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  1. Chin Rey's answer may sound vague, but it's really spot on. Here's why: A desktop computer at a given performance level will be cheaper than a laptop of the same performance level. Desktops have better cooling than laptops, and SL tends to put a hefty load on your computer, especially your graphics card. Desktops can be upgraded with better graphics, a few years down the road. Pretty much any late model desktop computer will have enough power in the CPU and RAM to run Second Life. The key component is the graphics card. Chin's suggestion of a GeForce 1080 Ti will give you nearly the top of the line, without paying nearly twice as much for the absolute top end hardware. Nvidia cards tend to work better than others with SL, since they pay more attention to good performance with OpenGL. However, a top-end AMD/ATI Radeon card will also work. I would also suggest that your new computer have a solid state drive for programs and for your SL cache(s). The SATA 3 versions are fast and not too dear for up to about 512 GB. If you can afford it, SSDs with the newer M.2 interface are even faster. If money is no object, get two and combine them in a RAID for even more speed. However, don't even think about adding a second graphics card and ganging them together...SL can't make use of the extra graphics muscle of these configurations.
  2. Yep, they keep normal business hours. Sorry!
  3. Clarity, Get your tech-savvy little brother to check what graphics card your computer is using. For Second Life, you really want to be running either an Nvidia GeForce card or an AMD/ATI Radeon card. (The general wisdom is that the Nvidia cards work better for SL, but the Radeons will work too.) Have your brother check to be sure the computer is using the latest graphics drivers for whichever card you have. What you don't want to be using is "integrated graphics", where the graphic processing is done right on the computer's main chip. The usual culprit here is "Intel HD XXXX" graphics, but some AMD computers have integrated graphics too. There are two problems with this. First, these are low power graphics solutions, and either won't work at all with SL, or will give poor performance, if they do work. Second, Windows 10 does not support some of these graphics systems, notably versions of Intel HD prior to HD4000. Your screen will work, but it's using the default fallback drivers...which is why Firestorm is reporting the problem you see. If that's your problem, you have two solutions: 1. Get a discrete Nvidia or Radeon graphics card and install it, or 2. Revert your computer to Windows 7 or 8.
  4. If you want to produce realistic-looking animations, you'll want to look into "motion capture" ("mocap") technology. This is where you use cameras or other sensors to track the movements of a live human model, capturing them for use in an animation program. Mocap systems used to be VERY expensive, but there are some now that are affordable for the hobbyist/casual user. For example, see this page:
  5. No, don't wait. That should have taken effect immediately. Call the Billing office at one of the numbers below. US/Canada: 800-294-1067 France: 0805-101-490 Germany: 0800-664-5510 Japan: 0066-33-132-830 Portugal: 800-814-450 Spain: 800-300-560 UK: 0800-048-4646 Brazil: 0800-762-1132 Long distance ( not free, but you can use Skype to save some cost ) : 703-286-6277 **Note: Support is offered only in English EDIT: But before you call, try refreshing the web page showing your account details. Maybe it just hasn't updated. (right click the page, click Reload or Refresh)
  6. Hello Xanthe, welcome to Second Life. Your English seems good to me, but if you prefer you can ask your questions in your native language (usually in the International forum) and someone will try to respond in that language. When someone harasses you, you can block them. That usually stops the problem. I am not sure if a blocked person can send you money...possibly they were not blocked at the time. However, getting money from someone is usually a good thing (however, see below for one exception). If someone sends you a gift of money, you do not have to return it. One exception: A few bad people will send large amounts of $L that they have stolen to people, trying to get them in trouble. If someone sends you a large amount of $L (like, say, $L10,000), don't spend it, and don't return it to them. File a Support Case with Linden Lab. Include the details of the payment from your Transaction Log, on your Dashboard page. Ask them to determine if the money is fraudulent. If it's not, you can keep it and spend it. If it is, they will take the money from your account and punish the person who sent it to you. I teach a class on Avatar Safety on Saturdays, at 12 noon SL time, at Caledon Oxbridge University. It's free to attend!
  7. texture

    I'm going to assume that your changed texture still conforms to the shirt template, and that the shirt is a texture layer clothing type, NOT mesh. So... Right click your avatar, select Appearance/Edit Outfit Click the Gear icon at the bottom of the window and select New Clothes/New Shirt Edit the new shirt and apply the texture you uploaded. If the shirt is a mesh shirt, and it is modifiable, then apply the texture you uploaded by right clicking the shirt, selecting Edit, and click the Texture tab of the edit window.
  8. Adding a bit to Lil's answer: Two ways to fix this. Click the Avatars button. It has a picture of two people on it. A window will open, showing a selection of avatars. Click one. Or, open your Inventory. Go to the Library section, and look for the folder Library/Clothing/Initial Outfits. Each folder there is a complete avatar. Drag one of them and drop it onto your avatar in world, or right click the folder and choose Replace Outfit.
  9. ROxk12345, As others have told you, you cannot change your age. Except, of course, the traditional way, one day at a time. If you are under 13, you should not be using Second Life at all. Not even if Mom and Dad say it's OK. If you are caught, the computer you are using will be permanently blocked from ever using Second Life again. If you are 13-15, you may only use Second Life under the direct supervision of a sponsoring group, such as a church or school youth group, or a Scout group, and you will be limited to a virtual area assigned to that group. If you are 16-17, you may register your own Second Life account and use Second Life, but you are limited to regions and content with a General maturity rating. If you are 18 or older, you may use all of Second Life. If you entered the wrong birth date when you registered (pretty hard to believe you don't know your own birthday, though), you can go to and ask for your birth date to be corrected. Linden Lab will require you to submit some positive proof of your real birthday, such as a copy of your birth certificate or drivers license.
  10. 1. Please stop posting the names of people you feel have wronged you. It's against the Forum rules, and could get you in trouble. 2. Remember that any land owner can ban anyone she wants, at any time, and for any reason (or no reason.)
  11. Right now, Gallery images use the snapshot feature for creating them, and that's tied into inventory, which means the images are textures on LL's servers...which in turn leads to the blurry, slow to rez issues the OP reports. Both the OP and Chin Rey are right...the Gallery OUGHT to be local data specific to the user. That's not the way it is, though, and besides requesting a change via the JIRA as Chin Rey suggests, the best workaround is probably to set up your own "gallery" by taking pictures of your outfits, storing them on your local hard drive, and naming them the same as you name your outfits.
  12. I think the problem is that whatever viewer you are using does not support Bento. Use the current official Linden Lab viewer, Firestorm, or another viewer that has Bento functionality.
  13. The checkout screen contains a bunch of ads, hoping you will make a last minute impulse purchase. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find the purchase confirmation's often hidden.
  14. The delay of a minute or so before you can log in again is normal behavior. The crashing is not. Since it's happening with both your viewers, look for something in common...a recent update to your PC maybe.
  15. I am no programmer, but I don't think you can use any of those servers. However, I do know it is possible to connect an SL object to an external web page...some sculpty and mesh creating systems do just that. HOW they do it, I couldn't begin to tell you, sorry.