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  1. Cliffside Barn is available to rent again. This is currently our only available home, so grab it whilst you can!
  2. Just a quick note to thank everyone for their submissions so far. We are overwhelmed at the response, and for all the positive commens towards Puddlechurch. Please continue to submit your applications, and we will get back to you as soon as we are able to. best regards Gaz, Cheri & Lill ♥
  3. 'The Dusty Puddle' situated on the established Puddlechurch 3 region estate, is now looking for more Live Artists, DJ's & Hosts for regular events. To express your interest in becoming part of the team, please fill out our initial interview form here Visit In-World
  4. cheers @Gage Wirefly and ofc, iirc it was Analu Neutral
  5. Oh thanks @Marigold Devin, thats right nice of you to say, it's relatively easy to do with a mirror water in SL!
  6. ha! I'll give her a prod later @TDD123
  7. This is how my pal the very talented @Rara Destiny looked when I snapped her yesterday. She don't post on here, cos she's too good for the likes of us 😄
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