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  1. Callum, if you have four ears, do you hear in quadraphonic? 😁
  2. Lindal Kidd

    Hair Un-rigged for a Furry?

    With all the black studded leather and the cap, I think you'd be more in character if your av were a German Shepherd.
  3. Lindal Kidd

    Upload sound from audacity to quiet about 9db

    It's important to get the sound as loud as you can (without too much distortion) BEFORE uploading it to SL. Once it's uploaded, the loudest volume you can play it at is 1.0...you can't increase it, only decrease it. The only other way to change the sound's volume is with your audio slider, and that's unique to every person who listens.
  4. Lindal Kidd

    Looking for a "Hotwife"

    Let me get this straight. You WANT your wife to cheat on you. Well, at least now I know where your lack of logic in other matters is coming from.
  5. Lindal Kidd

    Let us remove the firestorm experience...

    EEEEEEEK! A Maouse! /me waves to Patch while standing on a chair.
  6. Lindal Kidd

    Second Life's Alright For Fighting!

    Hey, Wolfshanty! Come get somma this! That's what I'm talkin' about.
  7. Lindal Kidd

    System avatar - out of style?

    If we're gonna derail the thread and talk lag, I had an enlightening experience the other day. I have been increasingly complaining to myself about the lag I'm experiencing. On my home region, where I should have cached all the textures long ago, I get between 11 and 13 fps when facing into the sim and about 33 fps when facing out toward the empty ocean next door. In my skybox, far above all the textures, I get about 60 fps. Well, I logged in my alt, and happened to notice that she was getting well over 100fps, in an area where I normally see 15. So I thought, "I wonder what the difference could be? Graphics settings, maybe?" I opened my Preferences. After I'd increased my draw distance from 120 up to 240, turned on shadows (sun, moon, and projectors) and reflections (objects and avatars)...all of which I have enabled with my main account...well, what do you know? My fps dropped from 100+ down to about 15-18. Most of you who complain about lag are doing it to yourselves. I sure am.
  8. Yay! I have an iten! Thank you, LittleMe! /me does a Happy Dance and then goes back to sullenly sorting the 77,000-plus ITEMS (and one Iten) in her inventory.
  9. Lindal Kidd

    What is happening to my graphics??

    cykarushb...I'm not so sure. The OP said she has no issues when using the stock LL viewer. This would seem to argue against the problem being graphics hardware related.
  10. Lindal Kidd


    There can be several reasons for this. The most common is that you happen to be on land that has scripts disabled. Fly up to about 100m or so and see if your HUDs begin working again. Or teleport to a different area that has scripts enabled. You may have been wearing the HUDs when you suffered a crash that messed up their scripts. Try rezzing a replacement by using the original one. If you no longer have the original, see if the place you got it offers re-delivery. You might simply have another HUD, or a big transparent prim, attached to your screen that is covering the other HUDs. Try detaching everything that is on your HUD attachment points, then attach just one HUD and see if it works.
  11. Lindal Kidd

    I Accidentally deleted files from second life

    Unless you deleted inventory items IN WORLD and then emptied your Trash folder, your inventory is safe. It's kept on LL's servers, so anything you do to your local computer cannot affect it. In fact, you can install SL on a completely different computer, log into your account, and everything will be there. Follow Ethan's advice and you'll be fine.
  12. Lindal Kidd

    Renting out land, is it worth it with new prices?

    I dunno about that, Elle. I have seen some private sims that offered ONLY nice landscaping, and they seemed very desirable to me, compared with all those flat sandy waffle grid sims. Of course, the next step up would be a themed genre and/or roleplay, but this cuts two ways. It's more appealing to those who are looking for that in particular, but less appealing to those who aren't into that theme or genre.
  13. Lindal Kidd

    Renting out land, is it worth it with new prices?

    Renting from a sim owner and then subletting has always been a losing proposition. In this situation, you are competing directly with the private estate owner. By the very nature of things, they can offer their land cheaper than you can. You are better off either arranging a transfer of a full private region from the current owner to you. I would shop for a "grandfathered" region and pay the extra fee ($600 USD) to transfer the grandfathered tier rate ($195 per month). This lets you offer the best price to your tenants. As an alternative, consider buying a Mainland region, or at least a large portion of one. Tier on a Mainland region is only $175 per month...but be careful you don't over-spend on the purchase price. Some Mainland region owners are asking insanely high purchase prices.
  14. No problem. However, there is a trash bug you should be aware of. It has been known for entire folders to put themselves into the Trash without their owner noticing. Then, when they routinely empty the Trash...eek, all my clothes are gone!!! Before emptying the Trash, open it and check to see that you are actually deleting only the things you meant to.
  15. Lindal Kidd

    The Perils of Lifelong Lunacy

    You don't need words, sweetie. 💖