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How does your avatar look today ?


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Mix n Match

Rose accessory from the ALTAIR* golden witch

ALTAIR* tainted eyepatch R

Violent Seduction - Alita Collar (Black)

PIXEL BOX - Necklace Dark Cross and Magic Rock MAITREYA Lara

Sleeves from the ALTAIR* Constellations Dress .black.

*Top unlinked from the CURELESS[+] Lucrezia Sundress. HG petite version

Skirt unlinked from the CUREMORE/ Slayer Academy/ Uniform/ Onyx

*Top will work with the Maitreya Petite but, will need to hide the nipples/aereola

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[PF] <Porcelain> - Tomie - GENUS - (Lid 05 - dkbrow - mole)

Make Up
[PF] GENUS EYESHADOW - Beauty Glaze (purple scene + wing)
[PF] LIPSTICK - Dazzle Me - Haunted (System Layers) (Abyss - Ombre)

CURELESS [+] Curiouser&Curiouser / HEALED (v.1)

ALTAIR* tainted eyepatch R
CURELESS[+] Toony Choker / LUNA
CURELESS[+] Cassiel Dress / MAITREYA PETITE (Experimental)
CURELESS[+] Anointed Hands / BLACK - BOM

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i finally found a time to get the Maitreya BOM and have a play

and seems my toenails are now too long because they snagged on my socks and ripped holes in them, as you can see !



i looked thru the HUD for toenail clippers but doesn't look there are any. Seems I will have to go shopping for some other kind of socks

soooo! anyways I painted my toenails. As you do when there is nothing else




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