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How does your avatar look today ?


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9 hours ago, SharaShara said:

I got a mesh head,do I detach my system head and put on the mesh one? And how do I correct the skin color overall afterward? Thanks

You can't detach the system head only mask it. Many mesh heads now include the ability to use BoM (bakes on mesh) you may be using a mesh body that can use this too. simply right click and add the head then add the head HUD and click BoM in the HUD if you wish to use mesh eyes wear the alpha that may be included for eyes only. if you got the free Dream head for Stay @ Home club which is BoM only you just need to make sure you aren't wearing any alpha layers that hide the whole head or it will appear red. If your head & body skins are the same tone from the same store they should match perfectly or near enough if not you can try something like https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/gift-EVERMORE-skintone-tintadjust-BoMonly-wear-me/19133362 or a neck fix to blend

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3 hours ago, Eva Knoller said:

I finally won a Flickr giveaway! This cute Tram topknot fatpack. ❤ 

I am happy with how this picture turned out EXCEPT for that weird tree/plant thing behind me. I really should have derendered it. 

Light the way


It is a lovely pic, but it DOES look a bit like Cthulhu is arising from the deep, and about to seize you as a sacrifice.

Your next pic should show your avatar being dragged screaming into the depths?

Maybe with a side order of baguette.

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