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  1. If someone standing beside your 'other' friend can hear it and your 'other' friend cannot... then your other friend has done something to block that device. The 'someone' beside your 'other' friend will show the SL system and person speaking are all working. If that is the case, have the 'other' friend down load an alternate viewer and try it. See what happens. If the 'other' friend is using Firestorm then have them download the default SL Viewer. People should always have it installed for troubleshooting as the Lab won't provide support to people using 3rd-Party viewers.
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    Mobile app

    Lindens seldom provide ETAs for projects. At least until they are certain they can hit the release date. The mobile app is in development. We aren't hearing much about what the Lindens are working on as much of their work is on the uplift to the cloud. Years of experience has taught them not to tell us where they are in that project. Once they do all the bug reports are about how the recent change made the problems they are reporting. The real reports get buried in the blizzard of mis-described bugs. We have no idea where they are on the mobile app. You can attend the Linden lead user group meetings and ask. You'll get answers like; its not on our near term list, its on out to-do list, not too distant future, probably this year (if it is January or February), this quarter (rare), and soon or 'real soon now'. After some time listening to the various Lindens those vague answers do give one a hint. But, that is about as good as it gets.
  3. Yes. I am not in FS just now, so I can't look it up. The setting is in Preferences. Use the search at the top of the Preferences panel to find the setting. The in-world support group will walk you thought the settings change.
  4. I learned a lot from watching others do post and compositing. Check out Natsumi Xenga. The videos are not tutorials. It is just her working on an image. These aren't exactly Safe for Work... but they aren't porn. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ-uhYr4WopyhYZhA1Iv7SA
  5. Nalates Urriah


    To give you a solid answer we need your computer/viewer specs. Use HELP->About... and copy and paste that info here.Do that when you ask any tech question. It will save you stepping through all our wild guesses. There are a whole bunch of things you can do to boost the frame rate. Bigmoe's draw distance is the easy first thing to look at.
  6. Look in the viewer log file for 'errors'. That may give you an idea what is up. See: Your Windows is out of date... doubt that will make a difference. You don't list the video driver version. Check the version. It is likely easiest to start the viewer, don't log in, click HELP->About... and copy paste that info along with any tech question. That gives us most of the info we need. Try HWMonitor (free). It will show you temperatures in the computer and video card. There may be eons of dust clogging that 970.
  7. Those old system layer alphas and the new BOM alphas are the same exact thing. I use old pre-mesh alphas with my BOM body. Slink points out that if you feather the edge of the alpha when making it, there is an adjustment in the Slink body HUD that will let you tweak the alpha size. I've found that handy.
  8. Press Ctrl-Alt-T to show transparent items. It can happen that a transparent item is interfering with your clicks. The eyes and teeth may be in front of the camera and you are looking through them... I'm reaching here...
  9. There are 584 male animation overriders in the marketplace. Use this LINK. I suggest you sort on Newest and then later on Relevant. The SL MP is not very search friendly. Saying it is "complicated" is probably not the best choice of a noun. Try FRUSTRATING... counter intuitive or PITA. There are times when one just cannot find what they want via SL MP Search. Doesn't matter how complex and devious a search you try. Finding these AO's required a search then a number of clicks in the categories on the left. When you get totally frustrated with MP's search switch over to Google with something like site:marketplace.secondlife.com/products/ male animation overrider Notice the spaces. They are required. I've never found an AO that was exactly what I wanted. These days I make sure AOs I buy are Mod-OK so I can copy animations in and out and customize them. Unfortunately AOs are script heavy these days. I seldom use the new ones as they have 2 or 3 times more script weight than an old, free ZHAO II, which is my go-to-AO. I have a couple of versions loaded up with animation I like. Best of all is Firestorm's built-in AO, which I use when running FS. That used to be most of the time but not so much with version 6.3.9. That AO will run on Copy-OK or No-Copy animations and places no 'script' weight on the avatar. It also places very lite demand on the region server, unlike the older ZHAO II. The only problem is when 'on' it can be the ONLY AO worn. Otherwise, animations between AOs can be conflicting with the result no animations play. If you spend longer periods logged in and standing or sitting where you rely on the AO for animation a single stand or sit can become tediously repetitive. Since I do... I have like 16 stands loaded in my basic AO. I think the fewest is 6 or 7. So I think only 5 variations is on the lite side. Have you found out animations come in "sizes"? Usually small, medium, and large. There is no consistency between animators that I can see. Some will specify which avatar height a size is far. They assume the avatar is Leonardo-like proportional. But, I'm not sure their models were actually proportional... Do the demos to see how they look on your avatar. Good Luck.
  10. Amazing, yes. But... you think it is the wings that look amazing?
  11. They guys have definitely stepped up. This is a rare picture of me. It usually takes me a couple of days to decide on an image and do the post. But, I needed this one today... or these today for a Face Shape Tool I made. It shows the deformation the camera causes as it is shifted from wide to narrow angle. I stood on a pose-stand. I didn't move. It is just the camera going from very near and wide to far away an narrow (telephoto). I was surprised at how even the hair is changed in these.
  12. When you ask which "AO".... I think your going to run into problems. AOs are typically about walk, run, fly, etc. When it comes to sex the animations are more often than not in the furniture or other toys. In some cases people resort to HUDs for their sexual activity animations. Those come in various forms and ease of use. Most RLV collars have some animations which tend to be the submissive type. There are other systems have different ideas about what one is attempting to do. For instance Project Sex is about extemporaneous sex anywhere. Distortions are common with older animations. Prior to mesh heads animation could only use the viewer's built-in facial expressions. I thought most expressions of what was intended to be passionate bliss looked like an elephant had stepped in their foot. There is also the problem of the poor design of parts of the classic body that distorted horribly when legs were spread, knees raised to chest, or the spine curved forward. These problems were reduced when mesh was used to make better bodies with better texture mapping. Now animations are catching up with the new bodies. Bento added the ability to make custom facial expressions. So, the trick to avoiding avatar distortions is to use mesh body and head along with newer animations.
  13. There are so many ways to get a view without the avatar present. Of course, depending on which viewer you use the options vary. Many of us use what we call Mouse-Steering. So we get very adept at using Alt-Left-click and drag to move our camera. For the camera the basic move is to press Alt and left-click-hold-drag to move the camera. Of course you can left-click-hold-drag on anything. There is a gotcha. The top menu's Advanced (Ctrl-Alt-D to reveal if not showing)->Limit Select Distance needs to be disabled to click on those distant mountains. It also helps to disable Camera Constraints, just below the 'Limit' setting. You use Ctrl with the Alt-Left mouse button to move up and down when dragging. This changes the forward and backward action of the mouse. It takes some practice to get used to it. Then there is the Space navigator and other 3D mice. When you see videos of SL where they are zooming through the world then it is likely a 3D mouse. The Camera Controls that are two sets of 4-arrows will let you pan left or right which gets the avatar out of the picture. Then there is the key press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-4 which stops the viewer from rendering all avatars including your avatar. Press again to bring them back. And some viewers will let you right-click your avatar and select Derender... poof gone. Some consider that a bug. Therefore some viewers block self derender. And... there are probably more ways. But, this should get you going.
  14. Slink has had a Petite for some time. While Slink has not been as popular as Maitreya or as well supported the Petite is even less popular and way less supported. My guess is the same may happen here. But.... we can hope it catches on. Until then I am still wondering where women are finding their MMM cup size bras...
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