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  1. Yay! Thanks, everyone!
  2. I don't know about your teleport problem, except to say that the geography of the Beta grid is not the same as the main grid. Maybe you are trying to teleport to a place that isn't there? As for the Marketplace, I think you'll have to purchase the item as usual. It'll go into your main grid inventory. Your inventory on the Beta grid is refreshed daily, so it should show up there within 24 hours.
  3. technical

    Nalates, I don't see the benefit of taking snapshots with more pixels than your monitor can display. I would not think the resolution would be improved. After all, a snapshot is just a form of screen capture. Or am I wrong?
  4. Sheesh, I agree, a page fills up too soon. And HI LEXXI! It's good to see the Original Founder of the Neverending Thread back again! And has anyone yet figured out how to a) post an image from their hard drive instead of stealing them off the web, and b) how to resize them? Those are two functions we had in the previous forums that seem to be missing here.
  5. Are they named Yin and Yang?
  6. And looking sinfully gorgeous, too. I know a certain Lucky Llama.
  7. Rhonda, that was a great history lesson! Hi Pookey! Welcome to what just may become the revived Forum Cartel website Hangout. We've been without one for...yeesh, seven years now, according to Chief Archivist Boccaccio. The rules are: - There Are No Rules, and There Is No Cartel. (But just to be really sure, when you are in world do a search in Groups for "The Forum Cartel" and see what you find. Extra points are awarded for finding the Hangout and taking a picture of yourself to document your visit.) For those who just insist on rules, though: Anyone can join in It's all good as long as we're all having fun Be Nice To People /me uncovers the plate of nearly homemade marbled brownies she brought to the party.
  8. Besides using a third party viewer with RLV functionality, you'll also have to enable RLV in the viewer's preferences, and wear an RLV-enabled collar or other "RLV Relay" device. Then traps will snare you to your heart's content.
  9. I didn't do it!
  10. Yes, skin is a bitmapped image that's painted in a program like Photoshop or GIMP and then uploaded to Second Life. You can get free Photoshop templates to serve as a starting point for your skin creations. Here's a link to a tutorial, and in the tutorial is a link to some templates: https://enlades.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/using-an-eloh-eliot-starlight-skin-basics-1/
  11. premium membership

    Rolig and Nalytha are nearly 100% right. In the normal way of things, any mainland parcel will have 175 L.I. for each 512 m2. BUT! There is one rare, and expensive, exception. SOME mainland has a double prim allowance. If you obtain one of these parcels, you'd get 350 L.I. on a 512 m2 parcel. This double prim land is only found in a few places...Nautilus City, Bay City, and some of the Old Mainland regions. Also in the new Horizons regions, but all those parcels are 1024 m2; since you don't want to pay an additional monthly tier, you won't want to look there. The downside to this double prim land, of course, is that it is highly desirable. As a result, the up-front purchase prices of the land parcels is very high.
  12. Yay! Thank you, Mo!!!!!!! /me does a Happy Dance.
  13. Rather than seek a custom-made avatar, why not do what almost everyone else does? Buy parts! Mix, match, adjust...until you have your very own custom look. Best of all, you made it yourself!
  14. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/312-inworld-employment/
  15. Golly, can anybody play? If they are not dead, I mean. I'm alive. I think...