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  1. That's way cool, Bree, congratulations!
  2. Did you read Skell Dagger's post above? That's where you should be looking for updates on this issue. Also, this is a public resident-to-resident forum...we are not Linden Lab; we're just residents like you and don't have any power to fix the problem. You may be able to contribute to a fix by filing a JIRA bug report. See https://jira.secondlife.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa
  3. Plus, your Dashboard page is the very first thing you see when you log in to this web site.
  4. You can find land for sale by using a couple of tools in world...your world Map and the Search tool. On the map, check the "Land Sale" box. Parcels for sale will show up as yellow on the map. Parcels being auctioned will be purple. In Search, click the Land and Rentals tab, then click View All Land and Rentals. Set the size and price parameters as desired. You can also check the Land forums here on this website, and look in the Real Estate category on the Marketplace.
  5. If it's a gift from the Marketplace, look in the Received Items section of your inventory. Depending on how you've set up your viewer, this can be an actual folder, or it might appear as a special section at the bottom of the inventory window. If it's not there, you can (probably) use the Marketplace's Redelivery function to get another one. Be sure your avatar isn't in Busy (Unavailable) mode.
  6. I agree with Rolig. No one is going to try to get you into trouble with stolen $L in such tiny amounts. You only need to start to worry if some stranger sends you a few thousand $L out of the blue.
  7. We won't see VR in Second Life, but Sansar was created with VR in mind...and despite LL selling it off, it appears to be still alive. At least one sizable SL merchant just today sent out a notice she's closing up her SL business and moving it to Sansar (Ellie Monk of Elinique and Shoenique)
  8. Hi @Lickra, welcome to Premium membership! As a Premium member, you get the ability to own up to 1024 sq m of Mainland without paying a monthly tier fee. You can use this benefit in several ways: Get a free Linden Home. These are on either 512 sq m or 1024 sq m parcels. Not all of the various types are available all the time, and the ones on 1024 parcels are in especially high demand, so you may have to visit the Linden Home sign-up page quite a few times before you find one available. All of the older styles are 512s: Meadowbrook, Tahoe, Elderglen, and Sahreta Osumai. The styl
  9. I know that! And PLEASE keep doing them. Ignore any perceived negativity from that woman behind the curtain. Really!
  10. OK, now you're just giving waffle advice that supports either choice. A staple of fortune tellers, it's true, but it's still a cop-out in my book. But you did nail it in the last sentence, that is EXACTLY what I thought when I read Yuumo's question.
  11. Wasn't sure whether to put this one here or in the "Upcoming Holidays" thread...
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