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  1. No. If it was removed, then the merchant removed it. But more likely, there wasn't any picture in the first place. No, it did not. MP products either get unlisted by admins, or they don't. They don't 'just remove pictures'. Only 6 are directly related to Hitler in a possible offensive way. The other 62 products are only using the keyword as an indirect reference. Among them are even American WW-2 items. Not everything is allowed. You're starting to sound like a troll now. Bye bye.
  2. What do you base that on? In general, it may take a few days for LL operatives to react to abuse reports, because they get a lot of them and it may be a lot of work to deal with them. It may also help if more people report the alleged offense. No, 'SL' did not upload anything. One particular person did. Don't attribute individual actions to an entire group. It's almost as if you're trying to sow distrust and aversion against 'SL'. Guess who used such tactics too in the past. The irony. And as an answer to your question in the title 'How is it so easy to be Hitler Nazi in SL?' Is it so easy? Out of 19,327,583 of products sold on Marketplace, 6 are directly related to Hitler. For one, you don't know how fast these items appear on MP and how fast they are being taken away again. In that regard, maybe it's not easy at all. My advise: report them, mute them, derender them, get on with your (virtual) life.
  3. "If I wasn't me, I'd date me." - Someone who would rate himself a 10
  4. 107 year-old lady (Cornelia ''auntie Cor' Ras) survives COVID-19: https://www.rijnmond.nl/nieuws/194136/Oudste-vrouw-van-Flakkee-107-overleeft-corona If you pardon my Dutch.
  5. Is a corona haka OK too? KA MATE! KA MATE! (We're going to die! We're going to die!) KA ORA! KA ORA! (We're going to live! We're going to live!)
  6. SL residents asked for it, so LL delivers. It's Display Names 2.0 Deluxe for OCD people. How the hell would this herald doom? After more than a decade of not adjusting fees for inflation. It's literally just that: inflation correction. Tilia is owned by Linden Lab. Better yet: Tilia is the Latin name for linden tree. Like what? Oh, never mind. Aabsolutely nothing was being taken away and put behind a paywall. But, yeah, Second Life is indeed doomed, because I feel depressed and my toes are twitching. Check out all about SL's inevitable demise on this excellent news site, Gawker*: https://gawker.com/5158190/the-end-of-second-life
  7. Science is not about believing whether something is true. It's about making educated guesses that help us to decide what to do next. You could do all kinds of random voodoo magic to stay healhy, or you could do stuff that's based on science. Science isn't always right, because scientist are only humans, just like anyone else. But science is the art of not fooling yourself or others. In practice, science has it right a lot more often than people doing just random voodoo magic stuff. This has resulted in more than a doubling of the average human life span, among other, quite beneficial things.
  8. @BettyBigguns, so it's either of the following? 1. Leave land prices as they are and have less people rent them. 2. Keep more tenants but earn less from lower rent. What proof do you have that the 1st is worse than the 2nd? Or are you just making an unsubstantiated suggestion because you personally want to pay less? Hey, I want to pay less too. Linden Labs, gimme money now!
  9. Here's a happy song for you all, 'to stick a heart under the belt', if you pardon my Dutch:
  10. Someone's not handling their social distancing very well.
  11. Yeah. Without odds, we wouldn't have radioactive decay, or we wouldn't be able to cool down those quantum computers to 3 nano-Kelvin.
  12. There's this other fun thing about an infinite universe. Imagine an apple on a table. All the air molecules around it will move in random ways, thus pushing from all different directions on the apple. The net result is that the apple will stay on the table. But if all the air molecules, just by a very odd chance, happen to move upward at the same time, they will move the apple with them up in the air. So, in theory, an apple could suddenly fall upward. The chance that it will happen is very small, but I'm pretty sure somewhere in this universe there's an apple that suddenly jumps up. Even better, there must be an apple that keeps hovering over the table for hours and hours. (An infinite amount of them.) Here's Stephen Fry touching on the subject:
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