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  1. Can try- no guarantees, might be kinda difficult on some of them- but could make it more interesting, as well.
  2. The never aired "The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus" This would be Brian Jones' last public performance. He would drown about half a year later.
  3. Hi Jackie- If you mean mesh clothing, sometimes that will just occur. Doesn't even matter if you're purchasing an entire outfit from one designer, it still happens and its called "clipping" and it has to do with the design of the clothing as well as the rigging (how it fits the body). I'm sure there are other more technical answers, but that's a good one for starters. You'll just learn by trial, error & success and put together some great outfits! Welcome to SL! EDIT- infact, I just took this picture for a different forum thread- but you can see on the left- my avi's right leg, where the white shirt "clips" into the pink coat. The shirt & jacket are one piece- comes together- so it just happens. However, different pieces, especially from different creators might tend to clip more often.
  4. Just idling while doing my RL shopping list for Wednesday. Everyone on my friends list is offline so not sure why Pixie is
  5. Artificial limes in candied eggs. S P O K E
  6. Tall ogres won't eat radishes. F R A N K
  7. Even nerdy turtles read Yiddish. R O M A N
  8. No, I wouldn't pay to join an SL club. I get cranky when I have to pay for a gym membership (all I really want access to is the recumbent bike & resistance weights)- cause I'm not really enjoying the side "perks" of listening to the weightlifting bodybuilders grunt and preen in front of the wall of mirrors. I tend to think a lot of the clubs in SL are exactly the same. People standing around flexing, ogling themselves, not having conversations in local. Just a bunch of canned emotes and hostesses gesturbating for tips. I can stand on my platform and listen to youtube for free. If I want to people watch I go to shopping events or to live musician concerts.
  9. Please reorganize every encyclopedia numerically. S C O P E
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