape so you can have a head or body only shape. Then you could change bodies using its shape and restore your head's shape or change heads using its shape and restore your body's shape.
  3. Glad you figured it out. Avoid putting an ear to the ground... it'll get em dirty. If you get the Robin Woods templates you'll see the basic UV Map for avatars. The ears are in the head texture.
  4. Yeah, was typing too fast and didn’t correct the spelling. Did you correct the spelling and rerun the search? Did it actually make a difference? Search engines handle misspellings pretty well. When I corrected the spelling, I got the same results. So… you were just taking an off subject shot? In SL we often speak of what we call an SL language typonese. Have you heard of it? Do you think I am the only one that makes spelling mistakes? You did put some effort into your attempted rebuttal. That is remarkable. But you failed to put things in context. You totally missed
  5. No. But an EIND and a EUA are very different things. If one follows CytoDyn's FDA proces, it looks like a game of Calvin Ball.
  6. The Leronlimab is a cytokine control drug with minimal if any side effects. Any virus that triggers a cytokine storm is a definite candidate for Leronlimab treatment. All viruses trigger some level of cytokine response. A significant number trigger some level of a storm. So, can Leronlimab be a treatment for all viruses? Yes, but the degree of effectiveness will vary. The bigger the storm the more effect Leronlimab will have. If you are wanting to make the point that Leronlimab will NOT be approved for ALL viruses, I have to agree. If you want to hammer the all or most viruses part that
  7. You are entitled to your opinions and beliefs. I pointed out the reasons I chose to answer 'not necessarily'. I said nothing about your relatives. If you are attempting to use the character of your relatives as proof of what's happening in the medical field and that system isn't being abused and is totally righteous... you have a lot of evidence to the contrary to over come. In the USA those doctors that had good documented success with HCI & Zinc were prohibited from using it off label by Dr Fauci's mandate. (Ref) AFAIK, this is the first time in history a safe drug has been removed
  8. You haven't provided the information we need or said if you got the problem resolved. So we assume it is solved.
  9. I am pretty sure no one here has an issue with you asking your question here. But, this type of question is best asked in the Answers section of this forum. That section is for any question. But technical questions are best asked there. If you want to ask fashion or style questions then asking here is likely to get you a better answer. Because the section is for Q & A searching that section is easier and often more productive. The question has been asked and answered there several times. If you had searched Answers, you would have had an immediate answer and not had to wait.
  10. If this were a perfect world, yes. But there is way more going on than just legitimate evaluation for drugs. Consider the Johnson & Johnson CoVid vaccine. Six people out of about 7 million had a bad reaction and died. Tylenol kills 150 per year. Yet J&J was considered dangerous!?! J&J was being given to prevent a "likely possibility" of death. Tylenol is given for minor aches and pains, among other things. Something seems out of wack. Have you looked to see how many members at the top of the FDA and the boards making recommendations to the FDA have ties to big pharma?
  11. But we have a group that apparently enjoys that type of debate. Saul Alinsky recommended making fun of people and ridiculing them if one could not win the argument on merit. He made it one of his Rules for Radicals. We see that going on here and in other threads. It isn't hard to identify those that subscribe to his philosophy. It is also interesting to notice which people have consistent projections as to what others are doing and why.
  12. Yeah... I have to agree with you. But, I do think that for the newbies this is a good starting place. Especially as I am not going to spend time teaching them how to do all the things those toys do. Everything there can be duplicated by anyone in SL. The problem is the effort and knowledge required. For newbies I think it provides a way to a fast start.
  13. About learning photography, lighting, and doing back drops... Focus Magazine has gotten together a show for SL photographers: https://www.seraphimsl.com/2021/04/30/everything-to-up-your-photography-skills-is-at-the-focus-photography-fair/ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Holly Kai Estates/164/124/3801 I am finding interesting new things for posing the avatar, heads, eyes, etc.
  14. Newbie? Really!?! Whatever, welcome to the thread. Nice images and cute avatar.
  15. There are various loin cloths, male & female. You may find one that will work and look like it goes with the armor.
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