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How does your avatar look today ?


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This one took all night to put together, and it ended up looking nothing like my initial vision. Got to love it when a look pulls itself together without you knowing what the hell is going on, and yet ends up looking so bloody amazing. Full credits here.



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Cleaning out my wardrobe (reducing my list of outfits) is a continuous project. I trashed 10 outfits the other day and kept just one with this particular skin, which is no longer available and was part of a subscription box. That makes this look slightly more unique. I enjoy these little recycling moments.

Clearing Out The Wardrobe 5


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Today I've decided that I'd prefer to look at some nice scenery while I deal with all of the IMs that accumulated over the night. I wasn't in a mood for forest this time, nor for a crowded place. The choice was set for a beach. Problem: I don't actually like sunshine that much. And I was almost out of the sunscreen. Luckily, my inventory came to the rescue... and yes - "how does your avatar look today" - I will proudly wear this outfit whole day. And I don't care about stares.

The antennas wiggle, too. Maybe they will make the Wi-Fi signal stronger.


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