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  1. Well, shoot! Are you sure the side door is really intended to be a door? I mean, you did say it has a door in it that opens and shuts, so it would seem so...but you never know what those crazy creators are going to do next. Have you tried sending the creator a notecard?
  2. Seriously, Melody...I don't think anyone was attacking you. A number of the comments were actually very helpful. Oh...here's another angle that might work for you. One of my friends was fond of alts. One..well, two...of her alts were a pair of cute blonde twin sisters. You could be your OWN twin! Although playing two avatars for any length of time tends to make me exhausted, you might find it to be a lot of fun.
  3. I read that as "Esteban Cannon" and wondered why anyone would have a Spanish gun named Steve. Or a gun that would only shoot Steves. Or maybe you were referring to the Spanish language translation of
  4. Jeannette, Chic is right! Setting a prim or a linkset to physics type "convex hull" can often reduce the land impact of an object. However, it can have the effect you are experiencing. Every object has a "collision envelope". This is what the physics engine uses to determine when something or someone has collided with it. When the physics type is "prim", the collision envelope closely follows the shape of the object, leaving holes where there are holes, etc. When you change it to "convex hull", the physics envelope becomes much simpler, but it ignores openings. This reduces the object's complexity and therefore its land impact...but it also means that doors and other openings are now treated as a solid surface for determining collisions. This error might have been made by the builder, or you might have introduced it by modifying the building in some way. If you can't fix it by setting the object, or parts of it, to "prim", you can also try setting parts, or the building as a whole, to "phantom". Of course, this will mean the floor's no longer solid and you can walk through the walls, so that might not be the optimum solution!
  5. Hi @fandom34! This is the "Making Friends" part of the People Forums. If you'd like to help people who have questions about SL, please use the Answers section of the forums! That's what they're for. However, I do suggest that you get some experience in Second Life first. You don't want to go giving incorrect advice to people...believe me, it's embarrassing!
  6. There are several things that can cause LL to put your account on hold. Exactly what the reason is, we have no way to tell. You've done all you can, by submitting a support ticket. Now you'll have to be patient.
  7. I spin a round to iteration of shopaholics the spoonerisme too.
  8. I like Lil's suggestion. I'd carry it a step farther... Create a folder called "Hidden Folders". Then put all the stuff you don't want to be bothered with in there. Of course, I am the girl who puts a sign outside her secret dungeon that says, "Secret Dungeon".
  9. Hi, Mel! You might get more responses if you were volunteering to be the other person's twin sister!
  10. Lindal Kidd

    Sex in SL

    See my blog post: https://acrossthegridwithlindal.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-mechanics-of-cyber-sex.html
  11. What is this thing you have with going to stores and winding up falling through space?
  12. @Celestenie, As Qie says, those "For Rent" signs you see on the Map aren't textures, they are great big prim constructions floating in the sky. I don't think they are all that great for advertising...for some other ideas, see my blog post, "Ads, Ads, Ads!" If you do choose to put one of them over your land, here are some pointers: Keep the sign simple and its prim count low. Make it Phantom, so it doesn't impede air travelers. Make all surfaces except the top transparent Place the object somewhere between 200 and 400m altitude. Lower, and it can wind up in draw distance of people on the ground. Higher, and it won't show up on the world map. Be sure it is completely contained on your parcel
  13. Sorry, but that's not correct. "Payment info" refers to your credit card or PayPal account. You must use your payment method at least once to buy $L, or a Premium membership, or land. However, you don't actually have to USE your payment method to get access to Skill Gaming regions. You must simply have one on file.
  14. I don't need any new weapons. My favorites are still: My Elephant Gun. Its ammunition is elephants. My Furniture Gun. It fires large household appliances and overstuffed couches and chairs. My Bazooka. I use it to hunt Air Kraken during their annual breeding flight. My 1911. It's beautiful, I have both a left and a right hand version, and it shoots a variety of ammunition, including "follower" bullets that continue to attack people until they are turned off. Can you tell I go in for large calibers? My katana. It is also beautiful, it's combat-enabled, and it has great swordfighting animations. A goofy animation called "Collider Death". If you wear it, and someone bumps you, you fall down, hit your head on the pavement, and bleed out. My WarBirds. I have other more realistic military aircraft, but I love the tubby little things with their single shot popguns, even if I shoot myself down with my own bullets half the time. My Vampire Killer Silver Dagger. Accept a Bloodlines bite animation while wearing it, and you slay the vampire. Oh wait! I never did buy that Suitcase Nuke. I guess I want one of those.
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