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  1. Yikes... i mean, if i had to i dont even know which groups i would choose to drop.. all of them are important LOL.. (to me anyway) damn... thats.. hard..
  2. I have legacy F and perky.. i dont take my perky body off its everything i want
  3. but ok..say a brand new store pops up.. and i want to be a member.. can i delete one group, and replace? or do i have to get right down below 41..in order to join a new group? ..coz i dunno what else i'd unjoin, just to join something new
  4. omg YAY!!! that is awesome news. i totally thought i had to delete a whole heap.. thankyou !
  5. everywhere I look it seems to be totally out of date, so i'd love some clarification before i start removing myself from groups unnecessarily what is the current FREE (account) limit for groups?? at the moment i am a premium, i am sitting on 60 groups, with 10 remaining... but this year i wont be renewing it, (its too much in aussie dollars)
  6. First off, i love your choice in head and body! Lol.. My personal go to, because i have the same combo is MILA skins.. get the hd pro shade.. amd grab the body applies (body applier pack comes in ALL body types and ALL the shades) .. and its reasonably cheap too for the body shades..
  7. Ive been using hd pro since it came out, it already comes with either Skinnery(soft head) or deetalez(edged head) so depends which body skins you might already own or are willing to get to match it/you want to be wearing too.. (personally i like skinnery) and soft face looks so i got soft. .. i also got a MILA head skin for 880L for HD PRO, and also one by 7 deadly Skins in "sunset" pack. < 7DS also have a brand new one out on their facebook page..but i dont know when it comes out..they are teasing us with pics though! There is NO neck seam, they use a universal neck line..and it doesnt ha
  8. I this is a fantastice idea!! wish i knew of it sooner, although now i might actually go and count how many items i paid for.. and see if its over or under 20 items. im so keeping this idea for next year thankyou to all of for replying! its fun to read and sit among fellow shoppers lol
  9. be honest.. how much did you spend on black friday this year? I don't want to feel totally guilty for it..! so if your a shopaholic and shameless and have no guilt, lets hear it below. Mine is roughly 2.5K.. yep.. i don't even know if thats more or less last year, I'm thinking its less, because I didn't spend on any megapacks this year.. and with Addams and Blueberry i only stuck to their credit gifts. .. so where did 2.5 come from.. hair stores..a new body skin, some clothes from safria, osmia, and a few others.. lol.. I'm thinking about throwing some old stuff out and cleaning my inve
  10. hi guys, wondering if you can help. i have looked at this billboard for too long and i might be missing something. where is the rest of the options for legacy? lol.. why is legacy only avaliable in slim? ..someone that loves Skinnery might be able to help me on this.. i love their stuff, but i dont want to be restricted to one body type? ...
  11. i love cynfuls clothing, and this jacket is just gorgeous
  12. i saw this cool girl the other day and she was breathing out this smoke.. or maybe frost.. i tried looking on the marketplace, but i didn't find it.. what she was blowing out looking good quatlity though (didn't look cheap or tacky) anyone know where to get this stuff?
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