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  1. Desperately waiting for all these nazi hairdos to go out of fashion again.
  2. I wonder if SL were ice cream, what flavor would it be? No wait: if SL were a family member... Or better stil what if SL were an organ? Would it be a spleen? If SL were a particular species of fish? A color? Vegetable? Main sequence star... which spectral type? Oh man, so many hypotheticals!
  3. Pale sad-looking baby faces with rosy cheeks and platinum blond hair. Elf ears are making a comeback again too, (for the so-manieth time). I read about the 'OK Boomer' catchphrase, but I didn't witness one being uttered in the wild yet.
  4. People who lose in a game of chance in SL blaming it on the lack of randomness of the Linden Scripting Language pseudorandom number generator function llFrand. I did 10,000,000 virtual dice rolls using llFrand in an LSL script, and this was the outcome: The expected value is 1,666,667 per number, so the simulated frequencies are less than 1% off (which is mostly a coincidence).
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myers–Briggs_Type_Indicator#Criticism https://www.reddit.com/r/askscience/comments/1p2cki/how_scientifically_valid_is_the_myers_briggs/ https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/the-myers-briggs-personality-test-is-pretty-much-meaningless-9359770/ https://thoughtcatalog.com/lorenzo-jensen-iii/2015/05/13-reasons-why-the-myers-briggs-test-is-absolute-nonsense/
  6. My thoughts? SL is what you make of it and to me, it's not dying at all and the forum is going to die instead with this constant barrage of pessimistic threads like these.
  7. Ah, there is the answer to your two first problems: Buy land on an island region instead. This third problem too can be solved by adjusting your graphics settings and by using a faster computer. All of the above solutions are way more practical and feasable than begging LL to build an entirely new SL.
  8. There's a scene from Monty Python's Meaning of Life I'd like to post here. But it's a little graphic, so let's not. Instead, I'll just attach a picture of whatever the unfortunate Mr. Creosote had.
  9. Ar Duenn = Celtic for 'The Black', a nickname for the old forest at the eastern Belgian/French border. Schwartzman = German (Yiddish maybe, because of the extra t) for black man. So, Blackie Blackman, I guess.
  10. Going afk for longer than half an hour is a just a bloody waste of energy and shortening the life-span of your hardware. Unless you're drunk, drugged, got kidnapped or otherwise physically incapacitated to reach for the off button, there's no rational excuse for going AFK for longer than about 30 minutes.
  11. I have been able to get by fine in SL with such a machine as long as I kept Advanced Lighting off and draw distance at around 64 m. The biggest factor in things getting slower in SL over the past years is the increasing number of mesh triangles and 1024-textures, especially from the increasing use of elaborate clothing, hair and furniture with drapes. Merchants aren't ashamed anymore to sell a chair with LI=14 and 8 scripts for sitting. (I'm not even exaggerating. Eight scripts is the average for furniture in a present-day sales event.) My 2012 iMac's graphics card failed (same specs as the OP's) and fixing it required replacing the entire mother board, because the card was soldered onto it. That's when I decided to go gaming PC instead, after using Apple computers for 30 years. It's not cheaper per se if you want high-end graphics cards, and it's not easier either, but it sure as hell is a LOT faster.
  12. My thoughts on this for anyone reading this thread are to keep SL Media disabled at all times if you are concered about your privacy and about wanting to stay off ban lists used by systems that generate agent signatures with extreme prejudice.
  13. It's an interesting idea, but 3D mesh design can even be more complicated that 2D photo editing. Imagine Second life with a built-in photo editing tool so you can texture objects. It would probably be easier to implement than incorporating a 3D editing tool. I guess a simplified extension beyond the current prim torturing tool could include making and manipulating mesh tris and some simple UV mapping. It would probably not even be on par with Google's SketchUp. Maybe it would boost SL residents' creativity, but it would require overcoming a much steeper learning curve than prim torture. So it's a big uncertain maybe. One could also argue for the opposite. Take away functionality from the SL viewer, and leave those functions to other, more dedicated apps that are much better at it, a little like that famous Unix philosophy of doing one thing and doing it well. Firestorm is doing it. It supports editing both scripts and notecards in an external application. And many people prefer using Skype and Discord over Voice.
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