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How does your avatar look today ?


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23 hours ago, Rhonda Huntress said:

Playing around on the naughty folder ....
I have never found a cleavage enhancer that I like :(

20200411_002.thumb.jpg.e386476b49c66975ef99c64b3a511cdf.jpg  20200411_005.thumb.jpg.a4269e57e50b68da1be63dd9744e3312.jpg

I like them... 🤩

23 hours ago, Marut72 said:

I'm getting better at this.... 



Yes. You are.

22 hours ago, Skell Dagger said:

Pretty casual, all things considered ;)


I would have used the word 'electric'.

11 hours ago, BelindaSalt said:

Out hunting at the beach...……….it was very quiet, apart from one "pestistant" who sent a friend request out of the blue, followed by three TP requests...………..



(head smack here) I even explained to a guy why such a behavior doesn't work (he was really cute) and he DIDN'T GET IT. Oh... agony of beauty.

6 hours ago, Aedan Charron said:


...and why are there no free heads or bodies for us guys? ☹️


Oh... I so had to resist a vulgar comment... 😂

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CheerNo for The Men & Women Jail, and also for The Men's Dept. Guys, you have got to try this body hair - especially if you're fed up of enforced shaved armpits ;) There are three versions, of which this is the lightest. (And you can blame the boots for inspiring this one...) Full credits here.



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