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  1. No edit on this one.. loved it as is Having some fun styling with Wonderlust Items and Saturday Sale stuff... the hair is really cool and from Exile.
  2. I think you did great at cropping the photo, and don't worry about how good or bad you might think you are.. the thread is for just pics of your avi and how it looks, and I think you've done a great job! If you enjoy taking photos in sl, then you will certainly grow skill-wise in time.. but you at least got the main concept down! congrats on a great avi and a cool pic
  3. We need bones! That is what is going on.. no bones right? *grins*
  4. Yes! I totally agree.. and while playing with body fat, width, muscle on the sliders can make a *tiny* difference, it is really just the mesh itself was made that way. I still really like the body overall though.
  5. yes! females have less defined ones, in general, that is unless you are weight lifting.. but still. There are just limitations to what SL can do with bodies, and I do agree that skins will have SO MUCH TO DO with the overall definition. And yay for rings!
  6. Yes! I agree and the hands on Slink and Maitreya I think are just a bit overall better than Belleza, but again, not enough for me to not use Belleza. Sadly, there is WAY less created for rigged Belleza hands, and I love to wear lots of bento rings, etc, which are mostly in Maitreya or Slink. In the image below the overall look is lovely but the collar bone and shoulder is much softer and rounder than in Belleza or even slink. Both below use Lara. The fun in this body is how varied a look you can get from it. I like using Lara for slimmer, more petite shapes as I think it lends itself well to it. Also, I think from various year of observing the shapes on these bodies, that Lara is more "youthful" thank the Belleza bodies. To put it another way, Maitreya is the college co-ed or the 30's mommy, while Belleza is the 35-45 age range. And, yes I know you can create a youthful looking avi with Belleza and an older looking one with Maitreya, but in default, Maitreya is must by default more youthful.
  7. Lara is a lovely body, and frankly, if it isn't broke, don't fix it, as they say. I'd love to see the update to the Glam Affair skins soon, however. I have Maitreya, Belleza and Slink, and actually Tonic too, which is a beautiful body as well but gets very little love from mesh clothing makers, though a lot of slink fitted clothing will work for it . But, back to Maitreya and the other bodies you mentioned. Each body will give you a different look, and each one has its pros and con. Frankly, I like the shape of the thighs on the Belleza bodies, but not the rest of the legs, and I do like how their shoulders are shaped, as well as their breasts, but I really dislike the shape of the line between the bum and the back of the thigh. That does not stop me from wearing them though as they are overall a really pretty body. There are things on their HUD I'd like fixed but not enough for me to complain about it to the creator. Slink is pretty too and I like the overall shape of the Hourglass body, but its more "cartoony" if you will. I think if I were to rank them in order of use for me: Maitreya, Slink HG, and then Belleza Freya or Isis. I understand what you mean about the pregnant belly thing on the Maitreya body, though. I think for overall usability, and considering how much is crated for Maitreya alone, it is a good body to have if you are only going to have ONE body.
  8. This sounds great, Lucy! I'd love to come check it out as well..
  9. I think the pros and cons can be subjective, but I also think that in general, because it is considered a "popular" head, it has a great deal of skins, appliers, etc made specifically for it. The HUD is neither here nor there for me. I prefer the elegance and ease of use of Lelutka, to be honest. If you are new to mesh heads, and are going to invest in one, I would say to get a Catwa head, because you will immediately find thousands of skins, appliers, eyes, etc for it. You will not have to hunt around for skins, and often find many very low priced and high quality creations for it right away, thus reducing your overall expense and time spent finding things for it. My personal favorite is Catya, since it is the most "generic" shape that can be modded quite well for various looks. But, that is only personal preference. I own Genus, Lelutka, Utilizator Normie, Catwa (Lona and Catya), and LOGO, as well as [AK] and Vista. Vista is my favorite as far as animations to be frank, next to Lelutka and Catwa. Unfortunately, there are very few skins made for Vista, so you will be limited in your choices. That being said, if you don't change skins or looks often, I would say Vista is a great head for the cost, beating out all the others due to the ease of use, animations and simple HUD. As for other pros/cons, I would say that eyes and appliers simply look better on Catwa. I make eyes, and they just look much better on Catwa. Same with skins and makeup overall. The eyes on Catwa are just my favorite, and I think, as a creator and artist, the best in overall shape, etc. That is not to say that other heads are not lovely too, but if I had to rate it, yes, Catwa would be number 1 on that front. I will switch out my looks and wear other heads, but I keep going back to Catwa for the most universal availability of skins, etc. In the end, it all depends on YOU, your needs, etc. I'd ask yourself: how much time am I willing to spend looking for skins, makeup, etc for my head? How much Linden am I willing to spend? How much modifying am I willing to do? etc. Good luck and have fun!
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