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How does your avatar look today ?


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[^.^Ayashi^.^] Momo hair

[PF] <Porcelain> - Tomie - GENUS - (Lid 02 - dkbrow)

[PF] Shimmer Eyeshadow <Porcelain> - Purple+Wing  (monolid)
[PF] LIPSTICK - Dazzle Me (Wicked - Ombre)
Izzie's - Eyeliner*
Izzie's - Undereye Blush*

Izzie's - Genus - Eyelid Changer Small Cr 1 warm
Izzie's - Genus - Blemishes (light)
Izzie's - Face Aged Claw Scars 2
Izzie's - Genus - BOM Nose Fix 02
Izzie's - Genus - Lips Concealer 01 80%
Izzie's - Dimples light (cool skintones)
CURELESS[+] Red Dragon Marking / Forehead Only

*found in the izzie's - Aegyo Sal

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So, I finally met Pearl Sextoy ( @Bagnu ) in-world today. Shortly after she arrived, she was called away to RL. While she was AFK...

Pearl Sextoy (bagnu): Sorry, RL call. Back in a bit!!!
Madelaine McMasters: /me gets out a Sharpie and starts drawing a mustache on your face.
Madelaine McMasters: /me adds handlebars to your mustache.
Madelaine McMasters: /me takes snapshots and posts them on every social media site she knows.
Bagnu Resident: Lol!!!I want to see the pics!! I loved  chatting with you!!!. So sorry I had to leave!!!

As promised, and requested...


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