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  1. New ones! Dayturn Viewer and Scenegate Viewer are really nice and they are from well known viewer developers.(Not on 3rd party list!)
  2. Your in luck! the old school beloved snowglobe version!😉 Phoenix Also plenty of other old viewers to try.
  3. Has something changed due to cloud move? several have reported same issues. Not sure if a bug report has been added to that issue? someone will be in soon to let you know if it's you or the bugs to "solve your issue"🤡
  4. It's Arielle Popstar thread. I'm going to respectfully disengage to keep others from further derailing it. Your welcome to attempt to PM me to continue my amusement. 🤡
  5. They added code later on to viewers to do that as part of there system for whatever reason (Firestorm Team Did)..older viewers only the lab can block them server side. Viewers older then when Firestorm started doing that they cannot block ..only the lab server side. and anyone can edit the current viewer by changing a few flags in the files(if anyone needed to?) to never get blocked.
  6. Why would i change any of that... it's pure hard facts!... I know I'm on the planet of the apes..but do you? some of my other comments seemed to harsh or too advanced for some so they were edited to be more "simple"
  7. You got that all wrong... your suppost to be side stepping me... remember?
  8. I don't have a country or at least a patriot of any of them And america turning Libyia into a lawless state run by thugs and returning the african slave trade, how many millions are dead from just that 2 or 3? the estimate are really bouncing around. I know it was between 250k to 300k babies died from several factors of no medicine to no doctors during birthing issues in the last 10 years.. oh well they are overseas who cares right? you still get your mcdonalds and enjoy your cheap cost chinese TV's 🤡
  9. They are based on the same login protocols of that time (same binary code open sourced by lab)...so no difference would have been made logging in... that's what i was thinking🙂
  10. Edit is for many reasons are we being the Edit Police now?🤡 The question I responded to was mostly about India... to keep it on topic it was mentioned its possible as terrible and bloody handed the US Goverment is they might of framed the Chinese followed by some snippets. (Covid Related) Agree they all do..but the west is the most recent and worst of them all..the thing is unlike other countries, they have never stopped!
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