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  1. I don't want to toot my own horn but i do sell poses that you can demo at my inworld location in Jieut i do also have a basic studio/background set up on the roof. If my stuff is not to your taste there are lots of events like Collabor88, Uber, Fameshed where you can demo and buy poses. If you're buying off the marketplace make sure you can demo inworld first see if you like what's being offered
  2. I think the first official forum i was aware of was only available to premiums but SlExchange/xStreet had one that was popular and when it was taken over by LL eventually morphed in to the forum today
  3. I have 4 alts, one i don't remember why i created it but the other three. The first to see what happened to me when i logged off. three to secure the last name 'Ghost' when i was ghosting quite a lot i also use it to save money, four to secure myself as a 'Resident' last name. If i want to check something out, outside of my normal inworld time i always get an alt to do it
  4. Just because i've had times where i've not had a working computer i would put myself between must have & nice to have only if it was a graphical viewer like Lumiya. When i have been computer-less Lumiya has been essential for logging in to pay rent or very limitedly doing my regular activities. I wouldn't want to use it as my primary viewer if i didn't absolutely have to moving around/navigating is a pain and rendering is slow i did find an option in the settings that made a small improvement. normally i'd use it for quick things like to log an alt in check it's balance or transfer funds
  5. Might still be out, either Doe or Bonbon had a similar hair style to your pic with optional fringe yesterday for Saturday sale it's a bun up do (not curly) that can be worn with or the fringe, on the promo pic it looked better with fringe
  6. I did get the same message today when i logged in about my parcel in Anati didn't notice any changes in about land.
  7. Change that to when buying anything and it turns up on FLF. I bought something from C88 in the week was annoyed to see it turn up on FLF this week, think i would have been more annoyed if it had been the colour option i bought that was the FLF
  8. LL did that fairly early on after the initial release of Bellisseria to blanket ban, ban lines then after that bought out their own security devices people could use. You can still add people to the ban list. The access tab for Bellisseria is no different to access tab abilities I've been given on my mainland rental so those limitations on my Bellisseria plot don't phase me
  9. I did notice some issues TP-ing between two certain sims in the past week always around 3:30 pm slt Where were you when you tried to TP? Anati Where were you trying to go? Jieut If you ended up somewhere else, where was it? Map location showed neighboring parcel in sim not mine but when i next logged in i started where i'd tried to TP to Were you disconnected or did you crash? Disconnected What viewer were you using? Firestorm 6.0.2 (56680) Feb 9 2019 16:38:49 (32bit) (Firestorm-Release) with OpenSimulator support
  10. Some places do operate bans based on avatar complexity or have rules that you can't be more than a certain complexity. it shouldn't be a problem most people will either have a complexity limit that renders you as a jelly doll (mine is 80k) or may set their viewer if it has the option to "Show friends Only" so you won't be rendered at all
  11. When i was online a bit earlier all the sims were quite busy still. hadn't taken much notice of when the shopping would end the sims have been more popular than the closing days of the other shop & hop events
  12. The RL Linden home developments are quite common there's one in my town. Reminds me, I don't know how much of a coincidence it is but in Bellisseria there's a sim called Colchester and in RL there's a town of the same name that happens to have a big development of Linden homes
  13. Reign do some almost identical boots they just don't have the links & chains they include lots customize options - flat and flatform versions, clear and solid colours and optional stockings if using the clear option
  14. I use the Palm View kitchen from Roost the base units plus shelf & glasses weigh in at 13 Li linked i have roughly the same amount of Li invested in all the food/drink/kitchen items most of which i've been able to link together to shave off Li plus rezzed a few bits from the swaginator hunt a 1 Li light and 2 Li dining table from Anna Erotica
  15. Have you tried Auto Refresh Plus if you use Chrome. I successfully used it to secure myself a Bellisseria property, of course it was mega frustrating when properties would come up and no matter how fast i was at clicking they came back sold out or error but it's better than sitting there laboriously pressing refresh every few seconds
  16. Poorly named freebie/gift/items wanted to rezz something i knew i had in inventory didn't know the name couldn't find it in search went to all the places i might have got it from, looked through some old FLF's for clues. Wasn't until i packed off an alt shopping at SL16B i saw what i'd been looking for and then knew what to search in inventory
  17. There's no set time on Monday/Wednesday/Friday when the properties will be released. Patch and the Moles do pop-up in the Bellisseria Citizens group and have given a bit of prior warning when a sim is released, they go in seconds
  18. Maybe LL could do another photo contest the last one was in 2016 and i'm almost certain the top prize was L$10k
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