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  1. I have used NordVPN with SL. I generally don't have problems.
  2. I tried that, but there's a problem. I can't STAY alone. Ten minutes of drifting over the land and there's fifteen or twenty guys in the gondola.
  3. If you entered your real birthdate when you signed up, as you should have, it ought to work. But there is a random bug that keeps those choices grayed out, even when they shouldn't be. File a Support Case with Linden Lab. They can fix it. If the response to the ticket seems to indicate that LL thinks you are under 18, offer to provide proof of age. They may ask for a scan of your drivers license or birth certificate.
  4. You have to be logged in. You can visit the Marketplace pages as a guest, but it will only show you G rated content. You have to have selected your desired maturity rating, at the top of the Marketplace page. If you are not given the choice to select G, M, and A content (it's grayed out) first check the previous comment. If you are logged in, then you should file a support case with LL The Marketplace uses cookies to remember your settings. If your web browser is set to delete all cookies, you'll find yourself having to re-enter your preferences.
  5. Of course the answer is yes. That's why it's not a great idea to use dodgy TPVs that aren't on the official list. The official list isn't a surefire guarantee, but it's better than nothing.
  6. I think I'll move up to Baffin Bay and stake out my claim on tropical beachfront property.
  7. It's an infringement of my First Amendment rights!! ...shakes fist in the general direction of San Francisco
  8. Garnet, I think Gayngel is trying to make a point I alluded to way back near the start of the thread. Smartbots is a HUGE product, used by thousands of people, and it is a subscription service that keeps the money rolling in. Glaznah would be insane to be running a scam or anything dodgy that would jeopardize that. Another point is that Smartbots is an incredibly CLEVER product, and it keeps getting more so. That sort of establishes Glaznah as a genius-level SL creator, one of the few who've managed to make a product that's created its own unique market.
  9. No one smiles in SL because their smile muscles are all tired out from the Make Us Laugh thread.
  10. Free market economies are indeed efficient. However, it's important that they prioritize the right things. Our current economies have neglected the environmental damage done by their operation...the so-called Tragedy of the Commons, writ large. This can't be laid solely at the feet of giant corporations; after all, we all eagerly bought their products. I don't believe that top-down economies are the solution either, but we have to price in conservation and environmental restoration.
  11. Can Outfits and Calling Cards folders have sub-folders? Those are my two most likely places to give flat inventory problems
  12. I'm pretty sure we've bought our last internal combustion car. I expect it will be worth nothing when we go to trade it in, but that doesn't worry me a lot since we typically drive our cars until they're worth next to nothing anyway. I'm much more worried about the changes I can see around me in my suburban environment just in the last decade. The weather is hotter and drier. Species we used to see in this area all the time are few, or gone entirely. 17 years ago we were deafened by the cicadas, and this year, the year they were supposed to return, there is silence. There are only two or
  13. Speaking of SL people passing away, where's Ebbe's Thread? EDIT: Never mind, found it on Page 2.
  14. I seem to recall that there was a thread for that... EDIT: Yes! Here it is...
  15. It doesn't matter if you are their slave, or they are yours. Your account is safe, unless YOU reveal your password to someone else. So don't do that.
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