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  1. For a dirt-cheap experience buy a refurbished Dell for approximately $200, find a half height video card like a GTX-105Ti for less than $150, then a 24 inch LCD for about $100.
  2. I use Torontocast. Plans start at $9 a month and it is SOCAN compliant (royalty + licensing).
  3. You can tell these guys were having a lot of fun making the video!
  4. For the longest time I could listen to AAC encoded shoutcast streams on an HTML5 player on a prim. That ability disappeared one day and I can only listen to MP3 streams? For what reason was this changed? AAC streams of the same quality of an MP3 stream use much less bandwith.
  5. Post your pics and stories about your Valentines Day of 2021 here. Last night my friend Riley took me out on a date and we had a swell time at the Moulin Rogue
  6. I ran into another Racer 2 weeks ago and he ignored me! I had never met another Racer before that and probably never will.
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