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  1. Nalates Urriah


    THe long explanation is here: http://blog.nalates.net/2016/06/27/second-life-tutorial-rlv-mesh-and-folders-how-it-works-how-to-use/
  2. Nalates Urriah

    Viewer Not Responding problem

    I have a very similar computer , 1060 - i5-6600k, but with 32GB of ram. It works very well with FS & SL. I do have more problems with FS than with the SL viewer. But, that is like once a day at most. You are running 64-bit viewer and Windows so that eliminates a bunch of causes for your type of issues. Before I built this computer I was running with SL & FS in 8GB of ram. I was crashing and had frequent mini-freezes in both viewers. I bumped it up to 16GB and most of the crashes and mini-freezes stopped. Most meaning from like several freezes per hour to none for a week or more. Crashes went from several a day to 1 or 2 a week. You can get HDMonitor (Hardware Monitor) a free program to check component temperatures and overall memory use. Another free program MemHistory will show you which and how much memory programs are using. Don't be surprised if it looks like you have plenty of free memory while running FS with 8GB and yet you may have a memory problem. Also look in your System's Resource Monitor, Memory tab, for Page Faults. This should be a low number, like <50/sec and 0 ideally. More memory should reduce these rates. A page fault happens when the system thinks it is running out of memory. Some times the amount of free memory is misleading as it may be fragmented memory... lots of small blocks of free memory adding up to a large amount. A request for a large block of memory can't be met as there is no single block large enough, so in-use-memory is thrown onto the disk (page file) to make room for the request. These memory swaps often are what generate the mini-freezes. More memory, fewer programs running in background, and computer restarts all reduce the problem. Look through these possibilities to see if they help before you try to add memory.
  3. Nalates Urriah

    Men's Body Ratios

    I made a guide for body proportions. It's in the marketplace.
  4. Nalates Urriah

    whats next....?

    The what is next question, I think, is best answered by the words explore and experiment with everything. Some designers assume people know what it is they are selling and think their promo picture tells all. I've been around over 10-years now and I still find things offered for sale that I have no clue what it is they are selling. I am left asking if they are selling a shape, skin, bloose, pose... and is that ...whatever it is... for classic, Slink, Maitreya... tall, short, skinny, or fat avatar... Even fitted mesh has adjustment limits. If you are not approximately average size, some stuff is not going to fit. Tinys and giants have a challenge finding things that fit, clothes or animations. Demos are important for many reasons. Not the least of being elimination of anxiety. Try the demos. It may not be what you were looking for or expecting from the promo... but, it may be something you decide you want. If you are figuring out how to get a "look", try the How does your avatar look today ?, a thread for us exobitionists... well exobitionists in a nice way. People there will help and there are some new people, in the almost 500 page thread, asking questions. Also, animations come in sizes. If an animation or AO maker isn't saying anything about sizes... Chances are they don't know how to handle animation sizes. It is somewhat common to see small, medium, and large animations. Avatar proportions are important to your look too. SL tends to push people into having T-Rex arms. Those that haven't studied drawing the human form often run into problems because the shape sliders aren't keyed to "good" shape. There is dancing... which if you want HAWT animations requires your own dance AO. The AO it self should be free. You buy the animation you want to load an AO. However, many are sold with a starter set of animations. Tatoos are fun. Costumes are fun. Eyes Wide Shut masks are sexy. And if you are into adult play genitals are important. There are various communities of roleplay. Many groups require appropriate attire and various accessories. People in those groups will help you learn the ropes... if you can keep them from using the rope to tie you up... which might get you into RLV control of the avatar and its appearance. Outfits are all about quick-change of looks or dress. So, learning how to make Outfits is important, at least way handy. Nails, makeup, hair, glasses, jewelry, shoes, lingerie...
  5. Nalates Urriah

    Viewer wont load

    AMD has a control panel for the video card. You need to find it and set your laptop to Performance rather than Power Saving. Most control video panels... well... AMD and NVIDIA, allow you to set app profiles. Google how to setup a game profile for your video card. Set up a profile for SL.
  6. Nalates Urriah

    Is this a griefer attack?

    Since two of you see things OK, it is most likely that persons viewer. Visual griefer attacks are almost always something that affects everyone in the region. The first steps in troubleshooting any problem in SL is determining if it is the person/viewer or the SL servers. Madelaine's suggestion to have two viewers installed is an important part of that testing. As is asking those around you. If they do or don't see the same problem you have a big clue as to where the problem is. Log off and login with the alternate viewer. If the problem goes away, you then know it is likely a viewer side problem or a transient problem on the servers. To decide log back on with the original viewer. If the problem is still showing then it is likely a viewer problem. If not then it was likely a transient problem in the viewer or servers and since it is gone, it no longer matters. There are more troubleshooting steps for persistent problems. Over time you learn them as you need them.
  7. Nalates Urriah

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Fortunately EEP is coming and Windlight settings can be traded as an inventory item. Way easier than now.
  8. Nalates Urriah

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Also... Bakes on Mesh is coming. It may turn out that classic clothes will be usable on mesh bodies. I'm not all that hopeful, but it may work out.
  9. Nalates Urriah

    How many people use SL (as of October 2018)?

    If I bring up the world map, I never see it change until I close it and reopen it. Are you seeing the World Map updating in real time?
  10. Nalates Urriah

    What's going on in the LEA Committee?

    And... a year later we see rumors of LEA reorganizing...
  11. Nalates Urriah

    HELP! my avatar went from looking like this to looking like this...

    I am guessing this is a shape problem. Since you have played with its shape settings, that suggests it is a mod-ok shape. But, since it isn't changing you need to be sure you are working with a mod-ok shape. You can do that opening the Appearance or Outfit editor. Selecting the Wearing Tab. Find your shape and right click to select Show Original. Once at the original click Properties and look at the You Can Modify setting. I suggest you make a copy of the shape for a backup. Before doing anything drastic or time consuming, teleport to a different region. Preferably deserted and empty (Pooley, Furball, etc.). Then relog using Last Location when you come back in. This alone may resolve the problem. If you have a no-mod shape, this is about all you can do. Also, click Ctrl-9 and press escape (Esc) a couple of times. The point here is to remove any camera distortions that just make it LOOK different. If not find another shape in inventory and wear it. Your appearance should change. Try changing your face. It should change. Revert to the shape you normally wear that is not right. Try changing your face now. It should change. If not we need to consider other possibilities.
  12. Nalates Urriah

    Shaddy Music

    Malwarebytes will get the adware files off your computer. But, a running app may not be killed. I forgot to say run then and restart the computer. Another reason for restarting is the DNS information your computer is using is cached. So, Malwarebytes may remove the problem app and kill the running app but the tweaked info may still be in the DNS cache. Humans make mistakes, misunderstand what is happening, and often get confused or deceived. But to really screw things up and tie things in a Gordian knot beyond all understanding you need a computer.
  13. Nalates Urriah

    Groups not sending notices properly

    You are probably expecting something that SL isn't built to do... When you say 'send message' that implies an IM or group chat. So, you would have to have the group or local chat open to send... so there is nothing to be opened by the message as it is already open. If you have two viewers open the Alt should see the group chat open, provided the Alt has not closed that group in the current session and has notices and chat from the group enabled. The only other group 'message' is a "Notice". Notices do not open group chat when sent. It can take a couple of minutes for the system to process a notice and send members of the group an alert, a chiclet. The Notice alerts age out... a bug that has been around for like forever... So, if 2 or more hours old they may not open the notice or note card when clicked. One may have to open the group properties and navigate to the notice to get a working link. If you are the Alt is logged in they are not going to get an email from SL. If you have not verified your email address with SL, the system will not send email to an unverified address.
  14. Nalates Urriah

    How many people use SL (as of October 2018)?

    Interesting observation. A number of beautiful celebrity people have made comments about it being difficult to meet 'dating' candidates as people felt they were unapproachable. I suppose SL is similar. I think the range of possible responses for 'approachable' is larger in SL. I suspect the percentages in the various groups (shy, timid, bold, brazen...) are similar. True... I'm not into college ball. Sports stadiums in the US top out at about 80,000. The largest in the USA is MICHIGAN STADIUM — 113,065. American football had the largest audience draw for a couple of decades. 'Taking a knee' and increasing cost of parking and admission has decimated attendance. TV viewership has decreased 36% in prime time since 2014 per NFL press releases. Average pro game attendance is now in the 64k to 70k range. So, any way we go football is more popular than SL. I track peak max & min concurrent users. In 2012 peak max was about 70k and min about 30k. The peak was falling about 5 or 6k per year. With mesh and other out-of-world building/modeling stuff done outside of the viewer it is impossible to know the actual level of participation SL. We can only measure 'attendance'. The last couple of years the decrease per year has dropped to about 1,000 peak concurrent users. The minimum concurrent users in 2012 was 28k to 30k. The decrease there has been less with 2018 showing 22k to 23k minimums. So, we can say the minimum decreased 6k over 6-7 years. The trend is a flattening curve in both max & min. Zooming out the mini-map gives a better realtime picture of what is going on. The mini size limit sucks... However, the World Map doesn't update in real time nor does it have a 'map refresh'. The web map has no dots... So, time-lapse imaging would be awkward. I'm not sure I could even capture the map with RLV scripting or combined RLV and Win-PowerShell. But a monthly snapshot done manually would be easily doable. OR weekly should could be made into a video... Going back through my maps made in in various years... 2018 seems to have considerably more dots. While time of day is a big factor in the concurrent-user-count I don't have time-of-day info on when I made my maps. I guess mine are most likely early evening. It is just difficult to get user data.
  15. Nalates Urriah


    Depends what you mean by "FIND". If you have the region name, type it into the World Map's Find or Search via web or browser using Places filter. If you play GTFO there are various maps and systems for finding places, ports, airfields, wear houses, and rail heads. Continents are named. Finding those names it a bit more difficult. One has to look for SL world maps on the web (SL sites) that show the names. IF you use the web Destinations search for places, you can right-click the 'VISIT this location' and paste the SLURL into the location window in the top of the viewer or if things are set correctly on your computer just left-click to automatically open or send it to the location. MievilleShelley/29/27/1038 should be able to be pasted into the top location window of the viewer. But, as typed it does not work. Open the world map and type MievilleShelley in the Find field. It gives not found. Type Mieville Shelley (note the space and it finds it. You can type 29, 27, 1038 in the fields near the teleport button. /29/27/1038 = East, North, altitude...