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  1. Actually true... Research is strongly suggesting Covid-19 is airborne. If that is the case, 6 ft (2m) of separation is not going to do much. It helps with droplet borne virus particles but not airborne ones. Being in a closed environment with recirculating air (the eco-friendly buildings use recirculation to save energy) is almost certain exposure if an infected person is present or has been in the room/building within 3 hours or so. Covid-19 virus particles are 70–90 nm (Ref) or 0.07mm/μm/micron. Americans had to complicate what the British simplified when it comes to measuring things. Others say Covid is different sizes 0.125μm and 0.16 microns in diameter. 3M writing about their N95 masks says, In the NIOSH classification system, particulate respirators are given an N, R, or P rating. Each particulate respirator is also given a filter efficiency rating of 95, 99, or 100 when tested against particles that are the most difficult size to filter – approximately 0.3 microns in size mass median aerodynamic diameter (MMAD). NIOSH class 95 particulate respirator filters are certified to be at least 95% efficient; class 100 particulate respirator filters are certified to be at least 99.97% efficient. In paper by Thai researchers, (Ref - footnotes) The droplet from coughing and sneezing is around five microns and we have tested already that cloth masks can protect against droplets bigger than one micron. So, we don't have any easy absolute protection. But, we do have decent protection against virus carrying droplet particles. Even a scarf or bandana offers some protection. Wearing masks in any store is reasonable. If you consider that when driving it is possible to tell if the person in the car ahead of you is smoking... (particles 0.1 to 1.0 micron) or upwind across the street... masks should likely be mandatory. CNN is hyping the CoVid ‘bad’ news. I am hearing they have recently stopped showing the Trump Covid team broadcasts and provide only a commentary on what is being said. As I am writing this it may be, they figured out that isn’t going to work and changed back to live coverage. If they are still only providing a commentary and you want to see how accurate the supposed mainstream media organization CNN is, try recording CNN and watching the live briefing as carried on alternative media. Then after watch the CNN coverage. Any positive Trump information/actions are omitted from the CNN reporting. There is a heavy bias toward bad and anti-Trump news. They have to do something to get their ratings up. Panic sells. People have started to see that CNN and MSNBC are the fake news Trump claims them to be. Even if you HATE Trump you still want the truth. CNN Lies -Google vs CNN Lies -DuckDuckGo. Often a ‘lie’ is very much and issue of opinion. But the search results should let you decide. Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) just got blasted for her fake news. (Ref) If one is not watching contradictory news reports they have no way to know when they are being lied too. You are right. I mixed up SARS and the Swine H1N1. The numbers I said were 2003 SARS are for the 2009 Swine flu. My mistake. Thanks for the correction. However, WHO says, “… The virus that causes COVID-19 and the one that caused the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003 are related to each other genetically, but the diseases they cause are quite different.” Shape… A cursory look shows (Ref & Ref) H1N1 Swine flu and SARS are also spherical. CoV images (Ref).
  2. So... SL was a dark age before you got here? And you know that because someone gave you their opinion of that time or what? The JIRA has a Reports section. In the 2009-13 time period I was into the then called 'Office Hours' the Lindens had. We call then User Groups now. I used those JIRA reports to see how many feature requests and bug reports were bing filed and how quickly - filed vs resolved. THe Lab was keeping up with fixes and new features were getting added at a good pace. SL users were claiming nothing ever got fixed. Just as they do today. I looked for the truth. In late 2009 new Windlight settings, mesh upload, deferred rendering and other features were being added, the relationship with content creators was being modified per requests, XStreet (the marketplace then) was being improved, script limits improved... I pulled these changes from just a couple of months in late 2009. Then there is Changes Coming to Second Life – 2010 outlining what we were expecting for 2010. In 2012 I wrote my first update of what had happened in SL during 2012. (Ref) Then again in 2013 (Ref). 2012 and 2013 were not exceptional years of SL history. Development and progress were on going from 2008 when I came in to now. Not everyone liked the ideas coming out of the Lab then but their opinions don't make the 2008-13 period a 'dark' age. You can compare the 2012 & 13 articles with later articles like the 2015 June Review. I did other months and years. The pace of development has been pretty consistent from 2008 to now. What has changed is how the Lindens talk about what they are doing and plan to do. They have moved from open to secretive to open to somewhere in between and back and forth... it changes. Various Lindens are better with their UG meetings than others. There are periods when the Lindens take on huge projects, like Uplift, and feature addition slows. Some features they underestimate, like EPP now months past the expected completion date. But, the work pace is reasonably constant. Trying to criticize the Lab's management is easy but in reality it is hard to find other 'games' like SL that have lasted as long as SL or any that produce income for users on the scale that SL does.
  3. I am not clear on whether you are stuck in a place or the animation continues to play after you leave the region. If you are stuck to the bed then it is likely an RLV problem. You didn't say which viewer you are using so we have to guess at a solution. Use the viewer's HELP->About... to collect all the information we need. Paste that in with any technical questions. Assuming you use the default viewer and mean the animation is staying with you then use the default viewer's top menu ME->Movement->Stop animating me to clear the animation. In some cases an attachment is added to help the avatars hookup. Try changing your complete outfit from your list of Outfits. If you don't use Outfits then use the Developer's menu. THe first time you use it you must Press Ctrl-ALT-Q to add it to the top menu then Developer->Avatar->Character Test->Test [Male/Female]. That should resolve any problem with attachments that you may be wearing. Unless... you are using an RLV capable viewer. Then other steps may need to be taken.
  4. There are tutorials on YouTube about SL Photography. SL good images are not just a matter of taking the picture. It is also a matter of how you use the image in SL. Using it here on the forum there is nothing special you need to do. Using the image in the viewer's profile and within SL gets a bit trickier. In all cases the image should be initially saved as a PNG file (TGA sort of works too but there are a couple of gotchas avoided using PNG). Images are stored in the SL system (as opposed to the web properties like the marketplace and this forum) in a JPG2000 format. Uploading a JPG (a lossy format) and then the system converting to JPG2000 (another lossy format) causes a loss of quality, think fuzzier images. Also images going into the SL system must be in power of 2 sizes, 32x32, 64x64, 128x etc. to a max of 1024. Larger than 1024 gets downsized and again you lose quality. You can make 512x1024 or 64x1024... if you make non-power of two sizes then the system will resize them. It does NOT do a great job and again your image suffers a loss of quality. How you plan to display the image is also a consideration. A display should also sort of be a power of 2 size. What I mean is if you put a 64x1024 image on a cube then the cube should be sized so the width and height maintain the 64x1024 or 1:16 ratio. Images used in SL are tricky. Once you get it, not too hard to get sharp images.
  5. There are a number of OpenSim grids. OSGRID is one of the older and bigger OS grids. It typically has a peak of 300 or so concurrent users. The average is much lower.
  6. California is claiming 237 deaths and 10,701 infected as of today. As of 4/2 (latest hardcopy reporting) 203 deaths with 9,191 infected, 1,922 hospitalized with confirmed Covid - 816 in ICU, and 3,481 hospitalized suspected Covid -618 ICU. (Ref - updates daily). California's population in 2019 is 39.6 million +/- growing. Make the math easy and round to 40 million. 203 deaths is 5.07 per million or 0.0005075%. With (1,922 + 3,418 = ) 5,403 hospitalized of 9,191 infected that gives us 58.8% of infected going into hospital. Or 5,403 of 40 million which is 0.0135% or 135 per million. If you compare these numbers to US and World numbers you'll likely notice inconsistencies. You'll also see alternative media reports of people from coroner's offices and hospitals complaining that deaths with Covid and deaths from Covid are all being counted as a Covid death for reporting. The reporting on how many are infected is known to be suffering from Selection Bias. If you haven't looked that and figured out what it means... then it is easy for you to misinterpret the reporting numbers. California has 3,651 traffic deaths per year. CA Leading Causes of Death, 2017 Deaths Heart Disease 62,797 Cancer 59,516 Stroke 16,355 Alzheimer’s Disease 16,238 Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases 13,881 Accidents 13,840 Diabetes 9,595 Influenza/Pneumonia 6,340 Hypertension 5,596 Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrhosis 5,325 Covid-19 is technically referred to as SARS-CoV-2. A SARS reassortment. In many ways these are nearly identical viruses. Of the 300+ million Americans 6 million (2%) caught the SARS flu. Of those 300,000 (5% of the infected) were hospitalized and 17,000 died (5.6% of the hospitalized). Are you noticing how out of proportion this reaction and predictions are to this Covid flu is to all previous flues and other life-taking diseases? Are you noticing the difference in what is actually said in the White House Covid briefings each day and what is reported in mainstream media? Are you noticing the difference in what alternative news, local doctors, and other sources are reporting verses the mainstream?
  7. I came in during 2008. By 2009 I was participating in the various UG groups facilitated by the Lindens. During that time we were getting lots of new features. I see no reason to think of 2008-13 as 'dark years'.
  8. Isn't that a comment on their ability to find places they like rather than on SL? Tracking opinions is silly. I mean everyone KNEW Hillary was going to win...
  9. I am half-way through the thread and already want to respond to a bunch of posts.. Raising the recommended system requirements doesn't lock people out. AFAIK, the Lab has always been highly cognizant of people with older machines. At the User Group meetings there is a lively contingent that want the Lab to stop supporting older computers. The Lab resists. As best we know they watch the user stats and base their changes on those. So, they know how many are on old machines and newer machines. To displace a large number of users would be a financial hit for the Lab. I can't see any reason for them to take that hit nor do I believe they will. At some point software and hardware are simply so far out of date it becomes useless. Especially when it is at the expense of newer technology. I know a person that is still running on an old machine using 32-bit Windows-XP. Microsoft has stopped supporting XP, Vista, and 7. Many peripheral makers have stopped making drivers for Win-8. This iteration of SL's requirements are 8 & 10. But there are people running on Vista and 7. The individual on older equipment now has to figure out how to make the old stuff work. The Myst Online community has kept the servers running for a 2003 game that has had no serious update in tech for 17 years. There was a large enough contingent of people that knew the game tech and computers well enough that they could help people get the game running. As users lost interest knowledgeable supporters fell away and now one is on their own. My point is the company has to stay with the majority of users to remain profitable. The farther an individual is outside that 'main' demographic the more independent and capable they have to be. At some point people have to realize others can't be expected to take care of them. People are responsible for their life. As above, changing the requirements doesn't lock people out. There are people running on Vista, 7, and 8. They are building a client for Android and iPhone. Smartphones are way underpowered for 3D rendering. The latest generation is only getting close. But, this year they will have something. I expect next year before it is anything I would WANT to use. Have you found such a person in SL? 😆 You right. Software optimization makes the software run better on all hardware. But, that isn't what users want. They want MORE. As things get optimized more stuff gets added in. The Appliers era is coming to an end. They made understanding SL way too difficult. BoM is a multi-point upgrade on the server side intended to improve performance and simplify SL. As the uplift continues we will see more power on the server side of SL and the opening possibilities for taking load off the viewer, after years of taking the load off the servers. Well, that isn't a Linden problem. SL is a world where the users create their own world. The Lab just provides the tools. You are knocking the wrong people. There is no convincing data I am aware of. What I can say is the signup numbers, counted by the SL computers, shows an average of about 10,000 people a day (300k+/- a month) signing up. March saw over 400k in signups. The daily peak concurrent user count average jumped from 51k to 57k in March. The number of daily unique logins is NOT published by the Lab. Ebbe says it something 600k per day. We and the Lab have wondered for years what is up with that 10k new signups per day. But obviously they didn't say. The Lab has an ongoing effort to solve the retention problem. An OLD bit of trivia... the average SL users lasts 2 years. As I responded to ChinRey, BoM is a performance and simplification change for SL. When you find a dead link in the Guide do you report it? True. The problem is having time to do it. The Linden Lament is if it weren't for hackers they could do more. The guy that works on ARCTan is also the guy that was working on Bento and BoM. In the middle of that we had a problem with 'disconnects' and a serious degrading of region crossing performance. Where do you get the idea that SL has been neglected? They have been staffing up for most of the years you mention. At the UG meetings I am consistently meeting new Lindens. Ah... no. Both of those are server-client interaction problems. So, either network problem or laggy server. Yeah that flying body parts is a problem. Part of it from stacking numerous attachments on the same attachment point and the designer not bothering to correct the orientation when importing items. There was a time when rendering naked was a big deal and lots of effort went into resoling that. It was better until we got mesh. Tweaking the viewer for performance used get a lot more discussion. It is an arcane art. Settings for best performance and personal taste are different for each computer/person combination. There are tutorials on 'how to' get the best... Not true. I walk parallel to the wall while looking at it... I use mouse-steering, left-click-hold on the avatar and press A or D. I use that in combination with W and S and the mouse. If it is crowded I switch to Flycam mode and fly the camera to my right ot left while looking at the goodies. No camera adjust needed. A SpaceNavigator makes it REALLY NICE. Headsets suck. Messes my hair and runs my makeup.
  10. Its been 5 days with no answer. You may want to translate the message for us language challenged people.
  11. Second Skin Lab was a 2010 thing (ref). Their website is gone. One can put a photograph of their face and head into an SL skin and wear it. I looked for those tutorials. They were around in 2010. But, I can't find any of them now. There is this old, long, and very complete tutorial on making Second Life skin. I think you can figure out how to use a photo to make the skin. There are tutorials for making skin with Photoshop that explain various ways to unfold the skin for use in VW modeling.
  12. ...I'm not that old. Lindal makes a good point. And the pertinent question was 'What do you want to create?' The quickest way to be a creator is to get a titler label yourself a creator...
  13. You are melting my computer screen... Dang girl.
  14. Aaaah.... that would be a no. 🙂 Now that new studies are showing the Covid-19 is so contagious because it is airborne the use of masks will soon sweep the world. (The WHO has been swearing it is not airborne. About March 16 their statements started to reveal they are behaving and making some recommendations as if it is. Medical studies by private doctors and labs in US hospitals contradict the WHO and the CDC is waiting on official results. Technically we don't know.) With the shortage of masks people will want to know how to REUSE masks. Hospitals 'were' advising single use and toss for medical personnel. That is not going to be possible with the shortages. So, how does one sanitize a mask. The Answer to disinfecting masks. OMG! What if you can't get a mask? Any barrier helps. See DIY masks. 😕 ... and you hang out there because...?
  15. Sorry you were hurt. Toughen up snowflake. No point in being a victim. Most of us wouldn't know you left. Bad choice of a retaliatory action. 422,805 people signed up in March, a jump of about 33% over each of the previous 7 months. Or about 226 more per day than usual. Your leaving wouldn't even show in the stats. March saw a peak of 58,330 concurrent users, a jump of about 7,000 over the peaks in the previous 6 months, about 51,000 peak per day. Is there an invasion of jerks? I doubt it. SL has it share on any given day. But, with more users there are likely more jerks. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Buy a watermelon gun. (Remember. You can get reprimanded for using it on people. But, it might be worth it.)
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