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  1. You sound lovely! I am open to hanging out in quiet places or beaches (i am so not a clubber) homebody i am!.. hit me up if u wanna hang out
  2. I like sales or hanging around homes can chat if you want
  3. Nkt a whole lot in common however i saw "inventory sorting" and since i read the Kon Marie book on tidying up and a documentry on Minimalism im a bit of a self confessed tidyuper.. i love sorting rt and virtual.. ever wanna sit together in a home (i have a skybox) we could totally do that together while chatting. (Ps im a homebody when not shopping sales)
  4. Im organised man but doing notecards for the shades of bom is just next level.. and im not up for the task Lol.. wanna do mine !? Lol
  5. I can help as well as I have a male alt av. IM me if you like. I dont believe in watching videos and just knowing how to do it. It needs to be in world help.
  6. Thankyou ladies for replying. While i have been BOM for several months earlier this year.. (so its not a case of me not wanting to learn) lol.. i know how. I just dont find all the layers user friendly inventory wise.. I just like a clean simple hud to open with previews of what im actually applying. I find "bom makeup01" "bom makeup02" just so confusing..because it doesnt Show me the shade im applying.. not only that it makes me "currently wearing" tab so much bigger and im forever going through different folders to remove layers rather than a single head HUD ..and then theres the
  7. i have a question with BOM... and maybe i should already know the answer because i was using BOM on my genus for quite a while.. when theres a makeup store.. and they have..say Eyes or Lip sets.. in boxes for: genus+bom catwa+bom LeL+bom ..are these boms ONLY for that head? do these BOM tatoo/makeup layers only suit the corresponding head it is paired with? or is ALL BOMs for maybe just the same and slaps on?? dying to know.. thankyou.
  8. Thankyou @Skell Dagger i might end up having another look at them tonight.. big major purchases is a weakness of mine .. and the more i sit here reading the comments..the more I wanna try the head again.. but i do have some questions.. and as much as I love my genus, it would be nice to have a head with eyes that work..normally.. 1 - do normal non HD skins work on the HD head..? I have lots and lots and lots of skins from 7DS.. 2 - do normal catwa male or female tattoo hair bases work .. or again, does everything have to be upgraded to HD ?
  9. Lol.. you sound like me.. i too dont get the point in selling 800L head skins only.. and then another rough 300L on the body appliers.. easy way to make money.. for 800L i expect at least the 1 skin shade that matches the head tone im buying.. and the shape.
  10. @RowanMinx but Stealthic didnt have for genus .. otherwise i would have been laughing at all the choices I could have picked from .. On that note I guess .. genus is mostly used by females.. bjt would still be nice to see some genus hairbases.. male looking ones anyway...
  11. PS.... designers do NOT make it easy for pixie, short hair.. where is the love for short cropped hair?? ... i had to find it in the male section..
  12. ok all, i owe it to all the help.. because DAMN you guys know your hairstyles.. i spent THREE hrs going through everything.. Tran had some NICE stuff im not gonna lie.. i really liked it.. i went all over tran, dura, opale, no.match, magika, doux, lamb, kuni, rama, sintiklia..and finally found one i really thought was close enough to what i wanted.. from a trusted brand i like, Sealthic.. heres my result! .. yes im proud.. my eyes are tired..and i dont think i want to look at hair again for a long time..
  13. Damn ! So fast in the replies! I love it lol These all look like great options! I am at work right now.. but i cant wait to look at these when i get home ❤️ thankyou so much!
  14. Hello all! I am after some short hairstyles.. similar to the Prudance hairstyle by Doux.. that short give an idea in how short.. I really like Opale hair..but they dont seem to have the same look .. im not after neck or chin length.. im only after pixie short. Thankyou!
  15. Oh thank god its not just me... i got this issue too! I cannot see anything i post in chats, however i still get replies.. so it means other people can see my questions and asking for help.. i just.. cannot see my own posts..
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