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  1. If politely telling your landlord to shove off doesn't get her to leave you alone move else where i've been renting off the same rental company for the best part of 8 years with the exception of the day i rented the mainland plot i've not seen sight nor sound of my landlord and in my previous rental the landlord only bothered me when wanting me to move to another plot on sim to make someone else's plot bigger
  2. NanR you might do well to get yourself a cheapy Android device if you need mobile access there are several viewers you could try, Lumiya is my personal favourite for functionality if my tablet running Android Jellybeans is anything to go by you don't need any mega fancy high end kit to run it, there is a one off fee and if you get the Google rewards app you may earn enough playstore credit to get it "free"
  3. I usually eat what ever i've made while i'm semi AFK for my dinner usually do stuff that doesn't require constant attention so i can split my time between cooking and SL eating and SL drink wise it's normally coffee or squash
  4. Likewise haven't noticed post counts being off mine seems to be in the range i remember it being on the old forum Existing images gone i have noticed, wouldn't have minded so much if the images had stayed in the topics they were posted in On the last point i also don't understand what you mean Edit: Maybe i haven't noticed but the secret forums appear to have vanished
  5. There are places on the grid where you can earn L$ such as Linden Realms, Paleo Quest or there's systems like Meetro or Bletaverse cones where you can earn and explore even some huds that will allow you to earn a bit of L$. If you have long term use of land some Ad boards will pay per click It's very possible through these L$ earning methods if you keep them up every day that you could make enough to rent a modest plot of land
  6. Way back in 2008/2009 there used to be a free land of sorts it was more a glorified sandbox with 2 week object returns called Trilegy that took up 3 and a half mainland sims but the person running the sims vanished from SL stopped paying tier and "free" land was no more and there's been nothing like it since These days with out getting chummy with someone who is paying LL for land and feeling generous enough to let you stay free if you want land you'll either have to go premium and buy land or rent from a landlord
  7. I reckon it must be down to LL voodoo generally i haven't had many issues posting snaps other than the 4 snapshots that say they are are being processed and the one that has the wrong visit location tagged to it as long as i get a notification with link i know the snap has been uploaded
  8. Just from my experience as a buyer i do find if items for any mesh bodies are included the three most popular are Slink, Maitreya & Belleza
  9. Don't know if it'll be any help to you but i've been using a free one by Robin Sojourner (Robin Wood) from http://robinwood.com/Catalog/Technical/SL-Tuts/SLPages/RSW-TShirt.html
  10. Where it says in your message to contact support it means you need to contact Firestorm support not LL support if you can log in to SL from any viewer search for the Firestorm support group and and copy the error you get in to their chat there will be someone that will be able to help you out
  11. When shopping on the marketplace you need to make sure the description says it either works with Standard or Classic Avi's or comes on clothing/tattoo layers i've been caught out by not reading descriptions properly. While AviCandy is good at including system layers some of their styles are only for mesh
  12. My first name is a mash-up i was going to use my name but couldn't have it then i thought i'd go for the name of the next female singer to come on the radio at the time which i almost comitted to then for some reason i decided to mash up the two names my last name i chose because it was the only one on the list i could either pronounce, remember to spell or liked. I do have an alt with the last name of Ghost and i used SLnamewatch.com to find a registration service that would let me get it as it was during the period when avatar ghosting was a problem and i used to get ghosted quite a bit
  13. Was in Elikatira yesterday and they have a hair called "poppy" i think it's part of a L$50 offer but is quite similar to what you are looking for
  14. I would think it's purely random in the past i've done the odd 7 day enhancement on the L$0 checkout page and with enough refreshing i've seen my product while i might have seen someone elses product multiple times
  15. There are no goals to second life you make your own goals be that to earn L$10,000 through inworld activities, build something or have your own personal space to hang out