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  1. They do provide coverage under Happy Weekend https://www.seraphimsl.com/category/recurring-events/g-l/happy-weekend/ and points towards the FB gallery. Access and Happy weekend are part of the same group. a lot of events provide their own galleries which Seraphim link to rather than have someone provide full coverage
  2. I've tried OS, Inworldz, Avination maybe another and they've all been dead and you don't have your SL inventory. I think Avination was the one popular SL creators were flocking to and you could transfer you L$ to their C$ in SL the problems Avination & Inworldz for me there was no where to go other than a 'welcome' region you weren't pointed to anywhere and i didn't really see anything other than the region i was in on the map, OSgrid was a little more active but i can only remember being able to stay in the initial region i landed in with no problems. couldn't tp anywhere or go in the sho
  3. If that's the store i think it is with a bit of map/region tracker stalking and TP persistence i got an alt in, in less than an hour got lucky with the main region just to make the most of their credit before the sale was due end
  4. There is a gallery on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Access.SecondLife/ With LMs. I would imagine everything in the notecard get's listed in the weekly gallery
  5. If the prize is there still it's very well hidden Edit: Checked, it's still there
  6. I believe there's a Bellisseria hunt prize still located there in a treasure chest. Definitely worth a wander round if you fancy trying to find it
  7. Nope, it looks more like a western teenage girl or boy to me with a bit of facial hair judging by the chin shading
  8. Trying to get an alt in to one of three full regions unless they're homesteads wishing the region capacities had been bumped up to cater for the popularity
  9. If I'm looking for something specific/really cheap or shopping for alts i use the Marketplace otherwise with the abundance of inworld regular events and weekend shopping events i shop a lot inworld. With the Marketplace i'll put things in wishlist/favourites to buy at a later date and almost never do if i shop inworld i'm far more likely to part with my hard earned L$
  10. Don't know if it's just me but i've also noticed groups i'm in where the chat is normally active when i log in there are times it's not coming up until after being logged in a few hours or not at all
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