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  1. new eyes I made and lips as well.. testing them out and I am quite happy with them. Now on to make BOM and all the things... but first, lunch!
  2. just a basic shot.. simplicity is good sometimes?
  3. well hello there.. just another raw cropped pic.. was working on eyes and lip appliers.. really not much energy left right now to do any editing, but I quite liked this pic as is!
  4. raw image, just cropped and resized to be able to load... taken at Hazardous Sim
  5. Photoshop/Adobe can also be used as a monthly subscription, so you can do that and see if that is an option for you? I am a Mac user, so I have Pixelmator. It can open and save and manipulate all photoshop files, as well as TGA, etc etc.. etc.. Its a pretty powerful program, but it is only for Macs. GIMP is ok but.. I think the user interface is incredibly hard to use. If you are a windows user I'd recommend signing up for the Adobe Cloud and using photoshop that way, like Tazzie said. As for making a tattoo, I don't know that there are step by step instructions per se. Since you are not a mesh user, and you are using a system skin you will not need to use an applier, as you said originally. Appliers are not complicated really; its mostly just building your own or using the Omega system, which one of my fave tattoo shops does. The good thing about using system layers is that with Bake On Mesh, you will be able to use those system tattoos if you do decide to go a mesh body/head. I know how to make eye appliers as well as makeup and have made very simple tattoos for personal use for myself. I wish I could be of more help!
  6. Hmmm.. you can mod pretty much any bento head to have the Kawaii look.. that more "upside down" pear look you described? I have seen it on heads like Catya even.. really, a lot depends on the skin you purchase for it as well. It makes such a big difference, much more than I think people really understand. You just have to look for the right skin really. I have the Neve head and it does come with a more pointy chin (something I was not particularly attracted to) and that his how it is built, so I modded it so the chin was not so "pointy" and softer all around. But, I do get what you are saying about that head. I mean, really, mostly I'd look for skins and then start modding a demo.. Genus is pretty cool (but their HUD omfg.. just no) Catwa had been coming in ahead of everyone for a long time and I think they got their kinks worked out with their HUDs enough that I am pretty happy with them for now. I love the elegance of Lelutka but I can't see any of their heads really used for kawaii looks.. but then again, might be just a skin thing . Mudskin has some lovely skins that are inclusive of various heads too, so maybe check them out and then test them on a demo? Good luck and share what you did end up with !
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