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  1. weekend sale still on which also includes kalhene erika. each single item is 69L.
  2. I have been searching for erika finds this weekend, so if your a erika user then check out these, everything is under 100L.
  3. so i switch alot between lelx avalon, AK and LAQ depending what i want for the day or week, someone posted about the updates so i ran to get it, the new eyeshadows and lippies in the hud are gorgeous, if anyone was to ask "why laq?" ..I think they have such a sultry eye look with the built in feathery lashes and the high quality shadows, its why i keep re attaching this head.
  4. ok now im running to get my redelivery ! ❤️ thankyou for this update !
  5. This is a bit harsh.. will that assistance also include said snob help pay for the body, the clothes, the skin and any skin enhancements?? Because if not then maybe they should keep their opinions to themselves. I know if someone was trying to be 'helpful' with their 'suggestions' I would like them to be helpful paying for it too.
  6. I guess I am an av snob too, however I've never even considered being rude or pushing my own ideas and 'looks' onto others.. You'll find some people in sl won't interact with you if you stay classic.. that's just..a fact.. people like to feel elite and superior.. just like in real life like buying a fancier house or car.. and in real life you wouldn't feel the pressure to keep up with them .. so don't think you should feel pressured in second life either..
  7. thankyou hon, this was a big help.. thanks to others as well, the helpful tips were great ❤️
  8. sorry, posting again.. i got the clothing ideas.. but i also want to know, how people get avs looking like this
  9. you guys know your stuff, i visisted these stores and totally found things i liked, i even demoed some items that i do plan to buy.. thankyou !!
  10. Hey all Im trying to find hoodies for women .. i dont want crop stuff.. normal hoodies for women.. also maybe black jeans? .. i know it may seem like im asking for real basic stuff but i feel so swamped in the "skanky" clothes.. i just want normal casual wear lol.. laid back long sleeve everyday stuff.. comfortable stuff.. i hope im making sense. I own maitreya .. i do have some black sweaters from Riot.. but since getting reborn i kinda wanna get some new stuff for that body.. black friday will be lit for shopping .. so i want some places to go when that happens.. amd yes i know blueberry and scandal and addams.. but they dont really have what im after.. too girly..for what im after.. Thankyou!!
  11. Wait theres a maitreya 5.0..??
  12. We need a shopoholics premium.. 500 lindens a week + extra 30 group space from basic ..
  13. Its my second life? .. if people wanna be cats or dogs or unicorns..thats cool...even on the same inclusive sims..thats cool..but theres no reason some of us should be expected to get along or talk.. name call me if you want..call it whatever phobia you want.. but it doesnt change the fact we dont have to chat and hang out together..
  14. Thankyou so much for this imput as well.. yes i agree that the legacy hud is annoying.. and duno if its just me but it laggggsss.. omg .. its a hit and miss. The reborn hud is superior in every way.. so.. theres another plus aye. .. i might wait for a ebody sale.. i dunnooo.. its just super tempting right now. The Erika body is currently on 50% off.. but i have no clothes for it.. whereas the ebody has been included in lots of weekend sales so far..
  15. You look amazing!! Yes i use the fat slider and the broad slider too in "body" .. of courseit helps on legacy.. but my main thing between the bodies is the count. ... and hell, even looking st your body here it looks better than legacy.. it really does.. god help me body collecting will be the death of my lindens lmao
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