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  1. Why the two accounts? It’s like prepping for FB jail.
  2. You’ve already answered your question yourself. You must turn off your AO when using something else that animates your avatar that doesn’t have a high enough priority assigned to it. This happens at upload by the animation creator and as far as I know, there’s no way to change that. I have minimal experience 1st hand with this from creating static poses & basic poses to hold & dance with tinies ten years ago. Maybe things have changed?
  3. I can’t get in world to check for certain- but Apple Fall would be a good shop to check. vespertine as well.
  4. Go around a shop you like, right click to bring up the edit menu so you can view the land impact-prims of any- each object. there are shops that create items from just one prim for say a bed, but it’s not going to be as detailed as a bed from other shops, which could have beds around 10, 20 or 200 prims. There’s no cookie cutter answer for you, it all just depends. Spend a week window shopping, viewing the information available, you can begin to see what you like, and get decorating ideas. You could also look on the marketplace, most shops provide the prim- land impact in
  5. Nelson from the Simpsons is the epitome of a scornful, mocking “emoji”.
  6. As we all know, Skynet will determine humans to be the real evil so 🤷‍♀️ but for real, I’ve switched to mostly lurking on the boards anymore but felt the need to say I really don’t understand what you’re trying to convey in your post unless it’s that corporations pay advertisers to create marketing geared towards our click history which we already know is cookies & that FB advertises things that could only be suggested because our devices listen to our conversations.
  7. You know you’ve seen Avis disappear, but they’re still there, watching. They’re the whispers! (But seriously when I was new to SL for the longest time I didn’t realize that our Avis did disappear, that maybe they stood there where we left them. Would have explained people who just mill around landing points).
  8. “Pulvis et umbra sumus. (We are but dust and shadow.)” -Horace
  9. Splurged a half year or so back & bought steaks for family dinner. My son dropped his plate on his way to eat in front of tv, everything splattered on the tile floor. I did the courageous mom thing and gave him my plate of food & rinsed off the steak he dropped and had it for my meal. I’m still here to tell the tale.
  10. Just like buying a gum ball, gachas are not gambling. You might not get the color of gum ball you wanted for your quarter & might be inclined to continue paying for additional random gum balls. Or not. But barring a glitch, you receive a prize every time. Same with gachas.
  11. Like I said, I went down the rabbit hole on the story, following links on links from story to story following that one individual, including his own YouTube’s. The conspiracy part was that this network involved agents who were actively watching them- cloak & dagger sort of stuff, would kill them if he said too much to the documentary crew, etc. The entire side story of the young man, the trouble with the local police, neighbors, councils- all was supposed to be handled by this network of higher ups in the “Kaotians”. Who don’t exist.
  12. I went down the rabbit hole a few years ago with this “situation” that I guess could be a conspiracy tho I’m pretty sure it was just the manifestation of a disturbed individual & a lonely woman. There’s more to be found if you take time to google him. He had an apprentice at one point, but the young mans father pulled him out of it. But I think from the lack of any rec3nt news the man likely wound up in prison or a mental health facility. The gist of this guys story: there is a real gorean underworld of thousands masters & slaves that network in SL to make real life connect
  13. Okay so I’m in my mid 40s. No clue who this is, what hyper pop is even. & TY for the warning about strobes- those trigger my vertigo disorder. Anywho. Duran Duran still (at least a year ago) maintains a ghost town of a region. That’s a huge “shout out”. & it didn’t work out. & then there was the movie “Ready Player One” -the author of the book the movie was based on was an active SLer long ago- so clear tie ins. Just remember- everything is subjective & its great you found something in the video that caught your eye but it sounds unlikely to be the publicity generator y
  14. & somehow I forgot- Reverend Bluejeans (forever in blue jeans- Neil Diamond)
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