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  1. 99% certain you need 500 post to be able to change your title if you are looking to change your title there are a few threads in general discussion that could help you boost your post count up to 500
  2. I don't know what it is either, never heard of it but i'd recommend you don't download it, it could be a malicious viewer if it does exist, here is a list of third party viewers that are safe to download http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory
  3. My alt once saw Guy in my home sim Jieut consolidating all the at the time nearly a full sim's worth of abandoned land plots in to one lot
  4. On the old Meadowbrook Linden home sims the picnic benches used to temp rezz while you sat on them a full picnic feast. maybe they could do the same on the new homes
  5. Even though i only use the one body i have retained any other included rigs occasionally something made for a different body will layer better than using the rig for the body i use
  6. I refresh the Linden Homes page every so often the most i've seen even just now is the Meadowbrook - Grayson go in and out of availability never seen any of the new properties come up. Last time i went premium i had a Meadowbrook if i could get one of the new homes i'd go premium again. more properties are supposed to be coming soon™ so worth holding out a bit longer if you really want a new home.
  7. If you read the grid status you know as much as everyone else that read it. it was posted in at least one group chat today as if "MAY experience problems" was "WILL experience problems"
  8. The houseboats i've seen/been in, in RL don't float and there's no means of sailing them, they are tethered or weighed down close to land or a jetty and just like a boat you can sail they can sink and capsize
  9. Whoever AR'd it can't see the humor in it, some poor soul got mowed down by a careless vehicle driver and nobody could be bothered to remove it so left it to rot away 🤐
  10. My current property is from ONSU previous homes i've used have been from Roost, Greymoon, Maven & Abiss i have a feeling Roost and possibly Greymoon will have the coastal style of home your looking for
  11. Do you use Firestorm viewer? If so you can find a colour under cursor toggle in quick prefs (firestorm logo)
  12. Every 1024sqm home parcel on Bellisseria has a generous 351 prims to decorate with. you should look at just how many prims/Li your furniture and decor items are taking up and see what you need to replace it's not hard to find low Li items. on my mainland 1024sqm i have used around 1/3 of my prims on a skybox and furnishings with Li to spare so it is more than easy to fully kit out a Bellisseria home. Some Li can be shaved off your total usage by linking mesh items together sometimes pieces are technically 0.5 or 1/2 a LI value. you may wish to go to a sandbox and test this out as sometimes Li can go up slightly
  13. I found myself having to go mesh the amount of system sized stuff was dwindling and what there was very often didn't fit my shape. If you see something you like rigged for a mesh body demo it, it will very likely not fit as is but if you have any alpha layers from other clothing it may mean you can wear the item. when i was system i found there were clothes where the included mesh body sizes often Maitreya fitted better than any of the available system Av sizes. it is a bit drastic/more effort than you might want to put in but you could start creating your own alpha layers to wear with mesh body sized clothes
  14. I think with a mesh head you need to throw any budget you have out the window and employ a saving alt if needed as the perfect head may be more costly that you were hoping to spend, for convenience LeLutka heads also include Glam Affair appliers that match with those in the Maitreya HUD. I've tried various heads from different brands but keep getting drawn to LeLutka Chloe as the head I'm currently saving to buy as it looks more or less like "me" with out needing to modify my shape
  15. Not much of a glasses wearer but i do rather like these passive aggressive ones from Fetch One event's Christmas round had these fun novelty glasses as a gift
  16. @Patch Linden @Abnor Mole and all the rest of the LL team that have been working on bringing us the bellisseria continent are working as hard as they can to get new homes and boats out and in time completely phase out the old homes so all premium subscribers can have a nice new home on 1024sqm worth of land with 351 Prims. The new homes have not been created with a cookie cutter no two Sims look the same they each have their own unique features and communal areas they can't be created instantly
  17. I know a one point the Ouch!/high feet you had to purchase separately as the female bodies only included up to mid height feet, if you are looking for shoes for the foot heights TMP don't try to fleece more money from you for have a look at Reign i know styles in their discount section include TMP and so do some of their seasonal revamped styles
  18. From what i can make out they look like a nail style called "stiletto nails" if you type that in to marketplace search you'll get many styles come up
  19. Only a fool would fork out L$5k on a body that deforms to a Maitreya fit. If you wear one of the Slink, Belleza, eBody, Tonic bodies etc. and you want to wear Maitreya stuff for a small outlay of approx L$30 there's the Sahara body while it might not be the most user friendly body around and not Omega applier compatible (at least not the version an alt uses) it is fully Maitreya compatible
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