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  1. Reading the news feeds, the forums, and social media:
  2. Me, Iva, Rhonda, and Clover had an impromptu photo session:
  3. Alone at home, alone in SL. Waiting to hear if I was exposed to COVID-19 at work 😞
  4. My supervisor texted me and said a coworker of mine tested positive for COVID-19. My place of employment is determining who this person had contact with and will let those people know soon. Hopefully I wasn't one of them. It's been 6 days since they were in the office and I feel fine.
  5. Speaking of long lost souls returning to SL, Heath Elvehjem (Heath Vercher) returned to SL last night and held a concert:
  6. Part of making friends is just being there and interacting with everyone else. So, come to the Breakfast, the Shelter, or any place that people gather. Be known, be yourself, and the friendships will follow.
  7. I randomly came across a hair store I've never heard of before, Navy & Copper. This hair looks very nice on Kona!
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