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  1. Firestorm Rainbow Glitch

    Have you asked in the Firestorm support group in world? That's a quick and easy way to connect with some of the smartest Firestorm authorities on the planet. EDIT: Including the incomparable Whirly Fizzle. She's given you the perfect answer. But you should still join the in-world group!
  2. Problem with viewer

    Your computer is not the most powerful, but it should be OK for running Second Life. You might have the problem described here: According to the information you provided, your computer has TWO graphics cards. One is the Intel HD Graphics 4000. The other is the ATI Radeon HD 8670M. The Radeon is probably the card you should be using for SL, but your system might be using the Intel chip instead. I don't have a computer with a dual graphics setup like this, but perhaps someone who does can chime in and tell you how to do that! You may also need to update the drivers for the HD 4000, the Radeon, or both. Visit these websites to get the latest ones.
  3. Basic land (sim) rental question

    More power to you! Ten years ago when I first discovered SL, I proposed an article to the editor of a magazine I did free-lance work for, on using SL as a 3D storyboard for video production. He turned me down, saying that writing about a video game was not what the magazine was about. It's nice to see someone besides me sees the potential for this!
  4. mesh smd to sl

    OK, let's please not go imputing every evil motive of every IP thief in the digital world to our poor OP. He said he'll be good, so let's take him at his word. You are all correct; these excuses for IP theft are used every day. What we should not do is go putting all the blame for that on one person.
  5. accounts per email address

    I have made an alt recently, and did not have to pay a fee or anything. Frankly, I'm not sure at this point how many alts I have that are still active. That sounds awful, like I've made an alt army and then lost track of them, but it's not like that, honest. I make them at long intervals, when a need for something specific arises. But I do know that I've made more than five, over the last ten-plus years, and none of them are Premium, except me. The only one I use regularly is the one who serves as the depository for rental income. Ignore that banging from the cellar. Mice.
  6. accounts per email address

    I wouldn't ask...just create the new account. It's always better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.
  7. How high is up?

    Maybe I should have asked, "How low is down"... ...looks like about three inches.
  8. How high is up?

    Resurrecting this old thing. How high IS up, anyway?
  9. Selling Gatchas

    And do an in-world search for "gacha resales". These are locations where people set out their unwanted gacha prizes for sale. Some are free to use, others charge a small fee.
  10. slink mesh body

    No, I am not serious! I was joking. And I have no serious answers for you, at least not yet. Can you post a picture of the problem?
  11. Where can I change clothes privately?

    Wow, Rolig, I didn't know they had changing rooms on Social Island! Cool. Caledon Oxbridge University has male and female dressing rooms up in the sky. There are teleport doors to them near the fishpond chat area, and in the Hall of Avatar Customization. New Resident Island has a changing room; the teleport is in the free shopping area. As for people getting weirded out by your taking photos, try this one: 1) Put the Advanced menu on your top menu bar by hitting CTRL+ALT+D. Then go to Advanced/Quiet Snapshots. You can still take pictures, but your avatar won't do the "taking a picture" animation and there will be no shutter sound. Changing under water is generally pretty private. Maddy's suggestion of changing by adding an upper layer or garment before removing garments underneath is excellent, but it does take some practice. Bear in mind that people can focus their camera on you even if you're inside four walls. If you look in About Land/Options you can see if the parcel you are on allows this. If the box is not checked, people outside the land parcel cannot see your avatar, although they can tell you are there by looking on the map. In the end, though, remember that your avatar is only pixels, not your real body. If someone sees your avatar unclothed, it's hardly the end of the world!
  12. slink mesh body

  13. How to connect to sl with CyberGhost 2017

    Very interesting, Monti! I know some Bad People who've been banned by LL get back into SL by anonymizing themselves, are they doing that? Maybe you should PM me, so we don't go discussing Dirty Tricks in a public forum.
  14. Matching New Homestead T-Formed Water to SL Ocean

    Hi Cerebro! First of all, you should ask yourself, "Do I really need all the land of an entire region?" Starting out with a whole region can make the land more of a burden than a pleasure. I usually recommend that people start their experience with virtual land by simply getting a Premium membership and a free Linden Home, or buying or renting a small parcel of land, perhaps 1,024 square meters or so. After a month or so, move up to a 4,096 parcel. That's big enough to support a large home, landscaping, and lots of decorations and toys. But if you simply love terraforming and landscaping, a Homestead sim is great. You can't have as many prims as a full region, but you have more than enough to create an interesting natural environment. I gather your problem with the ocean is that in the area surrounding your region, there is either NO sea floor (you are surrounded by "void", areas where there is no land, only the illusion of endless water, and you cannot physically go there), or the ocean floor is set much deeper than your terraforming limits allow. Therefore, from above, you can see the sandy bottom of your channels, but not the bottom of the ocean beyond your borders. There are a few things you can try. Your idea of large, dark prims on the channel bottoms is actually pretty clever! The biggest prim you can make with the land tools is 64 x 64 m, but there are still some pre-made "megaprims" floating around. These were non-editable prims made during a couple of periods where a loophole left open by LL allowed the creation of larger-than-standard prims. A few of them were as large as a whole region, 256 x 256. You can buy packs of them on the Marketplace. You can contact the management of the estate you are renting from and ask that they either increase your terraforming limits, or assist you with terraforming. Private estates have a terraforming limit of +/- 100m, but most of them don't allow their tenants to go that far; it's too easy to mess the land up and make it look awful. Ask the management to change the lowest level terrain texture, and set the level at which it takes effect so that your channel floors are below that level. Land can have up to four terrain textures, and the elevation of the land determines where each will come into play. (Note, you MAY have the ability to change the terrain textures yourself, depending on how your estate owner has set things up.) Try an off-sim landscaping surround. These are objects which have a root prim on your land, but protrude out into the void surrounding your region. They can be reefs, surf, even ocean textures providing a different water tint. I think you either had a miscommunication with the sales person, or they deliberately misled you about the terraforming thing. There is one possible thing going on that would be the textures you were provided, was there a terrain file texture? This is a file in the RAW terrain data format, and it works on land the same way that a sculpt texture works on a sculpted prim. It appears as an RGB texture in your inventory. You apply the texture in the appropriate place in the land tools, and the terrain automatically assumes the elevations in that file. You can sculpt an entire region in one click, instead of spending hours with the land tools. If the estate did not provide you with a terrain file, and is unwilling to terraform the region to match your expectations, I would certainly not renew your rental with them (although $125 is about the best price you will get...that's what LL charges them, so they're not making any money. Most people will charge you $140 - $160 for a Homestead region.)
  15. no delivery Demo on marketplace

    Ange is right. If it's free, it doesn't hurt to try buying it again! But also, look at the bottom of the listing. If there is a link, "See Item in Second Life" click that to go to their store in world. Then you can pick up the demo there!