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  1. Granted. It cures your marriage. I wish I could stop gaining weight. Since the New Year, my body seems to have become like one of those protostars, sucking up more and more mass. Pretty soon I expect fusion to start.
  2. Note that your voice dot will not appear when you are on land that does not have voice enabled, even if you do have it enabled in your viewer. Even though I don't use voice, I do keep it enabled. This allows me to hear when people who DO use voice are speaking, as it were, behind my back. If you don't have a microphone, you never have to worry that it's been activated by mistake. (Note: all laptop computers DO have microphones. If you use a laptop and don't want to worry about a live mic, be sure it's turned off in your machine's settings.)
  3. Amina...do you mean to say you are all out of Bob Dylan posters? I'm so disappointed.
  4. Once again, they do not want you to USE the email address. They want you to submit a support ticket (use Help/Support/Create Case on this website) and in your submission, TELL them what email address you used to create the account. For example, in your ticket you might say... "My account, user name SamSpade Resident, has been compromised and its password has been changed. The email address I registered when I created the account was smithgolightly234@gmail.com. I suspect the account was stolen by EvilExGirlfriend Resident." If your ex managed to steal your account TWICE now, I would suspect that she has access to your computer. Save all of your critical information, then wipe your hard drive(s) clean, and reinstall Windows and all your apps. Change ALL your passwords.
  5. You all love me! That's an outrageous exaggeration but what the heck!
  6. I hardly ever have it open, to conserve screen real estate. I rely on the People/Nearby window instead, to see who is about.
  7. I had to think about that one a moment. Yeah, that would really mess us up, wouldn't it? Add to that, heavenly bodies with no actual physical existence.
  8. Granted! You got hit by an entire flying Iron Man, feet first. I wish the airlines' ideas of "carry on luggage" agreed with mine.
  9. Not a list, no, but you can set Home on any land that: You own A group you belong to owns, provided you have the appropriate ability in your group role Is a Linden Lab Infohub or welcome area.
  10. Keep the look! That clip from The Little Mermaid is one of my very favorites!
  11. "richards"? That's a new one for me, Tolya. I must say, on the whole, I am enjoying this thread. I think Scylla's ahead on points. EDIT: Ohhhhh...RICHARDS. Got it.
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