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  1. GURL6 I used to have a ton of hair from there but inventory only found this one
  2. It's very hard to see this skirt.
  3. Remove any old alphas and hair bases make sure you use only what comes in the head folder.
  4. I was reading blogs this morning with coffee and came across this. I thought it might be fun and I came to the forums to see if anyone had done a challenge and found none. Anyone else think this would be fun to do? I read bout it on this blog: https://www.silentraindrops.com/2020/07/avatar-on-budget-challenge.html Her set budget was LS100.
  5. Faking your death is so dumb and hurtful to anyone you called friend in SL. Faking death why? If you are leaving just say that. Always amazed at people sitting behind the screen but rarely surprised anymore.
  6. I don't know if SL is or I am getting slower. 😆 Seriously though I just bought a new pc in December and things were lightening fast now everything but SL runs lightening fast and my viewer is mainly FS. I logged in this morning and every thing was grayish, avatars were red puffs of fluff.
  7. Me either. 🙊 but in 13 years I'd think Audio would have figured out searches. That is my only opinion on this subject.
  8. My my this thread has an awful lot of press! Do you wish to reveal anything at all about your *RL*? It's your choice but if everyone comes here and presents themselves as a *gender* I accept them as they present. I do not voice or cam. If I want to share anything past what I have put in my profile I will. Rarely. I speak/type to anyone, or well let me say it this way, *avatar* as they are presented to me at the moment. I will never enter into Q&A about your *RL* , you may or may not share, that is up to you. When we are forced to reveal or not *RP* our chosen part it removes t
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