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  1. Because I am usually so busy working on making things or taking photos, I don't venture out in to the wide world of SL much these days. On the occasions where I go shopping, I sometimes get compliments on my avi, whether it be overall look, hair, clothing, etc. Because I dress and style for me ( I really don't care what others say about what I look or don't look like) I don't really pay attention much. I am much more miffed when I hear people say mean things about someone (typically it is a certain body preference). While I understand that people have their own preferences, what happened to the saying: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? I was brought up to be kind. I certainly have my own opinions on what looks good or not (I especially catch on to disproportioned avatars), I never say anything about it. I try to find something I like about them and compliment them on that. As for people asking me where I got things, I don't mind sharing. I often will pass my owns shape to others, or let them know where to get skins, hair, etc. Most people are surprised and super thankful, and I never worry about anyone taking my "look" because I tend to change it so frequently anyways
  2. Kupra is a lovely body, but I understand what you mean about the body you use "feeling" right. I think of Kupra as more of a "cartoon" rendition of a female body. That is not to say it is cartoonish at all! It simply reminds me of the "traditional" Uber-sexual and uber exaggerated female body used in many cartoons(both anime and non anime). Actually, when I draw in RL, many of my bodies have this general look, with larger breasts and larger hips and plentiful curves. Kupra reminds me of a cross between Slink and Sking. I can see myself using it quite a bit actually, just have not taken the plunge and purchased it. I have the Belleza bodies, Slink Hourglass, Maitreya and Tonic. At this point I really only use Maitreya and Freya the most. I didn't find the newest update to Slink (BOM stuff) to be very usable to me. So, Kupra will probably replace Slink for me when I do get it.
  3. Im having the same issues.. so you are not the only one. Still happening and not sure what the deal is.
  4. I was making HUDs today, and when you make a CATWA hud, it has a pop up to go to an external website to copy a script that you then paste into SL. Unfortunately, every time I click to go to a webpage, Firestorm just.. locks. Stops.. nothing happens, except the little spinning wheel (I have a Mac). I have not had this problem prior. So, not sure what is up? its happened all day today.. I cannot click on any links to go see anything, such as a Flickr link etc. Anyone have any suggestions? helpful comments?
  5. I have to add.. most of this is also based on the "western" idea of what a vampire is.. There is indeed vampire lore throughout the world. Asia has vampires, Greece, Native Americans, etc, etc. The one that has stuck the most thought, has been the iconic Dracula. People who are immortal and grow fangs to suck your blood do not exist. However, people with varied illnesses, both mental and physical, indeed do exist. I have to agree with Orwar here. However, in literature, a vampire can do whatever the f*ck he/she wants really.. glittery? sure.. go for it why not? Shy? doesn't like the sight of blood, etc. By no means am I a fan of Edward and Bella, but I respect the writer's choice to create her vampires the way she wanted to.
  6. There are lots of ways to create this effect, actually. This also appears to have been manipulated with hand drawn shadows and highlights, so there is more to this than just pre-set effects. I think its a lovely image really. Starting out with a very good , high quality raw image is going to do wonders for you as well. Overlays, shadows, lines, bloom, textures, and all sorts of things can be done to create this effect. Probably already suggested but check out some Youtube tutorials for editing SL images. There are many, many out there that can show you various ways to create different looks in post-processing.
  7. Taken at Hazardous.. one of my favorite places in SL.
  8. What do you feed a Kerberos? Noodles of course!
  9. It looks like you are using Maitreya as your body, correct? There are various ways to create a shape to suit what you need, but there are some things that I tend to do to keep proportions as accurate as I can in SL. Your arms should be at about 99 length, and the elbows should be at the waist. That is actually what a normal female is in RL. You can tweak the length of the torso just a little, but if you make it too long, it will be disproportionate to the rest of you. Align your belly button with your inner elbows as much as possible and you will have a good starting point. The Arm length for many many Avis is way too short usually. 25 is about right, but try going shorter and see what it looks like. I also notice that people tend to make their hips very "short", but when you think of a female, you need to have enough area in your pelvis to carry a child..so, I recommend making your hip length beyond 50, which you have. I make my shapes at 0 height and then make the legs longer or shorter as needed, to keep your height proportionate. Hand size is usually around 20 for Maitreya hands. Also, your torso muscles, try making them slimmer, closer to 20 perhaps. I've been drawing human bodies for years since art school days, and learning proportions was key. After you learn those, you can mess with them to adjust to your aesthetic. Feel free to reach out to me in SL if you wish if you need some more recommendations. I've made shapes since I started, sell them in my MP store, and it comes easy to me so I am happy to help.
  10. Just lounging a bit and doing some decorating. I change my decor about as often as I change my looks I couldn't resist the pretty pink tones and that mermaid tapestry .. love!
  11. I managed to get the Queen HDPro head, and I will say I like this one more than the one I actually purchased prior from Catwa for full price. It seems a bit more flexible to editing, especially the eyes. I added my own nose shading and freckles, and of course had to add some shiny lipstick and I quite like it. I still prefer to wear LeLutka overall for many reasons these days, but this is certainly a lovely head and very easy to edit and create shapes for it. I am using it on BOM as I have really been moving away from appliers in most things except for eyes. I will be putting this shape up for sale in my store for 1L in a few days too because why not?
  12. I haven't so far received anything from the creator. They are still being sold in-world and in MP, and there are still skins from when they were released in the Vista store where the heads are located. But, no updates, or news for that matter, from the group or the creator. It is too bad.. such a lovely head! Oh well, if I hear anything I will pass it along!
  13. I've never known anyone who owned the Vista head. Like you, I don't see anything being made for it either. Has it been updated to BOM? Rowan, yea, there were a few people I knew that owned it, but it wasn't as popular as the other heads out there. Because the head came out a couple of years ago, and at the Vista store there are skins made for it from various creators like Insol, YS&YS, etc but they are all applier based. The head itself comes with preloaded skins from YS&YS and I believe 7 Deadly Skins and another brand I can't recall at this moment. I found a BOM "router" sol on MP via the VISTA store that helps to activate BOM on that head, however, I haven't tested BOM skins on the head. I know that PUMEC did make a group gift at the time the head came out, but this is all a couple or more years old, so applier based at the time. I really wish the head had taken off more, as it is a rather lovely head, easy to use, well priced compared to other heads and the animations were pretty (better than other heads in the market at the time in my opinion, but then again, VISTA is an animations store so that goes to figure). I sent the creator a note and hopefully I will get a reply soon.
  14. I own the Vista brand bento head from a couple of years ago. I purchased it in order to create makeup and eyes for it, as I already had Genus, Catwa, Lelutka, LOGO, etc. I've noticed that I haven't seen ANYTHING lately for it, no support, no updates, and pretty much no one is creating for it. All the stuff I find for it is in MP. I knew it was a very unsupported head re: from a skin availability standpoint, etc, but now I realize that it seems like it just... faded away? Anyone know anything about them? I asked in the group, which is still active, but no one seemed to know anything. I will probably just reach out to the creator but thought I'd ask here too... thanks!
  15. Hi Ayesha, I think you got some great advice and I know this is an older topic, but I came across it and I wanted to just comment that if you are wanting to make skins for the new systems, I would suggest making the body and head together.. some creators will offer them sperately, some will do it together, and some still do appliers. While I like appliers for SOME things, I prefer skins to be on bom. I will be honest, as a customer, I will usually purchase more from creators who do skins as one .. in other words, if they offer the body and head together. If they do not, I will probably not purchase there again.. just depends on the quality and if I really, really like it. I make eyes and makeup, and I prefer to use BOM for makeup, and appliers for eyes (even though I will include BOM layers for them as well). Your skins will need to be adapted for the system you want to sell for.. be it Lelutka, Genus, etc. Welcome back and good luck! Feel free to reach out if you want in world.. !
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