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  1. Mine has been pretty generic i guess.. my avie is Caucasian like me rt(rt= real time) ..and generally i wear blonde hair ..again..something that matches rt. .. she just dresses way better than I would.. and also much more thicc than i am lol. I have to admit here.. i draw insp from other avies i see online.. im like "thats the look i want!" .. so lately my style is changing to something a bit more dramatic..thicc booty, black hair and i even shaped my lips to look bigger... I love on sl how i can have thicc thighs and butt and still look good, and not have cellulite and stuff..lol.. i wish i looked like my av.. i wish.
  2. I bought the perky.. wore it for it for about a month, then went to using my Maitreya for another month.. and .. guess what? .. im back to using my perky body for going out and about and wearing it as my body everyday.. Try and pry my perky body from my cold dead fingers. Lol.. although maybe.. just maybe i'll try my bellella body again. I made a new shape for myself last night.. so im wondering if it'll look good on my belleza. .... *flail*
  3. xBaeBeex


    It contains all colours on a clothing item. Tops fatpack, skirt fatpack..ect.. it means you get every colour of the item And then theres "mega packs" which usually include tops AND skirts, pants.. ect..
  4. and another, coz im loving myself today..
  5. forgive me, but for a newbie, your image in your user pic looks pretty well set... you still in need of help?
  6. I did buy the genus head baby face last year after not being happy with the LAQ head. And I have not changed or updated my genus head.. great support, makeup support and yes I did go bom and i would never go back. .. 100% happy here oh and also i have a genus/maitreya combo and no neck seams
  7. 2 of my biggest pet peeves: - people that walk and bump into me even though theres heaps of space.. i just think thats rude and uncivilized.. - people (women mostly) that stand riiiight up against lucky boards and shopping boards.. blocking everyones view of the item. You wont get it any faster by standing that close
  8. Wear the neck fades from skinnery.. Theres not much you can do with the genus hud.. As for a neck seam, that is common for the legacy/genus combo.. even with BOM.. best you can do is get it as close as possible... but its nothing you are doing wrong.
  9. Ok but SteelJane42.. what do you actually gain from moaning and complaining about it? .. the way some people state their "opinion" is more or less bitching about it.. my point is, if your not gonna buy it and your not gonna wear it.. what are you gaining by ripping into a brand you dont even like. I bet you also watch videos on youtube of people you hate just to post negitive comments while blanketing it calling your actions an opinion. .. opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.. just.. some are more sh*tty than others
  10. Maitreya for the lazy days when i wanna just wear anything including my older items And perky for when i really wanna go the extra mile and look bomb af
  11. *reads...and reads...* So much fuss and hoohaa about a body that some of you dont and wont even wear lol... its a bit comical.. live and let live eh..? If you cant afford the body dont buy it If you dont like the brand dont buy it ... reading all this has just made me wanna slip into my perky body
  12. If you can spare say 10-20 bucks into the game.. then grab the maitreya body. .. everything else will be easy Hopefully genus is still giving the free Strong Face Head shape.. so theres a free head right there. 7DS is giving a free Stay at Home skin.. and its BOM..so just add it on. Sintika has free hairs, and you dont even need to join the group to get them. And for clothes, evie, safria and sehina.. or can alao spend 100L and join Scandalize for Heaps of freebies.
  13. Yeah but see im aussie so 20usd is pretty much double for me here..which is why i really try not to put money into SL.. if i only had to spend 20 bucks here and there I'd be laughing. I dont go overboard with different colours and stuff when its on sale. I think my biggest purchaes were the bodies.. i get body envy of others and then i'll go out and purchase. So i startef with Maitreya... then i got Legacy, Belleza and Perky.. did i need them? .. probably not.. i mean i do love them.. but it wasnt *needed* .. another bad habit is buying skins.. i cant help myself. .. And finally its the fatback or two.. I might need to just bite the bullet and start being serious with myself and say "you never wear that" ... i swear, i am SO much better at this in rt.. "does thie spark joy" oh yes.. im one of them. ..but in SL.. *kicks a rock...*
  14. Can pay if you wanna pay.. can mimic if you wanna mimic.. or theres a few freebies out and about at the moment!..which i think is More than pretty enough that you shouldnt really need to fork out 300+ for a shape lol.
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