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  1. Second Life Planck time (nanoseconds) and Planck length (micrometers)
  2. Pushing a drinking glass into my face every time I take a sip.
  3. This is the main reason why it feels like walking through peanut butter when you try to walk a few steps in a popular sales event. It is also the reason why your have to request a redelivery of your freshly made purchase there. SL would be a significantly better place if people would be more sensible about their script count. Rendering complexity is easier to solve. If you have a slower computer, simply limit the max complexity in your Prefs. More complex people will appear as blobs, but at least you'll keep a decent frame rate.
  4. Purple is a fake color. It only exists in your brain, not in the real world.
  5. There's green and brown and yellow and orange. Mine's red. What's your favorite color?
  6. Why do you want to know? And why are you asking people in a Second Life forum?
  7. It is bottomless. Like where these jade eggs end up.
  8. I'll just leave this cultural heritage-related image here. As far as these guys are concerned, they're in formal dress. Totally normal.
  9. I feel pretty dumb. I can never find a matching pair of socks.
  10. I think discussing politics at the dinner table or anywhere is fine. Nothing wrong with a good debate about social security and trickle-down economics. You know, with reasoning, historical references and, above all, science. Unfortunately, people confuse actual politics with parroting snappy soundbytes from propaganda outlets, and easy campaign slogans with no substance at all a lot. And some also confuse actual debating with trolling, bullying and gaslighting.
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