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  1. If you don't like to wade through long lists, here's one site that has 'only' 33 channels: https://somafm.com/
  2. People asking where my store is. Hint #1: the MP and in-world locations are mentioned all over my profile, to the point that some people find it so annoying that they threaten to AR me for my 'spammy profile'. Hint #2: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=where+is+arduenn+schwartzman's+store
  3. And nine months later, there was a slight, yet significant increase in birthrate.
  4. MP sales stopped for an hour but they started again half an hour ago. Cats hit the objects to determine whether they are really dead, or just playing dead. Mine has "lazor' eyes. (Because she's evil.)
  5. You think the things I pointed out aren't reasonable? What galaxy did you say you live in? I didn't think that at all. Stop presuming what I think and then ask what galaxy I live in, mind game-wise. I'm going to block you now, so you never have to bother arguing with me again.
  6. Getting Second Life? After many decades, I'm still struggling with getting First Life and what my God-given purpose here on this Earth is supposed to be. It's almost like Second Life is trying to borrow from First Life's biggest mystery. In the mean time, I just pass time in SL making stuff.
  7. Well, there's a Bloomfield i7, a Lynnfield i7, a Gulftown i7, a Sandy bridge i7... .. a Kaby Lake i7, an Amber Lake i7, a Coffee Lake i7, a Whiskey Lake i7... And then the RAM. There's the 400Mhz/3200Mbps DDR SDRAM, the 800Mhz/6400Mbps DDR2 SDRAM...
  8. From the profile: and Well, that went quickly.
  9. Maybe LL was fully aware of the relative inefficiency of the MMO aspect (among other aspects) of SL and had this brilliant idea of remedying it by initiating the development of Second Life 2.0 (a.k.a. Sansar).
  10. I'd like to shift the discussion about the 'closed door policy' problem to one about the 'stacked skybox' problem, because to me, it seems a much more problematic one.
  11. What will you do with all this information? Post a new feature on the SL JIRA site, proposing to kill streaming music because the majority preferred that over the alternative?
  12. That was Rodvik Humble. But, yes. It's probably mostly the VR hype. But don't forget the huge head start SL has over any other open virtual platform in terms of user-created content, communities and the object permission system. I was warned that any artwork uploaded to HiFi was up for grabs for everyone in there.
  13. No, I just didn't want to answer a question that was heavily based on prejudice.
  14. Nothing. I didn't. I don't want to advertise. It's an 'if' thing, as in 'if I were evil'. In the real, non-hypothetical world, I hate ads. They make everything ugly. So, ads, and fixed landing points for ads. Nope. I also have an ad blocker.
  15. Can I have it? I want to examine it and find out how these creatures reproduce. Don't touch it. I licked it. So now it's mine.
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