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  1. As a self-published author I can identify with this:
  2. Was it OnLive? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OnLive
  3. Neve is having a big sale so I took Abba Svenska shopping.
  4. Chillin' at Owl Dragonash's art gallery.
  5. Hoot Suite Art Gallery is having a reading excerpt from GoSpeed's Work In Progress short story "Sinatra in a Younger Day" When: November 24th - 1 pm SLT Where?: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ruthsburg/125/206/23 What?: Owl Dragonash will be reading a scene from a short story I am currently writing. I will be there to answer questions in voice or text chat. There will be three raffle winners who will get the complete eBook collection of GoSpeed's first 4 books via Smashwords.. I will place the raffle bowl down early Tuesday morning. You need not be pr
  6. I've crossposted this in the Facebook group too! https://www.facebook.com/forumcartel
  7. You've made the list! Good or bad? Not going to say
  8. "Map-maker, map-maker, make me a map..." Busily working away on my other monitor with telework.
  9. Where are you? @Ivanova Shostakovich
  10. The newly reconstituted Breakfast Club is back at a new time. Join us at The Forum Cartel Hangout on Sunday, 15 November from 10AM to Noon SLT for conversation, music, and dancing. Music provided by DJ GoSpeed of KONA Stream. @Hippie Bowman
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