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  1. And there's no way to know for sure what the others person's reaction really is, or how they want to word it. Personally, I would be forgiving, if the person is new, and simply doesn't know.
  2. Yes, it's my experience, and what works for me. I have random sex consistently. But what you are describing is what I consider a relationship. Personally, I prefer relationship sex.
  3. I understand how emoting can be used to enhance the experience, but it can be overused. Personally, I've found minimal emoting with a woman I'm with, and more personal conversation during sex. Perhaps because the client wants a portrait of the scenario in there mind.
  4. I can't answer that question, because I simply don't know. I find that confusing as well. Perhaps because it isn't a truly personal experience? That is a very interesting question. I have never paid for sex, so I don't understand the "turn on" of it.
  5. You are talking about a very different scenario from what Caroline was explaining. Paid sex is a different world from casual or relationship encounters. Emoting like that is a requirement. I don't know of any club that has an application form that doesn't require examples of emoting skills, including my partner's club. It's the woman who has to emote and please the client. I started as a female Escort in SL, so I've experienced it. Personal sex, I totally agree with you. I like real as well. Then it's "personal".
  6. I just had to jump on stage and play. I do RL. And she sings RL.
  7. You are definitely correct. I own a club with my present partner on our Island. A Lady has to show initiative. Dancing and Escorting require that in and of itself. It's a commitment, and a way of life.
  8. LOL. You'll find SL less stressful that way!!!
  9. In my opinion, whether we like it or not, we develop roles. It's not always obvious though. One person may be telling a story through their SL, so that makes them an author. That would not be apparent. Another may simply be here to explore. That makes them an explorer. It's very individual and complex.
  10. Simple for me to say. Photography, Art and Sex. Also sim building, with a focus on the Island.
  11. With a very dear friend from my early days as Pearl. One person here has met her on the Island.
  12. It seems to be happening a lot. I've had the same issue. and others have as well from what I've seen.
  13. Personally, i don't think there is anything wrong with discussing the concepts here. It can lead to further reading elsewhere.
  14. The biggest problem is that anyone who could actually be telepathic would never admit it. The dangers in that admission would be tremendous. That makes it difficult to asses on a western scientific basis.
  15. I'm not a gamer, so I'm not familiar.
  16. It's not that scientists decided. It's what scientific research has shown, and what is now considered to be correct. Constantly variable.
  17. That only happens if someone isn't hunting them. Then it takes a large degree of effort lol!!!
  18. That brings up something interesting. Humans and animals have a great degree of anatomical similarities. But in my opinion, we are animals as well.
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