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  1. There's no room in the edit window. However, if you have a decently big screen, you can include a screenshot that contains all the relevant texts in notecard and IM windows. It's a bit of a stretch, but by screenshot you can include a wealth of supporting material.
  2. Up to a hundred-fold increase in Frames Per Second from my 2012 iMac with 1080p screen to a 2017 i7-7740X + GTX 1080 Ti with 1440p screen on ultra graphics settings. One other motivation was that I didn't want to waste graphics power on a retina screen.
  3. How yuge? Like 'I found a used condom in a G area once' huge? Because that's what I was able to distill from all these words.
  4. Now since this issue has been definitively resolved, allow me to raise another hypothetical. What would you do, if Linden Lab gave you L$ 1,000,000?
  5. No, you would not get your money back. And you already know that, because you checked the checkbox that said: "I have read and agree with the Second Life Terms of Service". Glad to be able to answer this very hypothetical question for you. You're welcome.
  6. I totally believe that. I rented a parcel on a sim once, where a neighbor would log in with literally hundreds of alts, dozens per minute, in 50 or so batches at a time, to drain blood from, I presume. This would go on for hours and hours and the cycle would repeat every day. All for a few tanks of virtual blood for a pyramid scheme. Imagine the lag as the alts logged in there in droves, streaming in all their assets into the sim server. Luckily, the landlord wouldn't have it and kicked them out.
  7. A teleport button and a full-body alpha suit
  8. Ah, roleplay. Sounds like fun. Maybe next time I'll pay a visit as Padishah-Emperor of the Known Universe and have my Imperial Guard reprimand anyone who does not bow down to me.
  9. Child avatars smoking and drinking... Is that allowed?
  10. From a game theory point of view, I'd rather you would not become a Premium Member. Why? As a Premium member, I can squeeze myself into a full sim at a sales event, whereas non-Premium members can not. If everyone becomes a Premium member, this privilege can no longer be sustained and LL will have to cancel it. So, for my own good, I should discourage others from becoming Premium. (Also, it increases my chances of getting a Linden Home faster.)
  11. I'm having a bit of a déjà vu here. That makes TWO US pennies, @Keneke Yakubu!
  12. With all the sales events booming? http://seraphimsl.com/ What gave you that idea? Are you talking about the Premium fees that are finally adjusted for inflation, after 16 years? Just cancel Premium and buy the L$ directly. With what you will save, you'll be able to rent more land that you had. You don't even know the OP's skills or talents. @Cathereine Night, come back, explore, see what's changed, meet new people, see with your own eyes rather than go with other people's opinions. Look around and decide for yourself if you want to stay.
  13. I have an alt that I use to beta-test, and test stuff like permission settings. I don't really perform any financial transactions with it. Some group liability bug makes the alt automatically pay a modest amount of L$ to 'the group' on a monthly basis. After years this resulted the L$ balance to grow substantially, in the negative. I wonder if Tilia will give me money for inactivity, until it reaches zero. Oh, it won't affect the L$ balance at all? Nvm.
  14. Well, sometimes, I think: good. But sometimes, I think, that's very unwelcoming. I guess it depends on the kind of sim. Maybe I'm projecting, but noobs tend to 'test the boundaries', like children. This can be quite annoying in role play sims that run smoothly if the people in it possess a minimal amount of SL experience. It's never fun to have to go out of character the whole time to explain trivial things to a constant influx of noobs, most of which decide not to stay anyway. Two days old, if they're very smart and put a lot of work into learning things in SL. But you'd probably have to be super human for that. Maybe 3 or 4 months old?
  15. /me whispers "Tilia!" *horses neighing in the distance*
  16. If you really rely on a timer for your special effects, maybe include a slow-timed scanner that stops the effects whenever there aren't any avatars nearby anymore (say, further than 20 to 40 m). But animated textures are really the way to go, especially for fast changes. The dozens of flickering lights in the spaceship below are really just one single face with a texture animation (the animated GIF may take a minute to download): It uses this texture to make the lights flicker:
  17. Fair = as long as it isn't related to racism, or other forms of hate-speech or inciting violence. So, fair = 'you're banned for wearing pink underwear', I guess. Btw, I'm a little confused by the title of this thread.
  18. So, basically, the vast majority of people (either cashing in L$ or not) have to perform these steps and only these steps, due to the transition to Tilia? Step 1. Actually read the terms of service. (LOL!) Step 2. Click the 'I agree' check box. Am I correct in this assumption?
  19. Don't draw conclusions from a few snapshots. Look at the big picture. Users online over the past year: Users online over the past 10 years: Source: https://danielvoyager.wordpress.com/2019/06/04/second-life-statistics-update-june-2019/
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