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How does your avatar look today ?


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3 hours ago, Dementia Obviate said:

Scored a free tank top from Blueberry, went to the Forum breakfast and then out for more exploring of Spiaggia Tromonto . The shirt has a dry, half wet, and full wet version, with or without underbra. The wet version is on my Flickr in the waterfall scene.




I have a thing about...........lighthouses! Where is that sim please??????

I would like to visit and take photos....hehe!?

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Been catching up on a pile of stuff in my inventory, and also discovering that I can share quite a lot with Salty. When I first made her, my intentions were to keep her simple, but my creative streak is worming away at me and I don't think I can hold back much longer. She deserves some attention...........

Question? When you run with your Alt, do you role play that personality, or just be yourself?? I suppose either option.........?

Anyway, another red bodicon dress........................red is definitely a favourite of mine. I'm a fire sign, and red is the colour of Aries.....yeah I know it's probably bunkum, but I like astrology.

And then a new colour for me. Described as silver but a hint of gold...........and maybe a bit on the short side, but hey, this is SL............



secondlife 80.jpg

secondlife 81.jpg

secondlife 82.jpg

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