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  1. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Is SL's Player Base Declining?

    Yet, you start this thread with a 6 month-old alt. Why not with your original? Why do you wish to remain anonymous with regard to the subject?
  2. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Is SL's Player Base Declining?

    And again, it is the prophecy! https://gawker.com/5158190/the-end-of-second-life
  3. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Do sugar daddies exist on second life?

    I was just wondering which polling agency would actually be willing to find that out and who would actually pay for such a survey. Until then, to avoid the embarrassment of being laughed at in the face, I'd start with donating a solid L$ 20,000. And finally, I'd like to take a bit of your time and announce that I'm in search for a sugar-person too. Be warned that I'm not cheap, and don't expect anything in return either. Well, maybe a genuine thank you and a firm, albeit virtual handshake.
  4. Arduenn Schwartzman


    @AngeliqueMinogue - Someone's a Silmarillion fan. Here's two trees for ya.
  5. Arduenn Schwartzman

    What are some of the disadvantages of living in a free society?

    Based on the multitude of opinions in this thread, I still can't make up my mind on whether I want to live in a free society, or rather in an un-free one. 🙃
  6. Arduenn Schwartzman

    I don't understand this game

    Then, you could argue that the process of relieving yourself could be considered a game too (the goal of the game here is to find a bathroom in time, or you lose), and indeed any other aspect of First Life.
  7. Arduenn Schwartzman

    What do you all get on SL for?

    The sex! The money!
  8. Arduenn Schwartzman

    I don't understand this game

    No, that quest was solved long ago (by me).
  9. Arduenn Schwartzman

    I don't understand this game

    First, you have to look around and find gold coins (L$). If you have enough, you have to go to the Bald Mountain and trade them for the Scroll of Quests that the Old Wise Man keeps in his cave. I don't want to give away too much, but the first quest involves a lot of scorpion and wild boar killing. Good luck! Now, if you will excuse me. I have to finish reading the internet.
  10. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Grant and corrupt a wish game

    Granted. And the area where your fridge once was will remain clean for the next 80,000 years, after which the radiation levels have dropped sufficiently for fungi and arthropods to recolonize the place. I wish I Disney would quit making sequels and live-action remakes.
  11. Arduenn Schwartzman

    My HUDs wont apply the textures anymore once they are sold

    I found that hard to believe. First, if you pass on a script, as you say above, and the new owner puts that in a box, the script is always reset. Second, theoretically, each llGetOwner() call should result in an up-to-date owner key, no matter how it was passed on--either by selling the original to another person (so not a copy), or by giving a copy, even without resetting. I found this very unlikely to be true, but at the same time, I anticipated that it might be, because each platform has its quirks. So I decided to test it. I tested three scenarios using the following script: default{ touch_start(integer Total){ if(llDetectedKey(0)==llGetOwner()){ llSay(0,"You are the owner."); }else{ llSay(0,"You are not the owner."); } } } And with this script I did the following: 1. I gave a box with above script to someone else and let the new owner click it. 2. I set an in-world box for sale such that the original box changed ownership upon purchase and let the new owner click it. 3. I gave the above script directly to someone else for them to put in their own box and let the new owner click it. In all three cases llGetOwner() came up with the up-to-date key, saying: "You are the owner." So, no, if you pass the script on to a second person but do not reset the script, it will not remember that you are the owner (nor should it, because each llGetOwner() call should get a fresh result). Consequently, the new person should be able to use the device. That's not all. To make things worse, your solution... ... actually breaks the original, functional code: the CHANGED_OWNER event is only registered when the original object changes ownership while it is rezzed in-world (e.g., by setting it for sale and set to 'Give Original'). Conversely, the CHANGED_OWNER event is never triggered when you take the object back into your inventory and then give a copy to someone else (or, sell it on MP or a copy in-world through a vendor). This means that in all but one method of object transfer, the kOwner variable actually never changes at all and the new owner will not be able to use it.
  12. Arduenn Schwartzman

    How to get better at dance??

    No. It's not about dance skill or dance classes. It's all about shopping and where to find and buy better dances.
  13. Arduenn Schwartzman

    What is this AFK Poseball thing you speak of?

    This. And this is my biggest concern that started the thread: people's preferences shifting from human-to-human interaction on the one hand, to human-to-just a bunch of pixels that know how to STFU on the other. Actually, that happens an awful lot in SL anywhere. Whenever I say 'hi' to a random stranger, they teleport away promptly. Maybe I should go on a field trip soon, as my alter ego, to discreetly interview a few of these visitors. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's... Poseball Repairman. (For science.)
  14. Arduenn Schwartzman

    What is this AFK Poseball thing you speak of?

    You mean they 'put'' bots on AFK avatars to boost search ranking? I understand the AFK folks will generate the numbers, but it would only be lucrative if people are willing to accept such 'dead' interaction. Generally, when I visit a place because it ranks high, hoping that there's some social interaction going on, and I find out that big cluster of green dots is only a bot farm, I'm outta there again in a matter of seconds. So, AFK 'stuff' is the new camping?
  15. Arduenn Schwartzman

    0 is greater than 0? Why?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of floating point computations.