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  1. Oh, that was just too painful to finish watching!
  2. You keep all your Premium benefits EXCEPT those related to land. You can't own Mainland, or a Linden Home, or donate tier to a group, but all other benefits keep going until the expiration of your Premium subscription.
  3. Perhaps my post is misplaced, but I don't think it's "politicized", Seicher! Unless by politicized, you mean "any issue subject to debate".
  4. Molly is right. For quite a while during the worst of the land glut, LL did set Abandoned land for sale to anyone for $L1 per sq. m. They've stopped doing that the last few years. Maybe that's because all that yellow looked bad, or maybe they just felt they could get more for it through auction.
  5. Speaking of the Navy, according to NBC, they've relieved the captain of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt for sending an email to command authorities requesting aid for his crew of 5000...coronavirus was spreading through the ship. The Big Stick was sent to Guam, and offloaded about half the crew there (and how Guam is going to care for that many potential coronavirus cases is anybody's guess. Can they even test them to see who's positive?) The captain wasn't relieved for asking for help. He was relieved because he didn't use proper, secure channels and the message leaked to the news. That has two undesirable effects. 1) It lets potential enemies know that one of our major warships is operating at half strength, and 2) it doesn't let the Navy brass cover up the situation. I am not sure which issue was uppermost in their minds... The whole issue of the military and coronavirus is a thorny one. Military installations and ships are not set up to accommodate "social distancing". The military has apparently been instructed to keep information about infections under wraps, for national security reasons, so no one...not the troops, not the public and (we hope) not our adversaries knows the real situation.
  6. A coalesced object will have the inventory symbol of a little pile of cubes. It may have the name of any of the objects it contains, or simply "object". When rezzing it, stand well back from any parcel or region boundary lines...the objects will rez in the same relative positions where they were last, and you don't want any of them running into a boundary. It's also a good idea if you can rez them on a platform somewhat up in the air, to keep any of the things from rezzing underground. Before you rez the object, open your Edit window. That way, all the objects will be selected when you rez it, and you can move all of them as a group.
  7. There was a tutorial a long time ago on how to stretch a photo to cover the head skin map. I tried to find it again, but couldn't. The basics, as best I can remember, were: Take a frontal photo, and a picture from each side. Don't smile, keep your mouth closed. Remove the hair from the images Using the skin template as a base layer, place the photos on it. Stretch and blend the photos until they cover the template Merge the layers, save as a PNG or JPG file Upload the file to SL and use as a new skin. But, as I recall, the result was pretty much what Alwin said...mondo creepy!
  8. But...but...isn't your whole POST about land cost? You titled it, "Price Reduction for Land".
  9. Um, no. I too was here a decade ago, and I was a land owner too. The one thing they did in the way of a price hike was to increase the cost of Homestead regions. Aside from that, LL has not increased land prices at least since I have been here (May 2007). In fact, in the past three years they have: Increased the prim capacity of land by 50% (that's an effective price cut, though not directly in $ terms) Decreased the cost to purchase private regions, from $1,000 to $349 for a full region, and comparable cuts for Homestead regions Decreased monthly fees for private regions and tier for Mainland by about 10 - 15%. They've offset these cuts with increases in the cost of Premium memberships, and by raising fees charged to purchase, sell, and cash out $L. The "2008 crash" that you're referring to is more properly called a "land glut". During this period, LL took several actions. They created the Adult continent of Zindra and moved all the adult activity there. This resulted in a lot of empty, abandoned Mainland elsewhere. They created the Nautilus continent They created Bay City They initially offered Homestead regions at too low a price, causing a huge number of new private Homestead regions to appear. All of this gave the grid a lot more land than there were Residents who wanted it. In an attempt to re-balance, they increased the costs of Homestead regions. This caused a lot of private regions to go away, but it was still not until about 2018 that the land market finally began to re-balance itself.
  10. I'm a member of the White Tiger Guides group; this group has access to the Social Islands as an approved helper organization. Other helper organizations may also have access, but I could not tell you which ones, if any. I checked all the Social Islands, both with my main account and with an alt. There are currently nine Social Islands, numbered 1 through 10. Social Island 9 is either off line or permanently deleted. As a member of the Guides, I can access all the Social Islands. My alt, who is not a Guide, cannot access Social Islands 1 through 5. However, 6, 7, 8 and 10 appear to be still open to the general public. @Daddysheadache, you have two options: You can continue to help people on the publicly accessible Social Islands, or you can join the White Tiger Mentors group and then take a short training course to join the Guides group, to access all the islands. Contact Treacle Darlandes if you are interested. We're seeing a lot more incoming new residents lately due to all the people staying at home these days, and could use the help.
  11. That's a good observation, Molly, and one I'd not really thought about before. There are two approaches to it: socialize the profits, too (the Liberal approach) and just say No to the government bailouts (the Conservative approach). It sort of looks like the latter is happening to the cruise line industry, for example. Another point is that, with the human population what it is (and still growing!) "unfettered" growth causes the Tragedy of the Commons to scale up to encompass the entire planet.
  12. I believe that's "failed to find shape in the data base". I don't think you can recover from that. In the future, not only should you save your shapes several times as your work progresses, you should also export them to your PC for safekeeping.
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