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  1. How do I get abs or something better than just a flat stomach?

    It's neither the shape or the body, you should look for male skins on the marketplace that have Abs there's loads of them don't buy anything you can't demo as you may regret it or there may be such thing as a tattoo layer or applier (mesh body) enhancement to give you the muscly look
  2. Unable to log in

    Don't worry the bride and groom probably can't log on either
  3. Unable to log in

    Distributed Denial of Service
  4. Unable to log in

    Not sure what's up there's nothing on grid status other than support portal stuff i got logged as if my connection dropped out and now getting login failed when trying to get back on Edit: login's are showing as "Degraded Performance"
  5. Best QUALITY house(s) for a 2,048 sqm

    The BA homes such as the one linked are very nice but any home i've demoed i've always found the rooms and space too small. I've recently bought a new home for myself and dedicated time every day to browsing every page of residential homes and skyboxes on the marketplace favouriting everything i liked to demo later, my previous home (no longer available) came from Maven and i did consider buying this but if i had the prims to spare i'd have bought this During my browsing i kept going back to demo this skybox from ONSU the only reason i didn't buy it was because it's too roomy. i did demo this one from Pixel mode a few times but it was too small really needed an extra level. Some homes i looked at inworld weren't as nice their only included pic and some left me wanting there to be more of the building some had rooms/spaces/mezzanines that were unusable. i finally managed to buy a really nice home from Greymoon i got this i'm using the non basement version it fits nicely on my 1024sqm but would look really nice on a larger plot
  6. What is your Favorite Saved Outfit?

    This would have to be my favourite if it's not obvious the catsuit is clothing layers
  7. Help my shoes are ...

    Looks like you acquired shoes for mesh feet almost certainly Slink or Slink compatible feet if the folder in your inventory for the shoes doesn't include an alpha layer and a shoe shape the shoes will be virtually useless until you purchase the correct feet. If the shoes require Slink and you use an old skin you might like the more affordable compatible option from Similar. if you use a very detailed skin with lots of leg sheen it might be better to get some official Slink feet and skin appliers until you are in the market to get a mesh body
  8. SIM administrator harassing people with alters

    If you believe this person is harassing females Abuse Report them report all the accounts that are harassing if the bots don't have scripted agent (bot) status report them LL can't investigate if no one AR's
  9. Female skin for a standard avatar

    I just bought a system skin in the last couple of days from Glam Affair, they also have demo's of all the skins that you should try before you shell out L$400 or so on an individual skin
  10. Top de-rezzed in a moderate land

    Wouldn't worry about it, it's ok on Mature sims, i've seen plenty of people go round in their birthday suit even in PG sims regardless of which type of AV they use maybe it was deliberate maybe their clothes forgot to follow them to the sim, either way it's a good idea to wear a clothing or applier layer set of lingerie that way you'll never be caught in the buff
  11. 2nd life gone down

    There's nothing mentioned on the grid status. The internet might be broken again like it was earlier in the week apparently it something to do with some Level 3 something or other what ever that is
  12. Are mesh feet worth it?

    Before you completely rule out a mesh body at least go and demo them i was resistant to the notion of going mesh because i used a skin where there's no appliers and was put off skin shopping in case i never found a skin that was "me" but i have just bought one, When you do demo you will be surprised at how well they take to the shape of your system shape and you can adjust them in the same way you adjust your system shape you don't have to compromise on looking like you. Demoing is so worthwhile as i found it wasn't so much the body it's self that would be the deal breaker but the HUD and the built in skin options i was lucky there was one body i could use out of the box with the skin i was using and had a good usable HUD. The only thing stopping me getting my chosen body now is L$ now i've got the skin all my spare change will going to my alt towards the body
  13. Are mesh feet worth it?

    If you decide to keep your classic feet you will mostly be restricted to boots suitable for classic AV's, closed toe shoes, and sculpted feet shoes that you'll have to colour match while they still exist, when i browsed every single page of women's shoes i noticed a lot of boots were only sized for mesh Av's, If you are looking to buy new shoes or shoes in the future you will need mesh feet i've bought ankle boots and closed toe shoes in recent months that require mesh feet where so much of the foot is contained in the shoe i don't see the point of having to use my mesh feet Should you chose to ever get mesh feet my advice is to go for Sink or Slink compatible as there is the widest range or shoes made for this brand the official slink feet come in Flat, Kitten, Mid, High & Pointe where as compatible feet use the most popular heights. There isn't much available for Pointe feet and there's even less for Kitten so unless you've really fallen for something made for those feet i would save money and not bother buying them