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  1. Couple days in - already banned

    I don't know about too many friends... but, being selective about who you friend is important. SL has more than its share of jerks, idiots, weirdos, and clowns. Some are slow to reveal their self.
  2. Particle emission direction

    ...ummmm... I am not sure I understand. Particles ALWAYS face the one viewing them. If you rotate the prim emitter, the particle still always faces you. If you want the particles to change direction of travel, like water from a fire hose as it is waved around, there is a setting that makes it do that. See It has been awhile since I did particles. But, I think the setting you want is PSYS_PART_FOLLOW_SRC_MASK If you get really desperate, I have a friend that can help. Plus there are particle labs that generate the mod-OK particle scripts for you, which I think are easier to use than writing the script command (marketplace - particle lab). PS: and Jopsy Pendragon's Particle Lab is still around... He has great tutorials there. You can quickly find what you are looking for and learn just that point. Very well done.
  3. Convert third party mesh UV map to SL default?

    I suggest you make a texture on the SL UVMap that highlights the seams. I would make it so I could see red lines on the SL head at the seams. Then duplicate the seams as closely as possible on your head. Unwrap your head. Now use an image of the SL head's UV map as the UV texture for your head. You should see the unwrap from you head and the picture of the SL head UV in the UV editor. Manually edit/move the UV points to fit the picture. It will be tedious. But, you should get something useable.
  4. Graphics are progressively getting worse

    The Lab and the Firestorm team disagree with you. A cache clear is ONLY recommended for those times that you know it is a cache problem or an absolute last resort when all else if failing. These days cache data very seldom corrupts. The data is delivered through the HTTP/HTTPS error-correcting protocol. Cache corruption these days is usually only the product of a viewer crash. Also, the cache hit rate reported in the viewer is questionable. Oz Linden tells us a 'cache rebuild' project is on the To Do Soon list. The viewer is often downloading items already in cache. If you watch the Texture Console and the Cache Hit Rate, you'll see some oddities in the information that I think indicate inconsistencies. It could also explain why I often see mesh in my home have a problem rendering quickly or mis-rendering while it re-downloads, yet I see a 100% Cache Hit Rate. Whatever is happening with cached files, it isn't what it should be or what we expect. When a new scene is rendering some objects, especially sculpties, mis-render as huge things. Sculpties tend to mis-render as squished spheres. Large mesh objects can mis-render when the LoD model needed is only partially downloaded. They tend to appear as spiky things extending across the region. I generally have a great Internet connection to the SL servers. Over the last couple of weeks and sense the big DDoS attack I have periods of horrible service, several hours. Then it is back to great. If the Internet performance is progressively degrading, hardware may be failing or there are more attacks or something consuming bandwidth in the lines between you and the SL servers. Is someone streaming video to your TV? Lots of possibilities.
  5. Bakes on Mesh Feedback Thread

    Cathy Foil has a new video out showing the problem of using BoM for mesh-attachment-clothes and a solution. If you want to disagree, disagree. But, avoid being disagreeable. Toward the end, she gets to a bit of a reason for why people would want to use BoM for mesh-clothes and other accessory attachments. And people certainly use layers for all sorts of neat things in other places. It seems reasonable to assume having layers for all things in SL via BoM would allow some surprising uses. However, Cathy's thinking that there will be few conflicts with a million or billion texture channels is probably wrong but is probably the best for a simple solution. I say wrong because people very predictably pick certain numbers even when they try to pick random numbers. There are studies and empirical evidence it is what we humans do... which has lead to our use of dice and other randomizers, physical or computer, for picking numbers when we need to avoid conflicts/duplicates. Also, the ETA for BoM is pure speculation. The Lab has been working on BoM for some time already. I was digging around in my blog looking for when it was first being talked about. I doubt that is as informative as it could be. I think it may be more informative to look at when they hired the programmer for BoM. We can't really know if this was his first project or whether or not he has been pulled off for other urgent tasks. Assuming it was and he hasn't... I think the Lab already has about a year in the project. So, I consider a couple of months to 6 or more as reasonable guesses... GUESSES.
  6. Number of items in inventory

    The lag and problems related to region crossing/teleport come mostly from avatar complexity and script load. The region you are in has to package up all the information it has about you and send it to the region you are entering, which has to unpack it and get all your scripts running. Your avatar and its attachments and clothes are a collection of UUID 's. Those are 128-bit numbers, about 8 bytes of information. So, avatar complexity is sort of a minor thing for crossings. But, scripts are a significant problem. The server has to pack up the server's program code and data memory used by the script, compress it and send it to the destination server. Scripts can use up megabytes of memory. You can get a script counter for free in the marketplace. Also, (Firestorm) look at About Land for the parcel you are standing on. In the general tab, click Script Info->Avatar and you'll see how much server memory is being used by the avatar. I'm generally near 3MB. Above that and you can expect a hiccup now and then when crossing. Vehicles add to the script load and further complicate region crossings. Inventory is a list of your stuff kept in a viewer cache that is checked/updated at login. The inventory information does not get sent to the region servers. So, there is no impact on region crossings from inventory size, AFAIK. If you change appearance or work with inventory in a region, your information is passing through the region server to the inventory management system. Mostly passing along UUID's and some instructions on what to do with them. So, once logged in, inventory size just doesn't matter. Rolig pointed out what a 'flat' inventory can do to you at login, slow or block it. But, size is pretty much irrelevant provided you don't put thousands of items in a single folder.
  7. Moving with Keyboard arrows and NOT changing Orbital view?

    Whirly is describing what I call Mouse-Steering. I left-click-hold and press W to walk forward. Up-arrow and right-click-hold also walk me forward. Rolig's image shows the possibilities for mouse-steering. Releasing the left-click will allow the wheel to zoom you in and out, nearer and farther from where you clicked. It sticks so you can left-click and start walking again with the camera at the new zoom distance. Do some experimenting. Once you get used to mouse-steering, those stairs will be no problem.
  8. Heads-Shapes-Originality. Question

    It is almost impossible to know what a majority of people in SL think on any subject. What we do know is back in the day mesh clothes required one change their shape to fit into the clothes. Those were the days of Standard Sizes... clothes made for an avatar of a standard size. It didn't go over well. Many people were not willing to change their SHAPE to fit into clothes. Fitted Mesh was added and the mesh body & clothing market exploded. We can infer a good number of residents prefer their individual look. There is a bit of a snobbish side to SL users... we tend to be leery of new users. Helpful... sure. But, many of us have had bad or tedious experiences with the new people. So, new people are avoided a bit. I think new users pick up on that and quickly move away from the new avatar look. I think to some degree that influences how much we customize our mesh heads. It is probably fair to say a significant number of SL residents do NOT want an out of the can look. So, many will customize their look away from the default appearance of a head. BUT... if you buy a head because you think it is gorgeous... why change it? The point of SL is to have fun and enjoy it. So, do whatever works for you. There is more freedom in SL than in many countries and certainly more than most college campuses. Enjoy it.
  9. Newbie with Avi questions

    Bakes On Mesh is Coming... There is a Bakes On Mesh project. We will likely see it released in the next month or 6... It will change how mesh bodies, feet, hands, and heads are made. So, all of us with mesh attachment bodies will be upgrading. Also, how mesh body attachments and their Appliers work will be changing. You can save yourself some upgrade headaches and reduce your learning curve. The new mesh attachments will work very much like classic clothes, skins, etc. work now. Be patient.
  10. I can see my mesh head but others can't?

    Also, check your connection to the SL servers.If your viewer and others' viewers are not rendering the same thing, the problem can be because your viewer and the SL side of things are out of sync. Open your Viewer Stats (Ctrl-Shift-1) and look for Lost Packets. <1% is OK. Less is better and 0% is typical. If it is higher, your connection could be the problem.
  11. How does your avatar look today ?

    No feces... The Lindens tell us they are working on improving it. You can use Google to search it. I do occasionally get frustrated and resort to a Google/MP search. Type nalates The red text is whatever you want to search for. The green tells Google you want to search a specific site. The space between the green and red is required.
  12. A Conversation with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg

    Places Page are being promoted to residents. But, they generally do not show up in Bing, Google, or Yahoo. Without placement in major search engines these pages do not seem helpful for pulling in new people interested in those venues. Are there plans for enhancing Place Pages present in search engines? Or... providing API's to make the Place Page content accessible in private/custom web pages? Then individuals could design better placing pages and improve the search presence of their regions.
  13. Settings completely reset.

    Klytyna, is almost certainly right. It is common for viewers to crash on log out and we users don't notice. At our next login we find a problem. If this becomes a recurring problem, look at the secondlife.log file immediately after you log off. If there was a crash at log off you should see some warning or error message in the log. Recently my Firestorm is consistently crashing at log off, IF I use OBS for video capture. My point is, if it happens a lot you can probably track down the cause. But, often these are one-off occurances the result of a perfect storm.
  14. Contacts are all offline

    Old known bug. You would have saved yourself time if you had searched answers. The work around, check your Internet connection to the SL servers. Then relog. You may want to restart your computer and gateway/router/modem (whatever you call it) and skip the check. The problem is almost always a matter of your viewer and the SL systems glitching at just the precise moment to cause the Friends List to not update as it should.
  15. Firestorm Reinstall Help?

    You haven't given us the information to tell what may be the problem. IF THE VIEWER RAN, you would get it from HELP->ABOUT... As a work around try installing Cool VL Viewer (here) or Singularity (here). You can use the HELP in those, if they will run and they probably will. That are built with older systems in mind. The ideal alternate viewer is the Linden Viewer. But, if Firestorm won't start that is likely going to be the case for the Linden viewer too. However, you can get the ridiculously out of date Second Life Obsolete Platforms Viewer version It will suffice for collecting the information via HELP we need. You won't even have to log in. We need to know the computer's video device and drivers. Version numbers are important. If you are running a laptop, we need to know if it has a dedicated video chip or runs only on Intel's HD Graphics built into the CPU and chipset. Often a laptop will decide to start saving power and turn off the video chip. So, a computer that once worked for SL starts giving the message you are getting. NIVIDIA has a control panel that has to be set up to prevent laptops and desktops from doing silly things when SL runs. See At this point we are all guessing. The Firestorm wiki has the best known fixes for the problem. If those aren't helping, we are going to need your system's details. PS: Doh! The link...