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  1. Seriously... I break from the forums for several days... and I come back to another version of the Neighborhood Police... Bye forums guess I'll extend my break from ya... Also I may go shopping for Wind Turbines... i think my plot needs 2 or 12 of them
  2. I believe in a little thing called karma... I gotta wonder what happens when people spend soooooooo much time in the forums every single day doing nothing but complaining, dragging LL about not getting their perfect house, getting upset when others call them on that complaining, then joining groups in Bellisseria to do the exact same thing there too... It almost makes you wonder... when and if these people do finally get that perfect home (which probably only a handful even exist like that on the entire continent)... Is it still perfect when they have largely alienated such a large segment of the active population by their constant online behavior that even their neighbors are like...
  3. I just wanna be able to play a game of "Mole-O Polo" properly! 🤣
  4. I'm just gonna say this one more time... Best kitchen EVER and its only 1LI
  5. Or... since you are obviously ok with paying for a lot you could hop over to Bay City... drop about a 120,000 L and you can have a nice lot in a nice area... twice as many prims as a belli plot... and all of your neighbors will be temporary renters coming and going all the time.
  6. Gambling just makes it difficult for people in the moment... Letting people buy and sell them simply ruins the entire thing forever and watch half of it become an overpriced rental area owned by about 2 or 3 people who already own most of Bay City or Nautilus or Horizons... Great try though!
  7. No it becomes another version of the hugely failed Horizons... you should never have to pay for a Linden home otherwise it's just another form of mainland... except mainland people really wants and therefore the selling price gets jacked up... go check out how much a lot in Bay City or Horizons costs... i guarantee Belli lots would be on the market for at least that much probably more since they are so coveted right now... then you tell me if selling Belli houses is a good idea
  8. Actually it wouldnt... that would immediately be pirated by land barons finding a creative way of selling a Linden home... it would utterly ruin Bellisseria as we know it
  9. Actually you don't... you are not required to use the 1024 of built in tier on a Linden Home... you can use that on regular mainland... And if you stick all 8 of your alts in a group and buy the land through a group now you get 1 big lot
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