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  1. Not sure where the 24th came from there has been no official word on the next release as of the last week the next batch of properties aren't ready you can look round the Sims of the new homes in the area of new hamsterdam and see there's still lots of work to do most regions are still known as SSP. If you are after a boat keep refreshing the homes page boats come up more often than you think
  2. I've had that numerous times in the last couple of days, often when i've clicked the link back to the selection page it will show Bellisseria availability still so go through the process of trying to snag a property again only to get "sold out" this can happen several times before Meadowbrook comes back up
  3. The thing that stood out most to me at the shop and hop was the number of hair stores a lot of places had gifts that required a group join and one that in the past has had their particular sim rammed because they offer store credit wasn't offering anything at discount only a couple of freebies and store credit requiring a group join. something i did like was many booths had a pic of their freebie making it easy to decide if i wanted the gift or not
  4. On the auto refresh I put Bellisseria whilst a home is my preferred choice I'd be happy to have a boat. Having had an older home previously I'm not interested in having one again yet they are still popular various Meadowbrook's are always going in/out of availability
  5. Had at least 10 plots come up via auto refresh couldn't any quick enough some times when i clicked the link back to the selection page it was still showing boats or homes available that would come up "sold out" 1 or more further times before only showing the older homes again
  6. If you want a premium home you can view them here https://land.secondlife.com/en-US/lindenhomes/land-selection.php If you want a Bellisseria property you need to be lightning fast in getting your home i saw a bunch of of homes and mainly boats come available today, everyone i tried to get came back "sold out"
  7. It's the new TMP body, Legacy is the super duper new body that supposedly lets you wear clothes rigged for other bodies. An updated version of TMP Deluxe is now called TMP classic and will fit 95% of any pre-existing TMP wardrobe you have plus a new design kit and is just as expensive as the Legacy body
  8. The new homes you are seeing with Mole ownership aren't ready to be available for premium members, @Dyna Mole and any other Mole name you see tied to objects on Bellisseria are people who work for LL and have been building all the homes landscaping and community areas on the Bellisseria continent and they are actively creating more property and homes which is what you've come across
  9. The TMP body works via an external server and so it seems the new HUD if you need media enabled. all the customisable features of the body from skins to textures of their clothes come from there when their server goes kaput your body will be stuck it it's state at the time you won't be able to customise it
  10. I don't know what the scamming entails, If you are going around completing the quests collecting crystals as you go and using the cash out you aren't scamming anyone
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