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  1. Busy-busy in RL, but had a chance to log in for a while and chatted with Rhonda and Clover at the Hangout.
  2. I sat in Rhonda's favorite barstool. She called it her "throne." I guess she'll have to remove me from it by some method.
  3. My oldest memories, let's see. Well, I had an account before this one so I'll go with that. I recall finding a Star Trek Museum with a Klingon starship floating nearby. Seeing a Black Widow avatar at the Ahern welcome area. Landing on the Caledon sim the very first night it arrived. Attending a live concert at a venue that had a pond/frog motif.
  4. Dancing by myself at the Cartel hangout.
  5. Went to Book island with Iva and Rhonda. The host, Selena Greene read submissions by me and Iva.
  6. Bay City's 11th Anniversary party was today!
  7. Hung out for a while with Rhonda and Clover. Then, Marty showed up!
  8. Riding out a rough spot in my life...
  9. The Forum Cartel hangout has its own Discord channel: This link expires in 24 hours: https://discord.gg/Tfm5C6
  10. So, what you are saying is to write down the slider numbers for your system head, then, wear the starter head shape, then adjust the sliders using the numbers you wrote down (and tweak as needed) ???
  11. Because sometimes life is very hard...
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