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  1. The Dutch couldn't keep theirs. Hope that'll be a lesson to others.
  2. MIchiel de Ruyter, because: Rutger Hauer as Admiral Trump. The translation is not entirely correct. At 2:22 he says: "We kick those damn English all the way back to that island of theirs."
  3. https://www.richarddawkins.net/2014/02/whats-in-a-meme/
  4. Hey, asbestos has been know to be an excellent fire retardant since, well, literally the stone age.
  5. Just wondering why many Native, Hispanic, Creole, Inuit and other Americans to whom English may not their first language are excluded from this study. [Update] That excludes about 20% of all Americans who's language spoken at home is other than English. Hey, it's only 62 million people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_the_United_States From the questionnaire: How is this relevant for surveying someone's shopping experience? Do we need to design stores differently based on skin color? So for a better shopping experience, we may have to direct future shoppers with different ethnicities to different stores? Why not ask people their favorite color? After all, mine is red, so I always go that extra mile to get to that grocery store with red walls. /yeahthatssarcasm IMHO, questions about ethnicity should not be included anywhere, save, maybe, on medical issues. I live in another country that boasts a diverse ethnic composition, and I've filled in many academic survey forms, but never ever have there been any questions in them about race or ethnicity. Also, how is this survey going to benefit non-American shoppers and merchants in SL? Non American customers seems to be a large group that American merchants can squeeze some more bucks from if the marketing is right. [Update] That's excluding about 87% of all SL residents, based on these 2008 demographics: http://forums-archive.secondlife.com/327/34/289211/2.html Huge missed opportunity, unless the real goal of this survey isn't about shopping experiences (or improving them). The whole survey reminded me of this cartoon, btw:
  6. Cozy up and play board games and table games with anyone from any place in the world. And nowadays, they don't just have to be big bulky octagonal game tables always with 8 chairs around them. 🀄 ♟️ 🎲
  7. You'll find that the prices of mesh bodies and Bento heads have gone up a bit in those 8 years. I'm reluctantant to tell you by what factor exactly.
  8. @OP I hate to break it to you, man, but in this day and age, you aren't born with a schmeckle. You have to earn it. And then spend it on other schmeckles, like these: If you're a real man, you can do it.If not, well, there's still Minecraft. Good luck dude!
  9. Your situation and ambitions are ideal for creating beautiful and fun things in SL! Have lots of fun with your endeavor. Even though, unfortunately, I haven't got the time to participate in your project, I'm actually interested in how your land will develop over time. I hope you keep us posted here with screenshots and stories.
  10. I purchased hair like that once. It looked really great and it wasn't cheap, but when I put it on, I saw my rendering cost triple. I deleted it immediately. I do the same with objects that use thousands of triangles to make a flat surface. Unfortunately, there's a lot of them around. Oh, no, I encourage everyone to wear 100k+ poly garment! They take longer to load, so I can see all of your naked mesh bodies for a longer period of time.
  11. Make counterfeit L$ Buy that excellent book, 'How to earn lots of L$ really fast by just sitting back and do nothing', by Dr. A. Schwartzman, PhD, FU, SOB, Orthomolecular Econometrician
  12. I have exactly one like that and yes, you can play SL with it. Is it fun? Absolutely not. For a decent frame rate, you'll have to set to absolutely horrible low graphics. Also, if something inside breaks (which is likely to happen with an 8 year-old laptop), it's a total economic loss. It may seem cheap, but it's not worth it. The whole problem with trying to use a cheap computer (as proposed in this, and another recent thread by the same OP--why is this a new thread anyway?) for SL is that all content in SL has evolved with PC technology. Old computers were fine for SL in their day. For a fairly acceptable SL experience, you'll need to invest at least 700-800 US$. But consider all the other cool things you can do with such a computer then.
  13. No, that's not what I was thinking. What I was really thinking was this: "What about this non-problem in this futite thread can we do other than poke some fun?" Hence the bold and unsubstantiated 'I know what you are thinking' statement and the animation. Some people understand the sarcasm behind it. Others don't. Don't worry about it.
  14. It beats waving a magic wand and make all people no longer push you away while afk. Unless you have an even more brilliant solution. [Update] I did the test. And I must admit, I almost peed my pants, having to perform the laborious task of sitting my avatar down first. https://i.gyazo.com/4497ea7f02d3fefdf89113ada592c03c.mp4
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