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  1. Could have been a wildcard entry for inclusivity. Ever heard of Eric the Eel? He competed in the 100 meters freestyle swimming in the Sydney 2000 Olympics and nearly drowned during his race. A race he won by the way, because of the other two competitors in his heat being disqualified for false starts.
  2. My neighbours drilling out a wall in their house.
  3. Thos are not the piercings I was talking about. The Catwa Facial piercings are a set that include nose piercings, dermal piercings, lip piercings and eyebrow piercings for a number of the regular Catwa Bento heads.
  4. This is my new look with the Catwa HDPRO MajerEdged. I found the Catwa Face Piercing Margeaux to work reasonably well with this head. @Skell DaggerDo you know if Catwa plans to release a similar piercing set for the HDPRO heads?
  5. I've found a new pet peeve! People who are on your friendslist and have changed their name, but have no way of linking to their old name. I have someone on my friendslist, with who I don't have any history. No logs, no groups to identify, nothing in their profile. So I have a friend, from which I don't know how long they have been my friend, who they are, or what our relationship is.
  6. Hello Hivemind, I am looking for this bikini, if one can call it that. I have seen it a couple of times, but can't remember where it's from or what it's called.
  7. Hi all, I guess the SL inventory servive or server has crapped itself again. I can't create new inventory, so no new notecards, new animations, new clothing layers. I know of at least one other person being affected by this in SL today. Anyway, if you were planning on going on a shopping spree today, you might want to hold off on that for a bit.
  8. I'm back in as well, but sorry for the people that aren't yet, it's in my personal home, and I'm not about to share that with everyone. But Lag Free regions like Aich might do the trick for you.
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