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  1. Aren't vehicles limited to 31 prims or something like that? We used to get around that by having two objects...one a very simple vehicle, that you sat on, and the other a much more complex vehicle-shaped object that you wore.
  2. Rolig: "All of them show availability for my area on their initial page, but then when you actually drill down to scheduling it, there is no availability or the website scheduling does not work worth a damn." Same here. You get a runaround leading to a cul de sac. Call Doctor's office. "Can I get the vaccine?" "Contact your regional health center" Spend half an hour finding regional health center on the web. "Register here". Yay! Enter info. "You will receive an email response in several weeks." Read news item that CVS will have the vaccine in some states. Go to CVS site
  3. Prok, this little glimpse into your soi-disant "real life" has given me serious insight as to why you are...well, you...on the Forums. Sending hugs.
  4. Here's to Scyll, our cabin girl The busy little flicka She cleans up blocks And wipes their clocks And makes the griefers sicka!
  5. Oh. In that case, the textures are being applied to your mesh head's tattoo layer, and there's nothing you can do. Sorry!
  6. No no! Don't make a new account! Well, you can if you want, but you don't have to. If you are over 18 and the maturity settings are grayed out, file a support case. There's a bug in the system that occasionally affects people.
  7. It is interesting. Even better, there are some places where you can get one of those "Primitar" avatars! For free!
  8. Wear the item you want to be on the bottom. Then right click the second item and choose ADD, not "Wear".
  9. I tried smoking the cat once, but she kept dunking her tail in the wine and I couldn't keep her lit.
  10. Hey, my cat likes the ones you got from the Cat Thread, thanks! Obviously not WiFi proof, or I couldn't peek out to post here! Every great technology has SOME drawbacks.
  11. ...chuckles softly, knowing the mirrored reflective 3" stainless steel armor is laser- and crowbar-proof. ...resumes sipping wine and stroking the cat.
  12. ...peeps out of her Grid Crash Protection Box. ...Slams the lid down in horror. This box is proving very useful as a Troll Post Protection Box too! ...pats inside of Box fondly.
  13. Regardless of whether it's my favorite place to ride or not, I usually wind up riding on the ocean floor.
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