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  1. Evergarden Equestrian has a jumping parkour, trails and free courses (featuring Teegle horses): http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gooseberry Meadows/66/170/24 It's situated at Gooseberry Estates, which overall has a vast network of trails and waterways with several Teegle horse and small boat rezzers that are free to use: https://secondlife.com/destination/gooseberry-estates-lake (And an insider source just told me that three shiny new sims regions will be added, and one existing open sim will be upgraded to a homestead by the end of the week.)
  2. Important lesson for all you computer-less kids out there: If you ever stumble upon this phrase, 'integrated graphics', when choosing a new rig to play SL on, don't. However, if money's the problem, then any computer is fine (with this rule of thumb for reputable sellers: the more money you can afford to throw at it, the finer), as long as you keep the SL graphics settings really low.
  3. I think this just about sums up public places in SL already. No matter what you look like in SL, in some of these public places, you'll immediately be called anything. Twice in the last few months doesn't seem so bad either, in that respect. Just know that, like in real life, there's always lowlifes hanging out in such places, wasting their time 'defending their territory'--their territory being their center stage in the spotlights, with their audience. They'll find any excuse to make anyone strange or new feel uncomfortable there. Even if you have the audacity to say something like 'hello', they'll jump on you and talk you down and make sure you'll never come back. If you really feel the need to hang out in such places, dress up inconspicuously first, listen to what they have to say amongst themselves and when they are there, Only then decide if you really want to hang out there at all. Now, you can jump high and low and insist that it's your constitutional right to be there as an SL resident, but remember it's also your constitutional right to be where the real-life bullies hang out. I think your only option of 'fixing' such a place is becoming a bigger bully than they are. Or organize a demonstration with signs that say 'leave us kids alone', and such. Good luck.
  4. That's why my banlines are of the finest Toledo sculptie megaprims. They reach all the way up to 36684 m altitude, are set to the brightest, glowiest and most fluorescent of texture animated colors. All at a Land Impact of only 1. What's more not to like?
  5. My addition of 'do your own plumbing' to the original premise of 'do your own research' reveals a greater problem in societies where most of its participants fulfill specialized roles. These societies can only function when everyone has a certain level of trust in other people's knowledge and skill rather than their own. A society can not function if too few people trust their bakers, too few trust their plumbers, their journalists, and too few trust their scientists. What is too few? For instance, when a vaccine program requires >80% compliance to prevent that society from collapsing through a pandemic, but fewer than that trust those scientists. Who's fault is this? 1. People who monetize the practice of spreading misinformation, and their intermediaries, like Facebook (and, yes, YouTube) 2. Sorry to bring him up, but, Vladimir Putin. And a few others like him who work hard to destabilize their 'competing powers' to 'restore' their own. I think the umbrella term 'societal parasites' for these people would be spot on. But don't use that phrase in the open too much, because part of their strategy is to hijack it and use it against you.
  6. And this is why you should always do your own plumbing (if you pardon my Rotterdam(n)ish):
  7. I think my avatar would smell of rubber, motor oil and gasoline.
  8. http://qaz.wtf/u/convert.cgi?text=Last+Chance+Top However, if you decide to use ረልነፕ ርዘልክርቿ ፕዐየ or ɭครՇ ςђคภςє Շ๏ק then don't be surprised if people just call you Chuck.
  9. I would not risk it. When a rez box itself is rezzed anew from your inventory, it's quite likely it generates a new channel to communicate with whatever it rezzes from thereon out, so it's actions remain unique to that copy and its commands do not interfere with objects that came out of another rez box that's either still out there or has been taken away. But it greatly depends on how these boxes are scripted. You'll have to talk with the actual creator of such a rez box to find out. [Update] There's a 'scene rezzer' out there on MP that allows you to 'scan' and 'repackage' an existing scene with a freshly rezzed rez box. But I can't tell you who sells it, because of a conflict of interest. But just type in 'rez box' on the MP in search. It's quite high up in the search results.
  10. Would it be possible that you recently accepted an object from a stranger and that you are wearing it? The master control feature here would be to (i) detach anything you are wearing and (ii) return all objects from your parcel. (Well, you asked for fire, so there's your fire.) Also: disable media in prefs.
  11. For all the n00bs out there: always do the math before you take on an SL job: E = Energy (kWh x 3.6e6*, J) P = my computer's power consumption while running SL (W) t = time spent on the job (s) As long as: E ≫ P∙ t (+ income tax + health care premiums + insurances + various overhead) Then it's not a *****ty job. So that excludes, among other jobs, sploders, SL camping and 'AFK' sites. *kWh to Joules conversion factor
  12. Especially that exact same gift horse that you already purchased yourself three years ago. My guess is that the merchant accidentally hit the redelivery button while they were checking out purchases on their MP transaction history list. That, or mass redelivery, yes.
  13. Hiding microchips in horse dewormer was a stroke of genius.
  14. That pretty rug that really ties the room together.
  15. Many people's Profile Picks: "Except as per when you read (or not read) this disclaimer, in as much, and notwithstanding."
  16. "Your motto, your imagination" Ok, here's another one then: "Why pay for a marketing company when you can ask forum people?"
  17. 6 - I'm fine without a place. Once a hobo, always a hobo.
  18. I'll fight for my god-given constitutional right of using time limit demos even if it'll bankrupt me. Freedom!
  19. Necklaces, especially when made out of prims, may consist of many many more linked objects than earrings and bracelets do. It's therefore plausible that resizing them may be more affected by sim lag than less complex objects. Best to try again in different locations.
  20. "Never underestimate the power of the Schwartz!"
  21. I wish people could show a little bit more empathy. Gachas aren't my thing and in most part, I regret having wasted money on them. But the people around me seem to have enjoyed gachas in SL and consider this a real loss. Conversely, I haven't seen anyone who has legitimately been hurt by them (which is the underlying reason as to why it's banned). The only harm I can think of was Marketplace Search results polluted by gachas, but LL fixed that. So here's my question: Does anyone know of any real cases where people were financially and or mentally hurt though the practice of playing gachas? Don't bother answering if you're only going to speculate and make assumptions, or heard from a friend who told a friend.
  22. Sorry, chairman Pooh Jinping. I think TikTok does not like my browser's privacy settings. Anyway. Here's yours truly with mesh head and body detached: My mug features definitely got more upper class.
  23. The same reason why Formula 1 cars are extremely successful on an asphalt circuit and not on a dirt road. You might also ask yourself the question why the avatars in Roblox look so crappy, like little Lego figures, and not like the extremely detailed characters in SL.
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