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  1. My profile can answers every question they ask. Very rare to receive a witty IM that strays from the same lines I've heard for 10 years: Are you a real woman? How old are you? Where are you from? What are you looking for in SL? You want to do the jiggyjiggy with me? Every single one is answered right there but they don't bother. & They get annoyed when I ask why they didn't look. Me, I love profile peeping. I think of them like dust jackets on a book. I don't get the whole story, rather I get a glimpse of attitude & disposition- I avoid snarky folks.
  2. & further down that road: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE248/142/121/33 Lots of chunky hills with houses perched atop, overlooking a river/sound?
  3. I think so- this is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE232/28/229/23 . To the left is pearlcoast in the 2nd photo (you can see the houseboats) such a pretty area.
  4. I am not a member of their group but I receive their gifts once a week or twice a month- something like that. it's either because I'vr purchase their items in the past and that automatically set me up on some sort of list or I'm on a subscribe-o which I've been here in SL for 10 years and there's no telling if that's the case- I wouldn't remember.
  5. Lol I wonder if you are clarifying tone with smilies due to the public tiff I had with another forum patron last week (a linden came in & locked the thread- I'd rathered he just deleted it but oh well- I suppose my continued public shaming of being exposed for being argumentative will continue to haunt me until memories fade & the thread is buried several pages deep. Anywho. I was having problems with the refresher timing out at 71 seconds a few days back so yesterday and today I ran it on 85 seconds. Even only tried for less than an hour tonight before landing the houseboat. So I did indeed get lucky today. it took about three weeks for me to get the house on Emerson Lake with running the refresher probably six hours a day at least. And I'm already noticing that it's a lot more traffic than Emerson lake was, which really makes me happy it was pretty lonely there as I do like to just stand at home. I have an inner ear disorder that causes dizziness and for whatever reason moving throughout second life triggers it. I'm good to stand at home and dance and whatnot as long as the background isn't moving. I just can't go off exploring and riding in vehicles, sailing, horseback riding or anything similar is absolutely out of the question. So it can hamper my chances for making new friends. Anywho my SL time for today is over. It would be interesting to find out if there was some sort of formula or any sort of pattern to successful house hunting. but it probably is just completely random luck of the draw.
  6. I had the odd thought (while refreshing to get a home in Bellisseria (i moved off of Emerson Lake a month back) that maybe if I shut off the viewer I could catch a house- since I missed one 2x yesterday and it seemed my machine was lagging- the moment I did- I caught a houseboat! And almost on top of my best friend! There is just one houseboat in between us. How weird is that! *goes off to do happy decorating dance* (posting because I wonder if not running SL improves chances by speeding up machines- tho it could just be coincidence)
  7. Sooooo very cute! Mine are best buddies. We have a geriatric Pug as well.
  8. Thank you both I'll bump it up to something weird like 81 next time. Maybe 83. That has a ring to it. Ha! My urgency comes and goes thru out the day. There are some days I don't even bother, too.
  9. Hi Prudence, thank you for the response and tip to RaeLeeh's posts- I picked the 72 previously because I had read her posts lol. I don't know what is going on. I'll try again another day- I did have a home on Emerson Lake for six weeks but got itchy to move on- just taking longer to get another one.
  10. Hi all- I have been using the autorefresh- and I have it set for 72 seconds. I have tried using the last two days and suddenly tonight- it's giving me the message (after playing the sound that indicates it found "bellisseria") that I've exhausted my refresh attempts? And it doesn't indicate that it found the search term. It's done this twice now in the last hour. Is this happening to others? Or am I just lucky enough to have this weirdness happening to me....
  11. Oh mine are stupendous gas creators. When we brought the first one home, we drove to another state to get him- and about halfway back home we'd already pulled over to make sure he wasn't ill or had worms.... His sidekick is no better lol. But I love them with my whole heart.
  12. I have several things that must always be out- my squirrel oak tree, my ex's ashes, pile of board games, pretty trinket jar, unicorn planter & ode to my 2 real world Boston Terriers (I have loooots of them out but this one works for the photo
  13. I don't use security orbs (when living on Bellisseria). I don't use ban lines (when living on old mainland). I do make use of the ban list. I have a few names that automatically get added on as soon as I move into a new spot- out of habit and desire to have zero interaction with said banned names. But as to why would anyone need a security system? Well, perhaps because if like me (if I so chose to do so)- SL monies are monies I spend for my entertainment, that I chose to not spend on other things. Why should someone else feel entitled to make use of my private pixel home I pay for if I do not want to share? The only time it bugs me is when I am home, and if someone opts to just TP right on over. That gets on my nerves. Are they going to just walk up to a random house in the real world and walk on in?
  14. Well that's interesting and I stand corrected. Not having anyone on my ban list isn't generally problem though I have an itchy trigger finger. 😆
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