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  1. That info might be a bit out of date, I still have the last known third party registration portal to have last names bookmarked the sign up page still exists however in the last name section there are none
  2. I've not noticed much if any difference in lag on the BoM FS i still get the same FPS on my mainland parcel, and any place i go to that's mega laggy is still mega laggy. aside from trying a different viewer you may want to try white listing Firestorm in your antivirus if you haven't already some AV's may scan each and every file and texture used by FS or what ever viewer you're using causing a performance hit https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/antivirus_whitelisting
  3. The "Bellisseria Citizens" group put out a notice about an organised trick or treat event in Bellisseria anyone can apply for their home to be part of it if they are willing to give something away. I put up a stand at the front of my home with a hot chocolate giver and the sweet bowl that was in the group notices i filled mine up with a few things i've made in the past including a couple of chairs, a pose (made with an inworld tool) and a t-shirt (Maitreya applier & System layer). As long as it's copy/trans and self made or a something that allows giving away free you can give trick or treater's anything you want
  4. It's an escape from the stresses and strains of RL, the chance to forget about my long term health issues and feel like a normal person for a while. there's always something to do in SL and things that keep my interest so i seldom get bored
  5. I typically drink Coffee or Lemonade maybe Irn Bru, Cola, Cream Soda or fruit juice if i fancy it sometimes i might have some booze. food wise the time i'm logged in, in the evenings i'll have dinner rarely anything else
  6. I just took the first property i could get while it is near a pool which is one of my preferred places/community areas to live near, i'm not wild about the location. if it wasn't for the time it might take to get somewhere with nicer landscaping around it and now being settled in my home i'd try for another place
  7. Most shopping events are very popular or full in their first few days/week then the number of people in the sim starts to tail off, I find the "Region Tracker" in Firestorm useful for seeing how full events i choose to visit regularly are. if your viewer has the option you could always set your viewer to "Show friends only" or in the advanced menu disable "Avatar" rendering when visiting a shopping event.
  8. I've been loving the Kit Kats covered in "Ruby Cocoa" pink chocolate lately and also love peanut butter cups and their seasonal shapes more the peanut butter inside than the choc on the outside British Cadbury chocolate is also very waxy and nasty in taste since the brand got taken over by Kraft/Mondelez whatever it's called now, much prefer Galaxy or Ritter chocolate. Must admit i've never seen Oxtail soup flavour crisps anywhere. They don't exist anymore but i used to like Hedgehog flavour crisps
  9. My name is a mash up i wanted to go with my name but every last name i tried it wouldn't allow me to have. I toyed with some other names even deciding to use the name of the next female singer to come up on the radio but i couldn't commit to any them before having the bright idea i'd mash the two names together. When it came to a last name i picked one i could remember how to spell and liked i can recall several names similar sounding to mine that i would've picked being in the list Hesse, Hester & Heston. Since Hesse & Hester didn't sound quite right it was a toss up between the "en" or "on" spelling variants, Hesten felt more like a last name spelling so i went with it
  10. I blame the alts 😄 i think they're jealous that they don't as much inworld time
  11. It's the same on the inworld map too unless on max zoom been like that a few months
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