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  1. missing L$

    This is a common glitch, and not any reason for concern. Sometimes the $L balance shown in the viewer is incorrect. The balance shown on the web site is always the true number. Several things can be done to fix the inworld balance. First, just try re-logging. That will usually fix it. If that doesn't work, use an alt or get a friend to pay you $L 1. Also, this is Tuesday, the day when LL usually does system maintenance and updates. You might just need to wait a little while for things to settle down.
  2. Can someone explain how L works?

    Have we confused you yet, Pomkeki? While there are are some complications associated with the $L exchange system, the basics are really very simple. Establish a payment method, using either a major credit card, or a verified PayPal or Skrill account. ("Verified" means that you have backed up your PayPal or Skrill account with a Real Life bank account or credit card. The procedure for that is on those services' web sites.) Buy some $L, using the "Instant Buy" (Market Rate) option to purchase. Because LL charges a $.60 transaction fee, I recommend buying a fair sized chunk at one go, instead of lots of little $L purchases. Go ahead, buy $20 USD worth. And that's about all there is to it! While you can go to the Marketplace, select an item, and pay for it with $USD, I do NOT recommend this at all. What happens is, LL buys the amount of $L you need to buy the item for you, and tacks on that $.60 transaction fee. So, if you bought a dress for $L250 (about one dollar US), it would end up costing you about $1.60 US.
  3. Utilizator's avatar Rikugou B

    Try the demo before spending your money. If the creator does not offer a demo, I'd be very reluctant to buy an expensive avatar from them.
  4. Missing Content from Chat Log

    LL does maintain log files of text conversations, but (as I recall) only keeps them for a week or two. Anyway, they won't release them to you. Your chat log files on your computer can develop gaps, or even vanish entirely. The most usual suspects are: A fresh installation of the viewer. Unless you protect your log files by moving or renaming them, the new installation will delete them. Changing the default location of the log files in your Preferences. In this case, the files will remain where they were, but the viewer will start a new set of log files in the new location you specified. Doing a search of your hard drive for the file "chat.txt" may reveal the location(s) of unexpected log files.
  5. Friends online app?

    Try the Lumiya viewer. It's in the Google Play store.

    Sigh. You don't DISABLE those. You delete any existing rules in the firewall's list that concern them. Then you set the firewall to ALLOW them. Please re-read my final comment. If you don't know what you are doing, you should not be messing around with your firewall settings. Get a local friend who knows computers to come and help you.
  7. before graphic setting

    Google Translate gave me this: "I initialized the viewer and initialized the graphics settings. Can I go back before initializing the viewer? "If you change the graphics settings and then try to create a snapshot, the viewer will stop." ...But I still don't understand the question.

    Your system has two firewalls. A software firewall that's part of Windows, and a hardware firewall built into your internet modem or router. here's the official LL information about firewalls: However, it does not specifically address the Windows 10 firewall. Here is an article that should provide some insights: DISCLAIMER: Fiddling with your firewalls when you don't know what you are doing can MESS UP YOUR SYSTEM. I take no responsibility! Be sure to write down the original settings for anything you change.
  9. "Log in failure" issue

    Jay, at least you've done the first couple of things to try. Here are some others:
  10. Changing Premium Homes

    @ Skeeterspal and BlueAgate: You can request that LL sell you Abandoned land, by filing a Support Case. Be sure to include the region and the coordinates of the parcel you're interested in. LL will respond more favorably if the land is adjoining land that you already own, and will be definitely disinclined to sell you any land that's part of a public right of way, such as a road, river, or channel needed for free passage. However, even if LL has some Abandoned land that they would like to see sold, they're more likely to do so through the land auctions. You can keep track of what parcels are up for auction here: @Tzunny Nagy: A lot of land in Second Life is empty, or nearly so. The reason for this is simple mathematics. There are about 20,000 regions in Second Life. At any given time, there are about 40,000 concurrent users in world. If we were all spread out evenly, there'd be about two avatars per region. But, people congregate at popular places, so there are lots and lots of empty regions. This is not entirely a bad thing. SL was not built to handle crowds well. Get more than 20 or so people in a region and things begin to lag. Get 40 in, and the lag becomes very annoying. Mainland regions only support a maximum of 50 avatars. @ Everyone: You CAN pick the exact piece of land you want. You don't have to get land from Governor Linden. If you click the "Land Sale" button on the main map legend, parcels for sale will be highlighted in yellow. You can also use Search/Land and Rentals tab/View All Land and Rentals to find parcels for sale. MOST land in SL is sold from one resident to another.
  11. display name

    Just because the answers aren't ones you like does not mean they are wrong, Gracie. 1. The system requires that you wait a week before changing your Display Name. 2. If you want to try to work around that system, you need the help of Support. 3. There is no phone number for Technical Support. You can call Billing, but I don't think they will be able to help with this. Just in case, I've appended the numbers below. 4. If you want Technical Support, you must file a support ticket, UNLESS you are Premium. If you are Premium, you can request help via Live Chat. 5. There is a work-around that you can do yourself. Create a group, or if you already have a group of your own, use that. Change the title for your group role to match your desired Display Name, or create a new group role with the desired title. Then wear that group tag. All the above are not new, other people have already told you. I'm just summarizing LL Billing Phone Numbers: US/Canada: 800-294-1067 France: 0805-101-490 Germany: 0800-664-5510 Japan: 0066-33-132-830 Portugal: 800-814-450 Spain: 800-300-560 UK: 0800-048-4646 Brazil: 0800-762-1132 Long distance ( not free, but you can use Skype to save some cost ) : 703-286-6277 **Note: Support is offered only in English
  12. @Nalates: Yes. That response was posted almost two years ago.
  13. Up and Down Voting

    While I'm on the subject of useless and annoying features, how about those up- and down-voting buttons to the left of thread posts? When people use these, it changes the order of the posts in the thread. Many times, though, one post is a reply or an addition to a previous one. By re-ordering the posts in the thread, it makes it difficult to follow the thread's internal developmental logic. I vote for eliminating the Vote buttons. Or at least, use them to only record the number of votes, not to change the order of the posts.
  14. Recoloring lashes on kemono?

    Stand on a pose stand to hold yourself still. You can maneuver your camera point of view past the glasses and grab the lashes, or you can de-render them if you use the Firestorm viewer. There also is a feature in the Advanced menu (CTRL+ALT+D, if that isn't on your top menu bar already.) Find Advanced/Highlighting and Visibility, and check "Hide Selected". When you select the glasses, they will be hidden. Now you can right click the lashes to select them. They will be hidden, and the glasses will reappear...but the lashes WILL be selected. You can then use the Texture tab, Color picker to color the lashes.