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  1. hanging out in homes and skyboxes is totally my thing, lol.. and i love exploring the "editors picks" in SL. i will message in world xBaeBeex
  2. Me and Sam here havent gotten along so well on the boards, but she got a good point.. if this was a white woman wanting white only friends this thread would turn sour.. not point trying to debate a fact.
  3. When you say doesnt fit the genus head, is the head poking out from under the hair?? One main important thing to do is to go to the main tab bar up the top and use drop down to "appearance" and a pop up box will come up, go to "body parts" and click the spanner.. and you will want to edit the eyebrow shape. Go to "hairstyle" and drop all the sliders to 0. This one 1 way i know how to make all my hairs fit the genus heads
  4. Hahaha this now makes me wanna go around with random smiling facial expressions to creep everyone out
  5. Oohh.. ok well thats the issue then because they wern't. I'll let them both know. Thankyou !!
  6. I'm wondering if anyone else has an issue with new friends ..staying as friend on their list...?? this past week i have added2 new friends, and both times they have magically disappeared from my list. I tried to add them again, it worked for a while..and their not on it again. I can't see them as deleting me.. and they also do not know eachother in any way, shape or form.. so I just don't get it. .. it's frustrating, and I'm scared they might start thinking I'm the one removing them on purpose when I'm not. ..pls help! xBBx
  7. oh.. I do love MILA skins.. I too have tried to find similar skins, but I couldn't.. I'd say just bite the bullet and buy one of her new head skins, and they do still work with the older body appliers, she gives you neck blends for it
  8. apologies for the lines, I am currently demoing hair and cannot decide. the head skin is from the aprillv11th MIX sales.
  9. thankyou so much all for getting back to me, I read each of your replies. I have tried doing the marketplace hunt thing, theres little to nothing, area search seems my best shot, but Skell, You did teach me somethin new! I did not know about this trick, so I'll use it for sure in future sales, even just to try it out. thanks again everyone !
  10. so i've been interested lately in videos and recording for SL.. basically help tools to help people, what are some of the general ways people record themselves in SL?? preferably for now without sound, as I do live with people in real life. help is greatly appreciated.
  11. My guess is You want free. Go to 7 Deadly Skins, there is a group join fee but it is worth it and they have LOTS of skins for Genus and they have a lot of freebies.
  12. are there any huds or something to add to yourself to easily find items in store for hunts? i know it defeats the purpose, but would save time lol.. I'm not talking about "area search" i already know how to do that.. i was curious if theres anything on the market for this..? thank you !
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