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  1. Raindrop Drinkwater

    SL15B Gift List

    The hoverboard is pretty awesome, too.
  2. Raindrop Drinkwater

    Problem with "It's not mine glasses"

    You're not disturbing. Although I'll never use these glasses, I find it nice that you came back to tell us how you solved your problem. It might help others.
  3. Raindrop Drinkwater

    Just Ignore and let this one die

    Oh no, Akasha! That really bites. I hope you'll manage to get all your stuff back. 😖
  4. Raindrop Drinkwater

    Animation HUD and head should be divided. Overpriced bento.

    I don't know about the other brands, but as I understand it, Logo will soon change the way they sell their heads -- with the hud being bought separately and working with all the (same-gendered , I presume) heads. I only own one head, but I can definitely see the appeal for people who buy multiple heads.
  5. Raindrop Drinkwater

    Why a guy would play as a girl in SL

    I'm looking forward to Jodie Whittaker being the Doctor! And Idris as Bond, yes please!!! 😍
  6. Raindrop Drinkwater


    (Desolee d'avance si les traductions des menus ne sont pas correctes, mon interface est en anglais). Verifie que tu portes bien les quatre elements necessaires pour que ton avatar apparaisse: peau, yeux, cheveux (la base qui est en principe invisible) et la "shape" (forme ou apparence?). Parfois le client n'arrive pas a trouver ces elements, et dans ce cas tu apparais comme un nuage. Si ces elements manquent, essaye de remettre ta peau, yeux etc depuis ton inventaire. Si cela ne marche pas, essaye l'un des avatars defauts de Linden Lab. Cela devrait te faire reapparaitre.
  7. Raindrop Drinkwater

    New signup page spotted!

    Via script, maybe? A bit like the way you can reposition houses that come in a rezbox.
  8. Raindrop Drinkwater

    Tutorial - the virtues of normal editing.

    This is brilliant. I've been working on a low-poly mesh path, and I was grumbling to myself that I'd have to add edge loops because of this very issue. Kyrah, you just saved me from a polygonal headache. Before the fix: After the fix:
  9. Raindrop Drinkwater


    A recreation of the Highlands, complete with Nessie. And kilts.
  10. Raindrop Drinkwater

    Tutorial - the virtues of normal editing.

    Thanks for linking to this! I must give it a try.
  11. Raindrop Drinkwater

    SLUniverse is Closing

    I recognise a few SLU posters over here (including myself -- I actually came from SLU to here), using the same forum name. I didn't *lower* myself to come over here -- I actually used to be active on the official forums years ago. As active as I ever am on forums, anyway, which isn't much. Then I left for SC and SLU when this place became somewhat toxic, although I'd be hard-pressed to remember the specifics. I came back here recently after finding an answer to a mesh question. I then read the current threads and it seemed a lot less hostile than what I remembered. I've been on SC, then on both SC and SLU, and I've never had any issue on either. Never felt attacked or trolled. On the contrary, I've made long-lasting friendships both in SL and in RL -- the same type of friendships that can be made over here, with the forum cartel, the daily threads, etc. Granted, I'm not confrontational, but some others on SLU are, and they disagree for pages and pages (so much for a hive mind, LOL). Same as here. You see threads where people disagree -- there's a couple of active ones at the moment -- and that's fine. As for the stats and awards, frankly, I don't give a flying toss if they're lost, and I'm pretty sure the vast majority of others won't either. The awards are super-silly and meant to be that way -- just a bit of fun. We just want not to lose a community that's years old now. I suspect people who've posted here for years would miss this place just as much if the official forums were closed, and would jump at the chance of keeping the community together on another forum. So, basically, my experience of SLU is very different than yours. I know forums tend to diss each other -- SC used to diss the official forums and SLU, SLU dissed both others, and the official forums did the same for SC and SLU, and I find this very silly, because all three forums are actually quite good.
  12. Raindrop Drinkwater


    Ah ah! The little guy is a "Leandan". A Linden. Cute as a button and really grumpy. So, Linden homes? But so many of them?!
  13. Raindrop Drinkwater


    Oh, do check them! The locations look great. Some of the games are finicky (I can't even survive the first Horizon mission, lol), but it's well worth a visit anyway. That's one of the reasons I like capturing glytches: the hud sends me to places I wouldn't have found out about otherwise. I gotta say, the "evil rocks" don't look like Patch's ones on my computer, but my graphic settings are pretty low.
  14. Raindrop Drinkwater


    Soooo.... Is SSP a remake of Baywatch where the mission is to rescue Glytches from drowning, while dodging random volcanic explosions?
  15. Raindrop Drinkwater

    Can't list both classic avatars and custom avatar brands?

    Thanks. Glad to see it's not just me! I'll create a Jira for it.