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  1. Claireschen Hesten

    which brand of residential houses is the best quality house lately?

    The last few homes i've bought have been from Maven, Greymoon designs and Roost. I currently have the 'Uplands Fold' home from Roost rezzed works well in a beach them but they also have the larger 'Palm View' that would also do well in a beach theme
  2. Claireschen Hesten

    Share Your Embarrassing SL Moments - The Confessions Thread

    A few weeks back i tp'd up to my home to do some bits and pieces before logging i always keep the internal doors in my property open so thought it was a bit strange to see the door to bedroom was shut also bathroom and closet too, i opened it to see a couple going at it hammer and tongs on my bed making full use of the animations. I didn't have a problem with them being there they weren't getting in the way of what i was going to do but once they noticed me they quickly dressed and tp'd away, i felt bad for spoiling their fun i apologised and said they were welcome to visit again. though i don't think they ever will
  3. Claireschen Hesten

    Linden Realm Wiki and user contribution?

    Wiki edit access can only be granted by LL these days you have to request access via a support ticket, when it was public access it used to get abused, nothing stopping you doing a note card or setting up a blogger/wordpress account and putting what you want in it
  4. Claireschen Hesten

    Help!!! Knee-High Boot/Jeans Combinations?

    While Blueberry has been mentioned they do sell jeans with a built in boot option and *COCO* does a jeans/boots combo set. if your buying jeans that include system sizes you might be able to get away with the smallest size if the boots are really tight fitting applier jeans are the only thing that will work there are a number on the marketplace such as these from Larry https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LARRY-JEANS-Dollarbie-Pack-Classic-OMEGA-Sink-Maitreya-Mesh-Project/5605223
  5. Claireschen Hesten

    Why is Linden Labs stealing our money? (Linden Realms)

    I think you're lucky any crystal balance accrued in the old realm was carried over to the new realm LL could have made everyone start over from scratch if they wanted to. as i know to my cost allowing your crystal balance to build up isn't such a good idea my ban cost me a crystal balance i built up worth a fortune. surely playing the new realm is a small price to pay to cash out your crystals since no one is physically being forced against their will to play
  6. Claireschen Hesten

    What Keeps You Coming Back To SL?

    Honestly the main reason is this rent box and it's need to be fed L$ every week even when i had a time where my RL health problems were really bad i'd make the effort to log in once a week and keep it topped up Having a place to hang out and be private is great but i couldn't spend all my time pottering around at home i soon get bored, when i'm not shopping, exploring, trying to decide what to wear or grabbing a pic i gather L$ to feed the rent box and my shopping habit i know it's easier to just buy the L$ and i have done when needed but i like doing it as it keeps me logging in
  7. Claireschen Hesten

    TMP Server

    Do not waste a single L$ on TMP their server could go poof with out warning and your base TMP body and any clothing bought from them will be left exactly as you last changed it in the style HUD. I like to look round the various shopping events that are around and i have seen more new stuff have Classic Av sizes and compatibility included than i have TMP i don't think anyone is bothering to create for the body anymore. My alt uses the free version and i have a copy too i think they removed the free one but i do find from time to time a TMP owned server sends out messages to free body owners trying to get them to buy the L$500 body. If being a worse body than the top 3 body brands isn't bad enough it actually used to have an extra 0 added on to the price so it was nearly twice as much as better supported and developed bodies Unless you can afford to fritter away L$500 on something that as far as i know isn't being developed and doesn't include bento don't, you would be better off taking that L$500 and putting towards a better supported mesh body, eBody has two dollarbie bodies available and Alatmura are known to do free bodies neither are as well supported as the top 3 and will be feature limited but are perfectly adequate until you have saved enough for a body
  8. Claireschen Hesten

    Hair Recommendations for Hats or Hoodies?

    If you are looking at head gear make sure it comes with modify perms or some way of resizing it or opt for a hair that has a hat built in if re-positioning isn't enough, the hats i've been getting most wear out of lately are from Exxess and Equal and were event gifts but i've had this one https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ON-Fedora-Hat-Buckle-Multi-Color-Series/796606 for what seems like forever and can be resized and coloured to go with most hairs.
  9. Claireschen Hesten

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Had a browse round the hair fair grabbed all the free & dollarbie hairs and was impressed to end up keeping three styles including what i'm wearing that were both nice and came in the colours i like Details
  10. Claireschen Hesten

    Waste of time to start making the classic clothing?

    Bakes on mesh is coming so it's possible all existing system clothing f that's what you mean when you say standard will work on any body but it might not look good. i think you'd be better off selling mesh or even appliers but there's no harm testing the water with a few system pieces
  11. Claireschen Hesten

    Lag issues

    You might want to check out this page https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/fs_very_laggy even if you don't use Firestorm the advice should still help
  12. Claireschen Hesten

    People using multiple accounts to fillup search results

    I think what you're seeing are gacha items these aren't all sold by the same person under different accounts to skew search results people like you and me are selling them because they didn't get the prize they wanted, got duplicates or used it and decided they no longer wanted it