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  1. Yay! Thank you, Mo!!!!!!! /me does a Happy Dance.
  2. Rather than seek a custom-made avatar, why not do what almost everyone else does? Buy parts! Mix, match, adjust...until you have your very own custom look. Best of all, you made it yourself!
  3. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/312-inworld-employment/
  4. Golly, can anybody play? If they are not dead, I mean. I'm alive. I think...
  5. We can debate all day about whether Reg is a predator who lures innocent young girls to nude beaches, or whether the sim owner is a priggish sort who bans people for trivial reasons or for personal ones. That's loads of innocent fun for everyone. But the bottom line is Second Life's Golden Rule: He Who Owns the Land, Makes the Rules. A landowner can ban anyone she pleases, at any time, for any reason or even for no reason at all. We can even debate whether that's a good rule or not. Me, I think it is...but then, I am a landowner!
  6. That sounds like a scripting error. You should contact the creator of the items and explain the problem. They may be able to fix it and send you a new and improved object. I have never heard of an object opening more than one menu at a time though. Can you make a selection in the one you can access, close it, and then access the one underneath?
  7. Well, I think someone whose name might be Anthony should go over to the General Discussion forum and start a new thread. He could call it, oh, I don't know...Just Ignore and Let This One Die.
  8. No! It's free. But, if you are a Premium member and you WANT to support the group, they can always use tier donations to help pay for the inworld Hangout clubhouse.
  9. Hey there Hi there Ho there! I never left, although I sort of relocated to the Answers Forum.
  10. I second Jayden's suggestion that you rent, for a period this short. However, "purchasing" land on a private estate is ALSO a form of renting, even though most estate owners call it a purchase. You may want to look at both private estate land "for sale" and Mainland parcels "for rent".
  11. Exactly how did you attempt to contact the store owner/manager? A lot of busy SL creators get their IMs "capped" (you're limited to a maximum of 25). For this reason, a lot of store owners ask that you send your inquiries via a notecard instead of an IM.
  12. While it is very rare for objects to be stolen, I do have some secondhand evidence that it's possible. After you thoroughly investigate Marigold's and Rolig's suggestions, if you still think items have actually been stolen, file a support case. Linden Lab is very interested in these, although it may not appear so since they won't give you any information beyond a simple acknowledgement.
  13. As long as your purchase was no more than the amount you had in your $USD balance, it should not matter what credit card info you used...the money is taken from your $USD balance.
  14. technical

    Maybe try setting your picture size to something less than 3000 x 3000 pixels? I'd recommend no more than the resolution of your monitor.
  15. Note that prims don't (usually) just vanish. They may be returned to you, however, either by autoreturn or by a landowner or other person with return privileges. Check your Lost and Found folder. Bulk returns will generally show up as a "coalesced object" with the inventory symbol of a stack of little cubes. These can contain up to a couple hundred objects. Find a large open area to rez it, and have your Edit window open BEFORE you rez it. This will make it easier to move it if needed to get everything above ground level.