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  1. I ran into him (almost literally) today at the Halloween event.
  2. Also, if someone doesn't like something you've made, It's not an attack on you. Different people have different tastes. Don't take it personally. I've seen far too many creators who go on the offensive if someone dares to not love everything they've made. I've seen people get attacked even for creative feedback. Chill.
  3. Cancel Culture. If someone laughs at a comment that you find offensive, please attempt a dialog with them instead of instantly raising an angry mob of your friends to attack them, dox them in RL, and get them banned from events. Especially when that person isn't from the US, English isn't their first language, and they have no clue about certain cultural issues common in the US. There is no need to destroy someones life over a misunderstanding.
  4. I've had two years to grow claws mother. Jungle red!
  5. As a life long Californian, I can say that this clip perfectly sums up how we deal with earthquakes.
  6. Ah... 2008, when we were young and primmy... Someone mentioned talking to other AVs with the same last name. This story is not about Rhun, but my first alt. One day, I had taken this alt out for a spin, when I met a woman with the same last name. She saw my alt and yelled "LITTLE BROTHER!!" She offered friendship, and we're still good friends to this day. She still calls that alt "My little brother" even though she mostly interacts with my primary.
  7. Thank you! Having good CSRs is essential. They will bring in more in repeat business than they cost in wages and benefits. Far too many companies see CSRs as just minimum wage canon fodder. We trained that a CSR should never be a barrier between the company and the customer, but a bridge. But, it's not just up to CSRs. Every person in the organization needs to embrace customer service, especially the owner or CEO. I would urge any business owner, who finds themselves too busy to attend to customers or feels that they are not good at it, to hire a competent CSR.
  8. Customer care is just as important as developing new product. Very few things can negatively impact repeat business like poor customer service. I suspect that very few store owners in SL have ever run their own business in RL.
  9. Was the customer rep another actual person? I'm pretty sure that any AV whose name is the store name is an alt. And don't get me wrong, the majority of the store owners who actually responded have been excellent. The owner of the store where I got the empty package got back to me in a couple of days, and sent me the whole fatpack of the shirt as an apology. It's just a shame that so many will ignore you instead of trying to fix the issue. As Drakonadrgora said, you're just a receipt number. And by the way... I was a customer care professional for 28 years. I know bad customer servic
  10. No, not all. But in my experience, the majority won't help or even acknowledge you.
  11. I have to agree. I now only try and contact the owner if I didn't receive the correct item, or something was missing. (I once paid L$250 for a shirt, and the only thing in the delivery HUD was a picture of the product. Redelivery just gave me the same empty HUD.) 9 time out of 10, I never hear from the owner, or if I do, it's something brusque and dismissive. Many owners have something in their profiles like "Please send any store related comments to <storename> Resident." I now realize that they do that so they can more easily ignore customers. If a store owner acts like their cust
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