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  1. Nowadays I never have much inspiration and my overal activity in SL dropped close to 0, but sometimes I still remember how to take pictures I like.
  2. A shot made just to make a shot without particular care or interest in it.
  3. As things are slowly going back to a resemblance of normality, I decided to upload this shot I did just before I left more than a month ago.
  4. What are and where they are from the top and the glasses, if I can ask? 🙂
  5. Update: I moved, the trip itself went well but I still haven't found a place to live long term and that is giving me quite some problems. As said before, yes the hairs are Astrology's Hi Sabrina hairs. I loved them too when I saw them~
  6. Thank you, it really warms me to hear your words 💙 I'm moving to a new coutry relatively far away and some stuff is still an unknown quantity ( one of them is internet coverage during weekends/evenings ) 😅
  7. I'm moving soon. I don't know if I'll be able to log into SL. I hope I will but at the moment I don't know if I'll have internet at all. So this might be the last photo in a while.
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