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  1. These cool creatures are from Lillith's Den and will be at The Darkness Chamber Fair in a couple of days.. I just thought they were so cool!
  2. It is not about protecting the creator as much as giving the customer a chance to "try it before you buy it". Just like in RL, you want to try on clothes to be sure they fit, same in SL. I prefer people try a demo before they purchase so that they are sure they want the item. Better for them, better for me. But I know what you mean about the timed demo thing.. although I personally don't mind it at all.
  3. I don't mind timed demos, but I rarely see them. I like them really, so I can see what the actual texture looks like. I don't think this is being paranoid at all. I probably have purchased the same demo a few times because I forgot I had it already!
  4. The new LOGO Chelsea head with a shape I made for it, using Lara Hurley's Mandi skin for LOGO. I believe LOGO still has it out for free by joining their group, which is also free to join, but I don't think it will last much longer. Honestly, this head is lovely! Between this one and my Lelutka, I am pretty much set
  5. If there is one constant in SL is change.. just like in RL I suppose! The posts above gave you some good advice. Best thing to do is take it slow, demo everything first and don't assume that expensive means best. I'd suggest joining some shopping event groups as you can get some good info on sales, etc. Flickr is a good way to find some good looks, follow those you like. Good luck!
  6. New look for the last days of summer... the group gift skin from MILA is lovely, comes in versions for Lelutka Evolution and Genus. I used my Maitreya body though the BOM skins are suggested for the legacy body, it worked okay, except for the toes, but that's fine with me. The hair is from AnalogDog, the shape is made by me. xo
  7. I understand your frustration, and honestly, before starting my store,I thought about how much time I would have to respond to customers with issues, and made myself a promise that I would do my best to live up to my own customer service standards. We need to consider many factors in this, including 1. language differences 2. cultural differences 3. business acumen ... three that come to mind. I might even add education level and basic communication skills. To start a business with a store front in the "real world" you need have a basic level of understanding of business practices, ofte
  8. It has been a while since I posted... I've been enjoying using the Petite add on and really enjoying the look of it. This was taken at Hazardous, one of my favorite long-time SL sims.
  9. If I was not allowed to change how I look on the daily, I'd leave SL. The creativity that a virtual world allows is probably one of the biggest draws for me. And, as one person already said, when we are friends, I am friends with the person, not the avatar, and could care less what the avi looked like that day. My friends always comment on "we never know what we are going to get with you" regarding my looks. When I didn't change, they asked if I was feeling ok Something someone said to me though clicked.. that regardless of the look of my avi, I was always "me". In other words, that attachme
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