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  1. After a several month hiatus while I had a little Log Home fun... it's BACK The seedy little Pink Motel for a secret little rendezvous in Bellisseria is back. And while I won't say exactly where it is this time, you will have to find it. I'll just say this time its a bit of an island getaway. Presenting The Pink Motel Part 2
  2. Thankies for that release Chloe I picked it up and it will be a lovely spot to decorate and have fun with until the stilts drop... I missed the campers so much and just how unique their areas are that i dropped my 2 sided waterfront log for it.
  3. Actually I would not be surprised at all if this becomes a theme. I would think a very smart idea on the part of SL would be to take the themes from the old linden homes, give them a fresh new look and make them new themes in Belli. I think one of their goals is to get people to move from the old Linden homes to the new ones so one way of encouraging that would be to create similar but updated versions of it with mesh and the kind of landscaping we have all come to know and love about Belli.
  4. If a beach theme also included some water on each parcel for a beach and/or dock I think there would also be a fairly good size exodus of Houseboats too for people looking for houseboats
  5. I'm going to venture a guess this is a legit new theme. After comparing the wood of the railings in Patch's photo it is too squared off to be new Victorians and the paint on the wood is too worn to be Traditionals. So unless they decided to take a very big departure in the woodwork then I would venture a guess these are some sort of new england beach home.
  6. At the risk of hitting anyone's forum pet peeves I will just point out that it is perfectly ok to love cloned regions and it is perfectly ok to not love them. I can easily compile a list of positives and negatives about them and I'm sure everyone else's list may be different then my own. But if you are simply going to come on here and be upset with people that don't like cloned regions because they don't reflect your own experience then get over yourself. I really don't give two flips if someone else loves cloned regions and thinks that there should be tons of them... That's great... for YOUR experience. And maybe be thankful instead that some of us don't like them because we will also be the ones to most likely abandon even some of the better lots in the cloned regions so you can have your 1 out of 7 same lots... or 1 out of 8 same lots... or god help us 1 out of 100 same lots that you want. This is exactly why I almost did not post in the forums at all about this. The second you register an opinion on some trivial thing you get all the right fighters coming out of the woodwork that feel they need to shame your opinion into the ground on Linden Homes.
  7. Thank you for voicing an opinion I share with you.... I get it cloning was a useful way of increasing the volume of houses but the end result is that your home in a cloned region just feels less unique. My Log Home is a wonderful lot with water on two sides but its a bit depressing to open the map and see the exact same lake repeated 8 times over on the map. It really has made me move my appeal back to older Bellisseria where things were always made in a unique one of a kind way. Even if your lot was not the best lot it was always unique and not found anywhere else on the map. I'm excited to see what comes next though, I'm sure I will experiment with whatever it is even if it is cloned to death like the last theme. But as it stands right now the home that I have that makes me feel the most at home is still my Traditional lot in old Belli, right after that is my houseboat which even now as summer is hitting i'm finding i'm spending more time there again. The only lot i rarely ever visit is my Log Home. Only a matter of time before I release it.
  8. I've been debating on whether to post something or not here. Since I did earlier with Bellisseria Squirrel and having been referenced a few times I feel i should... I have been really sad reading the last couple pages of comments on what was the thread that inspired me to even create the Bellisseria Squirrel in the first place. The very first Belli RP account that i heard of and saw in the forums was Rex the cat through this thread... And then the first actual encounter that Bellisseria Squirrel ever had with another RPer in Bellisseria was Eliza the Cat... So I have come to know and love both of these cats (and RPers) in Bellisseria. It saddens me to think that 2 people who i think are both genuinely nice people have developed such a rivalry. All I wanted to say is I love them both and that I hope that they will be able to offer each other some grace at some point. I think Bellisseria loses out in a big way with either of their absences. I get it that sometimes people do things or say things that wound us. I certainly have been wounded before myself. Looking back on my own Squirrel thread I almost forgot that at one point I even had a short blowout with another RPer over the squirrel when they created "Nefarious Squirrel." Looking back now it seems rather silly and if that person is reading this I would offer her some grace as well there is always room for more squirrels everywhere. I'm with Nika on this one... I think there is a lot of room for grace on this thread and a lot of room for grace in Bellisseria in general. Placing all my fluffy Squirrel hopes in brighter kinder days for all involved. ❤️ Eva & ❤️ Bellisseria Squirrel
  9. Best Way to move.... I move this way...
  10. I have never seen "abuse of resources" as a category in the Object or Person AR choices. Closest I have seen is "Object Littering"... Most of the time when i have filed ARs i have to file them under something that does not really describe the offense because the categories are mostly old and have not been updated in a long time. Seems to me they need a special section for the Linden Homes covenant issues.
  11. I totally relate to this... This was my feeling last month when i landed my home in Limevale. It was not on my radar of homes that I wanted. Usually im not a fan of having a road between my home and the water, but for this house it just really worked for me. Now that i have lived at it for a month, most of the homes i thought i wanted i no longer want. Limevale is near perfection for my taste.
  12. Alright... I don't live there anymore but took a trip back to my old region and sure enough that thing is churning out temp rez spam over and over... Decided to give live chat a shot and i did talk to Dottie who had me AR it again and she is going to have Governance look into it. I hope it at least helps the person who got my home when i abandoned it last year.
  13. Well i have not had a vested interest in that region since I left it in December. But honestly a series of ARs over a period of months should have eventually led to some sort of action. For curiosity i may swing over there tonight and see if the temp rezzer is still out there. I just remember the massive rubber banding walking on the deck of my houseboat being right next to his.
  14. Because the "Always Allowed" tab generates ban lines for everyone in the universe except those people on your list in Bellisseria... and Bellisseria does not allow ban lines... hence the allowed tab is disabled in Bellisseria PS: Your alts can rez things... just have it set to a group and then allow group to rez objects... now your alts and anyone else you put in that group can rez things
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