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  1. This is gonna sound so bad but I have bought so many Bandit boats now I cant even remember if I bought the 170
  2. I definitely won't be taking tips from people who practice questionable GOH practices.
  3. I kinda wish in Bellisseria that the settings on parcels were made by default so that NOBODY could turn their lot into an unlimited time sandbox. This is unfortunately causing all sorts of issues like this through Belli. If there is anyway for LL to set it so that at bare minimum non-owner non-group objects would return in 15 minutes that would end most of these problems
  4. Ok a lot of great memes going on in here but I think this one is definitely the winner... I judge meme winners btw by how much diet coke gets flung out of my nose when I read it!
  5. OMG look underneath the wicked witch.... It's an Orange CLOUD!!!! She IS in Second Life!!!
  6. Personally I'm going to take a pass on participating in any form of gaming the system to force regions into the queue quicker. To me that sounds self defeating. Most of those homes will not be kept so in the end we are still left with an accumulation of mediocre abandons that everyone keeps tossing back in. And since we "broke into new territory" over and over again with "alt armies" the number of mediocre abandons increases thereby once again frustrating the more casual user who has neither the time nor the money to join in on gaming the system. And this is just a commentary on the Ch
  7. Amen to everything that @Bela Tolsenjust said. I support 100% of it. I've already decided for now to keep my mediocre chalet location primarily because of who is not in it. At the end of the day I get happier vibes knowing I'm not in a region with multiple copies of the same neighbor.
  8. Yes it's entirely possible that many accounts all named after the same junk food just coincidentally landed homes in the same region and decorated exactly the same way... Just a big coincidence that's all it is Nothing to see here folks... just a coincidence...
  9. The good news is "DO NOT SPRAY IN EYES" is not in the Bellisseria Covenant!!! I'm gonna go try it!!!
  10. Top 5 Homes: 1) Traditional 2) Houseboat 3) Chalet 4) Camper 5) Log Top 5 Landscapes: 1) Traditional (Particularly in the area just east of the river where Campwich is... between the Panamole Canal and the bridge in Porthole.... ALL of that is awesome sauce) 2) Log (But only the unique regions particularly the still unreleased coastal Logs as well as the logs up and down the big lake... but no to the cloned ones ewwwwww) 3) Campers (solid terraforming here and nearly all of them are in unique locations) 4) Victorians (hate the home but n
  11. Typically that is how those work I have already encountered it a number of times where i fly through a lot... get instabanned... then check and see that my ban is only for like 3 hours. It is an exploit way of errecting banline for anyone and it should be a top tier AR
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