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  1. Based on the locations I know about and how they look on the map I reckon there are about six of them in existence if they all have one
  2. Isn't the region Swordfish a sort of community center for the Victorian area not exactly in theme though, its billed as a "party zone" and it's been said in the past it can be booked for events
  3. Since steroids are a form of immune suppressant it would absolutely make anyone taking them more susceptible.
  4. There's enough protected water channels on mainland edge regions you can easily go from Satori through Nautilus & Corsica to Squall Beach and beyond in Geta v by boat
  5. Must be the one at Brady Stream since the only other underwater tunnel I could find in the chalets is for trains
  6. There is more than one, they all go to the same place. It's how I discovered I was no longer banned from accessing the Portal Park my Realm ban still stands though
  7. I didn't hear anything about begging people to fill stores in the 18 regions of shopping, not in the SL Birthday group at least where shop and hop chatter has been happening. Saw a lot of the same stores I see at every shop and hop event only saw one store unfilled on early access day. If they really had begged for people to fill stores after applications had closed I might've put my hat in to the ring
  8. Should've done that to Tahoe owners when the Log Cabins were released since so far they are the most similar theme to the A frame cabins
  9. Just substitute all the fantasy landscaping and details for English chocolate box village landscaping and I think they'd all look quite English cottage style.
  10. Many years ago at Little Blue Sandbox in one of the shop units surrounding the building area someone had something that knew when it was your rez day, once that day came along you'd get a local chat message inviting you to go to Little Blue to collect a rez day gift
  11. Think I'll be keeping my stilt a bit longer. The interiors are great if anything many of the rooms are bigger than I know what to do with, just everything else about the theme doesn't do it for me. Then again I was never a fan of the old Elderglen theme. That said I am looking forward to seeing how people decorate the inside of the homes
  12. You'll have to give us more info if you're "constant crashing" everyone crashes from time to time or has teleports that fail for what ever reason generally it's not constant
  13. I've had my stilt since the day after they were released (December time) The first one i got not even a Patch visit couldn't make me like it enough to stick with it, so i rolled the next day and got one i really like. It's not my dream stilt but it's next to a rez zone and definitely a close second. I've had all the home styles bar the mock Tudor chalets some longer than others and feel most at home in a stilt
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