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  1. I've been spending the day cleaning out the deepest, darkest depths of my inventory. Apparently, for some unknown reason, in June 2009 I acquired some Karen hair.
  2. Having some fun in the studio this afternoon...
  3. It's all the same skin. It's called Golden Drow.
  4. My last day at Faire. I'm already sad.
  5. Someone has made a Moonbase Alpha building kit... I couldn't resist. I have a new toy!!!
  6. Catching up on gossip with a friend.
  7. Another ContraptioN Fantasy Faire exclusive top.
  8. Thanks! ContraptioN makes beautiful stuff.
  9. I see that you have reading comprehension issues. I was referring to my friend who refuses to move from the landing point. I wasn't giving YOU, personally, an order. Get over yourself. It's not all about YOU. You have issues, lady.
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