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  1. Interesting question...can one circumvent the state restrictions by using a VPN?
  2. Another thing about terraforming...it doesn't change the land textures, only the elevation. This results in riverbeds with grass on the bottom and hills that look terribly bland and unrealistic. You have to combine landscaping with terraforming. Once you have the basic shape of the land via terraforming, you need to plant boulders, stream beds, pathways, taller grasses, trees, shrubs.
  3. Well, I agree pretty much, Blush. And I would never want to see LL "subsidizing" popular builds. But, if a creator is really leaving, or has to quit paying for the upkeep on a great place, I think LL's "cost" to maintain a region online is pretty darn minimal (it's not anywhere near what we pay them!) And, if they charged for admission as the OP suggested, it'd still be us residents paying the bill, or at least some of it.
  4. Luna, you created Midnight Reflections!? I didn't know that! Although I should have guessed, I still have some of your glowy flowers. Gosh, I loved that darn cavern!
  5. There are many reasons LL might put an account on hold. Anything from a past-due bill caused by an expired credit card, to a major violation of the Terms of Service. This is not a matter for "we", there's nothing you can do. He will have to submit a Support Case and ask why the account is on hold. He should state that, as far as he is aware, he has done nothing to violate LL policies.
  6. Anyone can report a bug (and I think this IS a bug) Go to the Help menu on your Dashboard page and click "Issue Tracker". I would simply say, "The log in page does not have the option to NOT remember the user name. It should only be automatically filled in when the "Remember User Name" box is checked."
  7. Didn't anyone notice the OP said, "LL decides"? With, he added, input from the residents. They sort of do this already. When the owners of the SS Galaxy regions announced they were no longer able to afford the upkeep, the cry went up for LL to step in and save the ship (literally!) They did. Anyway...why argue? Any system for identifying and preserving SL's best would be better than having everything simply vanish into the ether.
  8. The OP suggested one possible system. Seems reasonable to me.
  9. Yes, of course...if you pay the extra fee for that.
  10. Hi, @sparkie Hallard! I visited the Manx region, and it is all there. In fact, I don't believe it's possible to create a "partial region", although certainly part of a region may be left undeveloped, or its land sunk below sea level. Perhaps your draw distance is set too low?
  11. Recommendation: Only ride your horse if you are willing to scoop the poop.
  12. Hi, Lady Juliet! You bring up a couple of interesting points. I don't have "remember me" checked for either my user name or my password...and yet, the viewer DOES remember my user name! I never thought to test it before, but I tried it, and in fact the user name entry is NOT case sensitive, at least with the standard LL viewer. I don't know of a way to change either of these, except to submit a bug report and hope LL gets around to it eventually.
  13. I think SL will be around for quite a long time yet. However, the fact that things look empty to you is not due to any difference in Basic or Premium membership. SL has ALWAYS been mostly empty. The reason is simple math. There are over 20,000 regions on the grid. At any given time, there are around 40,000 or so people on line. That's an average of about 2 avatars per region. Since many times, there are crowds at the more popular places...well, it makes for a lot of empty regions.
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