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How does your avatar look today ?


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Years ago, Rolig mentioned that she uses llSensorRepeat() as a second timer by having it search for Bill The Pirate, ensuring it never finds anything and simply times out. Being me, it seemed necessary to create an avatar by that name. Upon learning that I'd done that just to tease Rolig, LepreKhuan used RootBeerDrinkingLampshade in an llSensorRepeat() example, knowing full well I couldn't resist.

I finally got around to creating an avatar for RootBeerDrinkingLampshade today and promptly went to work trying once again to steal the locomotive from The Far Away...

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3 hours ago, Dementia Obviate said:

Scored a free tank top from Blueberry, went to the Forum breakfast and then out for more exploring of Spiaggia Tromonto . The shirt has a dry, half wet, and full wet version, with or without underbra. The wet version is on my Flickr in the waterfall scene.




I have a thing about...........lighthouses! Where is that sim please??????

I would like to visit and take photos....hehe!?

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Been catching up on a pile of stuff in my inventory, and also discovering that I can share quite a lot with Salty. When I first made her, my intentions were to keep her simple, but my creative streak is worming away at me and I don't think I can hold back much longer. She deserves some attention...........

Question? When you run with your Alt, do you role play that personality, or just be yourself?? I suppose either option.........?

Anyway, another red bodicon dress........................red is definitely a favourite of mine. I'm a fire sign, and red is the colour of Aries.....yeah I know it's probably bunkum, but I like astrology.

And then a new colour for me. Described as silver but a hint of gold...........and maybe a bit on the short side, but hey, this is SL............



secondlife 80.jpg

secondlife 81.jpg

secondlife 82.jpg

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