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  1. It is possible. Things can and often do go sideways during a rolling restart. For fast recovery of strange happenings make a copy of any HUD before using it. Use the copy for everyday use. If it dies or breaks for whatever reason, it is easy to make a new copy and see if it will work. Also, a number of HUD's (like Appliers) hold settings in memory. If you RESET them that clears memory and they will never ever work again. So, avoid resetting HUD's unless the manufacturer says you can in their manual/instructions.
  2. This is the third time you have asked the same question... Once is enough. See the other postings for the answers.
  3. BUG-100468 - Number of online users, exchange rate & number of signups has not updated since April 12th
  4. The primary reason the VR version of the viewer was dropped was stated by Oz Linden. Too much lag... the SL VR Viewer could not maintain the minimum frame rate of 90 FPS. The problem is all the hobbiest made content in SL.frame rates tend to get down to 10 FPS. Only the newer hardware comes close. My 7 month old computer runs at 20 to 140+/- FPS depending on where I am and how many avatars are around. Once the frame rate drops below 90 FPS the occurrence of simulator sickness goes up. The Lindens think the sickness would give SL a bad name and drive people away. So, they dropped the VR Viewer. Will the Lab ever develop a VR Viewer for SL? May be. As hardware improves and the Lindens make improvements to SL they may. Or a third party may. In the mean time there is VorpX. The HOW TO instructions are old: Second Life and OpenSim in VR using VorpX
  5. You have to give us details... are you checking a box in the viewer, on the web site, where? Be specific.
  6. Use the viewer's HELP->ABOUT... to collect info about your viewer and computer. Even the 'standard' Linden made viewer is constantly changing. If the arrow keys stop working it can be lag, yours or the server's. If the <- and -> arrows spin you and the ­­­up and down arrows have no effect it is very likely lag.
  7. When you ask a technical question we need to know about the computer and which viewer. Use the viewer's HELP->ABOUT... to collect the information and paste it in with your question. We are assuming you are new enough to not know about or use RLV. However, if you are, try turning RLV off.
  8. I assume you have the TMP model to transfer weights from... If the straps are clipping into the avatar, the chances are good that some weight from the arms or other bones has got added in. Check to see which bones affect the skin in the area of the strap. The same bones should be applied to the strap. This is often a problem from having too many bones weighted to the strap or too few...
  9. Bright Canopy seems to be alive:
  10. That happens. If your connection is dropping packets or the region you are logging into is lagging this is a likely manifestation of the problem. A relog will usually correct the problem. Otherwise, it generally isn't a big issue for people. Plus, there isn't much to be done about it.
  11. I'm not sure we understand. Before logging in you try to get on? How does one do that? Normally we launch a viewer. That isn't 'getting on', its launching the viewer. The first screen presents a login. Once completed then you are getting on. The flagrantly humble Rolig is thinking you may be trying to click a link in a web browser to get in. Your browser may not know what to do with the SECONDLIFE: protocol. The SLURL proxy is the easy way to handle the problem of setting the correct protocol. When you ask a technical question click the viewer's HELP->ABOUT... and copy paste that info in with your question. Also, be very precise in describing what you are doing. There are numerous ways to do almost everything in SL. So, we don't know what you are doing.
  12. Glad it got fixed. I guess you probably know about the Firestorm Viewer Wiki. They have a page on dealing with apparently lost inventory items. The SL morning after you have been logged in, recheck our inventory. It should have sync'd. All your AGNI stuff should be there in ADITI. If not try the fix-it steps from Firestorm Wiki. I always have more stuff in ADITI. I now label my ADITI folders with "ADITI". That way when I finish a project and move it to AGNI, I can delete all its garbage files in ADITI.
  13. There are fonts and words that are banned. I do not know of any list of the banned fonts and words. Display names with any of those will reset. If you use plan text and it resets, then you need to contact support. A little digging in the forum shows some 2011 problems where this problem was happening to others. Additional 'official' information is here:
  14. Waiting hours is not the solution. The likely problem is in the Linden servers. ADITI will try to update your ADITI inventory list the SL morning after your last log in. It is a SL AGNI to SL ADITI one way sync. So, some time between 5AM SLT and 7AM it will/should update. You may need to clear your inventory list from the viewer. For any viewer that DOES NOT use a separate inventory list for each grid you are going to have problems. If you used such a viewer in the past and are returning to ADITI now it may still have problems. If clearing the viewer's inventory list does not resolve the problem, file a trouble ticket with SL Support. As the new sync process was being added this was a common problem. Support had to reload a number of people's inventories. If your outfits have transferred to ADITI try wearing one. That the Test Male/Female are not working suggests you are caught with a corrupted ADITI inventory. The Lab's support people will have to clean up the server side.
  15. You can easily find new purchases hidden in inventory by clicking the RECENT tab at the top of the Inventory Panel. If you click the Gear Icon in the bottom left of the Inventory Panel you will see a selection Show Filters. Click it to open the Filters. You can set the time-frame for what is shown as 'recent'. You can go with minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years...