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  1. I make poses, but still shop for poses when I can't make what I want or am too lazy.. cos.. yea.. lazy happens. Marketplace can be intimidating as it is just sooo full of stuff! I have an MP store and even I am overwhelmed sometimes. Still poses can range from simple to "kinetic", and it all depends on what picture you want to make. I'd be on the lookout for oddly twisted limbs (especially the shoulders) and "stiff" poses, which can happen when creators don't look at the little details like the hands and feet and how they are turned.. or how the head is positioned. I make my poses for me first, then use them in photos, and only if I like how it turns out do I sell them in packs (as in the image attached). For kinetic poses, I would recommend Poseidon. I'd also look at Reve Obscura poses (both are on MP). The price point on them can vary, but RO poses are some of my fave bc they usually have props as well for a super low price and maximum quality. Lyrium is also one of my faves. And, while it might be weird that as a pose maker I am reccomending other's poses, its because I recognize their quality and I want to support other creators too I also don't just make poses so its honestly not an issue.
  2. Just me.. and this shirt ...
  3. Tess Falworth: She is a character I created, originally a hybrid vampire/human who became a Hunter...she would go after naughty vampires (as well as weres, etc) and brought them back to stand trial for their crimes. Tess is a short, sweet and easy to remember name, and also easy to type. Falworth was suggested, amongst others, when I first joined SL. I wanted something that sounded a bit on the British side, so Tess Falworth was it
  4. I really miss the warmer beaches where I can be in the water... sighs... California Dreamin'....
  5. This one is the Lelutka Nova mesh head . There are a variety of heads out there, each one has pros and cons as usual. For me, the top three heads I generally use are 1. Catwa (Catya) 2. Lelutka Evolution (Nova) 3. Vista. I am sad that Vista has not gotten the love it deserves, because honestly its a really amazing head for the price (I believe its still priced at 2000L vs the upwards of 5000 L that most mesh heads are sold for these days). LOGO is a close tie for third, but I find their HUDs a bit more complex and their overall design a bit more limiting to edit. That being said, LOGO was the first mesh head I got when mesh heads first came out, and I loved my Alex LOGO head. Mae is my fave of their new ones that have come out for Bento. I am not really a fan of Genus for various reasons, but I think they are lovely in shape and do look super pretty with so many skins and makeup made for them, but since they currently have a DMCA that was brought against them, am cautiously waiting to see what the outcome is. I'd recommend taking some time to demo each head you are interested in and then look around to see how much is created for them, etc. With Catwa, you are assured that there is ALOT and I mean, ALOT made for them. Items for the new Lelutka heads have just been booming, and since both Catwa and Lelutka are Bake On Mesh optimized, you will have a lot of makeup, skins, etc available for them, with more coming out as time goes on. I'm adding a collage of the heads I mentioned with shapes I made for them ( I never use the shapes out of the box, ever) so you can have some reference. One thing to keep in mind is that the skin you choose will make a HUGE difference in the overall look. The combo of shape AND skin is really what will make the look complete. Some of my fave skin makers are Lara Hurley, Glam Affair, Amara Beauty, Enfer Sombre, Deetalez, and Pumec. If you ever need any in-world help with heads, skins or shapes, let me know!
  6. Well, nothing new really, except my usual back and forth between my Catwa head and my Lelutka head. Not really using a new skin, as I have been in love with this Amara Beauty skin since I got it. The alabaster tone is delicious. Once I added my freckles and blush that I wear on the daily I just didn't really want to take it off! The hair is new.. from Doux and I believe its at Equal10, or was as of yesterday. Doux hair has quickly started to become one of go-tos for lots of things due to its lovely textures and built in hairbase. I am glad to see more hair creators using it as well. The eyes are new too, and I just released them for 35L Sundays. Well, Happy Saturday!
  7. I probably should have cropped this.. my OCD is kicking in but its too late lol. Oh wells! Just me, with my Lelutka Nova head. Thank goodness for being able to save outfits considering how often I change my looks! I was in world and someone asked me where I got my shape and skin, and I gladly shared. She was over the moon since she said she'd been told some nasty things when she asked other people where they found their outfits, etc. She was relatively new and still learning. I thought that was such a sad thing that people were rude to her when she asked. I will always let people know where I get anything I am wearing if they ask me. Kindness... its a thing! In case anyone wants to know: Hair- Tram, skin - Amara Beauty, earrings- e.marie, eyes -made by me freckles and blush as well made by me.
  8. Yes, this is Lelutka Nova, and that skin I think it is Glam Affair from the current round of the Arcade.
  9. I am like that too! In the first few years I kept all the hunt stuff I did, now.. not so much.. I might pick up just a handful of things that meet my standards, and that I know I can actually use. It helps keep my inventory from overflowing after almost 12 years in SL! Plus, now I just think.."eh, I can make that myself if I really want it" for most things anyway.
  10. Lelutka Nova head with Enfer Sombre Skin-Elen.. made my own shape for it. I'll probably change tomorrow.. but for today, I like it!
  11. Just a mix of some old, some new and some free and some not free stuff that shows how easy it is to make a rather cute avi with some freebies and weekend sale stuff. While my body is Maitreya, and I did purchase it, the head is the Catwa Freya gift head, which honestly, was a bit tough to find a good skin for until I discovered Lara Hurley had made one (she's one of my all time faves and I have been purchasing her stuff for years). The skin is sold with all the usual tones, but she put one out for free and its lovely! I had almost given up on the head as I couldn't quite get the look I wanted but now I am super happy with it. I stopped by Scandalize, and realized that if I joined the group I could get the group gift, which I am wearing (top and shorts) and will be able to pick up group gifts in the future, so I spent the 100L to join in stead of the 75L for the weekend sale item. Anyway, this is the end result, and I am quite happy with the look overall and glad that I did pick up that free head!
  12. Just a crop and a bit of background blurring.. done in Firestorm with Places-Embryo as the wind light on ultra.. and I used a FACELIGHT.. OMG for shame.. (giggles) . Taken at Hazardous... pose made by me and soon on Marketplace.. when I get around to it
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