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  1. I can’t get inworld atm, but yes, there are. Just use the search feature- many are likely role play oriented so check the rules when you land. I found this video by searching Google:
  2. I’ve seen guys list others as brothers- especially men who state they are military veterans. A few times I’ve seen them list someone as a best friend. I’m sure there are lots of reasons why guys don’t put another in their profile, or anyone at all for that matter. Certainly a few would fall in the aforementioned “toxic masculinity” column, but I betcha loads of them just don’t deem it important to do the profile tab dedications.
  3. Well, for me, Pixie is a pixel Barbie. The way I do her hair, her shape, shoes, a prerequisite tiara is a chance to experience things I can never have in the real world. My feet are toO wide for pretty shoes- I’ve been wearing chuck Taylor’s for over 15 years. My hair is fine & has no oomph- it’s always pulled up. I can’t have a tiara dripping with diamonds & I wind up looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey show if I try to put on makeup. I don’t care what might be in style in SL, it’s likely I wouldn’t like it. Especially tailored looks. But in SL I can have a version of me that exceeds my dreams. One thing I encountered when playing with the library avis is there are two that have horses you can ride, but the female one is side saddle & you have to go thru a work around to be able to use your own body to ride the western saddle. Basically wear that folder (replace) then pull each piece off individually & replace it with what you want to wear individually. Was pretty frustrating. Why not just put a rideable horse in our default inventory & not make it a pain to utilize?
  4. Ah a Profky post. Imma grab a soda & return to read. I’m waiting for my turns to regenerate in Angry Birds Dream Blast & this should take some time up. 🙂
  5. That seems like a lot of work for something poly relationships already do. They make use of the tabs & plaster it on their main bio. Polygamy, polyandry, thruples, harems of alts... you can’t expect that the viewer layout be reworked to indulge you. Especially when a widely utilized alternative exists.
  6. Teach them to be kind. Always. Even in the face of hostility. (& I’m sorely lacking on following my own advice)
  7. The only time I’ve been upset by an alt is when someone I already knew approached me on one by means of deception such as an ex romantic interest that I had blocked or someone previously fleshed out as a stirrer of the sh8t pot. Syntax similarities, slips of tidbits impossible to otherwise know about me, & profile redundancies are good giveaways that someone is being dubious in their approaching you. That doesn’t make someone a scammer intent on compromising your wallet or password. Just your sanity.
  8. Holy Toledo but the forums are increasingly hostile.
  9. Yea something is borked... I’m on an iPad if that matters.
  10. Two days ago I found out (because I am tech illiterate) that my DVR can access the Acorn tv streaming service. Knowing Midsomer Murders is on it, & waiting for PBS to play an entire story takes two weeks, I was very happy to ask hubby to purchase a a subscription for me. PBS shows them out of order, but I did go ahead & watch the second halves of two stories- then overnight I watched all 3 hours of the 2015 And then there were none. Was very good. Oh also watched The Peanut Butter Falcon last night- beautiful movie.
  11. Was the entire point to my game I posted at the end of last year. So I could have those nice sparkles under me name 😀. I smile when I see that it occasionally pops back up on the 1st page of threads- whether people have fun with it or use it same as I did....
  12. & out of order, because my childhood was a very long time ago & I had forgotten- 7 & yes I believe I am now done counting.
  13. & this is twelves for certain:
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