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  1. SL15B Inworld Shopping Event

    If you can wait to get in to the SL15B do it's a lag fest with very long waits to get over sim crossings at least one of the sims got restarted twice while i was there. i found to make getting around easier low draw distance and complexity plus (requires advanced menu) in rendering types uncheck Avatar's & Water helped a lot For any women still using the system body i noticed two of the gifts, a dress and a pair of heels included an alpha layer
  2. 1/4 parcels?

    If you are premium have a look round mainland the obvious thing is to look for areas of purple or yellow which are for sale or auction, the less obvious thing is to scope out abandoned land there's loads of it if you find something you like put in a request to buy it LL seem to be pretty amenable to carving up a piece of abandoned mainland and selling it direct to someone who asks to buy it
  3. The Home and Garden thread

    Took the plunge and went for the no pool version of this Roost home managed to squeeze in all my furniture and what not and gain around 25 prims
  4. My idea for regenerating Bear Infohub

    I very much doubt you'd get lucky chairs there when the Idu/Hanja hub got a make over earlier in the year all of the games like Chess, Greedy & Prim Attack got removed and haven't come back also another of the 4 sims making up the hub had it's info stuff removed and had some cafe tables & chairs put in it's place
  5. Show me your funny Second Life pictures.

    When SL glitches and your head winds up back to front When taking a pod tour and it can't handle having to cross over 4 sim corners so it leaves you like this
  6. Are Free Accounts Throttled

    It's just coincidence the problem is no doubt your end. i've been premium and never noticed any difference
  7. How has your look changed over the years?

    Wow blast from the past 2011/2012 - today
  8. Group tag fun and frolics

    I used to have fun coming up with my own group tags, one of the tags i had for a time was 'superior' pretty unremarkable tag only stands out in my memory because someone had a problem with what i was or wasn't doing and commented something like 'that's not very superior'. At the moment the tag says "My alt made me do it"
  9. If you friend wants something with a lot of 'middle-age spread' the Jonathan avatar from Piggu might be worth a try it has lots of positive reviews sadly no demo
  10. Looking for Office Job

    If you can only work an hour max a day it's not worth trying for a job you'd be better off with inworld L$ earning games like coin and fish hunt or Paeleo quest or Linden Realms where you can dedicate as much or as little time you can spare any money you do earn wont make you rich but will fund buying things you want
  11. How does your avatar look today ?

  12. Are Linden Bears Still a Thing?

    Sort of they're not bear, bears more plush moles i'm pretty certain the plush mer-mole i have from pyri is a 'bear' but the mole plushie i was able to find to day at the fair was a more bear like 'mini mole' wearable