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  1. Aaah... just decide you aren't obligated and blog to have fun. We think that as we can see BoM moving through the development pipeline. BoM is talked about at the Content Creators UG meetings. See User Groups. You can follow my summaries of the meetings in my blog. Expect it this year.
  2. You may have seen mesh heads with variable transparency of blush, eye shadow, lipstick, etc. Those are each on their own mesh object. You can often see the area affected when you change any of those items. The area goes gray as the texture loads. What they are doing is varying the transparency setting of the 'prim', individual item. Prim transparency can be controlled by script. (llSetLinkPrimitiveParams) There is no other way to vary the transparency by script. So, as Lindal suggests we often make multiple textures with different transparency levels baked in. Then switch textures by script. Changing textures is data intense and places a load on the SL system. Having onion skin like objects to control transparency creates its own problems. Bakes On Mesh (BOM) is an effort to reduce the need for so many layers of onion-skin on mesh bodies. But, it is going to have problems with BoM as it doesn't handle script changing transparency of small parts. I don't have a good answer for how to handle all these changes. Talk to the body makers... see what they are going to do with BoM.
  3. Fionalein is right. I'll say it another way. A relief denotes 3D or a raised portion, if that is what you mean you need to add a normal map to your tattoo. The specular part is the shinny. We see more skin features that use diffuse, normal, and specular maps to create the desired effect. A number of mesh bodies allow the use of all three. We can do things with our mesh attachments that makes more efficient use of textures. With other people's mesh we have to deal with whatever they allow or support. So, check the dev-kits to see what you can do for a given body. Using Omega is a way to simplify your work and reduce the number of body brands you have to design for. But, Omega doesn't add features to a body. Omega just lets you get to the features the body has. The next problem is Bakes on Mesh. This is going to change a number of things related to mesh bodies. So, you may want to talk with some of the developers of the bodies you are targeting. See if their BoM versions will support what you want to do. We will see BoM this year. I suspect the TP disconnects problem is slowing things down. But, BoM will get here.
  4. You might be dumb, but this problem doesn't support the claim. I used to use straight Blender. It is possible to do anything AvaStar does with just plain Blender. BUT... there are a number of Blender to SL gotchas that trip people up. It is now very hard to find tutorials that explain how to handle those problems and non-standard SL requirements. AvaStar takes care of those. So, we don't have to figure out the SL quirks. The clothes maker dev-kits I've used assume you have AvaStar and are designed to use AvaStar features.
  5. Glad you figured it out. For next time... When you ask a tech question like this include the information about your computer and viewer. Use the viewer's HELP->About.... to quickly collect the info. Then paste it with your question.
  6. How do you know it is slow starting? If you are going on just your perception, you need to consider how to quantify it and provide objective numbers. Is the experience in just one region or all regions (well... try a few)? You might try the RC Channel sandboxes. They are empty regions often with no one using them. Do you see the delay when using the Linden Default Viewer? For any bug report you will have to test with their viewer. The last two sim updates have added more logging for the TP/Crossing disconnects. This could conceivably add a delay. Unlikely but possible. The viewer is a script editor. The script lives and runs on the simulators. So, which viewer you are using should make very little if any difference. The time from save to run will have a network speed factor. Check your Ping, Packet Loss to see if your connection is adding some time. If you are still convinced there is a problem, whether you file a Bug Report is a matter of how well you can quantify the problem and whether you can reliably repeat the problem. I suggest you ask in a couple of SL scripting groups in world. Try different times of day. Peak use is at 2-3PM SLT. By 2-3AM you have a different set of users. I have been debugging and testing scripts for my H-160 Paint kits over the last two weeks. I haven't noticed a slow down.
  7. If you are using Firestorm it is easy to check how many attachments you are wearing. 38 is the limit. Open Appearance and select the Wearing tab. Trying to wear 39 can produce odd results at odd times. Next is the problem of stacking attachments on a single attachment point. The default is the right-hand. When I get new stuff I check where it attaches. If it is the right-hand then I'll attach it some place more appropriate. Stacked attachments do not do well crossing regions and teleporting. Which ones drop off seems unpredictable. But, it will be one or some of those stacked on an attachment point. The problem is not limited to the right-hand. The more that are stacked on a single point the more likely a problem.
  8. RLV gave us a way to program the viewer and interact with it from scripted objects in-world. For instance the Stargates you see around use RLV. If you have RLV enabled and walk into a gate your are teleported no clicks. Some roleplay games in SL use RLV. In combat when you lose a fight or get shot the game controls you via RLV to lay you down and prevent you continuing play until you respawn somewhere or a timeout expires. There are lots of interesting uses, but the most well known is probably the BDSM community's use of it in their RP. Now we have Advanced Experiences Tools and can build Experiences. These in a number of ways are similar to RLV. Programmers have more freedom with RLV. Viewers like Firestorm have RLV but it is disabled by default. Some viewers come with it enabled, the Restrained Love Viewer is one. In addition to enabling RLV one must wear an RLV relay. The relay can be a HUD, collar, ring... most any item that can be attached to the avatar or viewer. These relays have a HUD or dialog where you control it. Turn it off, enable with approval for each RLV request, or full on where the relay and viewer just respond to the RLV requests. You can also set permission levels by user. So, a friend or lover may have more permissions than others. Plus there is a whole control thing for clothes and body parts. Suffice to say it gets very complex. You as the user have ultimate control. Even while the idea is to give up control to another, in the end it is always possible to close the viewer... even with the Xtreme viewer which takes away even more control, you can always turn off the computer. The trick is to understand what permissions you give to another. Some are really hard to take back.
  9. Welcome to SL. Also, put some of the information you want others to know in your profile. Right-click your avatar and select My Profile. Left-click the gear icon (settings) and edit the parts of your profile. This is a handy place to put the notice you are not going to share RL information. A significant number of people have hilarious made up information in place of actual RL info. Have fun with it. You can be whoever or whatever you want in SL... with a few limitations. For instance in RL I am a cheetah... I just like playing a human in SL...
  10. Have you changed shape? If this is an updated head and you use your previous shape it may create a problem. Try the shape that came with the updated head.
  11. So... now we can vote for best bunny? Thanks for posting a large image. (For those that don't know, click the image in the original post to get the big image.)
  12. There is a huge PC-Political aspect behind the gender-fluidity word choices. I find it highly annoying. I find it near-fascist to try and tell people how to speak and say things... But, disregard of people's feelings in how they are addressed also enters the realm of fascist-shoulds. Somewhere there is a balance where people tolerate others and mature past a snowflake mentality. Common sense tells a person that a sundress theme is. If a male wants to do a masculine version of that I hope they are intelligent enough to figure out it doesn't mean they have to wear a dress. Geeeez. We don't need all these rules. Biker girl/boy.... I bought a bike and have been looking for clothes ever since. When you find a good store PLEASE tell us. Aaaw... 😥 I think I understand your point. Doing pure SL images using only the viewer has its advantages. One certainly learns more about the viewer and SL lighting and rendering settings. I've seen groups and contests that imposed a 'Pure Viewer Made' image for entry. Those are fun and I am surprised at some of the creativity. They can be awesome. However, this thread shows people are already trying to impose lots of rules. The political agenda is to convince people their ought to be a law and let government handle it. That thinking is transferring to here. Eck! Creativity thrives best in the chaos of freedom. Those of us that like Drax's SL-related videos have no doubt seem him on about creative freedom. I think that freedom is best for any growing artistic endeavor. In that environment there will be things the ones compiling a magazine will not want in an issue. Nothing says they have to use EVERYTHING submitted. We can allow editors freedom too. I think we will get a better result if we do. So... if you chose not to participate... you are free to so decide. I would hope you wouldn't make our complying with your preferences the price for your participation. Yeah... people in general are ungrateful and forget where things started as they pursue their interests. That is just human nature. A lot of the two-year old resides in most people. But, there are people here that do appreciate you. If you are concerned about the 'Look' thread, not to worry. This isn't a zero sum thing. I suspect much of the prep that goes into making images for this project will provide material for 'Look'. However, if you still believe it will have a negative impact... how about making a Flickr group that feeds people there into the 'Look' thread here? Or promote the thread on Flickr. I've asked a number of Flickr peeps to post there image there.
  13. Post processing is important to many of us. Some take snaps to use for backgrounds. I often use my green screen room with lights to shoot the avatar. Later I combine them.
  14. OK... everyone is being nice to the slow guy... and pointing out the obvious posts he didn't (couldn't?) read isn't going to help. If he doesn't show at the Governance meeting then it is obvious this isn't a realistic complaint. He either wants to be upset or he is trolling. 🤡
  15. Open the viewer's HELP->About... and copy paste that info with your technical questions. You are going to have to provide details to explain what you mean by not loading properly... Does the avatar never render? Does the world not render?
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