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  1. Claireschen Hesten

    To Mesh or Not to Mesh?

    If it's rigged or rigged to a specific foot and can't be repositioned it wont work but if it's un-rigged or sculpt/prim so almost anything made for system feet it will work i've managed to get old system feet heels/shoes to work with Maitreya feet
  2. Claireschen Hesten

    To Mesh or Not to Mesh?

    To add if you have tons of system foot shoes Maitreya feet are the feet to go for as the shoes using shoe shape will only need re-positioning and maybe some re-sizing to work, with Slink feet it's very difficult to get acceptable compatibility with system shoes
  3. Claireschen Hesten

    MP and Facebook

    That Facebook connection thingy only comes up on products where the Facebook like has been clicked so i would assume the only info collected is that a bunch of Facebook accounts have liked the product and will get similar products recommended to them like what happens when you visit certain webpages
  4. Claireschen Hesten

    HELP! Maitreya body and Lelutka head

    Are you using the neck fix in the Maitreya HUD? You will want to turn it off. I'm not rich enough to own a Lelutka head yet but I have thoroughly demoed some of latest version heads with the new GA skins, with region default windlight I can get a perfect match between Maitreya's Glam Affair arctic tone and the equivalent tone in the Lelutka HUD but only with neck fix off otherwise the skins don't quite match
  5. Claireschen Hesten

    why have my items disappeared from Manage listings?

    Have you checked your transaction history? Since the Gacha will no doubt be No Copy you might have sold them
  6. Claireschen Hesten

    REWARD: looking for either of these lingerie outfits

    One of the pictures clearly credits the person that took it maybe you could IM them and see if they can tell you where the outfit is from
  7. Claireschen Hesten

    Avatar Hands (StarFish) Help!!!

    As best i know the hands on Jake whilst bento never included animations but if this is no longer the case make sure you aren't logging in to a script disabled sim, when i do that using the included hand AO my Maitreya hands "starfish" when i TP home or somewhere that allows scripts they start working again
  8. These days with the abundance of events that are around it's inworld shopping that'll prise L$ out of me, Mainly browse the marketplace if i'm after something specific
  9. Claireschen Hesten

    Seeking answers for Female Avatar

    Maitreya has the most content support but I'd suggest having here go round some popular events like collabor88, Uber, Fameshed etc The most common bodys you'll find rigs for are Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Belleza either Freya or Isis can't remember which. Less common are Belleza Venus, Slink Physique, TMP & eBody If you use other bodies you may not find anything with a rig included, this may have an effect on which body you buy. Your problem after that is finding appliers that work for both your chosen head and body
  10. Claireschen Hesten

    Tonic Curvy layer question

    Are you sure the undies are a clothing applier layer and not mesh? If they are mesh which many bodies include there's a very good chance they will poke through your clothes, if they are an applier layer you need to apply to the underwear or tattoo layer (clothing layer can clip depending on mesh item worn) if there is that option in the Tonic HUD. Having not seen any Tonic specific appliers you will need the relevant omega relay and to look for underwear that include omega appliers
  11. Claireschen Hesten

    Small house with 3-4 rooms

    Second vote for Onsu i recently got the Maple skybox from there it might not be to your taste but they also sell a really nice 1024 suitable house there too. Maven are also worth looking at inworld there are a few homes that will fit on a 1024 they are kitted out with really nice kitchens and bathrooms
  12. Claireschen Hesten

    Gift purchases on Market Place

    This is a known issue, if there are things you really want gift to someone. Until the marketplace gets fixed, see if you can find the item in the sellers inworld store if they have one, lots of stores will have vendors that allow gifting
  13. Claireschen Hesten

    Post your best system avatar look! (Throwback friday)

    Don't think i ever wore the hair often but i pretty much lived in the boots
  14. Claireschen Hesten

    Best mesh body

    You might want to censor your images having your full boobs and fanny on show is not allowed