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  1. Java Hot Buttered Popcorn Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee The Coffee Song (There are at least three different songs with this title) Black Coffee (Multiple songs with this title, too) Coffee, Coffee, Coffee Black Caffeine
  2. I used MeMu. I could not tell you if this was a good choice or a bad choice, though!
  3. In this case, it may be worth it, Beth. I followed the link and found out about "FaceApp". FaceApp is a smartphone app that can apply filters to your photos. You can do things like age a person, make them younger, change their gender. But for me, the nicest one was a "smile" filter. When applied to an avatar's picture, it produces an amazingly realistic smile, much better than anyone's been able to do even with Bento so far. I found that it is possible to install an Android emulator on my PC and then install FaceApp on my computer...which I really liked because I don't use my smartphone for any SL images.
  4. Lindal Kidd

    maturity level

    You might not be signed in. If you view the Marketplace and you aren't signed it, it will only display General content. Or, if you ARE signed in, but are under 18, you'll only be able to see General content.
  5. Maggots in cheeses and larvae in kernels Blutwurst, black puddings, and squid that's nocturnal Chocolate ants and fried wasps with their stings These are a few of my Horrible Things! When you're starving, Or expiring, When your pants are loose... Break up rotten logs for some Horrible Things And eat 'em, you silly goose!
  6. There has been a LOT of progress. I'm not a medical professional or a molecular biologist, so I won't presume to give details. But the survival rate for a lot of cancers is way better than it was 40 years ago, or even 20. They can even completely cure some forms of cancer. But there is still a long way to go, as LittleMe says.
  7. hi @haynz Shultz! 1. Animations and sounds must be full permission (copy/modify/transfer) to be used in a Gesture. 2. In order to play "on top of" other animations, the animation must have a higher priority than the animation(s) it's playing on top of. The priority of an animation is established by the person who uploads the animation to SL, and can have a value of 1 to 5.
  8. I didn't read that as "pens" the first time around.
  9. I think by a "cell" she means a BDSM cage. Goddess, try disabling RLV in your viewer preferences. Then re-log and see if that re-activates your menus.
  10. Every day. I learn stuff here I would never hear about in world. Why, when I got back from an eight day vacation, I spent most of a day catching up! Besides, the food fights are more fun here.
  11. You have quite a number of inventory organizing tools available, @Samitra64 You can sort by name, or by date. If you use the Firestorm viewer, you have a Recent tab that shows you things you've just added recently (and you can tell it what "recent" means). You can also set sorting options differently for different folders. You have Cut, Copy, and Paste functions. You can re-name items (unless they're no modify) for easier sorting or recognition. If they ARE no modify, you can create a folder, name it as you like, and put the no modify thing(s) in it. One of the coolest tools is the ability to open multiple inventory windows. This makes it a lot easier to drag something from one part of your inventory to another without all that endless scrolling. You can get texture organizers to put your textures in. Each one can hold over 100 textures, and only counts as one inventory item. You can put things you seldom or never use into boxes...just rez a prim, give it a distinctive name, then drop your inventory items into its Content tab. Then right click and Take the filled box into your inventory. Use the tools...but don't feel bad about 89K items. Lots of us have way bigger inventories than that! While inventory size is not necessarily a problem, how it's organized can be. If you tend to have only a few folders, and those folders contain thousands of items, you have what is called a "flat" inventory structure. This can lead to issues when you're logging in. Use folders, and sub-folders, and sub-sub-sub-sub folders.
  12. My name backwards is...questionable.
  13. How did we get from unpopular opinions to unpopular foods?
  14. I'm assuming the OP means roll = rotating the camera around the axis along which the lens is aligned. If you roll the camera, the world would appear to rotate until the ground was overhead, then on around and back to horizontal and right side up. Like this... I can't find any way to do it, without a joystick or Space Navigator, as Nalates suggests.
  15. And, if someone downgrades to Basic and then becomes Premium again, they do lose any legacy stipend arrangements and are covered under whatever the current stipend rules may be.
  16. Not saying it's a lot or a little, but you can get rid of all those parts...everything except the Firestorm Bridge, if you put your AO's animations in Firestorm's AO instead of the Vista HUD.
  17. You CAN'T bet real money. Or, if you do, you'll be violating the Terms of Service. Gambling (including poker, even though many consider it to be a game of skill) is not allowed in SL. You can play poker, as long as nothing of actual value (that is to say, $L) is wagered. But that takes all the fun out of it, at least in my view.
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