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  1. False Advertising In Events?

    As i have always understood it if an item is exclusive to an event it's only available at that event and nowhere else at maybe a special price such as the days when everything at C88 was L$88 then when the event was over the creator could do as as they wish with the product. There are places i like to shop that only put out new stuff at events then put it in their store when the month's round is over i don't see a problem doing that it gives people who couldn't get it to the event, forgot about it or intended to go back but didn't the chance to get the latest offerings
  2. Slink Hourglass more popular than Slink Physique?

    Based on my own observations when slink sizing is included more often than not these days it's hourglass only and if belleza is included often not all bodies are included I can't remember which is the most excluded of the three bodies
  3. Lolas Tango, Maitreya Lara and Letutka mesh Head

    Glam Affair has or at least used to have Lola appliers that would tie in with the included GA skins in your body and head their satellite store that comes up as just Glam Affair in search has their older appliers I think they've done away with their system stuff
  4. mesh

    Good to know they're keeping the current skins as I went to see if GA were still doing system makeup and neither location seems to be selling system skins, enhancements or makeup anymore it's all appliers, it'll be a long time before I have enough put aside to get the head I want
  5. The Home and Garden thread

    I have it rezzed in world there's enough spare space i reckon you could squeeze in an extra plant or two
  6. The Home and Garden thread

    There's also a corner version available for L$1 just noticed the box room divider i've been after for what feels like forever is now included in that pack got would have been perfect in my old place haven't really got the room to have it rezzed in my current home
  7. Mudskin Gasha

    Have you tried the marketplace? i don't know what the pull price was but someone has one available for L$4,999 could be cheaper to keep trying the gacha machine and re-sell the ones you don't want
  8. How does your avatar look today ?

  9. Unfinished projects

    I'm good at having ideas and starting projects then i get bored, distracted or RL gets in the way and never go back to them i'm pretty certain i have a bunch poses i've made that were going to become one or more collections that haven't made it to being tested in SL, some i have uploaded added them to my studio eventually my pose vendor intending them to be bundled as a collection or a pose stand haven't go round to doing pics or a poster
  10. problem

    When you did your "clean install" did you simply uninstall using the included uninstaller or use add/remove programs or equivalent then re-install or did you follow every step on the FS clean install guide if you've done a full clean install you shouldn't have any usernames or passwords come up on the log in screen. you may have a corrupted file in your settings that only a clean install as per the guide can flush out
  11. You use a "subscriber" group like the above mentioned Subscribe-o-Matic i use one inworld plus terminal that dishes the kit out it comes with different styles of subscribe device and a small terminal you can put out of view you put stuff from your inventory in it and you can send that to subscribers or you can send just a local chat message i don't recall it being that difficult set up. if all you want to do is keep people updated about what ever you're doing and send out inventory it's perfect
  12. Cannot enter the skill games zone, why?

    You may want to try re-submitting your payment info if that doesn't help then go with the support ticket
  13. How does your avatar look today ?

    Reminds me of these shoes i saw earlier they'd go well with the dress