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  1. "Can I ask you a question?" You just did, so what was the point in asking for permission? This applies to RL too, obviously. It really shouldn't bother me as much as it does, but it drives me crazy. You're always free to ask--whether or not I'll answer is another story and dependent on the question itself, but you can always ask. It's such a pointless and ironic question that has no real purpose or value without providing any additional context, and my response will depend on the nature of the question anyway. I'd much rather you just get to the point.
  2. There'll be a lot less movie theaters--that's for sure. Honestly, not sure if that industry will ever recover. One of the largest movie theater chains in the USA, AMC, is close to declaring bankruptcy. The new Trolls movie just proved that major film releases can still be extremely successful releasing straight to digital, and the studio gets nearly all of the revenue from its digital sales as opposed to ticket sales. I am curious how events that pack large crowds of people close together will be affected--at least in the short term for things like concerts and conventions. Cons, especially, were already notorious for "con crud" being a thing, and I do think people are going to be a lot more conscious about that sort of thing. I imagine masks will become more ubiquitous in western culture similar to east Asia.
  3. More More has a couple of male skins specifically for the Genus strong face.
  4. Internal sensors detecting acute visually stimulating readings of self-aesthetic... Impulse Simulator Algorithm (ISA) initialized--may be queued for random deletion at a later date.
  5. I personally find it really weird and a little creepy when people play toddler avatars. I just can't even begin to understand the appeal. It also doesn't help that all of the child avatars I've seen in SL look and sound like nightmare fuel to me. That said, I fully support the ability for people to play and RP as them. I'm very much against censorship of fictional expression.
  6. I was originally just going to use the same rather unique handle I use across various platforms and social media--and then while creating my account, I realized using a name that people could very easily track down my regular social media with was probably not the greatest idea. So, quickly brainstorming a new name, I was thinking of something involving yōkai, oni, or something Japanese folklore related. That led to me thinking of Yōkai Watch (a video game sort of similar to Pokemon) and the first derivative from that to pop up in my mind was Yōkai Clock. Antique clocks can be kind of creepy in the right setting, and since old objects in Japanese folklore can possess a spirit and become a tsukumogami, which is essentially a yōkai, I thought it was fitting. So, that's what I stuck with. So, no deep meaning with a rich history behind my name--just the result of an on the spot, stream-of-consciousness.
  7. Hey, I appreciate all of the suggestions! Unfortunately, none of them really panned out for me personally. However, I have found a hairstyle store that includes bang parts as individual, resizable pieces--allowing you to craft your bangs around forehead horns. The store is called Sintiklia, and I highly recommend it for anyone else having trouble finding hairstyles to fit their oni horns. In fact, I believe the example I used in my initial post is the Ariana hair from Sintiklia as well (or very similar at least)!
  8. I'm looking for hairstyles, preferably with bangs, parted in a way to accommodate horns situated near the forehead like oni horns. I've seen a few used on display ads (like this one) featuring other items, but I've had no luck in tracking them down. Currently, I'm using the oni hair from Raven Bell, and while that hairstyle is lovely, I would like to have some other options. The only other one I've managed to find is one from BonBon, but I was curious if anyone knew of some other shops with some hairs fitted for oni horns or knew the names of any hairstyles in particular.
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