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  1. Did notice inventory issues on an alt earlier was able to make a copy of it's shape to edit but once it was done it was coming up failed to find in database. Didn't notice any issues for me had no problems doing a bit of inventory sort out and cleaning in a sandbox
  2. Has your OH tried using the neck fix supplied with the genus head it will make the seam less obvious
  3. Jensen by Elikatira is an almost exact match if you want the same colour in the pictures get the Sunset colours pack https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ELIKATIRA-Jensen-Sunset-Colours/15947028
  4. If you can tolerate similarish ears i saw these for L$50 for this weekends Wanderlust Weekend https://www.seraphimsl.com/2020/07/11/great-deals-can-be-found-at-wanderlust-weekend/
  5. The water features in these homes aren't for splashing around in they're for decoration and can be changed to things like grass, sand, soil, match the rest of the floor through the home's control panel
  6. If you use BoM this free set from Plausible Body is worth a punt https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/suPPort-Cleavage-Enhancer/1889905 should you use a Glam Affair skin their satellite store (can be found with search) with older appliers has a cleavage/dehancer applier sadly no BoM/system version available i'm aware of
  7. Have you tried looking up the group "LiveHelp" https://world.secondlife.com/group/8068d711-193b-9ce4-e91e-4caaac454163?lang= the group "The shops" does indeed have chat turned off but "LiveHelp" is the group with group chat turned on for all things Legacy & Classic related you can also find a link to the chat enabled "LiveHelp" group via The Shops account LiveHelp https://my.secondlife.com/livehelp
  8. One of my alts uses a cheap Maitreya compatible body with Catwa Freya currently but is just as happy with the free Genus or Dream heads there's not much difference in head shape got it one of the free skins from Stay at home Club and Izzies valentine freebie make-up, it currently wears Limerence hair, SEmotion AO, a collar/choker, shey boots and a jacket/top combo & jeans from Blueberry obtained with free credit given out in the group or at previous Shop & Hop events excluding the body everything was free except the L$10 boots. While there's still a couple of days left for this years Shop & Hop you could send it on a freebie grab the Addams booth freebie is L$500 credit that will get you a couple of outfits to keep an alt happy, one booth has a free AO there's a few others with hair and accessories
  9. All these Kev's are beggar bots with the same old story profile pic and "Joined today" when you check their rezz date i'm sure they get lucky and some naive people do give them money i had an alt with L$0 targeted at the SL17B shop and hop most recently wasn't sure what the most appropriate AR category was so didn't bother
  10. It's important to know The Shops, Meshbody, TMP, Legacy, Classic, Default, System avatar, whatever does use it's own external server for as much as they can have not on LL servers which is why part of the HUD needs media enabled and these servers and your body can stop working at any time with out warning though if you are in either of the groups for "The Shops" there has been warning. i have one alt that owns the old TMP now using the new "TMP" classic meshbody freebie but only because i got it all the free clobber when that was available. as i only occasionally log it in, if you forget about the glaring gap around the left calf it's an acceptable enough body for an alt If you need help or other things related to "The Shops" you need to join the group LiveHelp for the group chat
  11. I have 5 alts total my first was created because i wondered what happened to me when i logged off, second alt can't remember why i created it maybe it was to milk money trees🤔, third alt i used to get ghosted quite a bit and i wanted an account with the last name "Ghost", fourth alt wanted to get "Resident" as a last name before someone else did, fifth alt i'd thought about making a male alt for years for the odd occasions i need a bloke and don't want to sacrifice one of my other alts to be a bloke for a short while so created a male
  12. You would probably be better off with the free eBody, one of Alatmura's free bodies, Lucy body or pretty much any other free body out there. you can still buy the L$1 version the vendor is working right now there is also a creative edition at L$2500 the body is compatible with 90% of stuff rigged for the older TMP body next to no one is creating new content for that body i don't know about how compatible "Legacy" stuff is
  13. The Shops, TMP, Legacy, Classic, Default, System Avatar, Meshbody or what ever they are calling themselves do have a group with group chat but they don't like/you aren't allowed to say anything negative about the products or you'll get kicked out. If you've joined a group called "The Shops" you will want to join the rather unhelpfully named "LiveHelp" if you want access to group chat
  14. I think you are thinking of Sharpe from the old teen grid which is PG/General. Zindra or "Ursula" as it was initially known as due to the region names is located way to the south and east of the map not near any other mainland or Linden home continents
  15. Bellisseria properties are very popular enough that there might be none available, if they don't come up first you may need to go in to the drop down box and select it if it there. It's the luck of the draw as to where a home in your chosen theme is located it may not be next to the water so you may need to abandon numerous times before you get what you desire
  16. Try ChicChica, Garbaggio, Gos, N-core, Reign (if you prefer something glittery), Caboodle (should you ever want gold boots)
  17. Only problem is the land impact is rather high on a lot of items if it wasn't for that there's loads I'd buy and on the buildings the LOD isn't great a short distance away. Definitely good stuff available for all LH themes
  18. Apologies for dredging this back up hadn't seen it mentioned, now that Genus is up and running again they have the "Strong" gift head that was available through group notices in their mainstore free if anyone missed it, but requires a group join there is a free applier too
  19. The latest versions of Maitreya V5.1 & V5.2 if you want to use the new chest add-on work with BoM and included applier layer attachments so you can still use appliers. If you do make the switch to using BoM you will still be able to shop at your favourite places as they phase out individual body appliers to the more universal Bakes on Mesh. The latest versions of Lelutka heads work with BoM too and you can wear more cosmetic options than appliers allow
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