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  1. Geert, look in two places. 1. Right click yourself, select Appearance/Edit Shape. Scroll down to the last slider in the Body tab. It is Hover. Adjust to a roughly correct position -- should be near the middle of the slider range. Save your shape. 2. Right click yourself, select Appearance/Hover Height. Use this slider for fine adjustments. You may need to adjust it slightly when you wear different shoes. You do not have to save your shape when you adjust this setting.
  2. Ewww!
  3. /me runs out to buy some freckles.
  4. Besides all this, you'll have to run Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 HD Graphics 3000 is not supported by Windows 10. Your machine will still run, but it'll use the default generic graphics driver.
  5. It's not just gacha items. This is a scam I call the Empty Box Scam. See my blog post here for details:
  6. Four year old kids are not babies. Just ask one, they'll get all indignant and tell you, "I'm not a baby, I'm a big girl (or boy)." In Second Life, four year olds are generally live avatars, not prim dolls. Try and recruit a child avatar for your roleplay!
  7. In general, credit and debit cards are not designed for money transfers TO them, with the exception of refunds. As a result, Second Life is not set up to be able to transfer money to your card. To transfer money out of Second Life, you need a verified PayPal or Skrill account. In order to get actual folding cash, that account will have to be linked to a real life bank account. Getting your money involves several steps. Earn the money in the first place. Pay Federal and State taxes on it. Buy some $L with your money. Linden Lab charges you $0.60 for this. Sell $L on the Linden Dollar Exchange. The proceeds are deposited in your Second Life $USD Balance. Linden Lab charges a small fee for this. Do a Process Credit transaction to transfer money from your $USD Balance to your PayPal or Skrill account. Linden Lab charges a fee for this, too. Transfer the money from PayPal to your Real Life bank account. No fees, whew! Go to an ATM or your bank branch and get cash. May or may not involve a fee. Buy an ice cream cone with your cash. Pay sales tax. Does anyone notice a pattern here? It's gotten so EVERYONE wants a cut of my money. I'm not sure I have enough left over for that ice cream cone!
  8. It's very pretty, Anuk, I'm glad you found it. I haven't used this outfit, or anything from that creator, but the ad says it's compatible with the SLink mesh bodies.
  9. I chopped mine up and burned it in my fireplace...made the house nice and cozy all winter!
  10. It's not exactly the same outfit, but this one looks close to me: You'll also find a lot of other similar outfits if you search the Marketplace for "Anime Schoolgirl".
  11. Qie, can you point me to more information on how to set up and use scripted parcel media? I have exactly the use case you mention, apartments stacked up on the same land parcel.
  12. By "release viewer" do you mean one of the Beta Test "Release Candidate" viewers, found here: ? Or do you mean the currently released version of the viewer, ? Hyper V is a virtual machine service originally found on Windows Server, but now also incorporated into Windows 10. That's the sum total of what I know about it...but I don't think it would be either necessary or desirable to use it with Second Life. Here's the official information about using SL with a firewall. It should apply to both the released viewer and any beta versions.
  13. The OP believes that if she follows her landlord's policies, she will BOTH be paying the search fee to LL, AND paying an additional $L30 a week to her landlord. That's the whole point of the discussion!
  14. Yep...the Media tab of About Land is for the VIDEO stream! The Sound tab is for the music stream.
  15. Oh, how you do gas on, Maddy.