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  1. House hunting!

    It's a long slog doing it but you could try browsing every single page of houses and skyboxes on the marketplace Had a look through a bunch on builds i'd favourited all these will fit on a 512sqm plot
  2. SmugMug buys Flickr - Huge price increases likely

    Many years ago i used to use a site called Photobucket it's similar to Flickr
  3. Shadow Griefing ?

    I take you have shadows enabled? Could you not just turn them off while on your parcel. If you are going to try FS you can save different graphic settings for quick access, save one with your standard settings and one with out shadows
  4. Help finding this hair . . . pretty please!

    Looks like Truth i've seen very similar styles ther
  5. Looking for FREE store/land

    If that's the one in Shatgogae they do also have booths that are L$5/wk 10 prims
  6. Shopping from a HUD

    There's no need to go to the lengths of taking everything off de-rendering and going full alpha i find before going to a popular shopping event setting draw distance low and going in to the advanced menu (ctrl + shift + D) and in rendering types unticking avatars or ctrl + alt + shift + 4 which turns off avatar rendering very effective i don't get lagged up i can do a circuit of all the booths noting which ones i'll want to revisit and maybe buy or repeat buy from quite quickly the only problem is if you sit on furniture or use a door on a home/building in a demo area they wont render my only experience of HUD shopping has been with TMP which was enough to put me off HUD based shopping for life. they might be a good idea if you want to avoid a crowded event but i'd rather wait several days up to a week for the sim to calm down enough to browse if i'm staring directly at products in a booth i'm more likely to part with money
  7. What are you doing today!? :D

    Been spending way too much money lately shopping
  8. More groups allowed?

    Many stores have a subscriber device in addition to a group if you're running out of space. The subscribers don't count towards your group count. due to being on group owned land i don't see any point having a group i can't set things out to only group availability. I find if i want to send out a gift or update about something Subscribe-o-matic works out very well. coming from the days of a 15-20 group limit i'm more inclined to join subscriber lists unless i need to join a group or it's a store i like that does really good group only freebies or discounts
  9. The VaNiTy ThReAd

    Body/hands/feet: Maitreya Hair: [e] - Elina - Exclusives Fedora: Wide brim version - *COCO* Dress: Tres Blah red @ c88 Boots: Hucci @ c88
  10. Regiongs blanking out today

    I think i'm seeing this on the diagonally neighbouring sim Nari in Jeogeot i can be on my plot and Nari wont show up and will sometimes look offline on mini map but if i wander just over in to the sim it'll suddenly appear edit: Nari runs Bluesteel and i noticed shortly after i got the sim to show up it blanked out again
  11. Need Some Help With Catwa Head

    Did either the head or body come with an alpha to make the system head invisible? if so wear it, it looks like you have both the system and mesh heads on show
  12. What are you listening right know.

    On repeat now the full track is finally available