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  1. Thank you for taking the time to explain. I really didn't know and I appreciate the help. 😊
  2. Beautiful photo by the way. I love that dress. Now please forgive my ignorance, but how can one tell how many triangle things something has or the complexity? I really don't know and it has never crossed my mind to think I could be lagging others. Peeve: My own ignorance at times. 😣
  3. I'm sorry to hear that. Sending some hugs and well wishes your way! I'm glad you got your power back though. 💗
  4. I don't even know where to begin. For the most part, I have avoided responding for my own well being. This particular poster isn't good for that well being so they get ignored for the most part. Acknowledging all the negative garbage is providing fuel for the little mind game to continue that they find joy in. I will just ask that all of you please realize not everyone with DID is like this. For those who have spoken and interacted with me even just here, please just know that. We are not all like this. Serious help is sadly needed and they aren't getting it. I know mental illn
  5. This is an old photo I came across while cleaning up my computer. Still one of my favorites because I was expecting my daughter Wednesday at the time. 💗
  6. Current mini peeve: I've been looking through the marketplace for ruffle socks in basic colors. The socks with the lace ruffles at the edges. I've been wanting to add some to my wardrobe to wear with my vintage dresses and shoes. No luck so far. I'm beginning to think I'm too picky. 🙄
  7. Why am I embarrassed? Much of it has to simply to do with shyness. I grew up reading those stories too. Yes, a heffalump can be quite a scary thing no? Poor Piglet hearing Pooh down in that pit wrestling around with the honey pot he got stuck on his head!
  8. Beatrice the Kittycat fell asleep ❤️ while snuggling.
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