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  1. Land and Premium membership

    If you want to stop being premium you will have to give up any land you are paying LL for, you can't own or buy mainland or full sims through LL wit out a premium account
  2. What are you doing today!? :D

    Enjoying some cocktails and bar snacks, The bartender isn't a jelly doll when he's not serving drinks he's in a blue man group tribute
  3. Gifting wish list items to a friend

    Many years ago LL used to use a third party system to deal with Marketplace (XstreelSL/SLexchange) wishlists and i'm quite certain you could use it to find & buy people stuff from their wish list The favourite list is just for personal reference with no way of organising it. if you would like to send a friend a gift you could request a marketplace link off them
  4. Alpha issues when loggin in new in sl using lumiya app

    you may want to check your inventory for something called a bald base it's basically just a hair base like what you appearing to be wearing but has been edited to get rid of the awful default hair. I couldn't find any bald bases on the marketplace other than that mentioned on but any demo and non demo hair you can get for L$0 on the marketplace should include one
  5. How does your avatar look today ?

    Relaxing at the revamped Zebrasil info hub
  6. Show Off Those Shoes Part Deux or Socks or "To Necro or Not to Necro"

    Went on a bit of a "shoepping" spree at the current round of C88 1. Baiastice - alice - blush, comes in a range of colours can customise sole & cuff just wish an alpha was included as it's a bit pointless having to wear mesh feet 2. Ingenue - Elke - watermelon, comes in lots of colour and pattern choices 3. Schadenfreud - Dulce - blush, mesh feet not required includes sizes rigged for men and women
  7. Do You Prefer Living On Mainland or a Private/Homestead Sim

    I'm currently on mainland but have done private sim living. I much prefer Mainland living, at ground level at one end of the sim i can step out of my store door and just over the sim border take a wander over to the neighbouring Hanja welcome centre play some games or see just how popular it is these days or i can go out the door wander to the next sim up Cheju go to the rezz zone wait for a pod tour ride my bike, horse or scooter or rezz something i can drive round the roads of Jeogeot
  8. What are you doing today!? :D

    Grabbing a bite to eat* before going off and doing SL stuff *kitchen & food props free from Primpossible

    If your snaps were taken in a water sim it's entirely possible the people were there to load/sort inventory they could have been too busy or AFK to respond to you or just not want to chat
  10. Show Off Those Shoes Part Deux or Socks or "To Necro or Not to Necro"

    Latest buy only L$20 on marketplace mesh feet not required: Rerty - Street Run 2 (unisex, comes other colours )
  11. can a female classic avatar where slink feet

    Slink feet will work with classic Av's i think that's what they were originally intended for, individually the Slink feet are quite pricey and also come in pointe (there isn't much made for these feet) and kitten (even less made for these feet) but work with skin appliers . If they are out of your price range i use these compatible feet from Similar they use the three most popular feet styles, If your skin isn't in it's selection of "fast matches" there is a colour pallet to get the closest match possible for skin and to change nail colour. There are other feet brands available including Maitreya & N.Core (very little outside of N.core made for these feet) . I would say if you go for any mesh foot go for one that is or is compatible with Slink as there is the widest range of shoes made for these feet
  12. What are you doing today!? :D

    I think i can see my house through these binoculars
  13. Not freaked out more amazed to the point i have to have a quick cam or stare out my window at them if they're at sky level, i have a tp pad at ground level predominantly for my own use between home and store the other day i tp'd up to find someone up there didn't have a problem with them there or i wouldn't have the tp pad i think there were more freaked out than i was and couldn't tp away fast enough
  14. Got my alt in on Lumiya either i've been lucky or the sim was rolled everything still there would not have wanted to lose all the furniture i could only afford buy no copy versions of
  15. Log In Issues?

    Grid status says there is "unscheduled maintenance"