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  1. Next weekend is my mother's funeral. She passed away this past Wednesday at the age of 83. I will sorely miss her. 💔
  2. Thanks for the plug Maddie. I've taken over for Hippie since 2018 BTW.
  3. The approaching warm weather is inspiring...
  4. My oldest memories were from the account I had before GoSpeed. I recall rezzing at Ahern and one of the Welcome area lurkers had a black widow spider avatar. Exploring nearby I saw a gathering of avatars in which one was juggling balls. I also recall discovering a Sci-Fi museum which featured a Klingon Bird Of Prey suspended in the sky.
  5. Everyone knows it's those wily coyotes you need to watch out for!
  6. Lazing away under a willow tree, reading a book, while Abba Svenska keeps me company.
  7. Trying a bit of purple with my clothing.
  8. I remember your early days Ginger
  9. Not exactly my first, but among the first when I became "ebony" in SL and then something a little more recent:
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