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  1. Well put Chic! Half of the consequences of the outcome in life is our response to them.
  2. Would love to here some cool nuns try the whole group sing thing too but this is kinda kosher too🙂
  3. I stopped letting things rent space in my head, I have spent most of my last few years on the outside looking in and with that a better understanding of life, humanity and were it all leads and ends. Related to Peeves was understanding many of our perceptions are originally not our own but imitated from those who raised us. often we will react the way our parents did, copying the world view and never really being who we could be as we also adopt those limitations/destructive habits we experienced with them. So agreeing with the OP the path to a better future begins with a forgotten p
  4. I'm afraid that one went over both both of your heads.🙃 it was not was i was saying but implying in irony to the name he had chosen..little poke of humor.
  5. A few times a year I have a bottle of suntory whiskey mixed with coca cola🥳..my strange habit is once a year ill buy a pack of cigarettes, smoke several in a row but never more then half the the pack..then i just throw the rest away and will have a smoke in another years time.⏳
  6. This guy has a great collection of helpful videos to help identify and resolve issues with that kind of person.
  7. I've got an AMD Ryzen 3950X with a 6800XT it looks the same as my NVIDIA 2080 Business laptop...Strang thing is they both look the same...now 5 yrs ago when i had an old I-5 Intel PC that had no GPU my graphics looked twice as good on high settings then now so I'm kinda wondering how that could have been?
  8. I have a feeling it might be me being the last one out to turn off the lights, if so, I'll have a tear in my eye and remember what you said and my final words will be ItHadToComeToThis🙃
  9. Agreeing with Wulfie and Gingerbread Man but at same time feel now that it's a paid feature and a decade later they need to start considering the feedback and adjusting to give people more option's.
  10. @RowanMinx for always helping others and being a good voice of reason in threads.
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