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  1. Bella and I took our little Xmas photo here this year. Thanks for putting this beautiful and wonderful place together... Happy Holidays from Eva & Bella Ling !!!
  2. These are sooooo amazing... I applied one to both my Traditional and my Houseboat and I LOVE them... THANK YOU!!! ❤️
  3. Soooooo... Now everyone is curious Did you abandon it yet???
  4. So people who throw more money at Second Life then you... thereby making Second Life more financially stable... thereby extending the life of a platform you like... are "selfish" How about people with those views are envious and petty
  5. So my wife posted a Black and White photo of herself today with the hashtag #ChallengeAccepted and then she issued me a challenge to post a Black and White photo of myself to social media. As far as I can tell there is no major reason or cause for this viral challenge except maybe to support each other as sisters. So I dedicate this photo to my wife Bella... and to all women both cis and trans out there! I now challenge you to do your own Black and White #ChallengeAccepted photo with your Second Life avatar.
  6. Snapping new photos at the Pink Motel...
  7. There is a little tool called AR and another little tool called Live Support Chat. I think rather then going about throwing around accusations on the forums. Maybe you should all go use the official tools given to us by the Lindens. If you feel these two people have broken a rule then do it. Otherwise it just sounds like a bunch of hearsay thrown up without a single drop of actual evidence. What i do see are accounts coming on here that are only a month old throwing out a novel length accusation against someone. Sorry but that just sounds fishy to me. Once again the topic of this th
  8. OMG this thread has gone rogue... Remember when the topic was "When Did You Last See A Bellisserian Home Available?" Now it has become more like "Which GOH Player should we shame next?" These 2 people are doing NOTHING wrong. They buy up premium memberships like many of us already do and they go out and get Linden homes with them just like many of us already do. Personally I have 4 premium total and I occupy 3 homes and use my 4th premium to play GOH. Now if someone else wants to do that same thing with 8 accounts, or 12 accounts, or 20 accounts, or 200 accounts... that is th
  9. OMG I was exploring the region of Saltmarsh where i have my Camper and look what I found!!!! Lost Mole did this!!!
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