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  1. Relevant, Anyone, anywhere can place a URL in any media device. By public I mean intended listeners would be required to have an SL account and be logged into SL. Again, having been at this for over 14 years I know what I am talking about. Armchair lawyers sit in their brains and lack the full picture. If you keep a low profile, you're safe. When you stand out and become noticeable off the grid, then that's where you need to play it safe.
  2. Wow, the amount of ignorance and ideological posturing on this simple question is mind boggling. Only a couple of responders had answers anywhere close to the desired response. Since 2007 I have managed an oline radio station that has been legally licensed over the years via Loudcity, StreamLicensing, Sonixcast, and Torontocast. After the rates skyrocketed in 2016 I jumped from an American company to a Canadian one. My rates went from $30 to $75 a month! I found a Canadian entity where the annual cost was about $100. I now pay $8 a month for licensing, an auto-dj with 20gig storage, 500
  3. I found a decent "Patrick Nagel" style artist!
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