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  1. How do I get inventory for my In-World store

    Ken, PLEASE re-read angeoco's reply. Making money in SL is a lot harder than it might appear at first, and there are many pitfalls for the newcomer. The two major ways to make money are either renting out land (with or without a building on it) or creating and selling, or just about any imaginable type of thing. Both these approaches involve quite a bit of learning, some monetary risk, and a large investment in time...with no return guaranteed. I always tell people, if you are thinking about doing something in SL because you'll make a lot of money, DON'T. Only do things that you love for their own sake, not their profit potential. Then, if you DO wind up making money, it's a nice bonus...but if you don't, it will still have been fun.
  2. How to filter unwanted items on the Marketplace?

    You can use the Boolean operators NOT, AND, and OR in the Marketplace Search. Type them in ALL CAPS. For example, "Belleza AND Mesh AND Body NOT Appliers". If you are searching for the "root product" of a popular system...for example, you want SLink Feet and not all the thousands of shoes MADE for SLink feet...then try to find the creator's Marketplace store (there's a specific tab up at the top for this), rather than using the "items" tab. You can use the store name or the creator's own name.
  3. New to SL

    Why did the turtle cross the road? Why, just for the shell of it, of course!
  4. Linden Homes (seasons)

    Not many places in Second Life change with the seasons. I do know of two: My own rentals in the Masocado region of the Mainland...I decorate the area for fall, winter, and the holidays of July 4, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Halloween, and Christmas. And Caledon, a Victorian Steampunk-themed private estate...they change the ground textures for fall, winter, spring and summer, roughly timed to those seasons in the northern hemisphere.
  5. Swimming pool issue

    Objects that are scripted to float on Linden Water will not float on "prim water", which is what you have in your pool. What happens when you rez your pool toy? Does it initially appear on the water surface and then sink to the bottom? If so, it's a physical object, and affected by gravity. Because the pool water is phantom, it does not impede the fall of the object. Possible solution: Right click and Edit the pool toy. In the Object tab of the Edit window, uncheck the box "physical". Now you should be able to edit the object's position to coincide with the surface of your pool water, and it will stay put. On the other hand, if the object simply appears on the pool bottom when you rez it, it is likely NOT physical, but an ordinary prim. Move your camera under the water surface, select the object, and just edit its position to be at the water surface.
  6. Cant seem to buy on the market

    Dumb question...the checkout page is pretty long. They fill it up with other items, hoping to entice you into making a last-minute impulse purchase. This means that the actual confirmation button is WAY DOWN AT THE BOTTOM and hidden. Did you scroll down that last page???
  7. Lizflorida

    I think it would be fun to build your own middle-aged avatar from scratch as angeoco suggests. However, you can buy something ready-made as well. Search the Marketplace for "middle aged avatar" and you will find plenty of results. Here's one example: As for me, I'll stick with my younger-looking avatar. My joints remind me all too well of my RL age in the morning when I get out of bed...I don't need my Second Life avatar for that!
  8. How much does Premium account cost?

    I should correct a couple of errors and mis-statements. Premium membership is available on a monthly, a quarterly, or an annual plan. Monthly, the cost is $9.50 USD. Quarterly, it's $22.50, and annually it is $72.00. The annual plan is the best buy, but I do not recommend it to first-time users...because if you decide a month or two in that you no longer want to be Premium, you cannot get a refund for unused time. While Linden Lab does not charge any other fees, there MAY be additional charges. If you live outside the USA, your credit card company will charge a currency conversion fee. Also, many countries charge a Value Added Tax (VAT), and if you have that where you live, it will apply. Premium membership confers a number of benefits. Perhaps the two most valuable are the $L300 per week "stipend" payment and the ability to own a free Linden Home or get free tier on up to 512 square meters of Mainland that you buy. One benefit that confuses a lot of people is the one time $L1,000 bonus payment...this is NOT paid when you sign up for a Premium membership. It is paid to you after you have been a Premium member for 45 continuous days. Be sure to read about all the Premium benefits in the article link that Rolig posted, then decide if Premium is right for you!
  9. Has anyone used voice morphing?

    I've tried the "Morph Vox Pro" software by Screaming Bee, which is the same voice morphing engine used by the SL voice morphing feature. It's best at creating "cartoon" electronic robot voice, a tiny squeaky voice for a fairy or other small avatar, or a deep, rumbling voice for a troll or a giant avatar. If you are expecting it to morph a woman's voice into a convincing male voice, or vice versa, or a kid's voice into an adult's, you are likely to be disappointed. In these use cases, it's pretty easy to tell that a voice morpher is being used.
  10. Why Am I A Cloud

    Rolig's suggestion of restructuring your inventory is a good one. If you cannot log in at all to do that, and you are a Premium member, filing a support ticket with Linden Lab will do the trick. If you don't think it's your inventory, another problem could be that your avatar is wearing an item that is corrupted. Change to one of the starter avatars in your inventory. If that fixes the problem, then try putting on your regular things, one at a time. If one of them causes you to be a cloud, then that's the problem.
  11. New to SL

    Nalates said, "There is no question you can ask that has not been asked before." I consider that a challenge. Hey, Nalates! Why does the turtle cross the road?
  12. Policing the Social Islands

    Hi Loth. This is a resident-to-resident forum, Linden Lab won't act on suggestions or complaints here. You could submit this idea as a feature request, but I don't hold out a lot of hope. Policing the Social Islands would take a lot of Linden Lab manpower, and they have never been willing to do that. Many years ago, there was an LL-sponsored and overseen "Resident Mentor" program in which Residents who had been vetted by LL and completed a training course were allowed access to the version of Social Island that existed at that time, while ordinary residents were not permitted. This cut down on the griefers, but did not eliminate them, because they could still get access by creating a new alt. The Resident Mentors could provide help and answer questions, but did not have any enforcement powers. For a number of reasons which seemed good to them, LL discontinued this program. LL DOES often have a presence on one or another Social Island. I have often seen Kiera Linden there. However, it's a very limited effort...pretty much one Linden employee, on one or another of the islands, part time. There are also resident help groups, and individuals, who frequent the Social Islands and attempt to help newcomers. Like the old Mentors, they are not empowered to eject or ban griefers, but at least they can explain to a newcomer what is happening and get them to a quieter, safer area. One of the things that is sorely needed in the Newcomer Help arena is more foreign language help areas. There are currently ones for Portuguese and Spanish, but that is about it. The French, Russian and Italian help areas have closed, and I have never seen ones for German, Arabic, Chinese or Japanese.
  13. Cannot connect to SL

    I would say that you have an internet connection problem, even though your internet works fine for other uses. The problem can be in any of four places: Your computer, your internet router/modem, your ISP, or the Second Life servers. You cannot do a thing about the last one, but you can certainly troubleshoot the other three. Start with your computer. As the screenshot for the Marketplace failure suggests, check your proxy (if you use one) and see if Windows Firewall (or your antivirus's firewall, if you're using it) needs to have a port opened. See this link for details: Check your antivirus to see if it is blocking easy way to do that is to temporarily disable your antivirus and try logging in. If those things do not solve the problem, try turning off your internet modem/router. Wait two or three minutes and reboot. Also, check your router's hardware firewall to see if you need to open ports there (see the first link above for details.) If those do not help, try using the free Google public DNS servers instead of your ISP's DNS server. See this link for how to do that: You can also contact your ISP and ask them for help with the problem. If those suggestions don't help, see this blog post by Nalates for more things to try:
  14. Hiding Local Chat Messages - Firestorm

    I avoid having chat bubbles pop up by keeping the chat history window open (CTRL+H). The chat appears, but it's in its own window and can be more easily ignored.
  15. Voice on desktop

    cykarushb has given you a good answer. However, note that laptops come equipped with a nice internal microphone. Desktops do not have a mic. Unless your Apple earbuds have a microphone, you are going to have to get a mic to plug in to that "audio in" jack. You have two choices: a microphone that stands on your desk, or a gaming headset that has earphones and a built in boom microphone. I strongly recommend the latter, they are much less subject to feedback between the mic and any speakers you're using.