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  1. There are not any mirrors in SL. There is 'still water' where you can see yourself. So, check for those gray hairs... You look much better than I did at 30-days old.
  2. There are loads of ideas about shadow settings. Which is best for you depends on what you want and what your machine is capable of handling. This video shows what some people are doing to get gorgeous images. Shadows and performance is a bit more rare. Some of the best tutorials were just taken down, I have no idea why. What is left is in the search. I suggest you press Ctrl-Shift-1 to open viewer stats and then start changing your graphics settings to see which setting have the most effect on your computer. It is highly dependent on you machine and its graphics card. NVIDIA recommends these settings for SL: NVIDIA Settings 2016 | Nalates' Things & StuffNalates’ Things & Stuff To know what all the settings do see: Graphics Tweaking for Second Life You may very well find that it is the combination of settings that cause Shadows to make such a big dent in your FPS. My i5-6600 and GTX 1060 runs at High-Ultra with a bunch of tweaks I made. Shadows with Sun-Moon-Projectors always on I get from 10 to 150 FPS with my average in places like Blurberry's store 20 to 50 FPS. Each computer is unique. You'll have to experiment to find your best settings.
  3. I would say it is the graphics driver. Your current driver: Windows Graphics Driver Version: & OpenGL Version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 376.54 is pretty far behind. My current driver: & OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 430.86 Visit NVIDIA Drivers - currently the latest NVIDIA drivers. Your Win-10 version lagging a little too. You are two or three versions behind the latest Win-10 version, which just had the problem fixed by SL Viewer version The current Firestorm (6.0.2) has the fix too. With the first volleys in an Iranian-American cyberwar fired Sunday... well officially... we, the West, are likely to see a spike in cyber-attacks from Iran. I strongly suggest you keep your Win-10 updated. Hackers in these types of attacks take over citizen's computers to build their zombie armies. The latest version is Version 1903 (May 2019 Update). Type "System Information" (no quotes) in the Cortana/Search field in the lower left. In the resulting screen look on the second line. You'll see something like Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763 You can look up these numbers in Wikipedia to get the version number. You can see I am one version behind, Build 17763 Released November 13, 2018 or version 1809... The latest version 1903 is a May 2019 release. Something for me to do this week. You may also want to experiment with your Max Bandwidth setting. 80% of your measured download speed or 1500, whichever is smaller. Not related to the problem, but may get you a bit faster scene render.
  4. Checking it out it appears to be one region. However, the entire 4,000m vertical column seems to be used. What I saw was well done, textures modeling... A few teleports are working, doors... not much else.
  5. Without knowing the details of your computer and viewer, it is difficult to say. Use the Viewer's HELP-About... to get the tech info and paste it here. Include information on screen size and resolution. Small screens using low resolution are unlikely to work well. You can try changing the laptops screen resolution.
  6. Some days there is... Live Phone support is often down. Also, it is primarily for billing issues. https://lindenlab.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/31000131009-contact-support For a password/login issue Live Chat is likely your best bet.
  7. Your question is sort of backward... SL Viewers run on Windows 10. Win-10 v1903 supports SL Viewers. There is a Windows-10-NVIDIA problem. When exiting the Linden Viewer the Win-10 graphics settings do not reset and look weird. The latest Linden default viewer has a fix for that. An alternate fix is to restart the graphics driver (Win-10 only) Ctrl-Alt-Shift-B. Your screen should blink when it resets.
  8. This was the live music week. Not much discussion. I left early. But, nothing really on the Script Run problem.
  9. Looking for a reason why... There is never a satisfactory answer for those asking the question. The reason is too obvious and simple. Humans do what they know how to do with each building on what came before. When someone reaches too far ahead it just doesn't work as people don't know what to do with it. Building departments make those designing geodesic dome structures add internal supporting walls... Duh! But, that is typical of humans. "The building code says there has to be a supporting wall..." It doesn't matter there is nothing to support. People build doors everywhere because people are familiar with doors and think there should be doors. It is habit. Also, it is the educated that do RL design and consider what new materials can be used to solve a problem. Others like Frank Lloyd Wright designed to fit location or task. Most SL residents are not design oriented nor grounded in architectural concepts, put the bathrooms and bedrooms near each other. So, they copy what they have seen. No dreams. Habit. Why have stairs in SL? We don't need them. But, people know how to use them. We can fly. Why do we have elevators? People know how to use them to get to a specific place. We are not limited by gravity, material strengths, or generally any RL constraints. But, what does that mean? Well.... in SL obviously it means skyboxes 😣 I was just in the region Peony. What a gorgeous build. All but one home is basic box house. But, texturing, scale, arrangement... all exceptionally well done. Most people in SL can't accomplish that level of building. Everyone is ... well a majority are novice builders. The best it seems they try for mood or beauty. Very few try for something they have never seen... the future. SciFi moves are about as far as it goes. 1920s SciFi looks corny today. Their idea of the future is not how the future turned out. Very few can break away from their conditioning. Of those that can, very few are here.
  10. When you have a tech problem like this include info about the computer and viewer. If possible use the viewer and before login click Help->About... and copy that ino to here. Otherwise try Google and find websites like this https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/how-to-find-computer-specs-windows-10/
  11. We need the computer specs... In the viewer, HELP->About... copy paste that info here.
  12. Getting the best performance and the best quality render is a balancing act. Personal preference is a big factor in deciding which balance is right. Much of what has been written about optimizing for SL is old and out of date. Once upon a time Anti-Aliasing (AA) was a huge factor in performance. With newer video cards like the 1060 and new ways to handle AA it is mostly a non-issue. I can't see a difference in FPS between 2x and 16x AA on my 1060. Nor do I see a perceptible visual difference. So, these days I tell people to try AA at max and 2x to see what it does to their performance and to look to see if they can see a difference. I wrote Graphics Tweaking for SL sometime ago (2010) when I was trying to squeeze all I could from an older computer. That article explains what the various settings do. When I built my newer computer (2016-17) I went through the process of figuring out what is best for my current machine. In the process I came across NVIDIA's recommendations for running SL, NVIDIA 2016 SL Settings. These are a combination of Windows setting and NVIDIA setup. Part of it is setting up a gaming profile for SL as there are none included with newer video cards. NiranV gets into the meat of what loads the viewer. The two articles are the long story.
  13. Both the Firestorm and Linden SL Viewers have a button in Preferences that will clear the cache. FS = Preferences->Network & Files-> Directories (tab)-> Clear Cache (button). Clearing cache is a last resort sort of thing. Avoid it when possible. But, it is easier than replacing the video driver which also may be the problem. Some video drivers have a problem that presents as rainbow colors. As Steel wrote Anti-virus can sometimes create a similar problem. Do the easy stuff first. So, before doing all these things I would launch another brand of viewer and see if I had the same problem. These days all viewers use separate caches. So, switching viewers eliminates lots of possibilities and pins the problem on others. Having a second one installed all the time makes these tests quick and easy. When you ask a question like this provide your computer information from the viewer's Help->About... Paste that info with your question.
  14. NOW THAT IS CHOCOLATE PORN... 😍 Thanks... There are multiple blending modes for materials. My Slink HUD has settings them for them on several of the layers. SL16B Seems smaller this year. But, some fun stuff and some gorgeous builds. The mostest fun ride... The lag was really bitting. The 'car' was off the tracks most of the time. Still I was impressed with the ride. I may try it again when SL is at its least used, 2 to 4 AM SLT. Those white spots are the steam coming off the coffee. Looked better when the table was stationary. Loki Elliot has a gorgeous build, light color, and strange creatures. Shergood Aviation has a Helicopter Education Center. I would liked to have seen some of their other copters on display. And what was with all the parks and open space? Nice but...
  15. Upper left corner is a Language link to click and set language. For some reason the marketplace switches to another language every now and then.
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