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  1. Arduenn Schwartzman

    What would be worse? pt 2

    OR My weekly stipend is raised to L$ 10,000,000. What silly discussion about improbable hypotheticals is this?
  2. Arduenn Schwartzman

    What exactly does SL have over every other platform?

    Just about anything can be used as a projectile in SL. No matter the size, it'll fit through the barrel of a gun.
  3. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Do you ever get bored of SL

    Oh darn. Yes. I got bored again for a few minutes. So I decided to make coffee. Now I need disposable plastic cups...
  4. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Do you ever get bored of SL

    Can't answer that right now. Too busy with my addiction.
  5. Arduenn Schwartzman

    earning money in SL

    What are her skills?
  6. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Dawn of the SL Dead

    How about LL creates virtual pickpockets? Bots that circle around you and suddenly your L$ wallets get drained. I will eat my hat if not everyone would find this enormously great fun! OMG, think of the huge increase in new subscribers!
  7. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Requesting Information about a Tyrant Admin of a Sim

    They're not cheap, but they are good.
  8. My first memory of SL is Orientation Island. I remember being instructed how to lift a beach ball and put it on a table and click on a parrot to let it say my name. And then fly over a chasm in order to get to a teleporting device that would plunge me into the real SL world. I remember landing in the Hobo Infohub in the Calleta region. There lived Arcadia Asylum, whom later taught me how to determine proper llSitTarget settings, and the people from Rezzable, who later made the Greenies and Carnival of Doom sims. I remember changing my avatar in Edit Appearance, by sliding all the sliders to either 0 or 100. I was very pleased with the result. I kept a few records of those days. Talking to little green men who told me that slavery was still a thing in SL, befriending a tall woman who gave me the cigar that I wore for years to come... I found out that land was pretty expensive in SL, so I decided to squat and picked a nice big castle for that. It was a nice place and the owner tolerated me, until I started to complain about the hot water boiler that needed fixing. They also had these really weird crosses. Cults and occult rituals aren't really my thing, so I didn't stay long. (Yeah, ok, I got kicked out over the hot water thing.) But I always frequented Calleta and later Hobo Island in the years after. That couch in front of the TV was the center of SL for me.
  9. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Is there virtue in being a Second Life troll?

    For me, on the other hand, the glass is half full. "We choose to go to the Moon" - John F. Kennedy, 1962
  10. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Is there virtue in being a Second Life troll?

    There's a fetish for everything. If whatever you do increases dopamine secretion in your brain, it's good (for you).
  11. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Guys its 2019 what can we bring to SL this year

    Sit scripts with which you can set up and adjust sit positions and rotations with rapid arrow key taps, rather than tediously clicking on "X+' or "Y-" dialog buttons with 2-second intervals between each click. https://gyazo.com/32aa26463d99419f0960ccddaa5f4260
  12. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Product Review no-no?

    LL diligently removed 3 flagged reviews from my MP last Friday. On another note: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airplane_plant They exist. 👽
  13. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Do you talk about SL to your RL family/friends?

    Back in 2008, when I demonstrated SL to a relative, they immediately blurted out "Whaaat? But SL is all about sex!" Some other relatives, who are minors, also know. That's why, basically, I keep the vast majority of my merch General. Another relative showed my MP to their colleagues, some of which, in a former life, were my students. That same relative also told their mother, so now the whole bloody world knows.
  14. Arduenn Schwartzman

    To what degree do you feel "immersed" in Second Life?

    Immersion to me is when I don't care about, or am oblivious to flaws or lack of detail, because I'm too immersed, if you pardon my recursiveness. I can be immersed in an ugly old sandbox in SL where I link a bunch of plywood boxes, then set the linkset to physical, add a script with llBreakAllLinks(); in the touch_start event. And then touch it.
  15. Arduenn Schwartzman

    Wouldn't this offend you either?

    I took a screenshot just in case it gets removed, so I can start a new thread and complain about it being removed.