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  1. Just move from the landing zone & cam? 🤷
  2. Perhaps your real life has not had an occasion to dress formally. Anyting from high school prom to Winter balls, debutante balls, charity events & even New year's Eve celebrations all feature formal and chic attire. I myself only dressed up fancy twice ever- my high school prom and my first wedding. I attended many functions for my son as he grew up in a youth group where different chapters across the state would have functions monthly- sometimes two or three events in one day, and the boys typically got away with wearing a sport tie and jacket but the winter holiday celebration required black tie & tux. The girls all enjoyed getting to dress up and many would even trade their dresses between each other because it cost so much to buy new formals frequently- because they had to dress formally for certain obligations.
  3. I don't know if it's still the case but for a long time the tagline for the Las Vegas tourism commercials was what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Doesn't really lend itself to the idea of making romantic connections for a long-term relationship....
  4. that's because at the moment that's all that was available when you refreshed the page. The demand is greater than the supply at the moment for most of the Belli continent. There's an actual part of the forums under land where you can ask more questions & likely to get more responses than over here in general. There are several releases per week but I don't keep up with them at the moment because I'm not premium, but if you follow that link you can find lots of threads to help... https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/357-linden-homes/
  5. Changed clothes after a week. Workin on my glutes (I think- no idea what pixel yoga does)
  6. Gerald Ford. The only u.s. president who was never elected to the office of president nor vice-president (he held both offices) by the electoral college.
  7. I have the privilege of getting to garden and landscape one of my SL Brothers homesteads. This week I've been pulling up all the Autumn trees & flowers. I've hung evergreen garlands & decorated his ballroom in the castle where he has live musicians. I have turned the seven seas fishing lagoon into and iced over area featuring skating penguins. Last night I pulled up the the dirt roads that looks very summerish and started laying down scripted seasonal change brick roads and changing its path somewhat to have bridges over where are the train tracks and pathway meet. I'm going to see how leaving the scripts in all the trees and flowers and bushes and pathways works and instead of pulling all the scripts out after planting everything. Usually I remove the scripts and so I have to replant everything every season. I also last night made a area with an old-time Father Christmas surrounded by lots of forest animals. Just very enjoyable I liken it to pixel Barbies and virtual model railroads
  8. Hopefully, if this event moves forward it turns out well for everyone. I just know of my own experiences in the past with work secret Santas and even white elephant gifts at church that there's always going to be someone who thinks they're just hilarious and either brings a totally inappropriate gift (one year I received a Band-Aid with food coloring on it to make it look like it was used during white elephant) or winds up claiming they forgot and just never reciprocates. With the option to not stick to wish list there's going to be hurt feelings & some upset folks. Totally not trying to be a scrooge, I just know how those things can turn out.
  9. Ham is definitely a Easter Sunday dinner meat for us. Potato salad, deviled eggs Jell-O salads. Big cake shaped like a bunny rabbit covered in frosting and coconut shavings. I know a lot of people I've talked to mentioned that they do prime ribs and stuff for their holiday dinners but growing up we never had that and I've only ever had it a couple times eating out as an adult- which was actually my go to the one time I got to go to Las Vegas in the early 90s. Lobster and prime rib was like $5. Lolol. I sure thought I was fancy.
  10. Canadians celebrate their Thanksgiving in October. Americans celebrate it the fourth Thursday in November. Originally it was held at various dates until a president during world war II gave it a fixed time frame. It's regarding the pilgrims who came over from England celebrating their first harvest in Oct 1621 with the help of the indigenous people. in that particular first dinner there were the pilgrims and native Americans present.
  11. Growing up our family always did turkey for Thanksgiving and ham on Christmas. Subsequently the ham shank from Christmas I would be used in Black eyed peas for New year's good luck. 😊
  12. And that is my question- if we're going to be able to change our first names for a fee, why will we be relegated to a list to pick a last name from? I've been using a display first & last name different from my legacy first name and last name for a while now and I really like it. I don't mean it to be snarky at all I just don't understand why if we can change our first names why they won't allow us since we're paying a fee anyways why we can't change our last name to whatever we want as well.
  13. I really don't think it's a few that they're trying to weed out- more like lots. I see multiple postings for the same exact events on the same day at the same time. Also see events posted in areas they don't belong in. I don't think it's going to be an astronomical amount from what I've read for the charge but maybe it will deter some of the spam.
  14. Sounds like a cult. All the way. Besides I don't even open the door for my neighbor's much less weirdos in twinsy suits. Seriously the lady across the street that I pay my rent to instead of directly to my landlord got all up in my business today over something I'd already talked to my landlord about she just apparently wanted to be involved as well. Did the whole thing went like she's the popo banging on my door to the point that my dogs all spazzed out. I'm actually going to be putting a sign up on my door to not knock and not ring the doorbell. So either leave a note or text me on my phone. & I don't answer my text, either.
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