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  1. It's up to the individual home owner, my door is always open as much as i don't mind people wandering in, i will end up moving it by the front door since mines not had any clicks
  2. I'm sure people will consider it cheating if you use a viewer with area search, you can search for Bellisseria pumpkin or trick and treat that should bring up any hunt pumpkins. Some people are reporting their pumpkins are no longer clickable after 91/92 clicks. not everyone has one set out outside their home mine for example is placed inside my home in plain sight
  3. Agree should have been public vote i've only seen the following 4 Fleabag (2016-2019) - Good but not worth the top 59 The Office (UK) (2001-2003) - I never got what was so good about it27 Line of Duty (2012-2021) - Didn't really enjoy having to watch it though would have put it higher42 Peep Show (2003-2015) - Once i got in to it i looked forward to the next episode48 Inside No 9 (2014-) - One of the best things i've seen on TV was an episode of this56 The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019) - Not bad wouldn't go out of my way to watch it64 Detectorists (2014-2017) - Probably the best series i've seen would have put it at No. 1 based though not filmed very locally to me
  4. Teleports from mostly crowded regions weren't so great got multiple logs and disconnects. Only had one "We're having trouble connecting"
  5. 😞 Not another buff body builder overly muscly body. Wish there was a body that was more dad bod & middle age spread for those that don't want ripped abs
  6. Do you have any hairs that include an alpha layer? One may help you. Pre mesh heads they were very common some stores still include them. Often an alpha will hide parts of the head any in HUD options won't and work with more than just the hair they were created for
  7. Unless otherwise stated i would always assume a bed doesn't have the option to sleep under a duvet or blanket
  8. The last time one of my accounts ventured over to the eBody store (this year) you needed to get the Free relay HUD that was available at the time to make the body BoM. It worked on both the free and paid versions
  9. 😁 If that really is where the male brain is located it must get very sore like a headache. There was a time when certain messaging programs existed where guys used to try and get you to watch them giving their brain a good massage
  10. You need Black Dragon viewer to do the tilts like Victoria's. If you have Photoshop Express installed you can do a tilt or Dutch Angle as it's known by using the straighten option in the Crop section, for this to look good you shouldn't zoom your pics as tightly as normal. other photo editing software may be able to do this too.
  11. Friday and Ingenue are good for flats. Equal has some good "Flatform" styles occasionally Bleich and Breathe have nice flat styles.
  12. 96m for day to day 32m if i'm in my Linden home or shopping sometimes 128m or more if needed for a pic
  13. Not mad keen on the offerings. a long, long time ago i wanted the last name Ghost for an alt and managed to get it. If i was wanting a Ghost themed last name today Ghostly's not terrible but i'd prefer something like Ghosted or Poltergeist
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