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  1. Your friend will have to donate the tier to the group, not you. If that was possible group owners could abuse it to hell and back.
  2. There really is no such thing as free land in SL. Someone always has to pay tier (which is basically rent) to Linden Lab for the land. No exceptions.
  3. I've recently aquired an extra 1024sqm parcel in addition to my 9.1k one because I had the tier left over and might as well. Plus it wouldn't let me get a Linden Home with the spare tier since you can't 'buy' that for a group. So now I have my main home where my Kreatures will be and a small garden retreat in a wonderful region next to a cobblestone road.
  4. I wouldn't have stuck around either. 2 dollars worth of Linden for being on call the whole week and doing a multitude of tasks. That's 2 dollar above slavery.
  5. What you are looking for is a homestead. No Land Baron will give all these rights if you merely rent a parcel.
  6. And we finally have the explanation why this is geared toward newer residents who don't know better/are desperate.
  7. This topic is only an hour old. This is a forum, not a chat room. Be patient and stop spamming your own thread.
  8. My profile says that I come in many forms, human, furry, dinkie etc. and that means exactly that. I've just created a new furry avatar that I am in love with while my profile and forum pic still show me as human and no I am not an accountant.
  9. I am also having trouble with this as I keep getting off-line e-mails with spam. I blocked the objects but that rarely helps. Needless to say I will not ever shop with those shady merchants. The fact that LL doesn't do jack is annoying AF.
  10. I agree with this. She did all the work and OP gets upset over paying a few pennies for it. Sure she could have been up front about it, but if someone furnished my place I would feel like a cheapskate for not tipping.
  11. Advertising in the forum is not allowed.
  12. You will always have to pay rent. As a premium user you pay rent directly to LL. As a non-premium user you pay rent to a land lord who in turn pays rent to LL.
  13. This wouldn't catch on. People like their avatars just the way they are and don't want then bigger/smaller.
  14. At the bottom of the page you can find a link called 'Costumer Service' you can also do a google search for Second Live Live Chat. Also I am not an LL employee, we here are users just like you are.
  15. File a support ticket or enter live chat and request help.
  16. You can't delete scripts inside an object if said object is no mod.
  17. What an interesting topic. I haven't had a bad job in SL but who knows what the future will bring.
  18. I have had this starting to happen again two days prior, thankfully the fix still worked for me. Again happened on firefox. I too think there is something wrong with the MP itself.
  19. You should really ask the creators of that event or in their group if they have one.
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