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  1. What can I say, I figure if it can power JARVIS, it can power my PC. Also, does this count as part of our PC setup?
  2. You can do a little for loop to check link names. No need to type them out repeatedly. The other creator I mentioned does it on script reset. On many of my scripts, I even run the loop when the command is called, so you can change links without even needing to reset the script.
  3. Well, yes. The mesh is modify. But they're scripted to crap out if you replace or remove any links. So they're only truly modify if you're willing to re-script them. Which now that I think of it, I might do that.
  4. I used to like Bandit a lot, until I discovered that they're actually falsely advertised as modify. I've switched over to Shippe & Saille and those boats have been a lot more fun to work on.
  5. Not to take away from the concept of researching sources, but... It seems to me that "bias" is rapidly becoming a meaningless buzzword people use to make themselves look better or more enlightened than people around them. It's in the same category as calling someone "woke" or "incel" or "communist" these days, and makes the very people we're trying to reach stop listening to us. "Do you research and check the sources?" is a good question. No need to add modifiers to it.
  6. Based on hobbies; gasoline, diesel fuel, ocean, and cigars.
  7. There are entire stores violating the marketplace guidelines, and to this day, all we can do is report single listings, despite numerous threads, reports, and JIRAs. That's basically admitting that LL doesn't care about fixing these issues at all.
  8. If it only uses the one IP, then it's by definition not multi-IP compatible. Multi-IP compatible would mean it'd recognize data from both connections.
  9. If you're someone with an RL job, why would you get one in SL? Get some fun hobbies. Chances are, if you get enough of them, you'll be able to make a little L$ from at least one.
  10. The closest we can get to this currently is RLV and hover height. Like previously mentioned, our whole shape would have to change otherwise. Not really viable.
  11. Worse- I've got a Lelutka and I told 'em that it's not working. Their reply was that they'll never fix it, never provide an API, and never provide a modify copy. They've moved on to new ones and I should buy one of those. How stupid, admitting you won't fix bugs, but suggesting "just buy the new one". The next hurdle of course is finding decent skins. Seems that they're all made for the same 2 or 3 of those no mod heads.
  12. I can't seem to find it anywhere, so I figured I'd ask if anyone's seen any info on this. Does SL support multi-IP connections? Specifically, passed through a load balance router?
  13. Road access and price. I've yet to find a single private region that can beat mainland for those two things.
  14. I hope we see a trend develop, for sure. Give me a mesh head that's mod so I can finally manually match the materials settings, and not rely on their buggy HUDs...
  15. The links all appear to be named, so with a script reset to re-read them, I would think that would have fixed it? Getting rid of all those parts is on my list for myself and some people I'm helping, but they do use their HUD, so I hesitate. As someone that's long preferred Aesthetic simply because it was modify but grudgingly used Gianni for the clothing options, Jake being released modify made me immediately switch.
  16. I'm a 3. Log cabin and a mainland road parcel for all my trucks. I do often find myself wishing that the mainland covenant was more like the log cabin's, though. Just make it more for commercial development and it'd be fine.
  17. They wouldn't be enforcing it at all if they weren't afraid of legislation. This is LL we're talking about. These are the people that think taking a 10% cut on fraud, false advertising, and theft are "resident to resident disputes".
  18. Not always. Even in the "hacker" communities, there are viewers you can get that are from... we'll use the word 'reliable' sources. They use a quid pro quo sort of system. They call it "contributing to the community". A lot of the types in that community are happy to provide ripped content to each other, but it's hard to get said content without a viewer you can "trust". So for the sake of the community, they'll actually go to some lengths to make sure they're downloading decently safe viewers. And even if not, the smarter ones make alt accounts and keep everything fairly disassociated from each other. While you're right that there's no real way to stop it, those aforementioned types would be deterred a little by a messy demo texture or messy mesh.
  19. It would be funny if that is the case, since it actually makes content theft easier. If I steal your shirt with "demo" plastered all over it, now I have a shirt with "demo" plastered all over it. I have to develop some texture skills to get rid of the demo texture and make my own. If I steal your timed demo, now I have a perfectly good product I don't have to edit at all.
  20. That's part of why we see the rampant disrespect for LL, claiming nothing's ever done and no rules are ever enforced. Many aren't, but the few that are, we get no indication unless it's something major like encroaching objects and we go back and check ourselves.
  21. Right. No business makes a decision because it'll cost them more and benefit them in no way at all. That said... The fact that they can now easily scale up and down is what saves them the money, overall.
  22. Yeah. I can buy all sorts of lewd stuff with my credit cards and Paypal, no problem (not that I know this from expeeience, honest!). There's no way that's the only reason. On this, we agree. All sorts of groups lobby for things all the time. Rarely is it the sole reason, or even part of the reason, large corporations make a decision. And the statement isn't even worth mentioning. You ever see how many pro this or anti that groups make statements claiming credit so they can get more donations, every time a new stupid law is passed?
  23. The concept is identical. We upload content, LL hosts it and facilitates transactions. LL has a system in place to make sure we're paying taxes. Remember how upset everyone got when tax id and forms were required here? OnlyFans does the same, except they're making much, much more money. If LL is worried about taxes, it makes sense that the processing companies involved with OF would be too.
  24. Something no one's brought up yet... Many of the girls on OnlyFans were making significant income, while not paying taxes on it. That could only last so long before it was shut down. Doesn't matter what you feel about the content. SL on the other hand, has a process in place for taxes to be collected. In this particular case, I think SL is safe.
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