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  1. "Well, I"ve had a nonstop 24/7 headache save a 48 hour time span since June- going on 7 months now. Since it began I've found out I have a likely benign brain tumor that is inoperable. My mother in law just died and the medication I have been on to try to fix the headaches (did not help) gave me tremendous stomach issues so I haven't been out of the house in weeks. But I know now I have cluster headaches cause by sleep apnea. How you doin?"
  2. On the off chance you know where to find it, and can link it- I'd like to read. If not that's okay too, thanks for the reply
  3. Well hi there! I've been in SL for almost 10 years now- and it seems almost all of my long term friends have drifted off of SL and I keep in contact with a few of them thru FB. I find myself just logging in and tabbing out of SL more and more - just habit to log in. Recently I've made an effort to explore mainland- trying to wander down the routes- there is some weird stuff out there! I don't work in SL because I can't commit to time schedules consistently. But I like to dress up and take pictures, and wander out to live music- musicians- not just karaoke (which can be fun at times). I live w/ my bestie on our own plot, but she is inworld less than I am. So hit me, drop me a line and say hi! I'd love to see my friends list grow with new people I can hang out with and get to know
  4. I can obviously get here, but I can not access MP all of a sudden, it times out.
  5. Those are exactly what I derender when I first pop into a place.... Seriously. If this is what you want for you, for fun, to entertain yourself, go for it. Along with you "elite" one linden entry fee for the yuppies as you said. If it floats your boat, have at it. If it will make your second life whole and fullfilled- go for it. Personally I myself listen to my playlists on Youtube- but I've got Youtube Red so I don't have to listen to commercials.... Just don't be surprised when your traffic never picks up.
  6. Yes! My 1st life tab gives my *stats* in a fun way without being precise that one reading it needs to stop & think just for a moment about, but it is there. And yet I can tell when I am getting hit on for a quickie based on the questions that come in..
  7. Oh where to start with listing the oh so original questions & accusations that crawl into my box... You like sex? -no honestly I do not. (If that does not suffice I then regale them with my gyno history but they tp out before I can get to the fun stuff) Will you voice to prove you are a female? -um no? What were we supposed to go out & pick out china patterns & get married? Do you look like your avi in RL? -well we both have 2 arms 2 legs a head..... You are a man or really fat since you won't "prove yourself" -Hey man whatever gets you thru the night.
  8. Hiya, I'm *hoping* to find a mesh creator to work with to create me something for a club stage I'd like to have. It would be based on something from a real club in the 1960s that no longer exists. I have youtube links to share of it but really can not find any still photos. Please get back to me if you are interested.
  9. Can you link that for me pretty please? I couldn't find one. Thank YOu Syn
  10. I posted this in general as well- not sure where to post this. I'm wanting to have something unique (I have pictures) created for me (building decor) that doesn't exist in SL. Once I know I'm in the correct forum I"ll add more info- Thanks
  11. Hi, Just posting this here, I'm not sure where to go post on the forums in search of mesh creators for something (building or decor related) I'd like to have made that I know doesn't exist in world.
  12. Stellar Sunshine last on 3/20/2018 according to SkyTech Amusement group info if you join. ... step up yalls stalker skills!
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