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  1. Well It's been a few years since I posted in here but I think this is post worthy... 800 Tricks and Treats 2023... Happy Halloween Everyone
  2. Ok My Bowling alley became the next victim of the Linden send backs. I'm honestly not surprised but I thought i would send out a subtle warning with all those with public places. Seems like things are harsher. I have plans now to reduce my spending in Second Life by half. I'll likely only keep 1 possibly two homes in Bellisseria. Community has been fun as Eva as Slenderman as Squirrel but its just not the welcoming friendly place it was at the beginning. No hard feelings to anyone not even people i don't get along with. My disappointment is 100% with Linden Labs. ❤️ Eva Ending well and forgiving my enemies
  3. Nah... it's total favoritism. There was a Bellisseria Citizens group doing all sort of great things for the community long before a BBB. If any argument can be made someone should have a 937 LI HQ on a private bellisseria homestead region it is Citizens. With that said, i don't think any of these groups should be given special houses. We hear so much about Bellisseria "community" and yes there is a community but by and large most Bellisserians stick to their own home or go about their business in other areas of SL. So I think even the very best of these groups really are only serving a handful of people in comparison to who is out there. Go door to door ask people if they even know what BBB is or Bellisseria Citizens or Riverbridge or any other user made group. I think you would find the sound of crickets striking. And the very fact that a resident in Bellisseria had her very tastefully done and arguably In-theme roof returned to her just a few days ago.... yet another group is given this grand home with nearly triple the LI that anyone else would get is absolutely scandalous to people who struggle just to find a half way decent spot in Bellisseria to begin with. So yeah... my hot take on this matches up exactly with Adrianne's... This is favoritism... And even if it was not... IT was a very POORLY executed decision to not be transparent about this at all. To hide it under a rug like nobody was ever going to notice this ONE group gets something nobody else has. It should have been announced by LL... They should have said WHY it was given... and if what you say is true they should have said HOW you can get one of these too (if indeed that is true). With that said i dont think they should be giving these to anyone.
  4. Ok then what about the 100's of builds used throughout Bellisseria and have been well established for nearly 3 years? Are you proposing that the Lindens begin systematically going back through all the themes and removing them one by one? Consistency would actually be to allow them since they always have been allowed in the past. What you are proposing is inconsistent with past practice in Bellisseria. Patch Linden himself and even some of the Moles have come and visited these spots and hung out at them with residents. Is he now supposed to go back to all those places he visited and annihilate them?
  5. Why not allow both? Look at EVERY theme in bellisseria... There are cafes, libraries, Bureacracies (on their own freaking region with triple the LI), there are art galleries, clubs with events and dances at them, I've even seen a train station as well as an arcade. All of these things are in all the other themes. And NONE of these things have ever been sent back or disallowed as long as they were not selling actual things or doing commerce. So why all the sudden all this strictness over Newbrooke? Is Bellisseria going to turn into something where people are always walking on eggshells that any spark of creativity they have first needs to have some HOA approval first. Maybe we need a thread where we post our things for permission first, the ultimate big brother micro management of building.
  6. Lovely add-on Marianne. I honestly think its sad that this new era of strictness has made us feel like we need to take to the forums to get permission for every little add-on we do. In any other theme none of us would have even thought to seek out permission for something as mild as that. I do hope that the Lindens read this entire thread with a listening ear to very very real concerns. Concerns of In Theme building, concerns of artistic creativity, not to mention the very real concerns of favoritism that have been show to a few while very strict policing has been show to others. I'm sure you will be able to keep your kitchen. But then again a couple days ago i would have been positive that a few people would have been able to keep their little roof add-ons. I hope i get to keep my Bowling Alley too.
  7. So you don't think anyone else in Bellisseria puts "time and money" into doing things for the community. Apparently only this 1 group is deserving of this very special out of the ordinary benefit. I agree with previous posters. This is simple favoritism nothing more nothing less. How about Bellisseria Citizens??? I don't know a single group in Bellisseria that has put more of their time into creating community. No Freebie HQ for Bellisseria Citizens. On top of that there was absolutely no transparency whatsoever with this. This home was just rolled out like nobody would notice this. Plus nobody has even pointed out that in order to create this home a Public party beach area had to be wiped out. How about talk to the owner of the house in the region east of the newly erected BBB home on how they feel about their view of the beach abruptly being wiped out with a house they never imagined would be erected. Not to mention this whole debate began over a roof. A tiny little roof add-on that was deemed out of theme or inappropriate or whatever. I find it amazing that someone's little roof add-on is rejected all the while 1 particular community group gets special treatment with a home on its own region with TRIPLE the amount of LI that anyone else would get for a paid home. Defend it all you want but every single person who is upset by this is absolutely within their right to do so.
  8. Great so one person posts a photo of my home... innocently enough to actually complement it... and now I'm on for the alt army dragging. Think I'm gonna go log off and go eat some milk and cookies
  9. The camper is long gone... but I feel something has changed in the way they are approaching "in-theme" decisions... The 2 photos I saw of Newbrooke rooftop addons were very tasteful, very much in theme and yet totally rejected. Something has changed. And maybe they grandfather in all those older themes with add-ons. But right now I'm feeling as though creativity is going to get crushed on this theme for whatever reason. It's a shame, for all the things of this new theme that are unappealing the one very appealing thing about it was the simplicity of building with this theme and the lot space provided with the smaller home choices on the 1024 lots. Most of the time I spend all my time outdoors at linden homes. With this build its the first time I actually like what I did inside so much I'll spend more time inside this house than out. So I'll enjoy it for the few days I get to. But I think if this gets returned I'm just going to do as I already mentioned in previous posts. I'll be gradually pulling down multiple accounts from premium to free. All in all it will cut out over half of what I was paying LL. I'm truly sad for the few residents who already had their roofs sent back, they were amazing and tasteful and as you pointed out with your list there is already a plethora of far more extreme examples of things that were tolerated/allowed. So this feels like a new draconian move to make everyone conform.
  10. Its more than a sign... i created an addon that goes into the backyard essentially added one big room for the bowling lanes... and there is one middle part of the roof with a slight slant to it only to meet up and connect with the slightly taller bowling room It does in fact use the texture pack though including the materials too in order to make it blend in with the rest of the house
  11. In fact I have already had groups of Bellisserians wander in to stay for a game or two of bowling. They love it... but like i said if a tiny little roof add-on can't meet their criteria i'm not sure how my Bellisseria Bowling Alley will
  12. No... My home does not even come close to going over 15 meters... 11.6791 meters at the tallest
  13. Yeah that one is mine and right now I'm waiting to see if it gets blasted by the latest round of the Linden Borg Collective punishing anything creative. If a tiny little Roof Add-on got sent back I'm sure my Bowling Alley doesnt have a chance.
  14. Somehow it bled into this topic but the bigger discussion was really over here starting at about this post...
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