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  1. It's not allowed here in the forums. Ask around inworld. There you might find a store. I've definitely seen erotic art in various places, but not for sale.
  2. There has been "nothing" recently.
  3. Because he was blatantly rude. Yes we do have to look good, but some of my gf's only recently switched to mesh, but they did well.That's how they could afford to get the mesh!!!
  4. That is just simply awful and offensive!!!
  5. If this your AV it would be the first time I ever saw a pic of you.
  6. I don't think so actually. I like my friends staying roughly the same. Not exactly, but roughly..
  7. I heard voice once, and hope I never do again.
  8. I have a very dear friend who's a furry. If she suddenly became human I would find it disturbing. She changed her display name and that was difficult enough
  9. Not really, but I like hot lol!!!
  10. Lol probably. I do have a pic of me crucified as well, but I don't think I could make it appropriate to post here.
  11. I feel you are still yourself in all of the pics. I wouldn't be disturbed by any of the changes you made. You have improved yourself.
  12. That's not what i consider a drastic change lol! Your still a hot guy in both. We really should meet inworld, for some...
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