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    Legacy Body

    are there any people out there who like their legacy body (if you have one) .. i havent heard any positive stuff .. and right now they have it 30% off..so 3,500 for it.. im really torn on weather to buy it or not.. the thing thats holding me off is the fact i havent heard the positives... (I am a maitreya user by the way) .. i have my omegas, i have nail art and tattoos and what not..so i know alot might not even work.. so im hmmmm... err.. should I.. halp?
  2. since Im an aussie, I'm enjoying the beaches and I purchased this skin from 7DS which gave me a nice "tan" .. getting my summer on for Dec 1st !
  3. *Sigh of relief* ..mannn I thought it was gone for good ... glad its not though, thankyou !
  4. I have noticed when I go to the ladmark I had and even from the second life Rama Salon Markplace>In World store.. the sim is empty? what happened to Rama Salon ?? D=
  5. exploring the new winter linden/editors picks locations !
  6. ok, I know not a difference in my clothing this morning, but I bought the new Prada Lipglosess, and some new eyeshadow for a dramatic difference in my makeup
  7. Bought the new mega pack today from Blueberry... and its worth the hype!!
  8. i havent posted in a while..so here we go.. its pretty plain and simple, but its cute 😛
  9. I tried the but that didn't work, so then I tried and the re delivery seemed to do it for me so thank you both.. i can hide my legs again lol solved!
  10. i love the first one Seren.. im a sucker for brighter lighting
  11. hi all, so heres one for the maitreya users... it seems my "hide" options dont seem to be working.. my legs wont hide..my arms..ect.. nothing seems to hide when i want it to.. and ive never encountered this problem till today.. im not wearing anything unusual..nothing out of the ordinary..so im not sure why i cant seem to hide certain parts of my body when i want to. any idea why?
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