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  1. Not seeing that on my PayPal however under Hello again, xxxx you may see "get the most out of PayPal" click that if you see ticks for Account Created, Bank Account confirmed, Card added, Mobile number confirmed, E-mail address confirmed you have a verified PayPal account. Don't know if it makes any difference but i saw in one of my group chat's yesterday that someone claimed PayPal was blocked as a payment method but i've not seen or heard anything to confirm it
  2. Getting some washing done in a laundry room at a truck stop/motel In case anyone's interested Hair* - Elikatira - Tonya Vest* (clothing layer) - The Sea Hole Coat* - Fashionably Dead Jeans - *Coco* - group gift Deck Shoes - G Field Complexity - Just over 50k *item may no longer be available
  3. While i don't see a lot of people with the type of shape in question if i am shopping for clothes i do see a lot of models with extra large thighs and/or extreme thigh gaps this shows in mesh clothing too i've tried out clothes i've had to scrap because there was a lot of gape round the waist to accommodate these extra large features. I think these shapes may come from the fact men are subconsciously naturally more attracted to women with good child bareing bodies. When modding my shape i tried to keep it in line with my RL self at the time the only difference being i made myself tall because i didn't want to be a midget like RL
  4. My boat sailed off with out me during a sim crossing managed to find myself at @Michael Linden's inworld home in Shamon tucked in to a lovely turkey dinner washed down with some cans of 'lindenade' in the garden
  5. Think i should have put warm instead since it wasn't too bad out, set to get even hotter tomorrow 28°C/29°C
  6. One of those rare British day's when it's hot and sunny up to 23°c
  7. If you want a lower Draw Distance than 32 in FS say 17 typing dd 17 in Local chat will make your draw distance 17m
  8. I have no idea how much i've earned through various earn free L$ camping, sploders, games, experiences and what not i'm pretty sure over all my years in SL in runs in to 6 figures as a fellow realm regular i'm glad it doesn't announce how much your crystal balance is worth or i think someone like me whose built up enough balance to tide them over for a bit should they need it would find themselves being forced out by other players
  9. A good place to start would be a full clean install of your viewer something could have corrupted during your most recent viewer upgrade, even if you don't use Firestorm this clean install guide should help or there is this one
  10. Today's look, absolutely loving these "Chandelier" sandals from Garbaggio despite all the detail and embellishments they do surprisingly well on complexity able to stay under 80k
  11. Uploading images to your profile feed has been broken for months my youngest alt was able to upload an image within the last week i tried to upload one yesterday and it just wasn't happening i was getting the same error still, looked at my feed and the last time i was able to get a pic up was 4 months ago, btw i use Firestorm so it's not a viewer specific issue
  12. If the Mainland sim i reside in is anything to go by it's empty because the land has been abandoned to Gov Linden ownership some parcels for years (furthest back 2009 in the sim i reside) and it doesn't get put for sale or auction
  13. Going sailing around the gulf of Jeogeot
  14. I just checked my page from "my places" and everything i added is still there in "edit" & "visit"
  15. You don't happen to use Firestorm do you? i recently discovered it has a mode called text and that will leave the game screen black if you see "text" as the mode change it to something like Firestorm or Phoenix in the drop down on the log in page