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  1. Keep getting logged out of SL after 2 or 3 mins

    Don't be surprised when you ISP tells you it isn't them. You will likely find out later it is. The Troubleshooting article will show you how to get the information you need to show your ISP to get them to move.
  2. Dead computer, Sata drive, login lnfo?

    Some months ago AT&T and Yahoo parted ways. So, the AT&T email accounts hosted at Yahoo mail have evaporated. That may not be your case, but it might be.
  3. Help! Random disconnects from SL every 10 min.

    These are typical problems from a poor connection to the SL servers. So, check your connection to the SL servers. A good Internet connection does NOT mean you have a good connection to SL. Check it. Another possibility is a bug the Lindens are working on. The servers send bad information to the viewer that triggers a crash. Restarting the region resolves the problem for awhile. This may be the problem as others are crashing too. You can try another region. That may help you decide if it is you or the region. Try another viewer and see if it has the same problem. Download the Maintenance RC viewer from Alternate Viewers. If the problem persists, look through your logs and see if you can find a reason for the crashes. See: SecondLife.log files.
  4. script

    The most stages I've seen is 4 or 5. Each stage is the clothing item modified to the desired stage of undress. So, with 5-stage panties, there are 5 copies of the panties each copy in a different position. As Sylvannas says, the script changes the visibility of each copy. As you may imagine, the modeling is tedious. So, 'Strip-Me' clothes tend to be expensive. There are several brands of Strip-Me or Undress-Me clothes. Pink Pearl Design, Vanilla Bae, Layla, and others.
  5. Locations suddenly want to open in SL Viewer

    You hit a basic Windows gotcha. Reinstall FS and it will change back to using FS. Just install over the top of the existing install. Your settings and stuff will remain. Windows uses the last installed program capable of opening a SLURL. The FS team makes a tool (SLURL-Proxy ) you can use to set which viewer you want SLURL's to use. Save's doing re-installs. You may just want to get it and forget the re-install.
  6. SL Constant disconnects in 2-5 minutes after logged in

    The 200 to 300ms ping is not horrible. A few years ago that was sort of average. It may make your mouse and keyboard clicks feel sluggish. But, it shouldn't crash you. The Troubleshoot Your Connection post you have been linked to should help sort out where the problem is. It explains how the viewer PING is different from the computer's system PING. So, get the IP Address to PING from the viewer's HELP. The system Ping to that address is what your ISP will be interested in. I suggest you look in your log files to see if you can find a clue. Refer to this post for info on the logs:
  7. Would anyone mind explaining to me how all this mesh stuff works?

    There should be more than one alpha layer for use with the body. You have one that is hiding the eyes. Look through the contents and find the alpha layer that works. There are tutorials on making your own alpha layers. They are easy to do. So worst case make your own.
  8. Would anyone mind explaining to me how all this mesh stuff works?

    If you made the tattoo, you can put it in an Applier. See my tutorial Appliers are easy to make. No rocket science. Just get the kit from the designer that makes the mesh body you have. AFAIK, all the kits are free. Designers want people to make stuff for their products. Once you have done that you can sell the applier in the marketplace.
  9. Would anyone mind explaining to me how all this mesh stuff works?

    Mesh-heads have evolved. The initial heads made everyone look the same. with the advent of Bento that changed. Fitted mesh allowed bodies to be fitted to the skeleton. But, with just Fitted mesh there were no finger, wing, or facial bones. So, there were never sliders for them. But, the sliders for the other parts of the body do work with Fitted mesh. The Classic avatar head uses morphs, not animated bones. The new Bento heads use the sliders as the viewer has been altered to use the new bones and morphs. So, you can create the look you want. However, not all Bento head brands use the sliders the same way. Some use different combinations of sliders. Some don't use this or that slider. So, animations and shapes are pretty much brand specific. Finger and wing animations less so. So all this Bento stuff is very much "try the demo". If you ever made classic clothes you know you made a shirt by creating a new clothing item - shirt. Then you added a texture to the shirt item. When you wore the shirt item it put the texture on the avatar. There are no similar items for a mesh body. So, to get an undershirt, tattoo, shirt, etc. on a mesh body we use an Applier. As mesh bodies are not Linden made and built into the viewer, they are all different. So, each brand has to have its own Applier. A Slink Applier won't work on a Maitreya body. So, all the Appliers have to match up too. Omega makes a generic Applier. There is a user's kit for Omega. I buy it, install it in my mesh body - brand specific kits - and I can then use anyone's Omega Applier with my mesh body. The designers buy an Omega Designer Kit and customize it to work with their products. If all this seems unnecessarily complicated, it is because of an effort on the part of designers to avoid having their stuff stolen.
  10. Would anyone mind explaining to me how all this mesh stuff works?

    We can do that It is a bit long winded. I think the key to understanding is knowing there are 2 types of avatar and in the second type a number of subtypes or brands. The long explanation is here: I think it gives a good history of how we got here and how that impacts us now. Then you should be able to tell what goes with what. Coming is Animesh and Bakes-On. Animesh will mostly be pets, or so we thing now. But, it can also be used for avatar attachments. There is no telling how the fashion people will use Animesh. Bakes-On is expected, or hoped, to radically impact the mesh avatar attachment and change how mesh bodies are made. Bakes-On is planned for release about the end of March or it may be more accurate to say the coding will complete the end of March. If things go as they usually do unforeseen problems and additional features needed and not anticipated will delay the feature. So, you'll have more things to figure out.
  11. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    This is an image a pro-SL-photographer took 2017... my idea of a VANITY shot. Photo by Bobby Phydeau - See her gallery in Second Life.
  12. Is Your Avatar an Exhibitionist? Are you sure?

    You dress up well. More images will be interesting.
  13. Need Better Hands and Feet for Classic Avi

    Depending on your budget, separate may be the way to go. Buy part now, part later. Don't break your sugar daddy. All-in-one package may be an overall better price. Shop and compare. I started with Slink feet, then hands, now body. Still classic head. With body and head you may want to wait. Changes are coming to SL this year. By the end of March we will have Bakes-On working for mesh attachments... bodies. We make see heads and bodies taking advantage of the new service to make low-render cost attachments. Personally, I'm not waiting. I'm looking for a head.
  14. Disconnected during Intense Disk Activity

    Hope it helps.
  15. Online friends not displaying correctly

    I'm seeing network problems with clients and hearing about them here in the forum. So, it may be an aspect of an Internet infrastructure problem. Check your connection to the SL servers. A good Internet connection and a good connection to the SL servers are not the same things. If the region or your connection is not just right as you login, several odd things can happen. One of them being your online friends list is inaccurate. It may take some time before the Internet changes enough for a relog to help (hours). Or an relog may clear it all up. Once the viewer has initialized everything, a TP won't fix somethings. You may have to log off and log into a different region. If it is a persistent problem, logging into a deserted and empty region like Pooley or Furball may help.