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  1. Nalates Urriah


    There are a number of Roleplay games (?) in SL. Most give classes in RP. These are probably the best for learning RP. I'll suggest Amazon River and the Wastelands. Plus both are great places to explore. They do tend to focus on RP for their community and how to do conflict in RP. However, you need to learn the HOW more than what words to say, the mechanics. The HOW do we do RP in SL so that it is not too confusing. The use of /me ... and ( ) and (( )) is sort of standardized in SL. Understanding it will help. You can't know if your mark client is knowledgeable in RP or not. On the chance they are you want to be on top of it... so to speak. Also, we are getting used to bots with an AI program running behind them. Spontaneous conversation that is identifiably a real person is important. If you are copy pasting from notecards, you may come across as a bot. People that hangout will hear you repeat yourself, not good. A Hi handsome is nice. But, it can come across as impersonal and roat. Some personalized comment often works better, Hey handsome. Love the red shirt. Come talk to me. Learning to balance your aggressiveness is a challenge as a welcomer, as you have probably learned. But, comments about them that reveal you are really seeing them can do a lot.
  2. Nalates Urriah

    What is the Knowlwdge Base for?

    When you ask a question try to frame it in the fewest terms possible. Type those in SEARCH at the top of the Answers section page. The answer may popup and save you time. You can skim the titles and one may be exactly the answer you are looking for. If I had a video problem I would search on GTX1060 as that is the model I have. Then I would skim the titles to see if someone else had asked my question. I hate waiting. Big it isn't a big thing. Look up or not. I'm pretty sure no one here is that concerned.
  3. Nalates Urriah

    Multiple crashes

    I had hoped that with any luck things would improve today... But, the main channel on the grid is not getting updated. So... Changing from 'crashing' to getting 'logged out' means this may be the problem. If you last about 15 minutes then get logged off... you could be one of the ones getting bitten by this problem. Not many are, so it is hard for the Lindens to get a handle on. Some have tried to replicate the problem but, no luck. Experimenting with this problem on ADITI grid we've been able to predict when the one suffering from the problem would poof. It is like a timer going off. He avoids the logoff by teleporting at 14 minutes... not an ideal solution. Look in the Viewer's HELP->About... to see which channel you are in. If it does not say Blue Steel, Le Tigre, or Magnum in the region name then you are in the main channel. If you are getting bumped from the main channel try hanging out in an RC region; Blue Steel, Le Tigre, or Magnum. If you are premium, you can use the sandboxes with those names. Otherwise, you can try Denby, which I think is currently in Le Tigre channel. If this type of log off is what is happening, file a JIRA Bug Report and mention Caleb Linden. He will know who to point at the report. And include a link to this thread. Time, date, and region name need to be as precise as possible. @Whirly Fizzle This thread may interest you as they are getting logged off rather than crashing as the title says.
  4. Nalates Urriah

    Option to change username

    There is work going on. And there are some projects running behind schedule. I suspect those are taking the manpower away from the names project.
  5. Nalates Urriah


    Clearing the cache and deleting the inventory list files is a really bad idea, unless you KNOW it is a problem with either. Many in SL consider it a fix-all sort of like aspirin. Once upon a time it was. No longer. Years ago the viewer was updated to make cache and inventory list much more robust, faster, and generally immune from problems. There are RARE scenarios where things can go wrong and the DRASTIC step of clearing cache or deleting the inventory list must be taken. But, it is a last resort. There are people that still push old, uninformed information and tell people to clear the cache... 'your screen is dusty? Oh, clear the cache.' Or it is just all they know to do. Avoid advice from such people in the future. The viewer's cache is fast. It is an indexed system that can find a file among hundreds of thousands in a very few milliseconds. Clearing the cache means the system has to wait for several seconds while the needed file is downloaded and decompressed, which throws a load on the SL servers, your network, and your CPU. All of which drop your performance and to some extent other users' performance in the region where you are.
  6. Rider Linden updated us on when the Lab is in releasing EEP, Enhanced Environment Project. The official line is the Project will go to RC very soon™ . Rider is speaking in the first few minutes of the video. TM 01:50 BoM is headed to RC too. TM 01:00 The video is NOT fuzzy once it starts playing Switch it to 1080. Watch Full Screen to read chat. Animesh Customization TM 05:30 Getting triangle counts TM 07:30 Turn on-off Animesh TM 11:15 Reset Animesh Skeleton TM 12:00 - Problem resetting when Animesh is attached to avatar. Some Debug Setting needed to reset attached animesh. Animesh attached and texturing with BoM TM 18:00 Texture filtering TM 22:50 - Discussion on 2048px textures, bilinear resampling for better quality... ...and some more...
  7. Nalates Urriah

    The VaNiTy ThReAd

    Love those drippy bunny ears...
  8. Nalates Urriah

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I suspect Firestorm spoils many of us. Whether I use the slider as you do or press keys depends on whether I have the Photo Tools open. Those not using Firestorm have to use the keys. I do RL photography and videos. Knowing about the lenses and camera is important for buying cameras. I think most people just twist and turn on their lense to get the image they want without ever thinking about the numbers. So, your in the same ball park. As long as you have an eye for the image, it works. If you didn't knowing the numbers wouldn't help. I tend to frame with the mousewheel. I've set the wheel sensitivity low making a fine grained adjustment. And because I do video in SL I got a SpaceNavigator. I like that I can use it to get away from Alt-left-click-drag camera pointing. But I do most of my actual framing in Photoshop. I find the viewer's DoF annoying. I use Photoshop's Lense Blur to control the focus effect. That gives me amazing control. (Ref) But, it is tedious. The viewer's DoF does make it quick and easy. This image uses PH's Lense Blur. The background behind me was too dark for this to be a good image. I tried to save it using blur. Still, did not come out that well.
  9. Nalates Urriah

    How does your avatar look today ?

    You can accomplish the same thing in any viewer using Ctrl-0, press 6 to 9 times. Press Ctrl-9 to restore the camera. The idea of wearing parts of the outfit and then compositing them is way neat. Thanks.
  10. The shape files when exported are XML which is written in plain text and easily editable. See https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-216131 (Please click Watch) You can edit a shape file so that it only includes part of the body. This is a handy thing with the various bodies and heads available today. So, I have made a body shape only and uploaded it. I've removed all the settings that affect the head from the XML file. If I buy a new head I can wear the shape that comes with it. Of course that changes my body too. I can wear the body-only shape I made to get my body back without changing the head's shape. I then save the resulting shape as a new shape that combines my body and the new head.
  11. Nalates Urriah

    Copywrite issues in RL

    There is the letter of the ToS and law of the country you are in or where the material will appear. Then comes the practical reality. Will the person suing be able to collect enough money to pay their attorneys? This sets the limits of hobby vs business. are 10 people or a million people going to see it? Is it going to trigger the snowflakes? Is it controversial in such a way as to bring out Antifa, ISIS, the religious right, the LGBTQ crowd... If you are flying under these limits, copyright is a non-issue. It is a matter of the amount of risk you want to take. If you want to avoid all risk, have an attorney figure it out. There are attorneys that work with this community. There are some in-world that may give you an opinion on the cheap or have free information on their websites.
  12. Nalates Urriah


    Emotes are most commonly used in role play scenarios. They fill in the emotional and difficult to animate behaviors of the avatar providing color and drama to the chat text. While there are HUDs that expand on what the avatar can do it is often inconvenient to wear all the HUDs one might need. So, emotes are used. So, a love tap might be emoted as: /me slams her clenched fist into the losers chin using her body to drive her stiff arm pushrf by her legs pushing down driving her so hard into his chin he lifts off the floor. ..or something equally endearing. Different role play (RP) communities have different ideas of how emoting should be done. The larger communities offer classes in RP and cover emothing. In local and group chat outside of RP emotes are mostly used to add humor or express a feeling. /me is gobsmacked by Lindal's display of near nudity. Emojis are more often used here in the forum for the same purpose. Emojis are frowned 😣 on in most serious RP games. Those RP games more about spontaneity and fun than dramatic writing and storytelling are less strict and you can get away with more.
  13. Nalates Urriah

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2019-02-11

    So, what's up with Second Life RC LeTigre - Second Life RC BlueSteel EEP works differently in each. Blue Steel is better...
  14. Nalates Urriah

    Firestorm Crashes Constantly

    I don't see a reason for it in your specs. Read through this post... With any luck they will get that problem fixed this week... maybe next. With a bit more luck that will be your problem and it will go away. At this point, no one is sure what is causing the problem. It seems to happen with older hardware. Whether or not it is something in your second gen i5 or the mother board chipset... just isn't known. As I say in the other post, file a JIRA bug report and give them all the information you can.
  15. Nalates Urriah

    Voice not working - Done everything in Support

    Reinstalling a viewer can fix problems with a corrupted viewer. Reinstalling over the top of an existing install repars most such problems. It is a simple and mostly non-destructive step. So, it is a reasonable early step in a troubleshooting process. However, most of my difficult problems have been because the viewer crashed and corrupted the support files, settings, cache, cache index, or inventory list. Doing a clean install or deleting support files is tedious and places additional load on the system which may aggravate a problem. It is worth the time to chase the problem for a bit before resorting to the more complex Clean Install.