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  1. Time with my most handsome hubby... in Belli.❤
  2. I've always loved trying to put together an avatar as cheaply as I can. It's fun. I love fashion. One account I have is for this purpose. Below is Flora whose look cost a total of 1L. She isn't perfect, but I really love how she turned out.
  3. My pet peeve just for now is that my precious floof ball cat keeps stealing things out of my luggage I keep trying to pack for her and I since our move to the UK is this next week. So I pack it and she tries to pull them out and place them all over quite messily before climbing into the suitcase herself. She isn't making this easy, but I wouldn't have my sweetie any other way.
  4. I've been fully vaccinated three weeks now. I didn't get any side effects or symptoms besides a sore arm each time. Best decision I made. I was so happy I didn't sleep the night before each shot. Felt like receiving a gift. It's always nice to know there are things I can do to help others and myself not get sick. Especially during times of uncertainty.
  5. "All truth is a shadow except the last, except the utmost; yet every truth is true in its kind." -Isaac Penington 1653 (From Quaker Faith and Practice. Always one of the quotes I come across while studying that really makes me think.)
  6. It has been awhile, but found some time for sailing and boating in Bellisseria the last few days with my husband.
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