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Hey! I'm always searching for new, great channels to check out so I'm wondering what you guys watch to entertain yourself.

To kick this off I'll post some of my favorites:


The Food Ranger

The Infographics Show

Dead Meat


PBS Eons

SciShow Space

Happy to share some more if anyone is interested^^

Also, feel free to post any interesting/entertaining YT video you have come across!

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I..mainly watch YTers who read/show meme sh1tposting.


Don't have links cause I'm on mobile.


My top two go tos have been The Click and BasedShaman.   I also watch Repzilla and SurvivingLife for their findings.

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  • Like Stories of Old - Wonderful analyses of movies, always taking a different tack than you might expect. Personal favourites: Inception, Interstellar, Arrival
  • Liziqi - almost certainly a genuine Chinese fairytale princess hiding in plain sight with her adorable Grandma (seriously, go watch; she's perfect)
  • The Guild of Ambience - for when I need background atmosphere


  • Aavak - lovely Welsh bloke with a delightful habit of storytelling and roleplaying his characters as he plays. Highlights: any of his Rimworld series, but especially the ones featuring Dark Aavak
  • Pete Complete - sounds like a NatGeo documentary narrator. Highlight: his Rimworld ice sheet challenge with Cambiar
  • Gray Still Plays - Chaotic and genuinely, hysterically funny. Enjoys destroying the Earth by giving it more mass than the Milky Way and firing asteroids at it, killing Sims in as many inventive ways as possible, and making his own life hell by spending hours on creations that will achieve the above. Highlights: just about anything
  • Randomise User - Brit with a foul mouth, loves indie games (always covers the Ludum Dare Game Jams). Brings a lot of great, small games to my attention. Highlights: Starbound series with Spoiler Ape, and any of his Starbound building series, and his Sunday Night live streams
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I have some that I can just get lost in their channel, Like this first one..

Even though I would never get in the ocean like them, I can live vicariously through them..

It is really easy to get lost and caught up in their adventures..Plus learn so much along the way..

They start from buying a boat,fixing it up, and then finally living on the ocean traveling all around the world and pretty much making their dreams come true..

This is their most recent video.. They have so many adventures,even going through pirate waters and much more..


Ceka ❤️

This is the link to their channel..

Sailing Project Atticus





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What a good idea! Thanks everyone who has shared and I will definitely be checking out some of the above recommendations. ❤️  I generally do that thing of watching one video then plunging down a black-hole of randomness for the next two hours, but these are the channels I always return to at some point...





Music reviews

The Needle Drop

Self healing...

Russell Brand 


Cruelty Free Becky

Logical Harmony


The Mustards

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Warning- 3/4 have swear words....

Okay- not the entire channel but I just discovered the Drunk History series from Comedy Central last night:  

I also love the Thug Notes segments from Wisecrack:

Edit:   I forgot two others- 

First an actual channel from Joe Hanson, Ph.D & sometimes his clips air on PBS: 

& then an old fave channel Epic Rap Battles in History:




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