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  1. Nalates Urriah

    Copy your Avatar into a Mesh Statue?

    There is no good way to copy a mesh avatar. The classic avatar can be exported. While it is possible to rez all your mesh body parts and piece them together for a statue, you will be missing the SHAPE. Some mesh makers add a script to keep their work from being rezzed in-world. It can only be attached. So, that may not be possible. To get a statue that looks like your avatar wearing its mesh body parts... not happening for now. Those dev's attending the Content Creators meetings are asking for animesh that uses shapes. I expect to get that feature just before we get mirrors. Even if that does happen, it still may not work as we would like.
  2. Nalates Urriah

    cAN'T Walk on one sim

    It isn't clear exactly what you are experiencing. Can't walk... that comes in several forms. There is one form where you are sort of stuck in place. You can spin but not move. This usually is a sign of an incomplete login... not to SL but incomplete to the region. The servers didn't hand you off to the nest region as well as they should. Relogging is the solution. This can be a connection problem on your side or a problem with the region on their side. Lost packets can cause similar problems. If you login in and see it, immediately log out. Look at the summary in the viewer log to see if you had a high rate of packet loss. I suggest the quick logout so you can catch a bunch of packets only lost in the login sequence. This is when the server can get confused and have trouble connecting. Check your script load. Hopefully <3MB. Flying a helicopter with a large avatar script load results in some really weird hangups crossing regions. I'll think I've recovered only to find I'm stuck and can't really move. They are working on making region crossings better and have making some changes in the crossing code. I used to be able to survive a double crossing. Now a double crossing is almost a certain fail. (Double crossings are when you move out of a region near the corner of 4 regions, clip a tiny part of the second then pass into the third. Crossing code gets you from one region to another, walking flying, or teleporting. If there is a hiccup, things get weird. Find a place where you can reproduce the problem each time. Then describe in detail where, when, and how you are entering the region.
  3. Nalates Urriah

    Slink Hourglass more popular than Slink Physique?

    I would like to BoM handle materials. But, that is REALLY complicated. Consider what normal maps should pass through to the surface and which shouldn't? VPL or not? The same with specular maps. Then if an upper layer is transparent, what does that do the normal and spec maps? How do you bake multiple normal maps together? What if specular maps in partially transparent areas are different colors? My opinion is for this all to work well,the designers will have to supply a lot more information to the baker about what to do. I see no easy way for it to work in a generic way. So, any way they go we'll have painful restrictions. The hurry... the point of BoM is to provide a pathway to eliminate the onion-skin bodies and heads, with some hope of eliminating the HUD's and scripts. So, to reduce render load on the viewer and scripting load on the simulators. In the classic avatar days it was easy to have an outfit with no scripts. Now it have trouble keeping it under 3MB of scripts. With a mesh head I'm near 4MB. Appliers can just apply normal and specular maps. So, skin could be BoM system items and an applier could handle the material. But, how do we adjust the amount? We are back to some scripts in the attacments. I think this is one of those cases where the Lindens don't really understand what it is about fashion-area mesh that we like. They may surprise me and it may be me that has missed how this will turn out. But, for now I am skeptical.
  4. Nalates Urriah

    Slink Hourglass more popular than Slink Physique?

    If one is not selling into a specific market segment it is hard to know what is happening. We guess a lot. But, I would say my empirical information is Hourglass has more stuff. I did buy an Hourglass body recently to try some Scandalize and other clothes made for Hourglass and not Original. But, I can't get past that wasp-like waist. It looks way too cartoony. The Slink recommended workflow is to make stuff for the Original body and then only minor tweaks are needed to adapt for Hourglass. So, I'm not sure why some are skipping Original. BoM... I am ambivalent... I like the materials property of mesh bodies. There are no materials for the classic body. So, the bake engine doesn't bake materials. We will still be able to use appliers to add normal and specular maps. So, we can still have wet skin with water drops. But, then it will be a mix of BoM and applier. That may be more complex than what we have now. Lingerie and swimsuit appliers are making use of materials. Some shirts and pants made to be worn under a jacket or other clothes do also. So......... we may not see the final version of BoM for some time. Will it take off before they figure out how to handle materials? I don't know. I'm hesitant to jump on this wagon.
  5. Nalates Urriah

    Are body and shape the same think?

    One of the interesting things about shapes... if you have the perms, you can export the shape settings as an XML file. There is human/machine readable text file. So, there is a line in the file about 'Body Fat', an appearance setting, and a value that is what you set the Appearance slider to for that attribute. All the sliers are listed in the XML file. You can use a text editor and modify the file. For me it was an experiment to get the head and body slider values separated into a head and body files. I found that an incomplete file, some settings left out, can be uploaded and used. No problem. Now I can use the head-maker's shape file and overlay it with my body shape.
  6. Nalates Urriah

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I was surprised nobody knows you on Flickr. Too cute an avatar to hide.
  7. Nalates Urriah

    voice chat issues

    Rolig is likely right about it being a feedback problem. This issue can go beyond the viewer and be a Windows or local computer settings issue. So, Google for computer microphone feedback. If you want to get the newest version of the Linden viewer with voice updates see: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Alternate_Viewers Second Life Voice Viewer version This is an RC version so it should be OK for everyday use.
  8. Nalates Urriah

    IM and Teleport

    I think the technical possibilities have been eliminated. So, maybe it is human error. I don't mean any disrespect, but these are your first posts and if you friend is as new... The viewer now has over 3,000 controls. So, everyone has human error problems sooner or later. So, it is a logical next check. Have your friend send you or post a screenshot. See if they are looking in the wrong place. Have your friend remove their viewer's settings file. This will revert the viewer to the default settings. If the settings file is 'moved' rather than 'deleted' the settings can be restored later. We have a number of posts here, in the forum, on how to do that.
  9. Nalates Urriah

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-08-06

    Fishergate had 3 restarts about 45 minutes apart.
  10. Nalates Urriah

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Oh, WAY cute...
  11. Nalates Urriah

    How to delete a topic from the forum ?

    Oh... WELL... that breaking eggs thing obviously had to go...
  12. Nalates Urriah

    Congratulate me: I am running scripts without my knowledge.

    I think what the problem is, is well described. But, what does one do about it? So, as to what can be done about it... In the marketplace are free script... scales... counters. A free one is here. Third-Party viewers also have a counter in the avatar's right-click menu. These will help you know what you are wearing. Then there is the matter of how hard are the scripts working and which are the memory hogs. To see that info you need to right-click the ground, not the floor, select About Land and then Script Info then Avatar. You'll see a list of scripts with memory use, name, and attachment point. You Do Not have to be in the land where you click the ground, any ground will do... within the region you are in. Next is the matter of eliminating scripts from things. Most of the tutorials I know of were made in 2012 and 2013. I wrote mine here. Nothing relevant has changed since then. You'll find it isn't hard to remove scripts from Mod-OK items. I explain how in the article. The No-Mod items are the pain. Generally, if there is no option to do so provided by the maker then they cannot be removed. That makes it important to check the demo before buying. Check whether Mod-OK and for an option to remove scripts if No-Mod. The No-Mod thing has a twist or two. Unfortunately, most clothes and shoes are truely No-Mod. So, nothing works. But, some things are are Mod-OK with No-Mod scripts inside. The result is the overall status of the item is No-Mod. But, you can open (rez then edit) the item and drag the scripts into inventory effectively removing the scripts from the item. Turning scripts off... technically that is setting a script to 'Not running'. But, you have to have Mod-rights to do that and most scripts are provided as No-Mod. Fortunately, most things with scripts are idle. They sit quietly and listen. Decently made scripts listen on quite channels (there are like 2 million channels for listening), so do almost no work except when the HUD is talking to them. It isn't an issue. The problem of concern is the memory they require. They use server resources. They complicate teleports (regions crossing of any kind). So, less memory use is better.
  13. Nalates Urriah

    Windlight settings

    Our Windlight will change in the next 2 maybe 6 months. The EEP (Enhanced Environment Project) is in viewer Interface Design and backend services are being changed. Once those are updated we will have a new Windlight that behaves differently and I think only uses the existing saved Windlight settings as things to import. How Windlight works will change too. As it is now we have Linden Windlight and Firestorm Enhanced Windlight. The result will be a more flexible Windlight that can be scripted for individual avatars and region zones (altitude: o-999m.1,000-1,999m etc). So, it will have aspects of Firestorm WL and some RLV like controls for region appearance.
  14. Nalates Urriah

    Using a Xbox One controller for Second Life?

    In most cases the viewer simply finds the controller and it works. You have to tweak some of the values to adjust sensitivity to your preferences. However, having more than a mouse and keyboard connected before you hook up the XBox controller can confuse the viewer. The Xbox should be no more than the third thing. If you have more than one joystick-like device then the viewer chooses whichever it thinks has the higher priority. AFAIK there is no way to control that other than disconnecting devices. If Windows cannot find the device, the viewer won't either. Use Windows' Device Manager and look in the Human Interface Devices. If it is not showing, you'll need to Google how to get it working with Windows.