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  1. I think my husband is handsome in both worlds. To each their own.
  2. What a very creepy sounding person! It seems this person did you a favor by removing themselves from your life. I think it would be a sound decision to block this person and move on. I truly hope things get better for you. I'm sorry you went through such an experience. I recently had an experience where I'm thankful true colors showed themselves early enough to avoid this level of creepy.
  3. Wednesday I have to go in for an X-Ray determining if I've broken any bones or not because of a stupid fall that isn't healing over a month after the fact. I'm terrified at the idea of having to go to a medical facility while our area is still on lockdown locally. It seems I've developed a bit worse social anxiety than I had before this pandemic. I understand that this is needed, but just wish it wasn't. Sorry for the rant, but I've just been really frustrated as of late.
  4. Life lessons. They can come in many forms of course, but in the end the fact I've learned something is valuable. I've had many of them lately and one in particular saved me a lot of future pain. I'm thankful for that. I would rather have a tiny sting now than a large pain later. 😊
  5. She isn't really an object, but my daughter Wednesday in SL. She actually came first into my life in SL and I love her to pieces. My hubby got me a doll version of Wednesday last May for my birthday. They don't look exactly alike, but she is so very precious to me.
  6. I've always been way too shy to offer friendship to anyone for the most part. I'm also not comfortable accepting friendship requests unless I've gotten to know the person for awhile. It's less hassle this way and I feel if people cannot understand this, they aren't worth the time and effort a friendship takes. On either side. These days I'm rarely open to new friendships. I have a caring family and quite content with the small circle that has been part of my life for years. I'm not a people person though. I've had others offer friendship over the years only to remove me right after. I fin
  7. I can understand wanting a place as you describe to hang out. There are many places like that in SL that aren't adult rated. If you're simply looking for a nice place to have a quiet chat without adult themes, there really is no need for it to be on adult land. Plus as others have mentioned, child avatars are still allowed on adult land as long as they are following the TOS unless otherwise stated by the owner of said land. I've found many quaint communities that provide the type of atmosphere you seek depending on your interests. There are libraries that have daily book readings and disc
  8. I'm slowly watching the entire "Are you being served?" series. I've had it on dvd for years and forgot about it until recently.
  9. I will admit that Evanescence has always been a guilty pleasure of mine and this song has just the best vibrational beats imaginable. Pretty powerful.
  10. My ongoing peeve with myself has been that before the holiday break, I assumed a writing project I've been working on for the last six months was looking pretty good at that point. I stupidly left it until the new year. Looking at it from a more rested perspective though, it wasn't looking good at all. There was so many things that needed fixing. This has meant a lot more work getting it ready that could have been avoided if I hadn't assumed while exhausted that things were great and had done an extra proof reading the next day after sleeping a bit. So over a week later I'm still fixing w
  11. My husband and I have been reading Anna Karenina together. This is my fourth time reading it and his first. This isn't usually his genre of book, but we take turns choosing a book to read at the same time. It was my turn to choose. The one thing that always seems so compelling to me about Anna Karenina is how enthralled I become in the story every time I have restarted the book. I always find something new in the story I hadn't noticed before. My perspective has also changed and seemingly evolved each time I reread it. I've reread it over the span of almost twenty years. It has been a rew
  12. I do get that. This was simply a peeve and irritation directed at myself. No one else. 😉
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