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  1. As my life remains complicated I cannot find a direction for my photography. I did this shot yesterday, the first in more than a month but I feel like it's just "soulless", it feels I'm trying to "conform" to some kind of "standard", without being one able to "conform".
  2. I tried doing the "hot girl in lingerie" pose I've seen "sell so well". Well, I'm not good at it and I don't really think it fits what I believe/am
  3. Nowadays I never have much inspiration and my overal activity in SL dropped close to 0, but sometimes I still remember how to take pictures I like.
  4. A shot made just to make a shot without particular care or interest in it.
  5. As things are slowly going back to a resemblance of normality, I decided to upload this shot I did just before I left more than a month ago.
  6. What are and where they are from the top and the glasses, if I can ask? 🙂
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