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  1. & somehow I forgot- Reverend Bluejeans (forever in blue jeans- Neil Diamond)
  2. Everything in life is subjective in terms of money & the value given to it in regards to how much of your life you ttraded away for it. Clearly after 17 years, someone finds value in the money they spend on it. I could type out the snarky response but I will snip it & say if it’s not worth your dime & the bit of your life that you get in return from SL, then you don’t have to spend your dimes there. p.s. your post really does come off as advertising. pps- I’ve visited other grids, & they look now about like a 2009 SL. & that is why they are cheaper.
  3. Just like the one winged dove, sings a song sounds like she’s sangin’ & & big fat Carolina... don’t carry me too far away
  4. I can’t link it because of forum changes but there is an entire section of clothing tutorials on SL’s wiki
  5. Warning- probably has swear words- This was fun & useless trivia that I watched awhile back- it explains a lot of how American Halloween 🎃 got to be so big on parties:
  6. 🤗. Here is one that always cheers me up- & i had pulled this up earlier because a weatherman in my twitter feed shared a picture of a herd of tarantulas 🕷 🕸 in my hometown having a convention in the middle of a rural intersection- I always think of this scene when people bring up oversized spiders, but will forever b3 one of top holiday flicks:
  7. Used to do a lot of my own pictures in SL & would drag friends into posing with me for scenes I created- Halloweenies was always a favorite!
  8. As crummy as 2020 has turned out, I heaved a sigh of relief once August was over. Once August is over, the best 0art of the year comes. We don’t get much of an Autumn where I live, we go from humid, dank, broiling summer to pipe bursting cold in a matter of weeks around Thanksgiving (American), But for a brief moment all the trees will change colors & pumpkin spice flavor will be everywhere-( last year I noticed pumpkin spice Spam & Frosted Flakes 🤢) & the family will huddle up for spooky movies & we will plan out holiday foods. Hallmark Channel will show like 12 solid weeks
  9. Maybe the fires on the west coast have a hand in it. I’ve read that one power provider has had to take portions of their grids down to avoid downed lines sparking & causing more fires. Again I don’t know if that situation has anything to do with it- but having worked in customer care for an ISP I would get tidbits of info on what would cause my company’s outages & you’d be surprised how a situation in another state even can contribute to outages. But again I have no idea why it might be out- just pointing out that situation. source: https://www.nbcnews.com/business/busi
  10. Green Stamp booklets were so much fun. Saving up & getting something awesome. I know they still exist in some areas but I’ve not seen them in decades..
  11. My brother’s 2nd wife passed away suddenly in 2016. Prior to that I was aware she was in SL but I don’t think we ever exchange names.
  12. I did the reduced quarterly once last year & remember it was discounted. Since then I sporadically buy a month premium then don’t bother with a home for months at a time till I buy one more month- so I guess I hadn’t noticed any changes. Sorry for the misinformation.
  13. I don’t recall ever seeing premium “on sale”? I just know if you pay a year or quarterly there is a discount.
  14. & yet you felt the need for another white knight episode. You opted to not ask for clarification. You don’t actually care what my opinion is since it doesn’t cohere with yours. You asked for an opinion. I gave mine. You demand everyone around you think the way you do. If they don’t, they’re “attacking” whatever or whomever you are discussing atm. I’ve agreed with you on many things in the forum, from racist jerks to misogynistic cretins. I’ve stood up for those I see getting stomped on. But my thoughts now are gobbledy***** *****? Or hey, here ya go- if it’s
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