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  1. And... WAY cute... It is done all the time. What is frowned on is some just advertising stuff they sell.
  2. SL was having profile problems. The problem should be resolved by now.
  3. When you open the viewer click HELP->ABOUT... The video card listed there is the card the viewer is using. If the video card is not the 580, look in the Windows settings to force a shift from Power Saving to Performance. ATI has a section where you can set the settings for various programs, just as NVIDIA does. I use NVIDIA so I can't help. But, between the viewer's HELP and Windows Display settings you should be able to figure it out. You can get the free program GPU-Z to watch the video card and see that it is in fact carrying the graphics load. So... you can check those things to make sure you are basically good. From there it gets techy. The place to look for the cause of the crash is in the SL Viewer logs. Read through them starting at the end and search backward for ERROR and WARNING messages. Details follow...
  4. Xcite! was once the top line of genitals and toys. For over a year they have been silent. Marine Kelley makes the RLV Viewer and various toys, SHe may be able to help. Look her up in SL. OpenCollar and Fire Flower (Wendy Starfall) are groups in SL that cater to BDSM. They script and sell kinky toys. They or someone in the groups will know what the story is on remote controlled toys.
  5. Finding sandboxes these days is a pain. Many of them are for Premium members only. So, when you find a good one make a landmark. Sandboxes are not the only rez OK places. Watch for airports and marinas. You can click the ground and check About Land -> Objects to see how long the return time is.
  6. So far the best Bento animations I've seen were made by reguster. See MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/212545 He (?) made the animations in the [Ruckus] Let's Smash Couch V1.2, which a number of people have blogged about. I bought one. I've seen a few around. Try the demo. There are not romantic animations... legs twitching, butts shaking, hand gestures, only one near missionary position... some cute head and hand animation not seen in other animations.
  7. This could get complicated. So, I may explain things you know. Please don't be offended. There are two basic collar versions in SL these days, Open Collar and Open Collar... 😣 There is feud between the two. The version claiming to be the REAL Open Collar open source is a reversion to OC3 with a quick series of updates moving up to v7+ which is a branch of OC that uses the folders you are likely used to. The other branch of open source OC is called Peanut (see OpenCollar.at). This version continued on from the development branch in place at the v7 point without a reversion to v3 and without a restart. The folder setup situation was a perpetual pain for new users. So, the new Peanut OC uses a different simplified folder setup, which is said to be much faster in operation. This may the problem you have run into. Peanut offers a legacy plug-in so the new versions can work with the old complex folder system. So, start checking versions to be sure all your components are the correct OC versions.
  8. In Firestorm you can configure the X, Y, Z axis to do whatever works. You can reverse the Y axis to correct the problem you describe. Many of us use the Connexion 3D Mouse - SpaceNavigator. You can find setup tutorials that shows how that is done for SpaceNavigator. See YouTube. Your setup will be similar.
  9. @Shari Steamer The reason they are not showing up in the regular list of homes is they are selling out. They are very popular. The latest batch of houseboats in Bellissaria where filled in under 30 minutes, or so I hear and have no reason to doubt it.
  10. 😄 There are facial emotes, animations, and poses. 'Impressions' was the wrong word. For English first people your use was humorous. They come as animations and Animation Overriders (AO). The problem is most head-makers make animations for their brand of head. While it may be possible to use third-party animations and cross brand animations with any brand of head, you have no way to know whether they will work right or if they will look good. It is pretty much trial and error. Currently there are few demos of facial animations. Where there are demos they are usually rather convoluted. I like GA.EG heads and their facial animations. They have a huge AO and several add-on animation kits with various facial expressions.
  11. @hooters008 This forum also has an Adult Content (SFW/NSFW mixed) section. I cover some of SL's Adult Content (SFW) in my blog. The Destinations Guide has Adult (SFW) sections you may find helpful. Both SL web-search and the viewer's in-world search will help you find possible places for scoping out kinky grannies. ...and we have a collection of porn producers in SL. 😣 In answer to your question of whether there are such places... yes. I don't hangout in them so I have no links. Sorry.
  12. Rolig is right. Temperature can be a problem. You can get the free HWMonitor and check temperature without opening the case. You can run HWMonitor and the viewer. Flip between the two (Alt-Tab on Windows) to check the load and temperature.
  13. Lots of controls... no problem... the viewer has 3,000+ controls and settings. I can totally ignore 2,975 of them...
  14. The red region thing has been around for a long time. It is not a thing of the region rossing failures and disconnect syndrome of this year. It is however worse than previously. So, the disconnects issues may be aggravating the symptom. They did, last Friday... at least in regard to the outage. For the disconnects specifically they rolled back the OS upgrades. They added logging to find the problem. They have some things to work on based on the newly logged data. Fixes are going into server updates. Over the last 2 weeks those changes seem to have made a big difference. Often the server fixes are only ever explained at the UG meetings. The Tuesday noon meeting with Simon, Oz, and Rider Linden is likely your best bet for getting answers.
  15. Often that is deliberate vagueness. Some maintenance tasks increase the system vulnerability to attack. Being vague makes the window of opportunity a moving rather than static target.
  16. Theresa is right. I'll use different words and hope to give you a larger idea of what BoM is doing. BoM is a compositing service. Think of layers in Photoshop or GIMP. You save a composite of all the layers as an image for upload to SL or wherever. BoM is doing the same thing. It takes the diffuse texture images and 'bakes', meaning composite, all the images into a single image (the typical result is one head, one upper body, and one lower body image). BoM is increasing the number and size of returned images and the places where they can be used. BoM does not extend to transparency, normal, and specular mapping. Material has never been part of the classic avatar. That is not changing with BoM. The bake service is not being extended to handle those. It is being talked about. So, for the immediate future appliers will be needed for normal and specular mapping. Transparency will be handled in BoM just as it is with the classic body, via transparency maps and classic avatar layers. There is a problem in deciding how normal and specular maps would be combined into a composite. Specular doesn't seem that difficult as whatever diffuse texture is on top could rule the specular layers with the respective maps combining in the same order. Normal maps can get complex. Do raised parts of an item add to the height and if so how much? What about says lace patterns? Do, they really effect the layer above? Think a lace bra and blouse... I might want the lace bra to have a nice 3D effect on its own. Put on a blouse and I want that to cover the 3D pattern not show through. The challenge in Norm and Spec map compositing isn't whether it is possible but in what a workable solution would require for automated baking. It seems we would need to supply the engine more information about what we want. Also, the engine would likely limit what we could do. So for now and possibly forever, Norm and Spec mapping is going to be left in the realm of appliers for mesh bodies. There are ongoing talks about how BoM may be extended. The Content Creators' UG lead by Vir Linden is where it is talked about.
  17. Script performance is not so much a network issue as it is a server issue. The router updates were not intended to address script run time performance. Several people have been talking with the Lindens at the Server-Scripting UG on Tuesdays about the Script % Run. Oz Linden has said they are looking into it.
  18. The beta grid updates some time after you log out of ADITI. Depending on the time of day that can be a couple of hours. Rarely does it take 24 hours. While the time varies the process is reported to start around 6 AM SLT. Depending on how many people have to be updated, and I would guess the size of their inventories, the time to your update will vary. From time to time people have a problem with the updates stalling. Then you have to contact support and have them trigger an update/sync. That usually gets it working again.
  19. To improve your PS skills check out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdf6WtVkThVyEFARiUbr5yQ and Natsumi Xenga For specific info on blending modes... https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nemanja+sekulic+blending+modes
  20. SL beaches are the only beaches where heels work...
  21. You'll find many of the images here come from Flickr, where the copyright in use is listed. Many are Creative Commons Attribution ©... Posting an image here gives Linden Lab certain rights to the image. However, the Lab Does not extend those rights to anyone as far as I know. So, technically if the image is not posted somewhere that describes the © you have to ask the individual that made the image because nothing here gives you a clue where it is All Rights Reserved or not. HOWEVER... I suspect most won't mind.
  22. White-list the viewer cache in your anti-virus and Windows Defender. There are viewer folders in Local and Remote that should be white-listed. See if that solves the problem after you reinstall the AV.
  23. Nalates Urriah


    It is possible to get the free Workbench avatar model from Machinimatrix.org. This is the model of the SL avatar based on what is built into the SL viewer. It is the best model of the SL avatar that I know of. In 2012 or so I wrote a tutorial for making mesh clothes. At the time there was copious confusion about which model of the available avatar models was best and closest to the SL System Avatar. I compared them all, almost vertex-by-vertex. The workbench is the closest and easiest to get into a usable state. The SL files provided by the Lab for the model are great and the standard for the classic avatar. But, you gotta set them up in Blender and that is where problems start. The classic avatar uses morphing. Rigged bodies using the 'fitted bones' that allow scaling based on vertex weights never matches the size changes from morphing. Thus the departure into mesh bodies for better fitting clothes. But, you do not have to buy AvaStar just to make a rigged tray. You will find, or in your case have likely found, that there are a number of Blender to SL gotchas. They can all be worked around as you learn what they are and how to compensate for them. I used to do plain Blender. It becomes tedious. When the mesh bodies came along the developers began making Dev Kits designed to work with Blender-AvaStar. The current state of affairs is such that if you work with mesh bodies, fitted clothes, and/or animation of the SL avatar it is far FAR less tedious to just buy AvaStar and avoid the pain. But, Gaia is generous and provides the base model used in AvaStar for free. Besides, the real time savings is in the AvaStar code and that is what I am paying for. To rig a tray for an Animesh NPC this is all overkill.
  24. You get the idea that this image is a post production enhancement made in Photoshop. The hair has had special attention/enhancement. You can see a pro painting in the fine fly-away hair in this tutorial. The fine hair shown in the SL Pic of the Day had to be added. We know because all SL hair is done with a texture on a polygon... meaning gets painted in in a similar way. We can't make polygons that fine that render in SL. While we sort-of-could the time needed to do so and the ACI cost is simply too great. So, we paint. I suspect the more realistic looking fine hair is done by working at extremely high resolution while painting and the reducing the resolution when the final image is generated. I assume you like the fine detail not just the style. As Lindal wrote, there are numerous stylists making similar styles of hair. But, none will have that level of fine detail. So, we make the point so you won't spend your life looking for something that doesn't exist in SL.
  25. That is a body for an advanced modeler and they say so in the promo text. Unfortunately the merchant appears to have English as a second language. So, things are a bit fuzzy. To understand what they are talking about for creating textures and clothes that would normally come from appliers you need to understand how to texture 3D models in Blender or other modeling tools and then how we deal with that in SL. They say it uses the standard SL/Linden avatar UV Map (i.e., Chip Midnight or Robin Wood clothes templates). But, that body is going to stretch those maps making it difficult to use cloth patterns or designs. They make no mention of a dev kit for the body. Maitreya, Slink, etc. all provide dev kits so that people can make fitted clothes. Without that making fitted mesh clothes or even non-fitted rigged mesh clothes is going to be a horribly tedious trial and error process. They provide 2 shells... this means two fitted layers.... so, you have skin in the base body, tats and may be underwear in the first shell/layer, and clothes for the second shell/layer. Working with this body is going to require 3D modeling knowledge, which is more than can be explained in a forum post. Look up how to make skin in SL on YouTube for tutorials.
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