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  1. I'm pretty sure my IQ has gone down from when I was 18. I know a lot more, but I can't do as much with it. Maybe my filing system's corrupted. As for the Kardashian Lip...I'm more a fan of Nunya, and HER lip.
  2. Favorite Stores in SL - General Discussion Forum - Second Life Community Favorite Stories in SL or Favorite Shores in SL
  3. I thought from the title this was going to be a much more entertaining thread.
  4. That may be British, but it is ALSO American. Typically heard in Appalachia and the West, I reckon.
  5. ...Mount Etna just erupted. We're not two weeks into the year and we already have volcanoes and coup attempts. Plus COVID, of course.
  6. I'm glad it's working for you, Rowan!
  7. A question for the forum worthies - General Discussion Forum - Second Life Community A question for the forum worthless
  8. This is a capability that can be used in a HUD or put into an object you sit on. If you accept the animation request sent by the HUD, or sit on the object, it takes permission to animate you permanently. The owner of the HUD or object can then animate you without further permission, as long as both of you are in the same region. You can use Firestorm's "Stop Animations and revoke permissions" command, but the HUD's owner can simply rez or wear a fresh copy of the object and regain permission to animate you.
  9. They won't take it directly from your bank account, they will bill the card (or your PayPal or Skrill account) that you designated as your payment method. This is an automatic renewal, and you won't get a notice in advance. You can, however, always see your next billing date in your account summary.
  10. This is not a Totally Official, Approved thread.
  11. Vista is good. I've also been happy with SEMotion's animations, although the way they have things set up in their store it can be confusing about just what you are buying
  12. Are you connecting through a VPN? If so, the VPN server could be in a "prohibited state". Change servers, or disable your VPN
  13. What you CAN do is wait until a few days before your Premium membership is due to automatically renew. Then sell or abandon all Mainland, including a Linden Home if you have one; remove tier donations to any groups; and then downgrade your membership to Basic. After your account is Basic again, sign up for a Premium membership with your alt.
  14. Try right clicking the hair, selecting Edit, and changing the alpha type from Alpha Masking to Alpha Blending (or vice versa, if it's already set to Alpha Blending)
  15. From the Knowledge Base: Changing stored payment information To change stored information about one of your payment methods, you must delete that payment method and re-enter it. You may delete a stored payment method by clicking Remove next to that payment method on the Billing Information page.
  16. Right click the ground, and choose About Land from the context menu. Have a look at the parcel description. As the parcel owner, you can edit this. Maybe you forgot to do so when you acquired the land? Then when you took a landmark, it included the then-current parcel info. Edit the parcel description, if you need or want to. Then, delete your old landmark. Go to World/Landmark This Place and create a new landmark. Check to see if it reflects the parcel description you just edited.
  17. SL is not a modern game, and doesn't make use of a lot of the performance enhancing features of modern computers. It's single threaded, so a multi-core CPU won't be fully utilized. Its graphics use OpenGL, not the faster DirectX.
  18. "Hate speech" becomes illegal when it includes advocating and inciting violent crime. Even in the USA. That's why AWS is taking down Parler...they have no means (and apparently no desire) to moderate their content at all. Are you using SL to plan The Revolution? Kidnap your local officials? Rehearse your next mass shooting? No? Then I think you (and we) are OK.
  19. Silly question...do you have separate prims that are the actual lights...the ones with the "light" property enabled? If so...are they linked to the spotlight mesh and are they moving/rotating with it?
  20. Which puts us back to the question asked earlier: Is the alt a friend or does the OP at least have their calling card.
  21. What is that small display sitting on the PC to the left?
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