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  1. Several good explanations. I'll add another from a different viewpoint. Your viewer has something like 3,000 controls. These are only available to you from your keyboard. No one else can use those controls. RLV - Restrained Love Viewer is a custom viewer. The custom viewer has code built-in to allow a number of controls to be accessed by another user. For various reasons control is only passed through a "relay", which is a scripted object you own and wear or not. A number of relays are available for free. Most BDSM collars, rings, other things have a relay built in. Relays have controls to allow you to say who can do what. The RLViewer proved so popular other third party viewers adopted the code and built RLV into their viewers. So, we have a good number of RLV capable viewer brands. The Lindens haven't decided to add RLV to the default Linden made SL Viewer. They decided to provide a number of RLV types of control via an alternate method we call Experiences. RLV is much older than Experiences. So, there is more stuff made for RLV than Experiences. The downside of that is RLV is so old it is pre-mesh. Using RLV with mesh bodies has a number of problems as the scripts do not understand mesh bodies. Ways to compensate are being devised. But, that places some ownious on the individual user to learn how to make their new generation mesh body work with old generation RLV. See: Second Life Tutorial: RLV, Mesh, and Folders – How it works, How to Use Very few people are using Experiences in the diverse ways RLV is used. I think the lack of grid wide Experiences has delayed the adoption of Experiences. One task RLV is used for is the Stargates. With RLV you activate the gate and walk through, poof you teleport. The gates are objects placed in various regions, one creator and many owners. With Experiences and no grid-wide key every gate would have to have its own key and Experience owner. No easy use... So, RLV is a mix of pain, frustration, and fun surprises, increased ability, sexy stuff, and more. And unfortunately... not many people in SL know how to use it.
  2. You and the Lindens. Having last names was thought to be easy. After all we had them once and sort of have them now (think Resident). It is the CHANGE that is apparently proving way more difficult than expected. The ability to change names is proving far more complex because of all the aspects that depend on Avatar name rather than avatar UUID.
  3. No... SL servers handle backend tasks like chat, finding and delivering assets, and running the region/simulator. Delivering an asset a bit faster is not a big plus. That Finding-delivering thing is mostly limited to just scene render time. A region handles everyone in the region. I can't imagine how you could have different performance for different people in the same region. Your Internet speed going from 80mbps to 300 is unlikely to make much difference in viewer performance. You may shave a couple of seconds off your scene render time. In Windows you can open the Resource Monitor and see how much network bandwidth you actually use when running an SL Viewer. Once the scene renders the bandwidth drops dramatically. Which is why the minimum requirement for SL includes DSL, which typically maxes out around 1mbps. Improving performance in SL is complex. In general faster CPU clock speed, faster memory, and a good, modern graphics card are the best options. As posted earlier... there is no reason not to use 'height' within a shape. But, changing height in a shape should be more of a one time like thing. So, avatar height is set once in my shape. Then when changing shoes I often tweak height in the avatar's right-click menu. Getting this type of kiss is not that hard. The AVSitter furniture I own I set to me. Then save those settings and make a set of default settings to use if the furniture has to be reset for any reason. Per individual pose it takes 1 to 5 minutes. For furniture with hundreds of poses that can get tedious. But, if they make the furniture well then you only need to adjust one pose and then save the offset for all poses. The problem is I find few items are made that well. With a regular lover you can include his settings too. If you are promiscuous... well it can get tedious... in more ways than just setting poses. To simplify things, I don't hook up with giants or tinies or with people having genitals bigger than me. To understand AVSitter pose adjustments you have to understand the X adjustment is East (positive) and West (negative) and Y is N(+) and S(-). Open the mini-map them move the camera to look along either the N~S or E~W axis and it is easy to tell what to click to move the avatars correctly.
  4. Good question... I do once in a great while look to see who liked someone's image... not mine... someone else's. Otherwise I am just happy with the Likes I get. We've talked before about why we give Likes... The reasons are so diverse I doubt one can take any serious information from the number of Likes... other than there is some positive something going. From Saturday.... after some Photoshop.
  5. There was only one new 'do' at Hair Faire I could not resist.
  6. Also, when you are trying to match skin use a Windlight that will help. CalWL and Nam's Optimal Skin are good choices. There are other Skin Windlight settings that work. You are trying for neutral colors and a low contrast environment. Once the skin matching looks good at those settings it will look as good as it can in all the other settings. It is difficult to get a perfect match if you use different skins on different parts of the body. The head-body is the most common problem as skin makers can easily make body, feet, and hands in a single applier. But, they usually have to make something special for the head. There is no uniform way that skin and tats are applied to the head. So, one needs special appliers or Omega, meaning the skin make has to do that extra work.
  7. I'm not into Catwa. So, I don't know if your Justin-head is bento or not. If it is not bento, I would suggest upgrading the head as bento is needed for most of the new facial expressions. Check the ears on the demo of the head you think you may upgrade to. See if those ears work. There are the fae and eleven ears... you weren't clear on what type of ears you want.
  8. OMG... making alpha layers is easy. Tedious, but easy. Any image editor and a basic ability to color inside the lines is all that is needed. There are old tutorials around. Alphas have not changed. So, the tuts are good.
  9. but you’re still a cloud with no control over which avatar you use or how it looks. No... this is only true if you use old versions of the Singularity viewer. There are nightly builds of Singularity that work well. CtrlAltStudio viewers stopped updating like 2 years ago. The viewer was only ever pretty much a proof of concept for SL in VR. so SL will be dropped for Sansar. You must not get out much... SL and Sansar are not similar products and are intended for different audiences. Also, the CEO and numerous other Lindens have made it clear they intend to keep SL running as long as it makes a profit for the Lab. In 2018 SL users took US$60 million out of the game. The Lan gets a cut of that plus other fees and membership costs. Businesses do not kill their cash cows. We also know SL will be around by the effort being put into improving SL. The number of engineers currently working on SL is over 100 and they are hiring. I think you also miss the point for VR... The hype is VR is taking over! But, sales of VR headsets says otherwise. Someone on a limited budget is very unlikely to buy a VR headset. So, buying a computer to support VR doesn't make much sense. Wearing a VR headset with makeup and long hair fails the sensibility test too. Also, the i5 vs i7 debate is about performance-cost. For those on tight budgets the i5 is a best deal thing, most bang for the buck. For SL a fast i5 beats a slow i7... clock speed fast and slow.
  10. No.... The average real life person is in the 1.8m height range. The avatar is 1.8m tall... Animations, as others have sort of explained, don't scale. The reason is they are generally just a set of rotations. So, say the knee bends 45 degrees at some point in the step. How does one scale that? If the knee only bends 22 degrees the leg will be straighter not smaller. It is possible to include joint position in the animations. It is how avatar-deformers are made. But, doing so overrides your shape. Size and animation gets complicated.
  11. @Scylla Rhiadra you probably should have explained "proportion" in great detail. 🙄 Having parts intended to fit inside a 'box' multiple times bigger than the box makes no sense. 😣 But, I suppose SL doesn't really make sense... @Sandra8675 If you want an avatar with a different name, you will have to open another account. You can change your display name once per week. With the coming Last Names, you will be able to change names, but there is going to be a RL dollar cost. You can make male and female outfits. They will let you change the gender and clothes of your avatar easily. Sex changes in SL are cheap.
  12. There are lots of filters for Photoshop. In my experience they are only worth the money if you need to speed up your production work. Both PS and Lr have a ton of filter controls and very versatile lighting tools. I use PS way more than Lr. I tend to make some corrections with Camera Raw then use the PS basics and finalize with another Camera Raw pass. Images coming from a viewer are never in need of PS Lens Correction. The Adjustment Layer -> Photo Filter... has a stack of filters for tweaking images. The Filter -> Filter Gallery has 52 basic filters all with a number of controls to tweak. Using these in combination provides most of the effects I see in retail filter sets. Lightroom is for organizing images. BUT... it has a number of sections for working with images. Look in the Develope section. It is very similar to Camera Raw. You have HLS/Color, Split Toning, Lens Correction, Transform, Effects, and Calibration. Its main use is bulk processing film roll images for magazines and books. Also, many photographers use it for their primary image editor. If you are looking for an automated "make me a pretty picture', Adobe is the wrong set of tools. Adobe Photoshop is more for creative things like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qegjgAt89EE https://youtu.be/K3rWdt7g-To?t=279
  13. There is always that pesky "implied" versus "inferred" thing. The ambiguity of English mixed with both the speaker's and listener's assumptions make it amazing that anyone communicates. Alyona is right about patience being a factor. I'll add attitude as another significant factor. Our media builds attitude for the politically correct ideas in their diversity, which requires amazing conformity. We see the inculcated ideas and styles of disagreement modeled in the media playing out here in styles of communication. I am just amazed at how few notice. I am keeping my SL Mesh Body. Thank you. There are numerous other games with interesting bodies and character customization interfaces. Some make possible amazing characters. None are as diverse as the SL body. Remember. There is only ONE body in SL. All bodies in SL are based on the same body... skeleton... armature. So, while the SL body is not the best possible, it does seem to be the most versatile. That versatility requires more generality and less specificity. Which makes it less than optimal in many ways. SL also provides the freedom for anyone to make whatever they want. That novices don't understand the nuances of professional game design is a pain for some. But, freedom is itself a pain to many. In considering what to do to improve SL performance most people exclude the ideas of design freedom and beginner inclusion from their plans. I would not trade it for the one in the OP. I'm not that disappointed in viewer performance. Each year the graphics cards get better and render more polys per second (yeah, that's not the measure any more). What is killing me is the script load I carry to keep my hands and face animated. Then there is all the work I have to go to get the script weight down. Create hands and feet with the right color polish and rings then make a copy for the outfit and remove the scripts... get the body appliers applied and the alpha cuts cut for the outfit then remove those scripts from a copy... AND ZMOG! the 14MB of scripts in my *****... And those 10 textures 1024x1024px used for my nails... And I am supposed to think polygons are the problem? I think we have way more serious issues to deal with. BoM is nearly here and it should take the poly count down as designers reduce the onion layer count. Then we will see if poly are the problem people say. ...but then I am used to the media lying to me. So, I am skeptical of everything.
  14. I've talked with a couple of FS users that were having problems similar to yours. Try asking in the Firestorm Support group in-world. From 1 to 4 PM SLT is when the most people are online and the more likely time to get an answer. You may have to ask at different times of day. In the worst case of no answer file a Firestorm JIRA bug report. Some mesh items are not rezzing, only partially rezzing, or not rezzing correctly. Cache clears, reinstall, clean install, relogs, computer/modem restarts aren't helping.
  15. Classic avatars are not broken. Neither are the viewers. They just aren't made as well as they could be. This image is my classic avatar as seen with both Firestorm 6.2.4 and the Linden SL Viewer 6.4.0. The problem is easier to see in a video as the parts move with breathing, but that was too much effort. I drew the lines to show how contorted the abs are when the avatar bends forward. It is the same in both the FS and SL viewers, which eliminates a viewer problem. This is just how the Classic avatar is built. It has been this way ever since I came into SL. It is the reason we had tons of JIRA bug reports and feature requests for years. People wanted a better avatar. We got that with the new mesh-avatars. There are other problems with the Classic avatar you probably haven't noticed. I'll avoid adding to your misery. This is the same pose in Firestorm with the Slink Physique body. The rigging in the Classic SL Avatar body needs to be redone. BUT... that could break legacy content. So, it is VERY unlikely the Lindens will ever change the Classic avatar.
  16. Nalates Urriah


    There are many types of computers and several brands/models of viewers. Plus, there are 2 basic types of avatar, Classic or Mesh. There are also a number of ways to hide the avatar for various purposes. Without knowing information to narrow the possible causes, we guess and you get to try all our bad guesses until to hit a good one. Lindal gave you the common fixes for the common problems. Next time try adding a bit of background for the problem.
  17. Some animation makers do make animations for different sizes. The 1.80m avatar height size is sort of considered medium. Some AOs allow you to pick which size-set of animations to use. At best these sizes just get 'closer'. If you create a proportionally correct avatar and allow for the viewer error in height, the animations can be nice. But, I haven't seen any I consider perfect. A common feature request in the JIRA is to make animations scalable so they will fit the avatar whatever size. Apparently that is easier asked than done.
  18. It is a tough change over. And BD keeps changing. It does have some render controls that make for awesome images. One just has to REALLY want to use them. I do switch to BD for some images. If I need to reposition a hand or foot in a pose, BD has THE BEST pose control. I've tried other pose adjusters and they just haven't worked as well.
  19. @kiramanell One of your first steps should be to setup your graphics card for SL. See http://blog.nalates.net/2016/06/05/nvidia-settings-2016/. A next step is to calibrate your monitor so we are more likely to be seeing what you are seeing. In Win-10 enter 'calibrate', no quotes. This should get you to Calibrate Display Color. It is pretty much a self-explanatory walk-through. It also sets the brightness & contrast so you use the full range of your monitors capability. Photo Tools is W A Y handy. I use them everyday. A great set of SL Camera/Photography tutorials for the FS viewer is William Weaver's YouTube videos. These disappeared for months. Wasup wit that? But they are back today. Check them out. There is too much to soak up in a month or two. So, go through them as suites you. Strawberry Singh-Linden has some unique tutorials... Moving Your Own Avatar, and Moving Avatars. A recent bug in FS broke the ability to use this technique. I have to test the 6.2.4 FS to see if they got it fixed. PS: I used FS 6.2.4, the current release, and this trick for moving the avatar works again. With a full mesh body and head selecting the avatar is tricky. Also, Strawberry says right-click to select. I had to left-click to select the avatar. While I can move the avatar in X,Y,Z I cannot rotate the avatar So, FS only partially fixed the problem. See FIRE-23399. When EEP is released William's tutorials will be obsolete. I suppose that depends on what the FS Team does with Photo Tools post-EPP release. I expect something will change. But, if you learn what the settings do, you just have to learn where the controls for those features moved to. The Snapshot Tool is what most of us use the capture the images we post here and on Flickr. Press Ctrl-Shift-S... it pops open the control panel and takes a snapshot. You can then decide what to do with the image. Experiment with all the settings in that panel. I typically use a Custom size, 3000x1525px. Even with no AA shrinking that image to 1024 would have the effect of having had AA on. There are a number of fun things in the Snapshot Panel. Filters is one. Plus, you can capture depth maps for post processing in GIMP or Photoshop. BLACK DRAGON... is a different viewer, user interface, abilities, features... like the Avatar Pose feature... it is popular with photographers. But, you will have a learning curve. I gave up using it because the author likes to experiment with UI. This put me in a perpetual learning mode. But, for really GREAT images, there is no better viewer and that includes FS. But, FS UI is consistent, seldom changing.
  20. meh... they guys now have underwear that shows the package in overly abundant detail. I suspect next someone will use the new Bento bone in the pelvis to animate the "boner". We will no longer have to wonder if they are 'happy' to see us...
  21. @Alyona Su FS Bridge is 64KB Correction: I typed MB above. That should have been KB... bad fingers, bad. True that no AO in other viewers. I tend to setup my AOs and use them as needed. I copy the animations into a new set in the FS AO. It has been a long time since any changes were made to the AO related LSL functions. So, basic AO scripts haven't changed in awhile. My newest Tuty (months ago purchase) does use ZHAO-II and it is 576KB. There are 4 ZHAO-II scripts which appear to last be modified in 2008, which would be pre-AO-scripting-change. There are other scripts, some are ZHAO-II, in other parts of HUD. I guess this is why Tuty using ZHAO-II has such a big script load. I don't see the delay from walk, stand, stand-to-stand, or other changes, crowd or no crowd. I do see huge delays if I have any other AO attached, active or disabled. The FS AO uses the newer LSL functions to avoid server-viewer polling. Any HUD that uses the new script commands too is going to confuse the system. I suspect that is where the delay comes from.
  22. Saying what your favorite is isn't a problem. There gets to be a problem when someone is obviously advertising a brand, especially their brand. But, people recommend brands all the time. I don't have stock in Slink. I love the Physique body. If asked which I like or recommend, that is my answer. If I owned Slink, doing that COULD be a problem depending on how obnoxious and prolific I was about it.
  23. In Win-10 type: Calibrate Display Color... just 'calibrate' should bring it up. Windows will walk you through calibrating your monitor.
  24. Each brand of head works differently with the shape settings. The promo image of the shape and the result you are having suggests the shape you bought is not for the head you have. The face length appears off, which is why I think there is a mismatch. I make my own shapes, body and head. I start with the shape included with the head. That way I know the starting shpe is for that head. This is the basic problem: The unfortunate reality is not all shapes work with all heads.
  25. I agree with Matty. Unfortunately there is no overall scale setting in Appearance. So, changing size is a bit tedious. It is a balancing act between head size and height. You can read Penny Patton's rants on scale and size in SL to get an idea of how best to size your avatar. See Milk & Cream. There are tools to help you size your avatar. (Mine) Most of these are guides to use with the Appearance panel. The idea is to get things in the right proportions. Also, the viewers have a height mistake in appearance. You can set a prim to the height you want, then set the same height in Appearance and you'll see the avatar is considerably taller. I think Firestorm fixed that, but I forget. The Lindens see it as a legacy thing and won't change it. Once you are aware of it you can compensate. Penny explains it in some of her articles.
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