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  1. How about being thankful that someone shared information rather then pestering them for not sharing it in the way you wanted it. You clearly have the screenshots of the names if you want that in a format you prefer you have the ability to.... do it yourself
  2. There are plenty of real eyesores in SL, this does not strike me as one of them. Nicely done fireworks. Besides if your neighbors dont like them they can always derender them. There are much more worse things in SL. Heck I can wear out my derender feature alone derendering really poorly made hair... And YaY for your summer celebration. Have fun with your home!
  3. No... You 100% missed the point... That is NOT my point My point is this entire thread is silly. People are getting on here attacking people's trees of all things. Nobody is out there weaponizing trees to make your day bad or to make SL malfunction. I am a pilot and I fly through Bellisseria almost everyday and I have no such issues probably because i have my computer graphics card up to date and my drivers updated. If textures on trees are not rezzing for you, as others have already pointed out, that is on your machine and/or internet service not on SL and certainly NOT on your neighbors. Forcing uniform Linden trees on everyone as the topic of this thread suggested is about the single stupidest idea I have seen put across these forums. How about we just reduce everyones LI to 0 LI everyone gets an empty house and can rez nothing. I bet you would still have texture issues because your computer graphics is not updated to what it needs to be. If your textures are not rezzing in then lower your draw distance, update your machine, or perhaps consider a different faster internet service
  4. ... You know what... nevermind you guys continue to HOA the heck out of Belli trees... I'll leave you to your tree debate while I go color all mine purple, full bright them, and make them 1% transparent so they all have alpha issues... Enjoy your debate though!!!
  5. Again NONE of these things are anyone's call except the home owner. If you dont like it then download a 3rd party viewer and derender it. If you have flashing lights that are flashing from someone elses property onto your property... great news for you that is against the covenant and you can AR it. I suggest everyone READ the covenant. Complaining about stuff like that on the forums resolves nothing. As far as other people's things not rendering correctly for you... That is NOT their problem. That is your problem and your problem only. Bellisseria is a wonderful place to live and experience some community and a fantastic place to explore but there are just small plots that are stuffed together on regions. That means you have to put up with other people's eclectic taste. And if you can't again... there is always the option to upgrade and go get yourself a private island. It is expensive but you will never have to complain about someone blobby trees, bamboo, or flashing lights ever again.
  6. Ok I'm going to weigh in here too after reading this HOA style topic. The covenant is more than thorough enough to help us avoid the most absurd of abuses such as over aggressive security and objects that are too tall, or out of theme (Lindens tend to approach this theme issue from a pretty broad perspective too which is good). Things that go against the covenant are subject to ARs. If you feel that an object is against the covenant then by all means send in an AR on it. But this constant nit picking of some people is not is what is going to lead to more people wanting to live in Belli. Nobody is going to want to live in a home where every object you get must either be linden made or meet some sort of approval process. There are already viewers out there with the capability of derendering things. Most people are not going to want 20 LI trees. by the time i have finished my backyard i have enough for a couple of pillows and a cardboard box turned upside down in my house. The covenant sets absolutely NO guidelines on LOD and they should not. Allow residents to choose if they want high or low LOD items. They paid for that house it is their choice. And at the end of the day it is not your neighbor's responsibility to make sure that everything rezzed on their home that they paid for is up to their neighbor's sense of taste. People who always find their neighbor's decor or landscaping to be an irritant already have another option. It is called move to a private island. The Linden homes were advertised as "starter homes" with the hopes that some residents may eventually opt for bigger alternatives. But if you are going to live in a Linden Home region you will have to face the reality that your 20 or so neighbors in that region will all have different tastes in furniture, plants, trees, light, vehicles, etc... I may not like everything my neighbors rez out but isnt that true of RL too. I dont like everything my RL neighbors put out and there is no "derender" in RL. Yet somehow i manage to deal with it and even have a happy existence in my Linden homes.
  7. I will tack onto this a suggestion that I have in mind for how to connect Fantasy to the rest of Bellisseria Proper. I think the small corridor is a good alternative and you can even give it an RP theme. Make one water region that you MUST travel through in order to go from Belli proper to Belli Fantasy. Give it a similar RL name call it the "Bellisseria Triangle" as was suggested by others already. The Moles could go to town with making that one region filled with fog or raging storms. Make it a region that is a real ordeal to travel through but nevertheless connected. I think this would give residents that sense of connection they want PLUS also gives those who RP a fun explanation from how all the sudden they go from more realistic regions to fantasy. And honestly Bellisseria proper already has Fantasy in it from furries, to dragons, to our beloved Hammies.... and yes a certain Slender being with tentacles. We are already used to fantasy it is not going to scandalize us if a bunch of orcs come rolling through the Bellisseria Triangle at us. And likewise if a bunch of normal everyday folks wander into Fantasy i would hope that the elven population would be like "Who are these mysterious magic users with their strange flying metal birds coming through the misty fog at us."
  8. Did we really need a 2nd topic thread for this? It is literally the exact same topic.
  9. I believe if the Lindens set it to sell specifically to you... you can use the purchase for group option.
  10. Create a group that you both use... Then both of you donate your land tier to the group... then buy the mainland using the buy for group option. This now becomes Group owned land to which you both donate into.
  11. I will say 351 LI for a linden home is actually very good if you know how to decorate in a way that is low LI.... when choosing items try to stay way from things with a heavy LI impact. For example beds can run anywhere from a few LI all the way upto some obnoxious amount like 40 or 50. Another thing you can learn is that certain decorative items when linked together will reduce LI. I only buy items that are copy/mod that way they can be linked and even be tested on.... Try taking a copy of several mesh items (no furniture with poses though) and linking them together through edit and see if the LI goes down. If it goes up well just delete the test copy and keep them unlinked. In many cases it does go down and you can find that you just stretched the amount of content you can fit into that 351 LI space.
  12. Hanging out before my next flight from Boragora to more unknown locations in Bellisseria. Where will Eva and her crazy Grumman Goose travel to this time?
  13. My very first Bellisseria Home was a Houseboat I picked up near the beginning of Bellisseria back in 2019... 8 moves later over the span of over 2 years this boat is situated on it's 9th location. This however is the first time I retrofitted "The Same Boat" for a square lot.
  14. You do realize with EEP that you also have the option to choose an EEP and set it to yourself instead of using "shared environment." It should not be on the shoulders of land owners to make sure your experience of shared environment is to your liking. Choose a consistent EEP and set it to yourself and you will have zero issues with crazy environment changes. Also for the record I am an explorer and a pilot. I travel over peoples Bellisseria parcels every single day and never have an issue when i set it this way. Also it allows me to create an EEP that I enjoy personally for the purposes of exploration.
  15. I spotted this today while out on a routine flight in my Goose around Bellisseria. Thank you to Patch Linden, Abnor Mole and the entire team of Lindens and Moles for memorializing Ebbe Altberg (Ebbe Linden) in such a beautiful way! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Altberg/147/132/58
  16. Hopefest is a great way to join with other SL residents in supporting the Relay For Life in Second Life. Go check it out http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/RFL HOPE/109/203/23 Who knows you might even get lucky and meet Patch Linden or one of the Moles...
  17. Updated work on Boragora... Added in rustic old windmills made out of leftover airplane parts...
  18. Where exotic treasures are sought, weary pilots rest up, and ghosts pass through... Boragora... Home of the Tales of the Gold Monkey...
  19. I believe what happens is when you get a linden home the original landing zone is dead center on the land parcel that contains your home... for some home themes that may be inside the house other themes outside the house... and in the case of Houseboat in the drink.... As people have already said you have total control over creating a new landing zone in your house or creating new landmarks to give to your friends. But celebrate that you got a houseboat. They are the hardest to come by homes these days and you got one. Enjoy it!
  20. it's because you picked up a houseboat. Houseboats are awesome and congratz on landing one. Fly up and you will see your new home.
  21. I will be forever grateful to everything Ebbe contributed to Second Life. I never voice but one time I had an opportunity to voice with Ebbe and I took it. I'm so glad i did that now. Prayers and hugs to his family and all the Lindens and Moles that worked with him. RIP Ebbe
  22. The great thing about flight... It always brings you to a new horizon... Here is to a new horizon! PS: Thanks to my friend Becca for painting my Goose... It now feels like something straight out of Tales Of The Gold Monkey
  23. I hope the 2 people that got all the stilts in both Lost Caves and Prairie Schooner enjoy them... We knew how that was going to go... Again...
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