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  1. You gotta know the batteries will run out at just the worst moment...
  2. Its Christmas! You can take that any of several ways...
  3. Orwar is right. But it should be other ways. Long ago Kelly Linden developed HTML HUDs. Those are still available but require one know how to write HTML into the script. Thus upping the learning curve. PITA. Also, there is the LlDetectedTouchPos function that will allow use of a single prim. Paint your buttons on the texture and use LlDetectedTouchPos to tell if they clicked within the area that is the button. I made a script to help me get the button's location/area when building a script. I used to try and sell it. The downside is lots of buttons makes for a complex script. Regardless of how many buttons or pages of menu one has in the HUD a single texture can be used with LlOffsetTexture. The texture can devote a strip in the texture to buttons and divide the rest in to the pages of menu. The HUD can be made of a mesh plain with 8 faces and have a Land Impact of 0.5. So, 2 mesh plains can make 1LI and 16 faces. Then one 1024 texture and some fancy offsetting and you can have a very complex HUD for almost no LI. The thing is the multiple textures and numerous prims make for an easy to build and script HUD. Since it is generally seldom worn or used, there is minimal need for efficiency or economy. When I made my helicopter paint and wheels HUDs I considered they would be only occasionally used. How often does one change the wheels on their SL heli? Putting effort into a HUD that is very seldom used and affects only the user is a waste of time. One can easily build a complex HUD from textures and prims and that is what people do. The part that is DUMB is using a 1024 texture for buttons or a HUD that is not even 512x512 on the screen. A solid color button without a texture works and can change color easily. A 64x64 texture for a button with text works. But, many builders in SL are clueless when it comes to HUDs... or just clueless...
  4. Posting Flickr Images - The longer version... Often I want to control the size of the image appearing here. The forum imposes a maximum size but, no minimum. On Flickr click an image to get to its page. Notice in the lower right there is a down-arrowish-icon for downloading. Click it and select 'View all sizes.' In the list of sizes click the size you want. The page changes to show that size image. Right-click the image and select 'Copy image address.' Paste that address in your post here. This does not work for all Flickr images. If they have reserved all rights it isn't going to work. For most others it works. My ghost image
  5. There is the game GTFO (F=freight) that involves driving, flying, and sailing. They do caravans. It may not be exactly what you want. But, they are people into the driving experience and they are likely to know of related groups.
  6. There are places that provide free backdrops... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Brethren Cove/72/28/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Backdrop City/165/50/21 In the SL Forum there is a thread titled, How does your avatar look today? it is close to 1,000 pages. The people there are often talking about where they took their shot and/or asking where they can find photo locations. So, lots of handy information and some really great images. Flickr has some groups that are about SL locations for photography. Landscapes SL - Angel's Art (SLurl required) SL Stunning Landscapes - SLURL Required ♥ Photo Locales in Second Life (SLURL REQUIRED) Start with these and watch some of the blogs covering SL travel...
  7. With Outfits you have a choice to SAVE AS, which creates a new Outfit, or SAVE which saves over the Outfit you are wearing. So, you can wear the outfit you want to update then change what you are wearing and just SAVE it. If you are wanting to update a bunch of Outfits, like with a new body or head, then moirakathleen's answer to use REPLACE is the better choice.
  8. Good point. I am so used to seeing AMD R somethings I forget NVIDIA now has their R card.
  9. To get specific help you need to give us way more information. Use the viewer's HELP->About... and post that info here. HELP provides the hardware and driver version info that can give us an idea what is going on. I suspect Lindal is right. That regions load and avatars cause problems suggest a problem in the UDP part of the feed. You can test the conection using the this information http://blog.nalates.net/2011/10/26/troubleshoot-your-sl-connection/ to collect the info you need to file with a ticket to the ISP. We need a better description of the mini-lockups because that is not a typical network issue. That is typically a viewer-computer performance issue. Without the HELP info we can't tell if that is more or less likely the problem. Assuming the computer is not the problem may have you looking in all the wrong places. Since you are all AMD the video driver and graphics card configuration/setup are a definite starting place. Often only certain versions of the AMD driver work well with SL. You can search this forum for your model graphics card and see what version driver others are using or having problems with. You may all want to search the SL JIRA. Many games use DirectX as the graphics basis. SL uses OpenGL. AMD is weak on OpenGL. So, there are often driver issues that affect SL and not other games.
  10. The render engine is in a single thread. But, more and more of the viewer runs in separate threads. If the lag is in responsiveness... it depends on what you are expecting to respond as to where the problem may be. Use the viewer's HELP->About... to collect the info we need to have understanding of what is going on in your computer. We need driver info and handy details in the Firestorm extras. If you are expecting a boat or plane to respond then it is very likely a server side issue. Look in Viewer Stats (Ctrl-Shift-1) at Ping, Server FPS, Time Dilation, Scripts Run %, and Spare Time. Recently there have been issues with Scripts Run % being exceptionally low for no apparent reason. Some changes have been to solve the issue and things are a bit better. But, there are regions that abysmal script performance. At 33% a script only gets CPU time (on the server) every 3rd frame. Depending on how busy the script is there may be considerably more delay in the script getting to the part that processes the key strokes. I've had my sailboat fail to start a turn for 3 ot 6 seconds... I wasn't on a region crossing... then start turning and WAY oversteer. If it is a matter of the avatar being slow to respond then Ping, Server FPS, and Time Dilation are the things to look at. Network issues are a well know cause of the problem. A lagging server is another cause. Change regions to see if it is the region causing the problem. If it isn't the region, dig into the network as this is almost always the cause. If a new computer is performing worse than an old one, you really need to go through the computer's and the viewer's game settings. New hardware runs SL WAY better.
  11. Nalates Urriah

    graphics card

    Also, post the info from the viewer's HELP->About... section. That will tells us about drivers and hardware. You can search for 'how to id fake video card'.
  12. I never expect people to be rational... makes for a nice surprise when they are.
  13. So... should we let the BDSM community know you are accepting applications? You would probably need help processing all of them...
  14. Lets correct this point... Take it from a Linden or run System Internals yourself. But, the render engine is all in one thread So, CPU speed is way more important than the number of cores. IMO memory speed is the second most important factor. Internet speed has almost no effect on FPS. It has a major effect on scene render time. Slow Internet = grey world. You may even see FPS go up on a slow net as grey renders faster than textures... but, that is a brief and temporary case. KDU provides more consistency in uploaded textures. Before Emerald/Phoenix/Firestorm added KDU we had lots of texture render issues. Vulkan... Oz Linden has told us, a couple of times, this year that a switch to Vulkan is not on the list of things to do. I take that with a bit of salt. The Lab did take on 2 new employees specializing in rendering. We've met them at various UG meetings. The present job is to solve some sticky EEP problems. But, after that... we can hope they will look at some upgrade to the SL render engine. I keep hoping some upgrade will get us into VR range. True enough. SL is way complex when it comes to getting decent benchmarks. You left out that the viewer adjusts itself to the hardware it is running on. We think we can override those viewer made tweaks, which I think is debatable. So, not only is the render task changing via location and population but what the viewer needs to render changes based on its opinion of the computer. So, everyone approximates there benchmarks. I walk out on my front porch (SL) and check FPS, jump up to a skybox and check again and visit a Safe Hub to check with avatars present. But, from time to time my neighbors change and the Hub never has the same people present. But, generalizing is good enough.
  15. I just noticed your name.... as cute as the avatar. No... bedraggled isn't the word I would use. Very pretty.
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