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  1. Do an in-world-search for; animation, dance animation, and animation AO. You'll find a bunch of places to check out. Watch for animators that provide multiple sizes of animation. Several provide them in small, medium, and large and relate those sizes to avatar height. Landmark the shops you like.
  2. Ayeleeon is right. SL is a free market economic system. SL and all the things in it are things people create. Linden Lab has to have income to pay the salaries of staff. The Lab is, at heart, a software house. Several of the avatars they provide to users for free, if not all, were purchased from individual users and modelers. Those avatars are available to anyone but specifically to new users to reduce the learning curve and provide an easy way to change avatars and provide examples of what is possible. Said another way, those free avatars are part of the promotional efforts of the Lab. Mesh bodies and heads are made by 3D-modelers with some measure of talent and skill. Then they have to be animated. So... lots of work and skill is required to make these things. To get the supply and variety of these we have available in SL there has to be a reason/incentive for people to spend time making them. How much time do you spend making things in SL to give away for free?
  3. If you take off all the AOs, the avatar still animates. The system uses the default set of animations built into the system.... viewer? ...not sure which. Early on we called system walks the duck waddle. The SL wiki has a list of those default animations. I am pretty sure none of them control the head movement you describe. I believe that is because the viewer and system were built to have the avatar look at whatever the mouse and camera were focused on. So, with the controls for eye and head movement turned off and no AO, I have no idea where the head movement is coming from.
  4. Yeah... but not many people get excited over a guys nipples. That isn't fair but it is real. You got the info on how to slow animations or speed them up. I find Black Dragon is best for catching an animation at just the right pose. Using the Poser I time when to click START. You can sort of do that in Firestorm by using Freeze Frame and Auto-refresh (in the snapshot panel). FS is weird in this mode and it takes some practice to learn what you get with the feature. After a couple of seconds I get a low-rez image on screen with no Anti-Aliasing. The captured snap is caught at the rez you specify in the Snapshot Panel. Out exploring...
  5. The Lab will eventually have to replace the render engine. We have no way to know where they are on the road to a new engine. Over the years the Lab has been consistent when talking about what they will and won't tell us. ONLY when they are sure they can complete a project and do so in a reasonable time frame will they say anything. As to measures to control asset complexity... why do you think they built the BOM update?
  6. Requires a long answer. So, I think this is better asked in the Answers section. But, catch me in-world and I'll try to help.
  7. Cool VL Viewer uses the OLD v1 viewer interface. I think Henri branched off the main development thread when the Lab was experimenting with User Interfaces. The v2.0 LL viewer really disliked by at least half the users. Later versions of LL went back to a more like V1.0 UI but kept stuff users and Lab had liked. After the recovery from V2.0 UI the Lab has stuck with a fairly consistent UI. Firestorm has provided multiple UIs for their viewer. It has been a long time since I switched FS' UI to the old v1 style, but I think it is still possible, which would let you have a similar UI on both Cool and FS. Black Dragon is NiranV's personal UI made to suit NiranV. Niran is not concerned with popularity. So Niran is not making the viewer more like LL's or FS' viewer to make the change over easier. But Niran has made the rendering and rendering features in BD the best around.
  8. There are three places where you can change the "Hover Height". First is in the appearance editor. Right-click the avatar and select Edit Shape. On the Body tab scroll to the bottom. This is the least used option. I think it is mostly for use with non-human avatars. For humans set this at 50, which is zero up or down. This is also a very course adjustment making it impossible to make small adjustments. Second is to right-click the avatar and select Hover Height. An adjustment control will open with a slider and numeric input. This is a handy on the fly quick adjustment. I often leave this adjustment on screen. If everything else is as it theoretically should be this setting should be 0.00. Go positive to raise the avatar and negative to lower it. This also affects your sit height, which is why I find it handy to have on-screen.. Third is the system item: Shoe Base. Most shoe makers provide a Shoe Base so that you don't have to make one for their shoes. The ideal solution is to set Hover Height (second option) to zero then edit the Shoe Base to get things looking right. Then all you have to do is wear this and the shoes to get a proper look. No other adjustments should be needed. However, there are a lot of factors that go into figuring out where the avatar is in-world and having it walk on a surface. So it is common to have to tweak the Hover Height. But once you have everything as right as it can be the adjustments should all be within -0.20 to +0.20. Be aware that mesh floors, bridges, rocks, mountains, and other stuff are often exceptions and create large displacements.
  9. Maitimo's is the simple way to combine head and body shapes. Once you have typed in the numbers from your shape, save the combined head and body shape as a new shape. If you have a lot of body shapes to fit different brands of clothes, from the not so "fitted" era, it gets really tedious manually typing in all those shapes for every new head. There is a faster but more technical way to solve the problem. Wear the new head shape and export it. Most viewers will export a full perm shape as an XML file. (Top menu->Developer->Avatar->Character Tests->Appearance to XML) On your computer you can edit the XML file. Remove all the lines that are not a head setting. You can tell what is and isn't a 'head setting' by looking in the viewer's Appearance Panel. The settings names in the file and panel match. Once the file contains only head settings, you are ready to import it as a new shape. Not all viewers will import a shape. Firestorm will. So wear the body shape you want. Open inventory, find the shape worn and EDIT it. When Firestorm's Appearance Panel opens look in the bottom right for IMPORT. Import the XML file you edited from your computer. Poof, you have combined the two shapes. Save it as a new shape. You can add the head-only shape to any shape and it will change only the settings you left in the file.
  10. Whimsy's fix works with any viewer... things may be in different places in the different viewers. But they all do the same things for the basic stuff.
  11. No, not broken. I do sort of agree with Zeta and I use viewers like many do, BD for photography and FS for most everything else and LL for testing new features. A big reason is FS' favorites and simpler Phototools. Having learned those first, I've had a challenge learning to use the camera tools in BD. The arrangement and naming is too different and that is annoying. But that is a me thing, not a viewer thing.
  12. I appreciate people adding locations to their images. Some groups require a location. I am lazy and only add a location when I think a place is especially good for taking images or want to post in a group that requires it. Your not seeing the point in posting 3.7 million bad images of having sex is understandable. (Take that as a compliment.) But I think the point is all about the drama and interaction between specific people... Unfortunately, most of the sex images and supposedly erotic art in SL are bad images, lousy photography. The Adult Content section of the SL Forum is limited in what can be posted but what can make it in is not well crafted. I think most of the Flickr adult images are poorly done. Even some of the 'erotic' (porn) websites related to SL are very low quality. I've talked with Caroline T about the weak images on Second Life Adventures. They are aware, sort of. But even when people try to get hot images they seem to fail. So obviously their talent or interest is in other areas. So... bad images of sex just seems to be a popular thing... or may be just beyond the awareness of the horny.
  13. I doubt you'll get yelled at for asking about tweaking the viewer for better raw images you'll post here. But, long discussions leaning into performance, render quality, and resolution should probably happen in the Answers section. And there are sections of the forum for different types of imagery. Landscape, arty, etc. They usually tolerate pertinent questions on tech. Black Dragon does place more of the viewer's controls out where you can get to them. And there are additional features not in most of the viewers. The Linden made SL Viewer has something like 3,000 controls and a simplified user interface (UI) that sort of hides many of the controls. The Firestorm Viewer is somewhere in between the two. So... there is a lot to learn and play with. I think Black Dragon viewer is worth the effort to figure out, because it has the POSER feature. This is an image made with BD's Poser feature. The image was cropped in PS and I think I bumped the contrast up. Positioning the left arm and hand was done in-world with BD's Poser.
  14. Need... An answer really depends on you. If you haven't realized a 'need' to modify your avatar beyond what you can with the body's HUD and SL system controls then you probably don't "need" a Mod-OK body. If you build, you understand how SL Prims work. Imagine not having any of the SL prim editing tools and having to depend on third party products. Those people that are SL building proficient find No-Mod anything in SL as overly restrictive. I suspect most of those people see a personal "need" to have a Mod-OK body.
  15. Cropped only... New computers are soooooooooo nice. Congrats! If you are into it, experiment with your graphics settings. You can get better performance and better looking images with some tweaking. There are tutorials scattered around the net.
  16. You sort of have it, yes. Depends on what you mean by "mutually exclusive" and "layers". I would say BOM and Appliers are mutually exclusive in Slink bodies. BOM=Redux & Appliers=Classic. This is Slink's nomenclature. BoM uses system layers and therefore lacks onionskin layering. Appliers use multiple copiews of the body as layers thus the name 'onionskin bodies'. Obviously two different kinds of layers. BOM bodies may have few onionskin layers for things like asymmetric tats. BOM heads often have layers of onionskin for makeup. Those layers can be turned off or simply not used. Instead the BOM skin can use the system layers for tats and makeup. So, system and applier layers are not "mutually exclusive" as they can both be used by the designer. But, we are limited to what they decide. Said for practical simplicity, yes... mutually exclusive. But, for an advanced user... it is more complex and there are more options, so no.
  17. You need to be sure you are wearing the ears when you use an applier or enable BOM. If you use an Omega relay, make sure you use it when adding the skin. If the Omega is one of those that installs then make sure it was installed in this copy of the ears.
  18. Visit the Slink website and look in the developer's section. You'll find help with the dev kit and links to video tutorials. They also have a Discord channel, find link on website, with more help and links.
  19. You don't have to WAIT an hour... just disable your AV for an hour so you have plenty time to experiment.
  20. This is one of those images that looks better on a dark background. This is taken in Maria's Dream Island, which is a kinda fun place. I found it looking for dance places. You parachute in, which is fun the first couple of times... Fun place to explore and lots of photo ops, especially with a friend. Reminder... The thread is about YOUR AVATAR and how it looks... We seem to be getting more posts off topic. Some that the poster's avatar doesn't even appear in. Others are more focused on the place with the avatar being a minor item in the image. We have other threads for landscapes and places photography. Some seem to be more about the technique and art than the avatar and we have other threads for the art. Others seem to be a series about who the poster is doing today in some competitive way and the poster's avatar seems secondary. I like seeing people's avatars and how they are dressed and hearing about interesting places. The talent some put into their images is awesome. I just prefer that the focus of all the imagery here stay on the avatar. For all the other stuff I can go over to Flickr.
  21. Bento hands need Bento animations. Bento is the name of the project that added additional bones to the avatar skeleton (aka armature). Finger bones are a Bento addition. Animations made before the introduction of Bento do not move the newer bones. Any brand of Bento hand will move when any brand of Bento animation is played. Some brands of hand will require their brand of animation to look right... best... but regardless of how good or poorly the animation looks the fingers will move. Also, Bento animations server other purposes than just to move the hands and fingers. Not all Bento animations will include finger animation. I can think of two things that can mess up. The hands are poorly rigged. Or the finger animations you are using are a lower priority than some animation that blocks the movement. You can try removing all AOs and anything that may animate your avatar to see if there is a priority issue. Also clear all animation by finding Avatar Health and stopping all avatar animations. Then try your new Bento animation. Be sure you are in a Script-OK region. PS: As you say you are using no AO's so have none to remove... that suggests either an AO or other attachment you haven't realized is an AO or has a built in animator that is causing the problem or there is a problem with the hands. In the later case, other than getting a re-delivery there is nothing you can do. In case of hidden animators, strip the avatar to just the classic avatar, no attachments. Then add the hands and try the animations. If things are still not working then we would need to know which hands and which animations you are using.
  22. Address shortening does add a risk. I've never seen hard data on the amount of abuse versus reliable use. We each make our own call on whether to click on them or not based on what we have heard and know. Nor have I seen good data about how click through rates change depending on use of shortened addresses. I suspect few have, if any. @Achillino so your getting lots of opinions. There is no doubt they shortened addresses been used for nefarious purposes. So, have lots of other things we use daily. I think the primary consideration about "to click or not to click" is where the shortened address appears. If I can tell who posted the address, I am more likely to click. If I can't, I am more hesitant. The risk from shortened addresses has gotten smaller with time. Browsers and operating systems have added more protection. Windows Defender and third-party AV programs have gotten smarter. For a degree of perspective here... flip a coin. You'll reduce your risk by 50%...
  23. I suggest you post your viewer & computer specs using the viewer's HELP->About... If there is a hardware or driver problem we'll be able to see it. You can try turning off your Anti-Virus for an hour then start your viewer. If this makes a difference then white-list your viewer's program files and cache folders. You can look in your Windows Users folder to find your self (aka the Windows User) then look in C:\Users\[Windows_user]\AppData. Go through those folders to find your viewer's folders. White list those folders. That will get your chat, caches, and settings folders. Also look in C:\Program Files and find your viewer there. White list these folders. That gets your viewer's program and various control files. This stops your AV from checking these folders and files every time your viewer accesses them. This is low risk as the Lab checks their uploads and downloads for viruses plus the storage formats used in the asset database are not virus friendly.
  24. I think of AOs in different ways. There are canned AO devices which come with a set of animations. There is a generic AO device that has no animations and the user has to load in animations. There multiple brands of both AO devices. Then there are AOs categorized by the animation they contain. So, a guy AO and a gal AO may be the same device with different animations loaded. @SimplyJiwoon It isn't clear what you are asking about. As far as devices go there are built-into-the-viewer AOs, AOs in attachments like a dragon body or horse, and in HUDs. The viewer-built-ins have the least script impact in-world. All the others have an in-world impact. So check your script weight for which ever attached AO you use. In this case new AOs are not necessarily better. -- In the LL Viewer you can click top menu AVATAR->Attachment Scripts and get a list of the scripts you have attached and how much memory each is using. As to which device is better... other than to say which has the smallest foot print script-wise, I think this is more personal choice than technical excellence. I mostly use Firestorm built-in AO with animations I've purchased over time. I started with a female set of animations and have been changing and adding to that set. I duplicated it using a ZHAO II for those times I use a viewer other than FS. Some are a bit complicated when it comes to adding new animations or changing animations. Some carry the setup in memory others depend on a note card contained in the HUD. You need a backup of any AO that uses memory. You need to backup the note card from those AOs that use that method. ...and there are good free AO devices.
  25. If you think this is a Linden issue, talk to the Lindens. Go to the Governance Meetings and ask questions. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Office_Hours
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