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  1. Movement like in Third Person game with mouselook?

    Always run is a checkbox in Preferences. But, Ctrl-R toggles it on and off. I use W and mouse-steer in 3rd and first person. The mouse buttons work differently in the two views. In 3rd person one left-click-drags on the avatar to steer. In first person no button click needed. Just move the mouse. If Firestorm isn't working this way you may need to clear you settings and start over. Visit the Firestorm wiki for help resetting your settings. ( Depending on where you are clicking on your avatar can be tricky. Club lights, grass, trees, particles, and other stuff with some transparent areas can get between the mouse and your avatar without you noticing.
  2. getting a job

    Of course the easy way to get some L$ is buy them. If you prefer to earn some, Rolig has given you the basic facts of life in SL. However, you can find people looking for employees here: You can visit clubs and often find places looking for employees. Use in-world search to find groups catering to employees and employers. Some are old and dead, others are new and kind of active. You don't say how much you want to make. There are people that have made L$260,000,000 per year (net). Several have made L$13,000,000 per year. There are people that make their RL living using SL. I think all these people run a business. In-world jobs pay pennies per hour. Modelers and scripters are making decent RL money. Apparently there is still good money in SL real estate... which is probably an oxymoron. I wouldn't plan a long term business in real estate, things are changing. But, I could be wrong about that. You might get a job as a bouncer. AKA a region or estate manager. Most of those jobs are about dealing with griefers, those causing problems in a region. There are places that pay one to stand around (camping). Camping has lost popularity in SL. But, there are still some places. Contests often have decent cash prizes. They range over a wide variety of competitions. Pictures, beauty, one and on. You can search this forum and find several. In-world search has 4600+ hits, but many of those are for products needed to run contests. AND... there is gambling, well games of skill. But, they are not free. The house is the usual winner. AND... ssssssssh... there is an adult sex trade. If you are just wanting to get some clothes or home furnishings, there are freebie shops. There are a lot of them. Also... there is Premium Membership. Being a member pays L$300/week. On an annual basis a premium account is VERY cheap.
  3. HELP I am trying to upload mesh clothing to SL and im having issues!

    In world look for the Blender-AvaStar group. They can help whether you have AvaStar or not. Chic is right. We can't read your mind or see your screen. Give us lots of information and PICTURES.
  4. Mesh clothes: shape deforms

    I don't use just Blender because of the various gotchas going from Blender to SL. I used to. But, it became too tedious. Doing bare Blender you have to have the SL Bento Skeleton (armature). You can get that from the SL Wiki, see Bento. There are rotation and scale mismatches between Blender and SL. The X axis direction in Blender is different than in SL. Sorting out which bones do which and what gets weighted to what is way complicated. So, most of us use a starting point model previously weighted; the SL avatar, or a dev kit from a mesh body maker. We copy weights from those models to our model. Then we tweak from there. AvaStar is designed to make this work flow easy. I just updated my Blender-AvaStar setup to use the Slink Physique body. The weights transfer from the Slink model to mine is way easy, click, click, done. Simple things require little to no twerking... er.. tweaking. I just did a set of mesh pasties that work with breast settings 0 to 100 without have to adjust anything. I can click a vertex of the Slink body while in weight-paint mode and see which bones the body maker is using for their weighting. In AvaStar they have control to show/hide bones so I don't have to sort out which bones to weight to. Everything I do with AvaStar you can do with plain Blender. There is just a lot of learning without AvaStar. Examples
  5. MAC High Sierra issues - extremely bad performance and crashes

    Three or 4 years ago the cache was changed to use an indexed database for find files and for deleting old ones. At that time clearing the cache for performance became counterproductive. Once you have filled a 10GB cache clearing it means you have to re-download the 10GB of stuff and decompress it. That slows the computer. The cached files reduce the load. The amount of time saved in the database searches between say a 2GB cache and a 10 GB cache is way small. So, the advantage from a cache clear for performance is too small to perceive. The size of inventory is not a serious factor. That is why we have an unlimited inventory. Your inventory is a list of names and pointers. Each entry is ridiculously small. The asset servers and your cache hold the actual items. So, your viewer only ever holds the items it needs to render the current scene. The only exception may be the Calling Cards. Long ago the cards had a serious impact on performance. That impact was reduced and now most of us ignore them. But, loads of calling cards could have an effect on performance. But, not much of anything else. An exception is flat inventory, meaning all your 40,000 pairs of shoes in a single folder. On a good connection people started having problems at about ~5,000 items per folder. Problems like not being able to login. Seems inventory downloads folder by folder and has a short window to do it at login. I'm not sure how it works exactly but it is like the download clock resets with each folder the viewer asks for. So, more folders, more time. A year ago, more+/-, the Lab made a tool for support people to go in and break up large folders into several less full folders, because of the number of people having trouble with flat inventories keeping them from logging in. So, cleaning out is not as important as keeping it organized. As to always better... I would say often better. 4G wireless is supposed to run at 100mbps, twice my cable speed. In practice 4G is more like 15mbps. So, a number of factors coming together can have an in-home wireless connection run at more than adequate speeds. Some of the new in-home gateway/routers are running connections at 50mbps. COX is promoting their in-home 100mbps wireless service. The same as wired. While wired is supposed to run at 10/100mbps various factors combine to slow that down. Depending on where you are and what service you have, it is a toss up whether wired or wireless is faster. It is changing. The world is going wireless. How else are those self driving cars going to work?
  6. Tips for attracting retail business?

    One of the things you can do is sign up with hunts. These draw new people through a region. There are some SL businesses that run hunt listings. Visit any large merchant and look at their events listing. You'll likely find some hunts. Running a store is enough of a pain. If someone handles the marketing, signs up the hunts, it is an attraction,
  7. How high is up?

    ...and they have this thread classed as NO BEST ANSWER.... how is that possible?
  8. How do I get inventory for my In-World store

    No one mentioned it, but KITS are available in the marketplace. So, you can get the base mesh model and then texture it and sell it as yours. There are various restrictions on these kits so read the fine print. Examples
  9. I can't log in to beta grid for testing my mesh creations

    This temporary condition has lasted 18 months and it does not appear will be corrected any time soon. I have also been hitting the problem of partial login, I appear to be logged in but cannot move, chat, or teleport. I may have to log in multiple times to get a working connection. I seem to have better luck if I type in the destination region name on the first try then use the Last Location option for the second try. Is anyone else seeing the problem?
  10. ABUSE OF THE GAME Treasure Quest

    I've started clicking the 'Mark this section read...' button and checking dates before posting. But, I suspect this will be an unending problem.
  11. Thief

    This is an interesting social dynamic. When we are harmed we want to save others the same pain. Unfortunately, the methods we use are often used by business competitors willing to lie and griefers (whether mentally anti-social and in need of help or pathologically defective and in need of containment). The result is society has built up a set of laws for living in a free society. Understanding the principles of freedom and the free market is necessary to understand how the SL system of correcting wrongs proceeds and why it is complex and slow. Justice is NOT intuitive. Also, the allocation of very limited 'law enforcement resources' is more money oriented than we like. So, the dollar value of damages is often the deciding factor. This tends to lead to vigilantism in SL being popular with the less well educated, which has a long history of running amuck in SL and RL. If you are truly interested in justice versus revenge, be sure you understand how things work in a free society.
  12. MAC OSX High Sierra Issues

    Answered in another thread.
  13. MAC High Sierra issues - extremely bad performance and crashes

    I'm not a Mac person. But, I have noticed news, the last couple of weeks, about Apple having software issues. They have had to rush patches out to correct them. About all one can do is stay updated. I suggest you keep digging for an answer. The lead software engineer for SL uses a Mac. So, while SL's Mac users often complain of feeling ignored, they do have a heavyweight in their corner. This also suggests there is a problem unique to your computer. If it were an incompatibility between the OS and the viewer, there would be many more complaints. Also, while I did not dig through all the pleas for help in the forum, there are not many that request help with a Mac High Sierra system, 33 over more than 2 years (search: Mac Sierra). Many of those are problems accepting the SL ToS. This also suggests the problem is not general but specific to your machine. The only piece of information you gave us is that you run Mac High Sierra. If you want help, you need to post specifics. Open the viewer and before login open HELP->ABOUT... and copy paste in the information revealed. We may be able to see a problem.
  14. Avatar falling, move slow

    What you describe is not a Firestorm problem. I've seen it in all viewers. With any viewer, if you stand on a slope that is steep enough your avatar will slide down. What may appear visually as stairs, maybe a ramp, flat sloped surface and is easily slid down. Because of how mesh and physics work in SL the visual and physical nature of objects is not always as it appears. I suggest you and a friend go to the same place and see if both avatars slide or only yours. Then you'll know if it is you are the build.
  15. Modifying premade avatar items

    That is really hard to say... There are modify shapes, some free some sold. Since I make my own shape, I have no sense of the proportion of No-Mod vs Mod-OK shapes available. Of course looking in the marketplace the impression is No-Mod is dominant. Digging through the freebie places, not so much. So, I would say if you spend some time looking you may find what you want, likely even. I think a good portion of residents by body parts; body, head, hands, feet. Mesh bodies are affected by shape sliders and skins, tats, underwear, and clothes are added via appliers. So, while no-mod they are very modifiable.But, probably not what you want if you plan on scripting them. However, you can animate them if that helps. Mesh clothes do mostly come as No-Mod. But, there are mesh clothing kits. With these kits, you are buying full-mod rights. I think you have a very good chance of coming up with what you want. Also, as many of the kits provide the DAE file you can modify the base mesh with Blender, Maya, or whatever. When kits are uploaded you have full-mod rights and can script them. there is a whole other aspect of SL that operates with RLV (Restrained Life Viewer). Many, most?, third=party viewers use RLV. This is a system that allows a scripted prim (HUD or worn thing) to talk to the viewer and control it One of the features of RLV is the ability for scripts to attach and detach clothing items. You may want to read through the RLV specs at Marine Kelley's blog or visit the Open Collar site and read the RLV manuals to see if they are already doing what you want. Also, it sounds like you are trying to duplicate OUTFITS. I skimmed this thread so, forgive me if I missed the point. But, Outfits are saved sets of clothing and HUD's that are worn with almost a single click.