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  1. I'm quite proud of how this look and photo came out 😊
  2. Nice statistics but the likes, as in Facebook, means about... nothing. And yes, I care little if I get 0 likes or 100, they don't make money rain or employment appear from thin air.
  3. The Graphic Designer in me isn't sure if to laugh or cry XD
  4. Aww I'm really glad someone likes my looks, it isn't something that happens everyday 😔 but yeah, glad you do! 😊💙 In the meantime.... new look.
  5. Thank you! ^.^ So, the jacket is part of the "Kat" set from L'Emporio di Bru, the top is called Mia from Voluptas Virtuals and the hairs are No.Match No.Manhattan.
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