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  1. dont judge a book by its cover...?
  2. xBaeBeex

    lingiere sales

    this was a brilliant link! thankyou. I went to 3 events.. opened me up to some new stores
  3. I love Opale and Rama for my genus baby face (i dont have classic or strong) just the one.. but i love it..
  4. opposite response here... I've been using the maiterya body since may.. but i always always had my eye on the legacy body ... i should have bought it during the black friday sales, but i was still so undecided that I missed out on getting it for 2500.. sooo i ended paying the full 5K. Its elegant.. its classy.. you dont need to do a whole lot for the body to look great lol... the heels the female body comes with it just amazing.. i haven't bought any heels lately because i love the look of my feet in the ones they provide as an exclusive gift with the body (in different colours too!) the issue i had with the maitreya body is when i wear certain clothes/outfits, and then take them off..half my body parts come off with it. and yes..i do have the new version. clothes like scandalize it happens alot.. so im forever pulling my hud back out to "show all" body parts..which is a pain for me. This doesn't happen on the legacy.. nothing disappears when i change clothes around. yes the neck line is slightly more noticeable.. but really.. with long hair you can barley tell ..i do wear a small thin choker too sometimes, (not all the time) .. the hud is a tiny bit slower, but if your sitting around in an online game then i doubt a few seconds will make any difference to your sl experience.. i think people that are saying "the hud is slooowww" .. like come on.. its not "that" bad.. it just doesn't click over as soon a your mouse clicks.. its not that bad that you'll wanna throw your computer to the floor.. -.- *I* do think its worth it..and more and more stores are supplying for the legacy body too which is awesome
  5. xBaeBeex

    lingiere sales

    hi all, I was wondering if there is any events like "humpday sale/fifty linden fridays/saturday sales" ect.. types like this that focus on lingere? ...i know its probably way too specific.. but figured i'd ask. I have a maiterya body and a legacy body.. (im hoping to build up a pretty legacy warddrobe though) so im more steering towards legacy supported stores. thankyou !
  6. I think a lot really over detail and over explain things with bom. .. im in the same boat as the original person that posted this .. (or rather i was). Take off your alpha layer..on your body and head in "worn" ... bom wont work if you have these on. Newer skins are coming out with the bom tattoo looking layers. Add these to yourself.
  7. Imma break it down in a way i wish someone broke it all down for me.. lol.. some of what i say you might already know. I use Maitreya for the most part and i also just bought Legacy. (Legacy is 5K though so I doubt just getting back into SL you wanna spend that much) - while Maitreya is only 2Ksomething.. Thing with slink you gotta also by hands and feet last I knew. So as a beginnger - and mind you I am not a seasoned player.. only been in sl for about 7 monthes first timer too.. i never "returned" from anything. .. so as a first timer I was prompted to buy Maireya. It comes with hands and feet and the HUD. .. Now.. the main notes i want to make .. and i do not use BOM because i find it too hard.. so my views are going to be biased.. When you try a body.. use the alpha layrt to hide your body..(it is a white looking icon..like a suit..it will make the body disappear) and click "add" for the maitreya body, hands and feet. .. now you should have a mesh body. Next tip ... omega relays. They are little huds you hit "add" and they appera on the screen. For basic use..it is for applying skins/tattoos. .. so say you havr a maitreya body and a catwa head. You would buy the mairtreya omega relay and the catwa omega relay and "add" both huds to your screen.. and now.. say you bought an Omega applied skin from 7 deadly skins.. (which is an easy option) .. this skin would apply to both your head and body because your using omega supported huds to add them. Long as you have the right Omega kit for your head AND body (2 kits) you should be able to buy almost any skin. Be very careful with buying skins for heads though if you get a catwa head..only skins for catwa will work.. on genus head, only genus head skins will work... Alpha layers hide system parts Omegas apply beauty - tattos, skins, nails ect
  8. xBaeBeex

    Legacy Love

    Jaylah - i can see the cuves difference instantly! not as jagged around the hip to bum area.. and have you noticed how much smooth and pretty the knees are? ..it was one of the first things I noticed. Shaeloni - yayy! thats so good to hear and thankyou! xx I know, I dont think I could go back to my mait either now.. (i will admit..i REALLY miss having an omega system kit/relay thingo because they are all i know i.. and i am not friends with this BOM stuff.. BUT! i found a skin at PF yesterday for legacy so that is working just fine, and my genus head i use a relay) and really.. for me personally my 2 fave stores are already rolling out legacy options (blueberry and scandalize) and I got a cute set yesterday from cynful too.. plus.. the premuim fur jacket the body comes with is everything..lol.. i feel like a queen in it.
  9. the wheels on the bus go round and round...
  10. xBaeBeex

    Legacy Love

    I want this thread to be a please people that love their legacy bodies can come.. do not bash or make negative comments please .. show the love with pics! I want to see what everyone looks like with their legacy bodies ❤️ if you have tips, skins or other helpful thoughts or tips for legacy users, then by all means ..welcome here ! I got mine yesterday..and I have to say, I may just live in the supplied bra/panties and fur coat it came with ❤️
  11. ok, so I logged in this morning thinking I was just gonna get a Meadowbrook home (because the trads and victorians are too closed in for me..i need fresh and open) ..so I logged in..and HOUSEBOATS!! ..I snatched one up and Im soooo beyond excited and happy..
  12. Hi All! I was wondering if theres any good discord channels for Second life? .. I know theres one for us Genus head users .. (which i think i will join) any others..for shopping? Clothes brands or skins? Housing? .. even just social.. .. or maybe an official SL discord channel? < that would be awesome Cheers!
  13. I love nail art from Cazimi .. love love it! I bought 2 new sets during the black friday sales and I also bought a set during the american thanksgiving (im aussie!) .. they had a harvest theme? .. i got that too. I dont really like on myself the super long pointy nails.. but my nails short with a pretty pattern..yes please lol
  14. Everyones loving the new Victorian homes..and the trads.. and ..im over here like ..i like the medowbrook loftrooms ..*dodges stones thrown at me* .. i will have a pic or two up soon.. i just find them to be very light and airy and not so.. boxed in...
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