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  1. It's not how you feel, but how you look.
  2. Also, if you use a Space Navigator puck, it does not send look-at information either.
  3. I was hoping to watch the Space-X launch today, but it was scrubbed due to weather. Here's me watching the lightning remotely.
  4. Svarga from late 2007. The buildings look good, but the vegetation looks very dated.
  5. I came fairly close. The chin is pointier and I could not replicate the eye shape to my satisfaction. Being able to BOM my skin and eyes was a BIG help in retaining my look. Facial expressions are much better too! I am happy with the final result.
  6. Yesterday was a day of contrast. There was the joy and thrill of participating in Bay City's 12th Anniversary. So much fun! Then there was a change to my Second Life which didn't hurt much at first, but as the hours ticked by the sense of pain and loss grew. It's a brand new week, a new day, but I am starting at the bottom. The only way is up, right? **Blue Monday**
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