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  1. Lindal Kidd

    Second Life = "Barbie Doll game for adults"?

    Wait a second..."action figures" are just dress-up dolls like Barbie. But with camo clothes and guns, instead of sequins and heels. I like playing dress up with my avatar; I think I spend maybe a quarter of my time in SL doing that. Maybe more, if you count shopping, unpacking, assembling a new outfit, and then showing it off at a club or with friends. But there's lots of other stuff to do, too! It's sort of like RL that way; we spend a lot of time and money on clothes, personal appearance, beauty products...all to look good to ourselves and others while we are doing the other things in our lives.
  2. Lindal Kidd

    How do I find the RGB values of my skin?

    Skin matching is a huge pain...unless your skin creator sells an applier for your specific body, head, or other mesh body part. If they do, buying it is the best solution.
  3. Lindal Kidd

    Does a roleplay community like this exist?

    I'm not aware of any, um, "celebrity roleplay", but you CAN act in SL. There are several theatre troupes.
  4. Lindal Kidd

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Simon Templar
  5. Lindal Kidd

    Linden homes

    Climax, No, it is NOT due to the land's Maturity rating. Maturity ratings say what YOU can and cannot do on your land, but there's no enforcement in the sense that the land won't let certain items operate. You could put up a roasting spit in your Linden Home and barbecue your friends, until and unless someone reported you for it. (And yes, all Linden Homes are on Moderate land.) The sitting issue is a different problem. Ethan and Fiona had a good suggestion about getting the region re-started. You can do this with a Support Case, or via a Live Chat session. I'd ask whether your furniture's access menus are set to Owner Only or to a specific group, except you say you cannot use them yourself. (Are you sure you are actually clicking the furniture, and there isn't, for example, a big transparent prim in the way?)
  6. Lindal Kidd

    Change direction of green move arrow

    You aren't the only one who's fallen prey to this one, Rolig. It might even qualify as one of the Classic Blunders!
  7. Lindal Kidd

    Captured on secondlife

    Every time I read the title of this thread in the list, I think it must be something to do with machinima.
  8. Lindal Kidd

    Change direction of green move arrow

    You can move objects by grabbing the head or tail of the three intersecting movement arrows and dragging (green for Y, red for X, blue for Z). You can also type new values into the Position boxes in the Edit window.
  9. Lindal Kidd

    Does Facebook want our avatar?

    I deleted Lindal's FB account years ago.
  10. Lindal Kidd

    Forum Lags...Freezes when I multi-quote ...

    I was having a ton of forum lag too, especially when quoting. I found that the lag went away when I switched browsers from Firefox to Google Chrome.
  11. Lindal Kidd

    How to Begin RP in SL?

    What brand of shoe?
  12. Lindal Kidd

    What makes you block someone?

    Your Complexity controls, or de-render, are better tools for that.
  13. Lindal Kidd

    Private Investigations on the Grid?

    It's all of them. Case closed. I'll send you my bill.
  14. If the clouds cooperate, we can have a howlin' good time!