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  1. Sexy clothes

    Now I know why I don't see many donkeys in SL. · General thoughts on the matter...most of the clothes in SL nowadays are very short/open/sexy/*****ty... it's a general trend. Certainly could seem that way. However, try visiting some of the big brand shops and counting the number of casual, conservative, sexy (not necessarily revealing), and hooker wear. Deciding which is which reveals your preference, bias, and prejudices. But, I think you’ll find the hooker wear is in the minority in most major brand stores. · Also, most female avatars (male sometimes also, but less) are dressed...well, not as they would dress in RL. The question for it - what's your reasons? Most avatars do not look like people do in RL. Even our Santa Claus avatars look like a body builder champion. So, why would one expect dress to mirror RL? There is a flaunt it if you got it mentality in SL. So, the 24-year-old hard body is somewhat the standard. Plus, various communities’ idea of beauty is on display. Latino, Asian, Indian, Black… all have an idea of what is beautiful. So, the degree of sexy varies based on culture. What one considers acceptable street wear others consider overly suggestive ***** wear. I wear short skirts and skimpy tops often. I’ve got legs and gorgeous skin. I like showing off. · Is it the limited choice in the stores, personal preference, your partner likes u dressed like that? There is no limited choice in SL. Not even for guys. It takes some time to find those creating for males. But, they are here and there is quite a bit of choice. · Another question - do u expect to attract opposite sex and any romantic/sexual inworld interaction by wearing very little? I do. I’ve even asked other gorgeous women if they have been hit on in the club we are in and how often. It is a form of validation and/or measure of how well I’ve done making my avatar. But in the end, I dress to please myself. · Do u sometimes get offended by men hitting on you too explicitly when u dressed like that? Offended… more often it is exasperated. There are some REALLY HORRIBLE pickup lines in use in SL. (Big groan) Come up with a good line or just say ‘Hi’ and start a casual honest conversation. Don't make me work too hard to get picked up. Guys, carry your end of the conversation. But, I’ve heard some of the bad lines in RL too. SL is a realm of extremes and that is true in pickup lines too. If I am really not in the mood, it is possible for a guy to be too direct. I’m not offended in such cases. But, I may not be as gracious saying no as I would normally be. Otherwise, I tend to be a little flattered and try to avoid crushing their ego. I mean, who knows, they may end up buying me shoes...
  2. Sexy clothes

    Now I know why I don't see many donkeys in SL.
  3. Orange Cloud With Firestorm Viewer

    For all those antique post collectors... The basic fix is to change to the Ruth/Roth avatar. Top menu Developer-(Ctrl-Alt-Q)->Avatar->Character Tests->Test [Female/Male]. Then put your previous outfit on item by item. You'll find the problem item or force a reload of it, which clears the problem too.
  4. Crystal Fortress Skybox Review

    It is a fascinating house and has a way cute dragon and nice fish. I suppose the dragon has to eat something... Being No-Mod makes it impractical for general use. They did make setup easy.
  5. Question about Multiscene rentals

    Without knowing which home you have a definitive answer isn't possible. In general, changing the house does not affect the things you have rezz'd. Rez a chair or bed then change the house and the chair-bed will still be where you rez'd them. If there are physics conflicts-collisions, things may move around or have problems. If the new house has different rooms and walls in different places, the chair and/or bed is likely to be in an inconvenient place. You'll know when you try it.
  6. KittyCat lost

    That isn't true. Lots of feature requests make it into the system. I'm waiting to see if my request for EEP import of existing Windlight settings gets implemented. But, NiranV's request for a pose editor is being implemented.
  7. KittyCat lost

    Yeah... they say you are what you eat...
  8. What are you doing today!? :D

    This is like the opening of the game Myst Online. The D'ni Refugees will love it.
  9. Oz and Grumpity Linden Interview @ SLS15B

    That is accurate. At the time mesh was being added users tried to convince the Lindens it would be used for clothing and avatars more than 'things'... buildings, cars, etc. Between then and now the Linden mindset has shifted. It gets complicated understanding how the Lindens think. To avoid Borking or Trumpizing (the new Bork) the Lindens one has to understand what they think and do is constrained by company policy. Ebbe has changed that in a positive way. Development now is different than in the mesh dev days. Bento, Animesh, EEP, BoM... are projects being bent toward a path users want. What is consistent is the engineers not having the same perception of how SL is used as users do. Oz's mention of the server update is a clear example of that. However, users don't really see the technical complexities of the SL system in the way Lindens do. So, we consistently get conflicts between the two groups. Low or realistic? I can't decide. I do think SL marketing has tried lots of different things. They may be a bit jaded by now. The latest idea is the impetus behind Place Pages. They are to help users contribute to the marketing of SL. Let those that love and are enthusiastic about an aspect of SL market it. Presumably they can do a better job than Lindens. Whatever, the experiment is on. A major flaw in Place Pages is their non-existence in the search engine results. To see how bad it is, find a place page from within SL and then try targeted, specific search in the search engines to find the page. I have yet to succeed. A better effort is in the user gateways. Gateways are where a user or group of users builds a website using Linden API's. They can control their search engine optimization and get placement in search engines. It is a complex mix of web and SL tech to get a gateway up. It requires coordination and approval from the Lab. Place Pages are a simplified gateway approach.
  10. If you are a Firestorm user then the same basic info with changes for menu paths is here: Voice Filters.
  11. Tech support is still crappy?

    Why is it cranky people are victims that see everyone else as at fault?
  12. Paying L$5000 for a Catwa this normal?

    The challenge is there is no current way of feeding the recognition system info into the SL avatar in real time. NiranV has a posing system in the Black Dragon viewer. With some significant mods to that viewer you could feed in the data and manipulate the facial expression. The problem with the 'SL' system is that only you can see the changes, no one else. NIranV wants the system to pass along the changes so they will be visible to everyone. See the JIRA STORM-2150 and notice the section titled SERVER. If you are interested in this, click the JIRA's WATCH. I think the server change would be a huge project and make a huge increase in the data flow between the viewer-server and redistribution to other viewers. So, I think syncing with other viewers is unlikely to happen. But, the Lindens are working toward adding the pose-animation editor without sync to the Linden viewer. So, real time webcam facial expression in the local viewer will be possible, which for photos and machinima would be kinda neat.
  13. Tattoo

    Your problem is likely a blending issue. Tattoo textures use alpha layering in the image file. PNG and TGA files allow us to make clear and semi-transparent parts of the image/texture. Within SL the viewer's render engine uses those as either a mask or a blend. The engine doesn't always make the best choice of which method to use. So, the body HUD's I've used have an option to set the layer tat, underwear, or clothes layer to either mask or blend. Find that setting and play with setting mask/blend on the various layers until you get the right look. Unfortunately, textures using semi transparency lose some quality when in masking mode. When layered with other images it isn't as noticeable.
  14. The Mesh bodies

    Mesh body parts are surprisingly interchangeable. So, mix and match bodies work well. With mesh heads designers matched the neck to the classic body, well nearly all of them did. Bodies were designed to work with the classic head-neck because so many of us started with mesh hands and feet then got a mesh body but, stayed with the classic head for some time. The point is almost any mesh head will work with most any mesh body. The only complication to mixing brands of body and head is skin. You have to find skin with an Applier for both brands. Fortunately, Omega covers the major brands and provides Omega Relays for smaller brands.