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How does your avatar look today ?


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14 hours ago, Zeta Vandyke said:

Could try the S&P push up system. Its not a skin applier thingy like most, but actually pushes the breast shape. Its not perfect either, but I like it better than enchancers.


This I use on seren for tops that show enough cleavage and find it flatters on some tops better than others.

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All these freebies of the last couple weeks have kept me locked in the closet while my photo alt is busy chasing them down, for what purpose I don't know...she has too many heads now lol.  And then there is helping friends with their own searches which has turned out to be a great learning experience so far.  However, since they're keeping me locked up, I thought I should share Easter morning (body) shopping and sunrise (taking a break!) here....  P.S. Rose (center) is trying to do this on the cheap ..or she'll have to get a job. Any suggestions about free/gift hair is greatly appreciated lol.

...and why are there no free heads or bodies for us guys? ☹️



Easter Sunrise.jpg

Edited by Aedan Charron
because she's cheap and I'm jealous
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