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  1. can totally relate to that where i come from there are quite a few Linden associations ranging from big developments of Linden Homes to blocks of flats and health care centres baring the "Linden" name shortly before last names got replaced by usernames i did notice some of the last names were of RL places in the area where i'm from with a Linden connection
  2. My first profile pic from 2008 i remember spending ages pressing one of the F numbers just so i could get that part of the animation for my pic
  3. If you mean start the "quest's" again you can't do that but you can do as many including myself do and go round the different sims of each realm collecting and cashing out as many crystals as you like if you want to do the quests over again get yourself an alt to do it If your crystal balance isn't showing you can right click the hud find texture refresh and it should refresh your balance if the hud isn't coming up to save you tp-ing back to the portal park there's a tree on the right as you first land run up that jump at the top and it will act like you've just landed and load your hud
  4. I would have thought fashionistas spend more, with the exception of rent on my modest mainland plot any money i spend is almost always on bits for my av like hair clothes and shoes
  5. Today i am mostly wearing clothing layers Location: my favourite Linden roadside build a Greenhouse in Dokkaebi
  6. According to my reputation activity it's based on post likes i've given and received
  7. I have a few Alts one of them is currently a Tree and was previously a Giraffe the others are human
  8. From a part of England that's so good Billy Bragg wrote a song about it
  9. Location: Lordshore Linden 'pier' looking out over the route 9 bridge
  10. Oh for inworld profile i would suggest going to your web profile click edit profile click profile picture where you can choose a file to upload this avoids the L$10 fee to save a snapshot to your inventory to upload to your profile inworld
  11. Forum profile? Click your name at the top of the page click profile where your pic should be click the image icon you then get the option to upload a pic from URL or you can choose a file to upload click save and you should then have a forum profile pic
  12. Doesn't matter if they are alts or not anyone can partner anyone they like. I've seen plenty of people in my time partnered to their alts/strongly suspected alts i refer to them as "altners" some people use these "altners" for 'malicious' purposes others use them to indicate they aren't looking for an SL relationship
  13. The tips are paid to the tip jar owner and then taken from the owner and given to the person signed in to the tip jar often the owner (if it's not the person signed in to the jar) takes a percentage of the tips 10-20% is pretty common from what i've noticed but will vary from club to club. If you would rather 100% of the money you are tipping goes to the person signed in to the tip jar there is the option of paying them directly
  14. My look for today