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  1. Claireschen Hesten

    HA HA HA! It's...JOKE TIME!! ;-D

    Not sure i'm remembering this right but here goes A mother tells her son to get ready for church, the son says "no, i don't want to go" The mother asks for three reasons why he doesn't want to go and the son says "it's boring, i have to go out & i have to socialise with people" The mother says "those reasons aren't good enough, you have to go you're the vicar"
  2. Claireschen Hesten

    Is this alien avatar really that scary?

    Depends where you use the Av, generally i don't find it scary but I might get slightly creeped out if i saw it used at the Linden Moon Base in Mos Ainsley
  3. Claireschen Hesten

    Inventory catastrophe with Firestorm

    In case it hasn't already been mentioned there's an option in inventory to filter different types of inventory like scripts, LM's, textures etc. make sure you haven't left it to show only specific items. i've had the odd occasion where i've forgotten i've done this and gone "oh s****" thinking everything has vanished
  4. Claireschen Hesten

    wont fit in clothes

    Just on on the blockiness and lack of smoothness it looks like you are still using the system body you need to check the folder of the dress you are wearing and see if there is an alpha layer included if there is wear it. Though it it is highly likely one is not included as very little new fashion is created for "classic" avatars these days. A mesh body is a worthwhile investment if you aren't using one look in the folder of your dress see which body sizes are included they will be a good place to start on choosing a mesh body to get
  5. Claireschen Hesten

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Fruit Juice
  6. Claireschen Hesten

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Sunset Strip
  7. Claireschen Hesten

    List of stores with Christmas boards / trees

    I believe The Chapter Four event has gifts out again this year Fameshed has some freebies round the tree at the landing point (free group join) Looks like there's going to be an LL shopping event coming up i noticed the shopping sims are active again in my tracker 5 shopping sims 10 cam shopping sims are there have always been freebies put out at all the booths
  8. Claireschen Hesten

    Great image sharing sites?

    You don't have to write anything on the blog except a title for every load of pictures you put in a post not vastly different from uploading to Flickr
  9. Claireschen Hesten

    Great image sharing sites?

    personal blog? I don't think Blogger has a limit on how many images you can upload
  10. Claireschen Hesten

    I am confused - Omega applier, Altamura mesh body

    With the freebie bodies you can't cosmetically change it you are stuck with the skin on it, I'm not a mega fan of the the HUD but it does offer full alpha cuts unlike the free eBody that only has a limited selection of alpha cuts. as it's a head to toe body I'd never use it on me or my main alt whom I don't want to change the skin or tone but I did get it for another alt and found good compatibility with Maitreya sizing in the outfit I got it
  11. Claireschen Hesten

    About the LAQ Christmas "gift"

    LAQ's selling model is to the sell the HUD and the head separately which is great if you have both already if you want to buy another head you aren't forking out L$4.5k just to get another HUD you already have. Demo the head and the HUD if you love the head buy it and wait for the HUD to go on offer I believe for L$50 LAQ also sell a very basic HUD that clears layers and what not from the head. If you want a good brand on the cheap this is worth trying
  12. Claireschen Hesten

    Second Life...Second...WIFE??

    Moving to an alien country is a big deal i would not be surprised if your SL/RL partner is very scared of her new surroundings and wondering if she made a huge mistake uprooting her life and is using SL as a safe space Have you made any effort introducing her to your family/friends/country or was it go straight to your home and expect to have breakfast made for you. maybe it was a mistake for you two to take things RL if you are going to be controlling over your partners interactions in SL
  13. Claireschen Hesten

    How does your avatar look today ?

    Quite pleased this pose didn't turn out as bad as i thought it might when i previewed it inworld Details
  14. Claireschen Hesten

    Neighbor Bully

    Derendering is a good idea, if that was me in that position i'd take my beachy island scene parcel surround and make it taller than their prims so i get a nice view, keep it one way transparent so they are constantly reminded i'm not going anywhere