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  1. (I think everything after "Boiled Owl" was OT postings). So.... Boiled Warming. Not only did I get us back on track, I came up with an image too! Where's my internet?
  2. Lindal Kidd


    I wasn't aware you could cam to another avatar by using the Mini-map. I always use the People/Nearby window and double click on the name there.
  3. @raa21, SL is not dying. You have simply run into some of the changes LL is making to the New User Experience. For several years now, new users arrive at Learning Island when they first log in to SL. After exploring this island, they take a teleport portal to Social Island, a second region with some tutorials to explore. From there, they move on into the main SL world. There are actually several copies of Learning Island and Social Island, to handle the influx of new residents. When one region gets too crowded, incoming avatars are shunted to a less crowded one. Over time, the way these regions are accessed has varied. Learning Island has always been limited to new avatars only. Once you leave, you are an "experienced resident", and cannot return. Mostly, access to Social Island has been open to all residents, but from time to time, access has been limited to either new residents only, like Learning Island, or to new residents plus some qualified group of helpers, such as the old SL Mentors. When access to SI has been open, the regions have tended to attract crowds of people. Some just use the regions as a hangout. Many others use their access to harrass the new residents. Recently, LL restricted SI access. With only newcomers on the regions, they were much less crowded, and LL was able to reduce the number of Social Islands. Then, they re-opened some of the regions to all residents, but left others set to newcomers only, or to newcomers and members of authorized helper groups. In addition to those changes, it's now possible for new residents to take other paths into SL. Linden Lab has allowed groups participating in the Community Gateway program to develop their own versions of Learning Island and Social Island. I'm aware that the Firestorm group has done so, and London City. There may be others.
  4. Moe...really? I mean, if I am logging in my main and my alts from my home PC, they're all using the same public IP, aren't they? So wouldn't either type of ban (IP or MAC address hardware ban) affect all of one's accounts? Darkhand...you're lucky it was just for 30 days. Never give the finger to the Gods, unless you want divine retribution.
  5. Way cool, @Vania Chaplin! From Tradewinds, you can sail west across the channel to Masocado (my home) or south and east to the Blake Sea regions. Looks like some really long voyages are now possible!
  6. An RLV relay device does not have to look like a collar. Assuming you are using Firestorm: Go to Preferences > Extras tab. See if the RLVa check box is checked. If so, un-check it, then exit SL and re-log. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/_detail/firestorm_enable_rlva_preferences.png?id=fs_rlva_quick_setup
  7. You can also check your RAM, and maybe find out which stick is bad, by running Memtest86, a free utility.
  8. This is true, but nonetheless ironic. Firestorm (and its predecessor, Emerald) were designed to mimic (and expand on) the old LL Viewer 1.xx user interface. When LL's Viewer 2.0 came out, with much the same interface we see today, people moaned and groaned and wanted what they were used to...so a lot of them migrated to Emerald. Nowadays, most of the old timers still feel most comfortable with the old-style interface, and happily use Firestorm. It's the newcomers who now have the steep learning curve, in "going back to" what is really a very old style UI in Firestorm.
  9. To add to Lil's height comment...the minimap will show avatars above or below you with carats instead of dots... ^ or v.
  10. You will have to back up a PayPal account with a major credit card or a real life bank account.
  11. Dead thread...deader than most, it seems the store Drake suggested is no more.
  12. Notorious or inconspicuous...ya gotta pick one!
  13. Also be sure you are in YOUR house. Those Linden Homes all look alike. The coordinates of your home will be in your account information, under My Mainland. Once you are there, go to World/About Land and check to see that you are the owner of that parcel.
  14. Notorious female Nazi spy landed by U-boat for her next mission...
  15. Damn you all, now I have to go out and buy some candy!
  16. I will never know. Around here, Christmas cookies are eaten as soon as they are cool enough to hold.
  17. I don't like regular Milky Ways...I'll have to give the dark one a try.
  18. No unsalted unshelled peanuts for me, thanks. Peanut M&Ms though, are good. The only problem is that you can't stop eating them. You keep going, one after another, looking for that perfect combination of JUST enough chocolate, JUST enough peanut. They are always too much or too little of one or the other, but I keep trying.
  19. Oh look, my favorite topic! Unlike Maddy, I do like M&Ms, or at least I have a love/hate relationship with them. I especially like the dark chocolate mint ones. But, if one is going to pig out on dark chocolate mints, there are better choices, such as Andes. In regular over-the-counter, buy them anywhere candies, I'll go with Bree's choice of peanut butter cups and KitKats. I also love Mounds bars, and Snickers (especially if you chill them). Hershey's Kisses are always nice, but like "fun size" candies they take too much work to unwrap and the pile of wrappings that sits there accusing you after a binge is just awful. When I really want to indulge, I'll go looking for truffles. Especially dark chocolate ones, especially mint ones. And so we come full circle.
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