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  1. The infamous “soon”. Which is a totally subjective term. In relative time, the black plague was not too long ago in comparison to the eradication of the dinosaurs.
  2. About 10 years ago I danced for a week or so at a club that catered towards adult entertainment. The owner had a “staff” Group dedicated to harping at his dancers. He demanded that you go into other groups and send out mass TPs and announcements. He insisted you bring in your entire friends list. Of course that tactic really doesn’t work and when his total crowd numbered one or two avatars, he would spend the evening harping some more. The club still exists. I’ve visited a year or so back to nose around and the bulk of traffic there is due to one of those Machines that gives lindens after so much time of milling about. Not quite the same as complaining about not getting tips but not far off.
  3. This didn't turn out like I'd hoped, and when I ran it thru the free portion of faceapp it made my avi's smile freakishly scary (i've used it before and liked the result). Can't win them all.
  4. I seem to buy a lot of trees. Also a lamp collector (which I have a lamp obsession in RL too). Wigs are a big expenditure, but I like big hair- think Peg Bundy- but always in some shade of Blonde. Lastly, I might have a large collection of tiaras, crowns & diadems. My virtual insurance policy provider insists on discretion in light of a possibility of wiley jewel thieves.
  5. I was going to advise against MSI myself. Dec 2018 hubby bought one for me from Best Buy & immediately had problems with it. Immediately as in the very first day. I tried running updates on it for about three days but the problems kept repeating themselves even after restoring to factory settings. It was returned by the fourth day. Don’t really have any suggestions on what to actually buy but I am Definitely another vote against MSI.
  6. Two days ago I binged the first season of The Witcher. Hoooboyhowdy! Superman with silver Fabio hair & freaky orange eyes. Yes please! Today I ran thru both seasons of Between. Meh soso. There are quite a few shows with the “all the adults have died & children run amuck” premise. This one wasn’t any more interesting than the others I’ve seen.
  7. Today is the day the music died 61 years ago... so had to play this one first.
  8. https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/maine-town-serves-spaghetti-to-raise-money-for-scammed-senior/
  9. I'm getting "There was a problem charging your payment method." -I have lindens, and tried to check out with a freebie and a one linden item, and then tried just buy nowing the freebie- got the same result. edit- I was able to just now go and buy something inworld from a 50LF shop, so I don't think it's "me"? 2nd edit- I tried for I think the 4th time and my purchases went thru...
  10. SL has had looooooots of publicity over the years. From simply news stories in tech, gaming & entertainment circles to long ago RL name brands having inworld presences. You can (pretty sure) still wander around the ghost town that was created for Duran Duran. There’s many documentaries of SL romance going to RL. Lots of publicity about SL kink & alt lifestyles as well. Many nonprofits & higher learning institutions have or have had a presence in SL. Perhaps my fave example of “advertising” was Dwight having an avi on an episode of the office. Lets not forget the lines that can be drawn between Ready Player 1 & SL.
  11. After playing around with the FaceApp with real life pictures I ran One of my avi and I think it’s pretty neat. (I gave myself a smile & added on more hair)
  12. I don’t think it works that way in either instance. If I mute someone here On the forums, I can see that they have taken part in a conversation but I can click on the drop-down menu next to something that indicates they have responded if I want to see what they actually said. I do not believe that my muting them has any effect on their ability to see my words. Inworld I believe muted blocked Avis can see my chat in local or groups but I can not see theirs.
  13. It happens. My bestie will appear to be online even tho I know she’s not- I’ll send an IM & it automatically (usually) responds back with user not online. I say usually cause at times she will have issues with the mobile client not showing as logged in on her phone but online to me & I don’t get the user offline message. You can be pretty sure something similar is happening.
  14. Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis, Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass, Burt Bacharach, Vince Guaraldi, Rat Pack stuff, Wynton Marsalis..... very relaxing.
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