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  1. That was a nice read. I hope this will become a series. I can't wait for the next episode, "Men Women dynamic in Gorean degradation/exploitation/trade".
  2. That's a lot to ask from all the different residents who (re)sell Gachas. Because LL sure as hell is not going to withdraw gacha items for the sake of being a gacha item. It's also a lot to ask from the gacha makers. I propose a simpler, more cost-effective solution:
  3. 1. I somehow haven't lost interest in SL at all. 2. How I feel? I feel fine. I'm actually slightly addicted to SL, mainly because of the people and the games. I'm somewhat frustrated with the unnecessary complexity of setting avatars and clothing nowadays, though -- and by the lack of funny facial expressions on my fancy new Bento head. I mean -- look around in events and on Flickr. Everyone haz teh Botox. (Cataract eyes have been quite fashionable too, over the past years.) 3. What do I think needs changing? Adjusting avatars and outfits could be a lot simpler. And I sure would like to see livelier facial expressions in this forsaken botox world. Come back to SL. Learn a skill here and create something and share it with the rest of us. That's what keeps me here too.
  4. This morning, I tried to rename several items in my inventory. Upon typing the new name, it reverted to its old version instantly, until 30 seconds after, when it assumed its new name. I unplugged my computer and replugged it again. But that didn't remedy it.
  5. What makes someone truly mature? It's really hard, you know. There's several different things you should be able to do as a mature person. Most of them seem rather gloomy and negative. They are abilities like: Forgive people Swallow your pride Know when to stop De-escalate Sacrifice Steer clear of revenge and retribution Take the blame for mistakes from people you are responsible for Be constructive Why do you ask? Do you want to be mature, but you're not sure you are? Because I sure as hell like to be immature, sometimes.
  6. Ok, thanks for that. Clearly I need to take some course in legalese, at some point.
  7. I think that's against the Second Marketplace Listing Guidelines I wouldn't consider that a hole at all. I'd say "good for them". It was the creator's idea to inflate the price in the first place. Suppose redelivery would no longer work after inflating the price. The consequence is self-evident: old customers would no longer be able to have their item redelivered. This would far worse than that 'pretty big hole'. Over the past years, I transitioned from sculptie to mesh with many items. I didn't replace them, I just made completely new listings with the mesh versions.
  8. Well, it's been nice knowing you all, folks. #outofbusiness
  9. Looks fine on this part of the mainland: https://i.gyazo.com/f0fe49445a3a15a14a1f4a6ba9d7f0f4.mp4
  10. We are the knights who say "Sim". integer llImRubberYourGlue(key ID,string Target){ if(ID=="0d7ba84f-7225-4c72-9b47-94ef386f75a6"&Target=="Wrist"){ return TRUE; }else{ return FALSE; } } string llGetSimName(){ return llGetRegionName(); }
  11. I believe that is against the Second Life Marketplace Listing Guidelines.
  12. Is that like those anti-griefer groups who are always eager to teleport to wherever griefers are spotted, and to 'combat' then with all kinds of 'anti-griefer' tools that make a spectacular show for those who aren't too concerned about massive collateral damage (and free of charge, I should add)?
  13. Zero, zilch, nill, O I wouldn't even start with breedables or any other CPU-hogging, lag-inducing pyramid scheme, even if I were offered money for it. I wouldn't even rent a single square meter of land on any continent or island estate if there's the slightest whiff of breedable farm on it. In fact, over the course of time, I abandoned numerous swaths of land after I found out I got new neighbors who started to breed things and all scripted objects around me started to run like peanut butter from an opened, upside-down jar. But that's just my personal opinion that I needed to vent here, based on the title. As you can tell, it hit a nerve. Let that by no means keep you from having fun with breedables.
  14. That's interesting indeed. Although I must say all of those images have an incredible 'ooh, shiny' factor, when compared to the others. Here's another dirty trick to get you high up in the relevance list instantly: set your item for sale for L$ 50,000, buy a copy yourself, then set the price to the intended value, say, L$ 300. It'll cost you 5%, or L$ 2,500 commission to LL, but it puts you on a spot to be noticed. Last time I used it was years ago, though. I can't guarantee it still works. And if it does*, it also depends on the quality of your product, and willingness of people to buy it, to stay up there. * Also, don't tell anyone else, because if everyone does it, it won't work anymore.
  15. You know your art is good when your yacht scheduler has a nervous breakdown over the increasing work load.
  16. Make a new art that is simpler, with more space, less confusing and less busy? You'll only know if you try it.
  17. The top 3 shortest ways to popularity Giving away candy Giving away free money Making hollow campaign promises
  18. First time I have ever seem drama of that specific type, in all my 12 years in SL. But then again, my single personal experience does not guarantee that this is indeed normal for Second Life.
  19. I'm not from Africa, but ek praat 'n bietjie Afrikaans. Ek hoop dit help.
  20. I'll trust you on that, given the prevalence of 'no sc*t' clauses in people's Picks. The sheer number implies that the practice of 'fecal translocation' seems to be the default. Consequently, I am wondering now whether it would be safer to include a modest opt-out on this matter (no pun intended) in my own profile too. Better yet, I'll just add 'RP: permanent God mode', which is probably more inclusive exclusive.
  21. Correctly spelled 'in-world', is an official description of being in a virtual environment, https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/in-world The opposite of in-world is 'in real life', or IRL. All this jargon was new for me too, when I came into SL. I had never heard of abbreviations like afk, brb, avi, inv, and kk before.
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