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  1. Some further refinement. The top portion is a bit thinner now. I also made the lips smaller too.
  2. I discovered early on that a Space Navigator puck does not produce a Look-at cross.
  3. Took the dive for a mesh head and this is what I've done so far! I can certainly say that the skin really makes the face and can accommodate changes beneath it. That being said, I think my eyes and mouth can use a bit more tweaking.
  4. Above: From Snapzilla, 26 December 2006 Below: December 2019
  5. It was a Friday afternoon, 10 November 2006 and I was creating this account. I scanned the names and stopped at "Racer." At that very moment a GEICO commercial was playing on TV: I was like, "Sure, why not?" , and GoSpeed Racer was born! I worried that my name would cause me to be laughed at, until I spotted a lot of names sillier than mine! Only recently I've changed my display name to GoSpeed Rasere as I use that name for a character in my self published novels.
  6. Come join us for the annual Tree Lighting and Concert at the Bay City Fairgrounds from 1 to 4 PM SLT, 8 December 2019. We also have a silent auction for the Child's Play Charity featuring many quality SL items. The event kicks off with DJ GoSpeed from 1-2 PM SLT followed by Mimi Carpenter and Wolfie Starfire. A full sized skating rink is also there for you to enjoy also.
  7. I love discovering new poses! Each pose presents my avatar in a new, interesting way.
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