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  1. Is there a way to get a free store

    I don't know of anywhere that's doing free stores or free land for a store unless someone is incredibly generous to you. you may want to look for some malls there's a small mall i use in the mainland sim shatgogae that charges L$5-10/wk for a booth
  2. Emergency outfit for mesh bodies

    If these outfits are mesh but sized for classic bodies demo them where possible a lot of the time Standard sizing will work some alpha-ing may be needed
  3. mesh body?

    I feel sorry for all the people that paid the full L$5k the body's not worth it let alone L$500 it's a lot to invest in a body that will be rendered useless the day the servers get pulled i only dipped my toe in as far as the free body for me and an alt and didn't like anything about it enough to make me part with any money
  4. Ask about hair

    If you have a clearer pic of the hair try asking in the wanted section of the forum for the future you can buy a what are they wearing HUD off the marketplace that will list all the attachments someone is wearing or send them an IM
  5. How does your avatar look today ?

    Perfectly dressed for slobbing round the house doing nothing
  6. Second Life Mobile

    If you are talking about Lumiya i would hold off for now there's been issues. it got removed from the TPV list last year, i think as of yet it's not known why. The developer of the viewer is now apparently banned from SL and there's been reports it was blocked from accessing the grid for a time quite recently. That said as Android based viewers go it's the most feature rich it can't and won't replace a full viewer but if you are in situations where you can't be at a computer/laptop it will allow you to see and chat with friends, move around and interact with the world in 3D
  7. Nice place to have a picnic

    Lordshore comes to mind it may be on Linden roadside but has a pier picnic bench sunbathing area near a small Linden port and next to a nice bridge can't recall if it has rezzing but it's one of my favourite places to take a break when i'm riding round jeogeot
  8. What are you doing today!? :D

    Another tip if you are in the cam SIM use firestorm's double click on land move to clicked point, click to try and get in the sim if the SIM is full it will constantly try and get you in as soon space opens up you'll get straight in
  9. What are you doing today!? :D

    Ooh they look nice, great tip for any freebie hunters that manage to get in sim firestorm users open up area seatch filter to show products for sale @ L$0 sort by price and you can right click and buy all the freebies you want without having to trapse round the sim
  10. I don't know if the same applies to linden roads but on a previous home i used the rezzer tried to rezz some of the home just in to the bordering Linden welcome centre and all the encroaching elements were returned to me
  11. Need Better Hands and Feet for Classic Avi

    If you are looking to stay classic absolute minimum you need is mesh feet, Slink/compatible feet have the widest range of shoes available. if you have an applier-less skin or an older skin the compatible Similar feet are worth buying and you get the three most popular Slink feet heights for less than the cost of one height of Slink foot. If you have loads of system foot shoes it's difficult to the point of not worth wasting your time modding them to an acceptable fit If you have a lot of system foot shoes that you want to continue wearing the Maitreya feet are worth investigating with a little bit of re-positioning plus included foot shape i have managed to get old shoes to fit perfectly. If your long term goal is to get the Maitreya body the feet are included so you may want to go for Slink/compatible feet in the mean time
  12. How does your avatar look today ?

    Feels weird being in a tube carriage not squashed up like a sardine the perk of being the only singleton out on valentines
  13. Linden Realms: Quest not working for several of us

    In fairness there has been the occasional bug and glitch in the realms since 2011 and sometimes after weekly restarts there'd be a sim or two where crystals wouldn't spawn when i was still allowed in last year from time to time you'd see Linden's and bug tester Linden's i assume checking out and fixing things but the vast majority of the time it worked as it's supposed to it was rare that anyone would pop-up in the unofficial group(s) saying something was borked To begin with it was premium only just as mesh was coming in and portals were located in selected premium sandboxes would've been 2012 when it was opened up to everyone
  14. Linden Realms: Quest not working for several of us

    The realms haven't been a premium perk for years anyone can create an account go in grief to their hearts content and seemingly not get punished, there's no need to try and complete the quests before my most unfortunate ban you could just go in collect crystals and cash out regardless of whether you'd done any quests
  15. What are you doing today!? :D

    Everything in all the display's was oversized