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  1. There is an intermittent bug that causes friends online not to show up. As best I remember it is caused by a combination of slow or noisy connection and busy region server. A relog may resolve it. The problem has been around forever. In the last year work has been done to resolve it. But, it still happens from time to time. (Google)
  2. Rolig and Karen both provided good information. For performance there are 3 key criteria that make the most difference. CPU speed is more important than the number of cores. The 6th generation i5 has been a better buy on performance per dollar than the i7. WARNING: be sure to check the CPU model. Vendors sell new machines with 3rd and 4th generation CPU's. The i5-6600 is a 6th gen CPU and that is denoted by the red 6. A 5th gen i5-5600, 4th gen i5-4600 ... etc. Memory speed is important. DDR4 memory is marginally faster than the same speed DDR3. But, DDR4 is made in much faster sets than DDR3. Labels like DDR4 2800 (PC4 19200) to DDR4 3400 (PC4 27200) denote slow to fast memory. The smart move is to find the motherboard brand and see what the max memory speed is for the board. You can install faster memory than the board is rated for and it will work, but it is like buying a Ferrari and driving it 30mph all the time. Video chip in a laptop and card in desktops. Starting with the NVIDIA 1000 series VR, or fast dual image processing, was added. The ability makes a huge difference in most games. HD Graphics has no video memory. It uses part of your system memory. A machine with 16GB and HD Graphics may dedicate 4GB to graphics and leave 12 for the system. Video cards have dedicated VRAM. Hard disk speed is important for the initial scene render. SSD is expensive but fast. However, getting the most out of SSD is a complex thing. Venders often sell a system with SSD just to say it has it. But, the motherboard doesn't fully support it, so it ends up being no faster than a fast mechanical disk. RAM Drives live in computer system memory and for now are the fastest possible drives. You can look up the comparisons and tech details here: http://blog.nalates.net/category/hardware/
  3. I find this happens to me from time to time. I move to a different region and the problem resolves. I haven't seen a relog or changing to a different viewer helping.
  4. technical

    I use Firestorm 5.0.1 64-bit, Win 10 Pro and regularly take 3000px snaps. See: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nalates/ I have an NVIDIA GTX 1060. So, it may well be a video problem. Search on your driver version to see if you can find others with problems. You may need to update or roll back a version or two.
  5. Rolig is right, but does not mention a region being offline. If you try to log into your HOME or Last Location, it may not be possible, if the region is offline. The error message would tell us if that is the case. Tuesday mornings and to a lesser degree Wednesday mornings regions are being restarted as software is updated. During those times it is common to get 'cannot connect' errors. Just go tot he Destination Guide and pick another region.
  6. If you want to know the limit on "whatever"... try: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits The ideal location for skyboxes is between 1,000 and 2,000m. The higher one goes the more roundoff error affects the objects' positioning. Also known as prim-creep. Above 4,096m it gets bad, thus the rez limit. Your question implies a desire to make others conform to some idea to make your life better or the way you want things. That is sort of the basis for fascist ideology. Rather then looking for ways to make people do things the way you want, consider first what you might do to to change things without inconveniencing others. In this case change your draw distance...
  7. Almost Free Land There are ways to play the system to get almost free land. If you were to just buy/lease a region you would be paying something near US$300/mo. Penny Patton has figured out a way to get and use land at very low prices. See: http://pennycow.blogspot.com/2016/09/virtual-spaceinfinite-space.html She has a way to get 4,096 sq m for US$98/year... quite the deal.
  8. If you really think so, put in a feature request. JIRA To be taken seriously, you need to present a clear picture of what you want, why you want it, how it will work, and how people will use it and why. If it makes sense to the Lindens, they may build an app. With the JIRA filed, you can send people to it. They can click WATCH (not Vote) to give wait to the request. Those that have better stories on how it could be used can add those. Adding 'me too' posts just annoys the Lindens, so discourage those. Bright Canopy is a retail app (monthly cost) for SL. It allows SL to be run on devices that don't normally support SL. In Third-Party Viewers you will find Lumiya, an Android viewer, and Radegast a non-graphical viewer, and Group Tools for sending IM's. None tie into the SMS systems. But, they work from within your phone.
  9. Since you say hover @ 50 I suspect you are u sing the SHAPE hover value. I suggest you set it to 50... neutral. Right-Click your avatar and use that Hover. It is a newer version of hover. It does a better job of averaging all the stuff you are wearing. Its ideal setting is '0'. I find I often tweak between -4.0 to +4.0 with the average or most frequently used setting around 0.3. Nothing will help you across all situations. Those making the 'SITS' in stuff have a say about where they think an avatar should be. If your avatar is not the size they planned on, you won't sit as sell as you may want. Often I adjust for a sit then have to readjust when I stand. Furniture makers usually have an ADJUST in their furniture. It is usually designed to remember settings for individual avatars. That suggests the problem is common and avatars are all very different, which matches my experience. The SHOE item you wear can throw off your 'hover' and cause various items to mis-calculate your height. You can try tweaking your shoe height, to see if that helps. Experiment with shape, shoes, and right-click Hover to find what works best.
  10. Another contributor to teleport related problems is the number of scripts you are wearing. You can get a Script Weight/Counter device. There are free ones in the market place. Once you have one, check the number and 'size' of the scripts you have attached. The total size (amount of memory used) is the more important. Less of both is better. Many consider 3MB the memory limit and something like 30 scripts reasonable. Also, ACI can prove to be a problem when teleporting. A way high ACI can cause problems. ACI in the range of 500k and less shouldn't be much of a problem for a teleport. In general ACI should be <=100k. But, a good machine will deal with <=350k easily and generally should not create TP problems.
  11. A good internet connection not the same as having a good connection to the SL servers. Follow Lindal's link and test your connection to the SL servers.
  12. I haven't found any way to mark a question answered. Or to mark a post as the answer you prefer. At best you can LIKE it... As to the missing people faces... I see that occurring more often in Firestorm than in the Linden viewer. But, I have seen it in both. Bento is enticing more people to use Mesh Heads and forego using the Classic Head.But, Bento heads should DECREASE the problem. I suspect the pre-Bento Mesh heads are the bigger problem. As there was no way to animate avatar mesh heads the facial expressions were achieved by using multiple faces. They have a plain expression, smile, frown, etc. Each is a separate and unique face. The Classic face used mesh morphing to achieve animation. Morphs are not efficient for the type of user content distribution we have in SL, especially in relation tot he avatar. The Classic avatar is built into the viewer. The mesh for it is downloaded with the viewer and never downloaded after that (well, we get a copy with each viewer install). So, we never see a Classic face fail to render with the rest of the avatar. With the introduction of Bento we gained a way to animate face mesh in mesh heads. We need only one face now. We can animate it to achieve all the facial expressions. Bento faces/heads will have a lower polygon count and load faster. All this leads to an indication the problem is in the connection. As connections continually change, your connection path could radically change while you were reinstalling. So, what appears to the individual as direct cause and effect may have nothing to do with the problem. So, often that the problem went away is all that matters, not the why... until the next time it happens.
  13. When you have problems it is nice to have two brands of viewer installed. If the problem is apparent in both, it isn't a viewer problem. You can move on to finding the real cause. So, next time you have a viewer problem you can't solve and think something broke, consider installing a second brand of viewer. Run it to see if the problem persists. I say Firestorm is the power user's viewer... they holler at me for that because the POWER stuff is NOT forced on you. So, it is as easy to use as any other viewer. But, as you grow, there are more viewer to grow into. Also, basic support for Firestorm is generally better because of the Firestorm Support group in-world. It is almost instant 24x7 support. Plus, they have viewer classes ranging from basic new user stuff to way advanced. Since you have learned the Linden viewer, changing to Firestorm for testing purposes would be only minor changes and you may not notice any change. ...and there are other good viewer brands. But, Firestorm dominates with about 3/4 of SL users running FS. I use Linden and FS depending on what I want to do.
  14. Unfortunately, the way Google, Bling, and Yahoo work these pages within secondlife.com are likely never going to place well. Google is looking to provide the best match for things people search for. The Google AI considers the site and decides what the overall site is about. The sub-domain places.secondlife.com mitigates some of the problem. If someone is searching on the term places "The Pen" it could place well. But, those searching on Beatnik Coffee House are way unlikely to find the page. A page titled 1920's Berlin in places is going to place poorly even when searching specifically for it. These are nice lead in pages to get someone to the landing point. But, my thinking is you will need to search position at Google+, Facebook, and other social sites and most importantly a web site pointing to the page... at which point I'm not sure the Places page is needed.
  15. One thing to consider when going to a mesh head... Bento Heads are new. The designers are just getting started with animations for these heads. So, we are sort of on version 1.0 stuff. You may want to wait for the version 2.0 generation. I like the face I built for my classic avatar. I think the eyes need work... whatever. As I have upgraded the avatar I have learned the skin can drastically change the appearance of the face without a slider being moved. To retain my 'look' I take a snapshot of the face, put it on a prim, put that where I can see it and my avatar together. Then change skin and go to work with the appearance sliders restoring my look. I still wear my classic head. The cast in place mesh heads just weren't what I wanted. The new Bento heads that can be animated are something I think I want. They will eventually be far more well animated than the classic head. How well one does that depends on their skill. I don't see it as being that hard. I did have to work on it for a while then come back in a couple of days and tweak. repeat, repeat, repeat... eventually I get what I want. I am sure some skin and head combinations would never let me get to where I want to be. So, I play with the demos. I have yet to find what I want.