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  1. F5 is the shortcut key to hitting refresh on your browser... the key many of us wore out prior to discovering Auto Refresh
  2. Im gonna F5 your Haagan daz 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Well at least I know what I'll be spending my day on in SL today Thanks
  4. Am I totally missing the stores??? like I honestly have no idea where they are and I've walked all over SL16B
  5. Don't forget to thank the Moles for all their Gas too 😉
  6. I officially sign the petition AGAINST this petition... The changes RAWK MOAR LL Changes... MOAR!!!
  7. My wife called me "thicc" the other day... so I guess my butt has been increasing in size too
  8. Happy 16th Birthday Second Life ❤️ Eva
  9. The look on the Mole's face when they get out the blacklight and wave it over the prims of the abandoned house...
  10. What a gorgeous photo, great work with lighting and subtle shadows too.
  11. When I abandon I teleport away IMMEDIATELY just out of courtesy to the next owner who may not want the previous owner greeting them. One of the houses I obtained I saw the former owner on map waiting on the old property he just abandoned for 20 minutes... I literally did not TP to my new home untill he vacated. I'm relatively introverted to begin with and to me that's just a little awkward and sorta creepy.
  12. I'll be the unpopular one here... I really dont mind the boxes so much... yes folders are best... the only thing I wish is that content creators would NOT add animations to their boxes... Most of the time when I'm unboxing clothing I'm sitting on a pose stand... that animation BREAKS my pose stand everytime... then I gotta stand and resit. Folder is best... box is fine... auto-unpack even better... Animated Box ----> STOP IT
  13. If you want help I sent you an IM in world
  14. taps her chin while wondering when the "Stop necro-posting" thread will become something in the future that is necro posted on... hmmmmm
  15. I suppose if you are technically deficient you might need to "baby-sit" a browser... F5... F5... F5... etc5... But... if you use an auto refresh tool and just set your computer alarm loud you can go do all your busy things... even if you work full time presumably you come home at some point... My house I got while SLEEPING yes I said that... SLEEPING... presumably everyone sleeps... Set the auto refresh... set the alarm loud... and yes got my butt out of bed as quick as possible. And I am a very busy person otherwise... so I find the whole argument about being too busy a bit uncompelling. I will add that I landed 5 houses that way... I kept 2 the other 3 I threw back into the pool. And landing those homes I landed by taking the advice of helpful people on the forums. Everyone gets a fair chance in the sense that all those tools and strategies are at all our fingers if we are willing to use them... if you aren't willing then yes you are at a disadvantage but by your own choice.
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