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  1. I tried the but that didn't work, so then I tried and the re delivery seemed to do it for me so thank you both.. i can hide my legs again lol solved!
  2. i love the first one Seren.. im a sucker for brighter lighting
  3. hi all, so heres one for the maitreya users... it seems my "hide" options dont seem to be working.. my legs wont hide..my arms..ect.. nothing seems to hide when i want it to.. and ive never encountered this problem till today.. im not wearing anything unusual..nothing out of the ordinary..so im not sure why i cant seem to hide certain parts of my body when i want to. any idea why?
  4. first time i have tried to get creative with a shoot... the background was from todays saturday sale at foxcity. and the hair and dress is from blueberry. I hope i did ok *crosses fingers*
  5. thankyou all, I will be looking into these this afternoon xxx
  6. I'd some feedback and help with skin stores.. so far, the only one I really know of/actively partake inis 7DS .. and i do love the skins, I have many from them in the last month.. but Im sure theres others.. I know of The Skinnerky a little bit.. but I dont really know what they do for loyal customers? .. theres a 100$ joining fee .. is there discounts or something? .. and I just visited WoW skins..but again.. im not familiar with them. any other stores or brands I'm missing? .. what is peoples favorites?
  7. here bae is while I think about homes and lands .. very casual boring kind of look, but i like it.. and i learnt today how to play with the firestorm windlighting effects 😛 ..foggy look here
  8. wow! this answers so much for me, thankyou! ... it's not that i dont like my linden home, i do.. its just.. i barely use the space.. my plan, i want to have a peice of land.. and make like a quiet little sanctuary with trees and the like.. not so much a "home" in the traditional sense? ..if that makes sense. ... i have just been looking at some locations.. now heres my question... .. it'll sound dumb.. i dont know... but how do I raise my land into the sky? lol.. i dont get how skyboxes work.. is it *ON* land..like actually land in the sky..with the box on top? if so..how..do you raise the terrain up there? .. OR... is a sky box the case of.. you buy a peice of 1024 land.. and put the skybox on the land and just move the skybox upwards? .. i just dont get how they work.. i love the idea of them, but i dont get them.. and also, so a parcel of land is NOT on mainland? ..is my understanding correct? ... and if parcels are NOT on mainload, where do I find those? ..and are these parcels used for skyboxes? .. sorry.. i know its alot of questions.. ive been trying to look on google and second life for explanations and easy understanding..but i just cant find them i even went to youtube..but its just people showing HOW to set up their skybox..and not the steps before that.
  9. oofttt....thats so nice Skell... that second image, damn...those colours and eyes are everything
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