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  1. New ones! Dayturn Viewer and Scenegate Viewer are really nice and they are from well known viewer developers.(Not on 3rd party list!)
  2. Your in luck! the old school beloved snowglobe version!😉 Phoenix Also plenty of other old viewers to try.
  3. Has something changed due to cloud move? several have reported same issues. Not sure if a bug report has been added to that issue? someone will be in soon to let you know if it's you or the bugs to "solve your issue"🤡
  4. It's Arielle Popstar thread. I'm going to respectfully disengage to keep others from further derailing it. Your welcome to attempt to PM me to continue my amusement. 🤡
  5. They added code later on to viewers to do that as part of there system for whatever reason (Firestorm Team Did)..older viewers only the lab can block them server side. Viewers older then when Firestorm started doing that they cannot block ..only the lab server side. and anyone can edit the current viewer by changing a few flags in the files(if anyone needed to?) to never get blocked.
  6. Why would i change any of that... it's pure hard facts!... I know I'm on the planet of the apes..but do you? some of my other comments seemed to harsh or too advanced for some so they were edited to be more "simple"
  7. You got that all wrong... your suppost to be side stepping me... remember?
  8. I don't have a country or at least a patriot of any of them And america turning Libyia into a lawless state run by thugs and returning the african slave trade, how many millions are dead from just that 2 or 3? the estimate are really bouncing around. I know it was between 250k to 300k babies died from several factors of no medicine to no doctors during birthing issues in the last 10 years.. oh well they are overseas who cares right? you still get your mcdonalds and enjoy your cheap cost chinese TV's 🤡
  9. They are based on the same login protocols of that time (same binary code open sourced by lab)...so no difference would have been made logging in... that's what i was thinking🙂
  10. Edit is for many reasons are we being the Edit Police now?🤡 The question I responded to was mostly about India... to keep it on topic it was mentioned its possible as terrible and bloody handed the US Goverment is they might of framed the Chinese followed by some snippets. (Covid Related) Agree they all do..but the west is the most recent and worst of them all..the thing is unlike other countries, they have never stopped!
  11. US government also gave Black Men up until 1972 a horrible deadly disease that makes Covid look friendly n fluffy!.. America has a long history of this. Tell that to this man.
  12. What I stated was a double edge expression because in the Hindu it has two opposite meanings. 1st Indians do not want to be westernized in the sense of culture(majority anyways) as they spent centuries like most European colonies being brutally raped and robbed by them with millions dying from or killed mostly by the British and Dutch. 2nd the flip of this is right now Indians want to be westernized in the financial sense due to the west that being American/Europeans controlling the world economy. basically the west uses the power of the Dollar/Euro to hold down and continuing to try to control those nations. Best thing would be for them is China's new digital currency taking off and displacing the American dollar for global trade then swinging trade towards countries artificially being held back from development by the West. And to keep it on topic/off topic?... I do not believe the Covid virus came from China ...but was planted there by the US Government(conspiracy maybe?).. but the American government has a long history of overthrowing others governments and creating events were millions die all in the name of money and cronyism.. shielded behind brainwashed patriotism by it's people. US government also gave Black Men up until 1972 a horrible deadly disease that makes Covid look friendly n fluffy!.. America has a long history of this. "then why do you copy almost everything American's do but Asian's don't? " It's only been 70 yrs since Europeans pulled out of those countries who is to say what they copied from them? they sure did steal everything from them(look at all the things in the museums of Europe, the English queens jewelry box) just like Americans stole everything from the native americans..you know how they did that? they gave them blankets infected with small pox and it ran rampant killing thousands across North America so the time they got out west 90% of the population had been killed off. that happened when Columbus(European mass murderer) did it then later the US government in the 1830' through 1870's So deadly things like Covid is nothing new ...nor is deliberately planting/ infecting others with disease new.
  13. Inara has a nice blog piece on it.
  14. This is kinda cool, learn something new every day🙂
  15. I can still log in with thea 10yr old version of the Teapot Viewer. https://modemworld.me/2012/07/30/teapot-brewing-up-a-viewer/
  16. 1st Imprudence changed and became another viewer that is on the list. Yes the Ashes of Emerald became Phoenix and Firestorm replaced it. while retaining a "Phoenix Mode" so users got the best of both viewers.
  17. 1st I would like to hear Henry's thoughts on the matter after all these years if he is still involved in SL as Henry or Equivalent 2nd You never know they might still use it depending on the PC and Hardware 3rd Glads it is open as it marks around the time SL development stopped on the linden side with the community trying to push forward on the viewer side(Yes a timeline can be shown) "Nothing there is relevant." to you perhaps. No one speaks for current or past viewer developers but them so we have no idea how stagnating the "shared user experience" has been. I know every time the Black Dragon Developer has tried to offer features the lab has just shut him down. Right now Linden Lab is on Auto Pilot. I think a large group needs to get together and petition the New Owners with facts and ideas and sidestep the management in the ivory tower. I also believe the shared user experience should end. a return to direct community drive to add new features to SL. (Yes i know Whirly might pop in telling me how its good)
  18. I downloaded the new release of Firestorm.. but miss the removed features(Slide out Folders) had to be removed due to the LL shared user experience policy. Are you still using Phoenix?
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