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  1. testing out a new cat eye makeup I made as well as new eyes I just finished.. and yes, I look different in every photo. I used to always stick to the same shape and skin, back when I started. I was one that said..."I never change my skin and shape" etc. Silly me! Once I started doing photos in SL, I let go of all that non-sense and enjoyed making shew shapes, outfits, etc. and realized that despite the different looks, there was always something of "me" in each one. I like change. Change is good.
  2. I am female in RL and female in SL... 100% of the way. I love being a girl, I love the femininity, the curves, the lushness, the sweetness.. and all that comes with it. I completely embrace my femininity as much as I can because it has taken a while to really grow into loving myself as I am, flaws and all. I think it is great that we have a way to express how we feel and who we are in SL!
  3. no edit.. just a crop.. I am forever changing my look.. some days the slightly darker side comes calling, and cats come out to play
  4. Testing some new wind lights and photo tricks for low Rez images... honestly, I like it very much. I love shadows, etc.. and ultra pics but they are not always what I want and not everyone can run sl that high for pics without lagging, etc. This still keeps detail and makes everything look pretty
  5. Well, at least in SL we can leave our houses..had to go do a bit of exploring, and found a lovely little street for pics xo
  6. New eyes I made and also freckles.. spring is here!
  7. Channeling a bit of Snow White today... but with my freckles
  8. I logged in today to make some eye HUDs, but ended up grabbing a Group Gift from Pumec instead... Can we just talk about how awesome it is to have skin creators do group gifts the INCLUDE the body appliers? I know everyone does as they feel is appropriate, and I certainly appreciate that given that I make and sell stuff in SL as well. I don't ever look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak! I appreciate ALL the group gifts given, and certainly have no expectations of any. That anyone chooses to give away their stuff is awesome in my book. This brings me to Pumec Skins. I've been a fan for a very long time, years really, and have been a group member for ever.. and I am tickled pink by every gift she puts out. In my opinion, given the details on the lips, nose and overall skin, Pumec are just gorgeous. This gift is for Catwa and Genus. She often will make skins for other heads as GG, so its well worth joining, I think. Her Gachas also include the body appliers, which I have seen less and less creators do. Again, to each their own, but goodness! I play her Gachas just for that reason to be honest. I know I will get the whole package and it makes me want to spend my L! Anyway, I am just gushing over this group gift, but really I am very appreciative of the gifts that ALL creators make. My avatar is only as good as the stuff that is made for it. I'll have to show the group gift that Glam Affair did as well for Lelutka's new face next time.. also gorgeous and very generous. This pic was cropped and I used some blurring on the edges, but otherwise its just taken on medium resolution with CLW on Firestorm.
  9. I swear, sometimes the looks I capture with pics in SL make me crack up.. goofy and silly and honestly just derpy.. gotta have fun with it right? ❤️
  10. So, yep, I clearly edited this a bit outside of SL but mostly the background really. Had to grab this cute hair from the FLF list .. and tested a new eye set I made as well as some lips. The skin is a lovely skin by Glam Affair @ Anthem. I am so glad to see that we still are getting Catwa skins with options fo BOM & Appliers. I think that is a smart option, to be honest. Also, found my cute card from Tres Blah.. its like it fell to the back of my virtual closet and I finally dug it up! I've stopped shopping as much for this reason.. I now try to only get one or two items from the weekend sales and limit my event purchases to things that are completely new and unusual. It's helped.. my inventory is thanking me slowly as I delete all the old stuff I no longer use. yay!
  11. Whenever I hear sales I like to check them out, and MILA Skins is having a closeout sale on her older line of skins, which is still gorgeous, imho. I am using Catwa's Catya head and Belleza's Freya body. I already had the body appliers for both the older ( and newer line) of skins, so I just purchased the 99L head applier which also comes in BOM layers. I just cannot resist a sale! Easy way for someone on an SL budget to get some lovely thing without breaking their SL bank. I've always been a fan of MILA from her poses and skins to her appliers too! Again, as before, this is just a crop to the image taken in SL on High Rez. Nothing else done to it
  12. Trying out a lovely skin by Amara Beauty. BOM full body and head skin for Lelutka Evolution heads, here on Nova head and Freya for the body. I made these freckles on BOM because .. well.. freckles Creating for this head has been easy and fun, and as more skins come out I can see myself using it more and more. This was taken on medium resolution on CL- Windlight. Hair by Doux, flannel shirt by Tres Blah. Eyes, freckles, lipstick and shape by me. What I do when I can't sleep.. make shapes and makeup for my avi
  13. I will most likely do BOM and appliers once I get them looking decent enough.
  14. In SL we all love to see perfectly beautiful avatars, I think. I've lived with Lupus in RL for so long and have the red lupus mask and now rosacea, that when I see even my avatar with flawless skin she looks weird so I made these appliers for the cheeks, nose and forehead... not sure how they would sell or if anyone would want them, but I will put them up on MP anyway.
  15. new eyes I made and lips as well.. testing them out and I am quite happy with them. Now on to make BOM and all the things... but first, lunch!
  16. just a basic shot.. simplicity is good sometimes?
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