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  1. When something like a game or DVD/Blu-ray has some kind of hidden bonus surprise content that's known as an Easter egg. i believe the term comes from the real life activity of hunting for Easter eggs
  2. Thanks, clearly wasn't paying enough attention when I packed the mAlt off there. got everything so loads to sift through when I get time
  3. Didn't see any mega pack however whatever's left is still there and free Gabriel has a section of their store with clothes for men in system sizes and everything is priced at L$1 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GABRIEL/51/118/23
  4. You shouldn't be keeping them in the fridge if you want to eat them they'll ripen quicker if put next to a banana or two or you can put them in the oven if you want to eat them a lot sooner
  5. I'm supposed to be shielding in RL not venturing out unless i have to and have just had my first dose of the Astrazeneca covid jab. i do miss seeing family/friends all the things i used to do pre-covid. The amount of time i've been spending in SL hasn't changed i've gotten in to watching loads of YouTube cast to my TV and doing more WhatsApp and zoom to keep up with people
  6. The best head is the head you like the most, generally any head will work well with Maitreya. popular choices are Lelutka, Catwa, Genus, Laq, Logo
  7. If I hadn't managed to land a nice place by a rezz zone and were still playing stilt game of homes I only have one want https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TradingPost/195/59/23
  8. I used another method to age verify myself, only had payment info on this account. Seems web profiles and in world legacy profiles are showing two different things in the payment info section. Not sure why the web side would incorrectly show PIOF
  9. Weirdly i have never put payment info on any accounts other than me yet on the profiles of all but one of my alts it shows them having payment info even if they don't use all use the same e-mail as me and if there is none showing on their actual accounts
  10. Camping itself isn't banned however how said devices could be used was changed my memory says it was to do with traffic. camping was primarily used to inflate a locations traffic score, you can't have a camping device out on a parcel set to show in search but if you section off a piece of the parcel and don't set it to show in search you're fine
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