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How does your avatar look today ?


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   "I want to take you out of the frying pan, out of the frying pan, out of the frying pan - and into the fire - and into the fire! Fire! Fire! And into the fire! Fire! Fire!"

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A long time ago I had this idea, but i never  pursued it, then just recently some friends of mine actually suggested i do it. the  idea   was to put  some of my paintings in clubs and other locations, so that when people bought the painting  the club would get a percentage. My friends  are starting a club and wanted to do this very thing. Well  this  got me to actually looking into what was involved, and  I discovered that scripts are available to do this. So today I set up some paintings with  the script,  which also allows me  to include other things such as LMs  and notecards. 


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Years ago, Rolig mentioned that she uses llSensorRepeat() as a second timer by having it search for Bill The Pirate, ensuring it never finds anything and simply times out. Being me, it seemed necessary to create an avatar by that name. Upon learning that I'd done that just to tease Rolig, LepreKhuan used RootBeerDrinkingLampshade in an llSensorRepeat() example, knowing full well I couldn't resist.

I finally got around to creating an avatar for RootBeerDrinkingLampshade today and promptly went to work trying once again to steal the locomotive from The Far Away...

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