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  1. Hi, thanks for asking. The answer is two-fold: 1. Because a lot of marketeers with an affinity for Asian culture--in particular the Kawaii style--do it, so it's kind of an identity thing that has been around for many years now. If it were just a filter-du-jour, it would have gone out of fashion after a year or two, but this has stuck, so I think it's legit to call it a style. 2. Because it potentially hides little blemishes and flaws by blurring the image. But I'm just making this up. I never really asked anyone who uses it.
  2. I think it's a trendy thing to do (just like those chromatic aberration filters that just won't die off), to show the item in an ad made with a 3D rendering program, rather than from an in-world screenshot. It's also quite misleading, because it often shows physical properties of the product, like reflections, refraction of light through semi-transparent objects, sub-surface scattering, softer appearance though volumetric lighting, all of which do not exist in SL at all. The counter-'argument' usually is: yeah, so what's new? Isn't all advertising misleading?
  3. (Favorite and/or Least Favorite) xor Most Mediocre Holiday/Birthday Song or Movie or Vegetable There. Spiced things up a bit to keep it interesting. Here's my contribution, btw:
  4. The teeth are always asymmetrical and always from the same photo source.
  5. That avatar complexities are way higher than need be. And it's in part the reason why people keep yelling "lag".
  6. BOM also eliminates the need for three mesh body layers (one for skin, one for make-up/tattoos, one for clothing textures. Just check the edge of all current mesh bodies, that little shimmering light edge around each person. These are mesh layer upon mesh layer upon mesh layer. An average mesh bodies is three complete bodies on top of the systems body. Unfortunately, most mesh body creators didn't really get the purpose for BOM, so now, almost everyone wears a mesh body that has BOM and three layers.
  7. Herein lies the rub. Male avatars have wider shoulders. With all static poses being equal, the male arms and hands are further apart. What did I win?
  8. I don't thinks infants have an innate fear of clowns at all. They have an innate fear of anything that isn't mommy. Also, you can brainwash anyone into thinking anything is scary. Maybe clowns are easier than other subjects, because you can plunge them into the Uncanny Valley without too much effort.
  9. Still very happy with my 'Arduenn Resident' Display name.
  10. One of the main causes is multiple UV maps in Blender. Make sure the object only has a single UV map. ↑ Good ↑ ↑ MAV_BLOCK bad ↑ This usually happens if you append or import objects from different sources into a single Blender file.
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