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  1. There's a follow button on the front page of that thread to the right of the title that says follow.
  2. Yes! I pass on buying lots of accessories due to no demo option. I want to know complexity info. I try to keep around 50k. Some creators don't seem concerned and one item can run in the six digits. Total waste of my time. Same way with hair & clothing. I don't even mind paying one linden or maybe even up to 10 if it's something I really really want to try out. if designers don't want to set up demos for them, at least they could include that type of information in their advertisement.
  3. Oh he might be able to find rental that big for that much with like 10 prims. Probably one of those deals where somebody rents a quarter of their homestead up in the sky with no land rights.
  4. I got to see Bellisseria Squirrel again! She stopped by to make friends with the squirrels who hang out in my yard :)
  5. @Zoya McDonnagh That type of hollerin' is a-ok! Thankya
  6. @Marianne Little asked me to add my pictures to this thread- so don't holler at me for multiple posts!
  7. Can you link me to the other thread? @Marianne Little
  8. I'm a maker-doer. LoL. Thank you again
  9. Thank ya! I will post them over in a bit. The pool is the 10L from TBF on MP. The lattice is from MP, and the patio is prims I textured from the home pack
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