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  1. There are ongoing updates. Sing even has BoM now. But, you have to get the nightly or alpha builds, which is what most Singularity users run now.
  2. I have seen this problem. As you found cache clearing provides no solution. I find a relog usually fixes it. If not, I have to wait for the region to be restarted. I haven't seen this in any viewer other than FS. But it is rare, for me, in FS and I just may not have used other viewers enough to have run into it.
  3. We call troublemakers griefers. Griefers have traits in common. The primary one is youth, less than 30 days old. Region owners do all sorts of things to keep griefers out. Griefers often have high ACI because they are wearing video crashers. So, try to keep your ACI below 200k. Many events have performance problems and consider script heavy avatars a nuisance. So, your overall script weight can be a drag on region performance and over 3BM or even lower at events cause for ejection. But, 3MB seems to be a sort of generally agreed on cutoff. Then there is height. In a world of 7ft (2.1m) avatars a 5-7 (1.7m) avatar is a child. That is cause in many regions for ejection. There are all sorts of reasons for ejection. It isn't SL management making the decisions. It is individual region owners making the decisions. So of course it is inconsistent.
  4. There are advantages to removing noise from the signal...
  5. I preferred the named channel references. But, I do see the problem for the Lindens. I disagree that the change is stupid. I see the change as a response to the stupid way people tend to report problems to the Lindens or talk about them in the forum. The Lindens needed a better way to get precise information or denote when complaints had no clue when a problem started. Think about people talking about a problem with the Blue Steel release of 3 or four weeks ago... aaaah.... which version do you look at? Do the Lindens need to spend time sorting that out? I don't think so. I would rather they spend time on something more productive. Apparently they think so too.
  6. @Aishagain at this point Miller just might be right or you are trapped in trying to be right or satisfying an OCD condition. Or maybe you just can't understand why correlation is not proof of causation. When rollouts happen is a scheduled event for everyone's benefit. But, practicality and happenstance define when the rollouts actually happen. THe Lindens move things as quickly as they can. There is no cushion for when things go wrong. So, some rollouts are delayed. We've seen Tuesday & Wednesday rolls drop back to Wed & Thurs. We have seen Wed's roll unwind later the same week on varying days. The same for the RC rolls. And we have seen RCs roll out on odd days. The point is it is not the schedule that controls WHEN. The schedule is the goal and things usually go as planned. But, actual RL events and problems control the WHEN. The date stamp is not a goal to be met. Also, the purpose of the rollout affects the WHEN. If a problem causes the login servers to fail, the fix will rollout as soon as it is found. They won't wait for Tuesday if the fix is for something more disruptive than the disruption of restart. It doesn't matter if the date stamp version number or release notes posting date says today as long as the fix rolls out and a disruption goes away. So, this is my last try to get you aware of what is going on. You are now free to show your nature and have us classify it.
  7. @Aishagain no no... Release Notes are not "compiled" in the way I meant it. Compiled in this context is when all the human readable coding is processed into executable code the computers can use. For programmers that date is important and that is the compilation date and time used in the version number. It is the version numbering & date code used to refer to which specific assembly of code was used for the executable. With 50 or more programmers working in a team and operations support people all focused on getting the right binary code loaded to the right places this is the key piece of information needed. Compiles take hours. I would guess most release notes are put together during this time. But, the date and time of the release notes is not important, just the specific version the notes are for. The roll date is not important to the coders. That date is important to us so we know when to duck.
  8. Email Maz and explain the problem. You may have to be a member of the Beta Server group. He can send you and invite.
  9. Fair point... I haven't seen that happen, but I don't follow them close enough to know. You seem to think they are posting roll out or release dates. As best I can tell these dates in the release notes are typically the compile date.
  10. That is true for home and other transient users of IP addresses. But, for a server system like SL the IP addresses are static. I have clients that need mobile employees to be able to VPN to the home office. The home office has static IP addresses. You'll see SL region IP's change because the regions are moved to different hardware each restart. And we will see IP's change as the SL system is moved into the cloud. Also the servers (like my.secondlife.com) within the SL system are on subnets of the DMZ servers. With a little research you can find the block of addresses assigned to secondlife.com. That doesn't change. Technically, the hosts file does not block an IP address. It tells the system to use for the domain's address, which is the local computer's address, rather than the real IP address thus effectively preventing a connection. Most websites have semi-static addresses. Co-hosting sites requires some fancy footwork with IP addresses. Blocking one of those IP addresses may block several websites. It is also common to block whole countries. I have a NK addresses block from my blog as well as a number of African countries to keep hackers from pounding my login page and sucking out all my content, which can overload the web server. Blocking IP addresses is neither good or bad. One just has to know why and when to block.
  11. I typically sail and fly with the mini map open. I scale it down to show about 16 regions, draw distance 512. I am looking for red regions 2 or 3 regions ahead of me. Those will definitely crash me if I attempt to enter them. So I want time to avoid them. But, regions that look fine on the mini-map may not let me in. So, I also watch for a bunch of green dots piled on the region boundary. If the are not crossing into or out of the region that region has a problem. Other times everything on the mini-map looks great. But the view out the copter window shows a missing region that is all ocean. Attempting to fly into that void is a certain disconnect. So, just rendering well in the mini-map is no guarantee you can cross into the region.
  12. Qie is on point. Magnum is still live and you are likely still on it. You can check by looking at your region's version number then TP to the Magnum Sandbox and check its version number.
  13. That is some pretty serious optimism... especially since I have seen Caleb totally forget the Deploys post. Generally he is pretty good. But not "for sure" good. It is harder for us to know what is where. I agree with Whirly on that point and I too prefer the older system. But, no one here is offering a solution for the problem the Lindens were solving... or tying to solve. Until we do that we aren't likely to get much sympathy from the Lindens. Figuring what is where isn't that hard. TP to the Blue Steel, Le Tigre, or Magnum sandboxes and check the version numbers. Tedious, but doable.
  14. What happens when you try to log in?
  15. Nalates Urriah


    Which viewer are you using? Linden's SL Viewer or one of the third-party viewers?
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