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  1. I'm currently using this build on mainland https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Trompe-Loeil-Belasco-Modern-Cottage-mesh/18670062 i would think it fits your criteria there's a link to the inworld store in the listing If footprint isn't a concern Maven does some really good builds https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maven Homes/128/128/24
  2. Unlikely to be SL ad's like that come up quite frequently on websites specialising in "adult videos"
  3. If you're using the original TMP in a script enabled area the HUD has become flaky about working since the new Legacy body has been around and you can't get a redelivery for any pre Legacy stuff at the inworld store. don't expect it to work reliably again that's the price you have to pay for having an external server reliant body. You should probably try and source a new body that wont become unusable unless LL breaks it
  4. It might be worth a quick trip over to Alicia Stella Design i have a tip jar from there that does split pay i set it up to just pay the alt i use to save money so i can see how much i've saved towards something with out having to log it in. Near the entrance of the store is a gift giver so there might be a free one available
  5. Just want to add that you have to take off the body alpha to use BoM Since the V5 came out it's had a couple of updates to fix some bugs and glitches on the 0.1 update there was a clear gap between the body's neck and my LeLutka head which doesn't appear in the most recent 0.2 update. if you are in the V.I.P group an update HUD has been given out so you can request updates/replacement body in any script enabled place on the grid
  6. You could try searching out clubs with live acts if you like the performer and if their profile doesn't indicate a preferred way to book them, drop them a notecard after the show expressing your interest in hiring them for your own event
  7. I don't see anything in the blog post that says Tilla won't be part of LL/SL anymore. The changes apply to LL as a whole it's been mentioned quite a few times on the forums about @Kona Linden being one of the employees LL is saying goodbye to
  8. On the subject of advertising the only places i've seen any form of advert for SL is on SL related blogs and sites and it was the ad that showed off people with their RL selves. I never saw any advertising around the web before i joined, i had to rely on SL being mentioned on TV and magazines to know it existed. i've seen more advertising for rival platform IMVU online and in stores that sell their gift cards i never tried it because it came across as being somewhere for kids/teens
  9. If you haven't tried to go yet being full won't be an issue it's four regions and between me and the alt I only saw a handful of people there. The gift vendors allow you to gift to yourself, they also do anonymous gifting if you don't want the person to know who the gift was from
  10. Open to all, sent one of my non premium alts there no problem
  11. I'm 99.99999999% certain i won't be getting bo diddly for Valentines RL or SL though i wouldn't say no to a big fat cheque, flowers, a cruise, nice jewellery, chocolate, winning lottery numbers or a card
  12. Giving an ancient system layer an airing thanks to BoM
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