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  1. I always have this with uniforns. (Hence the name, maybe.)
  2. Problem solved. Linden Lab directly sells Open Space regions via submitting a support ticket. Check the discussion here:
  3. Maybe I should have mentioned that this went through live chat support. But after Patch' statement above, another live chat supporter was able to help out and suggested to submit a written, full-detail support ticked with region name and coordinates. Happy to announce now that we got 3. In the piccie below, one in the foreground, with a 20k region left and 30k region right in the background.
  4. Apple has made some dramatic changes that had big consequences for their user base. From 68k to PPC, from classic OS 9 to Unix OS X, from PPC to Intel, now from Intel to M1. Ditching serial/parallel/SCSI for the first USB, Firewire, Lightning. M1 seems one of the few innovations that don't seem to have an initial setback, though. I remember my first USB Zip drive to be much much slower than my SCSI one.
  5. All this has everything to do with Mac OS and nothing with the M1 processor. In Preferences you can change from full-screen mode to in-window. You can also cycle apps and the Finder by pressing Command-Tab.
  6. SL always stayed about the same. But that's just because computers became faster so people rezzed out more sh*t. And that cancelled each other out. I started out in SL on a Pentium 4 computer with a graphics card that was about the size of the palm of my hand. And my frame rate was between 20 to 60. Then I got a computer with a Core 2 Duo and some Ati Radeon card. Again, my frame rate was about 20 to 60. But that was just because I increased my graphics settings. And then I got a quad-core i7 with a faster Radeon card. And up went the graphics settings some more. And the frame r
  7. 2nd Life profile... But also... That's quite a profit margin you have there!
  8. Here's my cat. Her previous 'owners' named her Shiva. I think they intended to name her after the queen of Sheba, but I'm totally fine with the misspelling. "I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."
  9. When I type in 'beard' in Search, I get 18,000+ results, 95% of which are beards. I guess the take-away is that in order to 'fix' Marketplace, there need to be more beards?
  10. I don't know about anti-furry or anti-brony places, but I was kicked out of a very pretty beach sim once - for my looks. The owners were obviously very anti-pickle.
  11. I'm pretty sure that's a bit off by at least a few millimeters. *digs away a bit of top soil* There, now it's off by a few. Johannes Kepler was a bit lost, science-wise, when he first hypothesized that the planets' orbits were proportional to the platonic solids arranged in a perfectly fitting manner, basically thinking that the orbits of the planets were obeying some cosmologically harmonious numerical law. Luckily, he came to his senses when he discovered that accurate measurements totally debunked that. And it forced him to come up with a more accurately predictive descriptio
  12. That's a bit of a pet peeve of mine: planets show by size. In some ways, it can be deceptive. I prefer them like this:
  13. Hi, nice blog you have here. Where do I subscribe to the newsletter?
  14. This one when i began to drive (it had red front doors and an extra layer of duct tape to reinforce the hinge of the car hood : And when I actually got my drivers' license, a dark grey Toyota Starlet GT: Little added, gratuitous anecdote: I used to drive the former dean of Stanford University in it once, at rather irresponsible speeds.
  15. That's true. The best option for a serious work environment would be to rent at last an entire, stand-alone homestead (and have it moved to a 'General' to 'Moderate' area on the grid map if needed to keep potential offensive Region names out of map's view). There are also regions that are not visible on the map. These areas are 'reserved' according to Land Sales. Perhaps they could make a similar visibility arrangements for 'business'-type regions. I already know where to get a nice conference table that doesn't have adult poses... I can't share the specifics of the above
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