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  1. How to not link pay pal account to SL?

    Only the Pope can link papal accounts. However, if you meant "PayPal" accounts, see the rest of this thread and ignore my little jest.
  2. How to not link pay pal account to SL?

    The posts get out of order because people use the arrow buttons on the left to up-vote or down-vote them. At the top of the thread, on the right, are two buttons, "Sort by date" and "Sort by Votes". Sort by votes is the default, and apparently there is no setting to permanently choose Sort by date. But you can click that button and get the posts back into chronological order. Replying by mistake to necroposts is harder. People use Search to find a topic, and sometimes the results include some very old threads! Unless you remember to check the post date, you too could become a necroposter.
  3. How to not link pay pal account to SL?

    It would be more correct to say that a verified PayPal account works as a payment method for SL, and that a debit card can be used to link to a PayPal account and "verify" it. The one caution here is that if you use a debit card or a bank account to back up your PayPal, you must always have enough money actually in the PayPal account to cover charges from Linden Lab. They require instant payment, and won't wait several days for money to be transferred from your bank to PayPal to them.
  4. How to Level out Terrain Texture

    As Par notes, you can set the terrain heights at which one ground texture transitions to the next. However, you cannot set them EXACTLY. There is an uncertainty built into this system, on purpose, to make the texture transitions appear more natural. Not only can the transition vary over a range of terrain height, but the way YOU see it may not be the way I see it...and the way either of us sees it could change the next time we visit the region.
  5. SL eats my display name

    Besides the practical considerations, I agree 100% with Moirakathleen; I hate special characters in names. Please consider just using ordinary text!
  6. Linden Home 1024

    Stand in your Linden Home. Take any no copy items back into your inventory, delete other items. Go to the World menu, select Parcel Details. Click the Abandon button. Find a parcel for sale. (Actually, this should probably be Step 1). Use the main Map, with Land Sale checked in the map legend, and/or use Search>Land and Rentals>View all land and rentals. Set the search parameters to Sale, Mainland, and size at 1024. Visit likely looking parcels in person to check them out. When you've abandoned your Linden Home and found a parcel you like, again go to World/Parcel Details, or right click the ground and choose About Land. Click the Buy Land button and follow the instructions. I teach a class on Second Life land on Saturdays at 12 noon SL time at Caledon Oxbridge University. It's free to attend! Maybe I'll see you there; you'd learn lots of other stuff about land.
  7. I know a few of my SL friends in RL, but I've never run into the situation the OP describes. One bit of advice: Do NOT let on that you know this person in RL, if you decide to strike up a conversation. It could make them very uncomfortable. Instead, lead up to it indirectly, by volunteering stuff about yourself. When they say, "hey, are you John Smith from Dubuque?" you can admit it, and then they will say, "Wow, I'm Helen Prufit...we worked at Walmart together!" Problem solved, with no Creepiness Factor.
  8. Just Ignore and let this one die

    I missed the hunt, Lil. Could you give us a list of the new stores you liked? I feel the Need to Shop.
  9. LL Escalation / Complaints

    I'd use Live Chat for this. Every time I've had a Mainland region issue and used Live Chat, a person has actually shown up on my land and Did Things to get it fixed and running right.
  10. Old premium member and new double land allotment

    To add to Rolig's answer: Your tier-free 1024 square meters can be divided up. You can have your current 512, and buy another 512 anywhere on the Mainland for use as a second home. OR you can sell or abandon your current land and buy a 1024 parcel. OR, if there's a parcel for sale next door to your house, you can buy it and join the two parcels to make one 1024 one. Note that in order to be able to use all the prims in any way you like, multiple parcels must be in the same region. For example, if I own 512 sq m in Masocado and 512 sq. m. in Impish Glee, I can rez 175 prims in each parcel. BUT, if both parcels are in Masocado, I can rez all 350 prims on one of them and leave the other one empty.
  11. Significant Texture detail loss on upload

    Well, first of all, I would ask you why you think you need a 1024 texture for your build, and everything less is "unusable." There are very few instances where a 1024 texture is really needed, and the use of them causes a lot of viewer-side lag. Conscientious creators will always strive to use textures with the smallest amount of pixels necessary to do the job. Secondly, I am not seeing much, if any, loss of detail in your uploaded image. What I DO see is that the image is darker, and this creates the "muddy" impression you describe. Was this texture photographed on a prim in world? If so, was it set to Full Bright? If it was not, the local lighting and time of day will have an effect on the appearance of your texture! Finally, go back and check a couple of things. Is the texture on your computer REALLY 1024 x 1024? If it's off even a little, SL will try to scale it during the upload, and the scaling engine they use isn't very good. Always upload textures that are sized with dimensions that are a power of 2 for the cleanest uploads. Does your texture have an alpha channel? If transparency is not needed, be sure to upload in a format that does NOT have an alpha channel, such as .PNG. If there is even a little transparency in the image, it could result in the "muddy" appearance you're seeing.
  12. Linden Home 1024

    No, no! You don't have to do that. There are three ways to buy land on the Mainland. All of them require that you have a Premium membership. (There are other ways to buy or rent land without a Premium membership, but let's skip those for now.) You can get a free Linden Home. These homes are pre-built, and are on 512 sq m. parcels. They have a prim allowance of 175. These do not change under the new policy. If you have a Linden Home and like it, you may keep it, just as it is. You can buy a parcel of land on the Mainland, from another resident or through a land auction. Before, you could buy up to 512 sq. m. and you would not have to pay a monthly tier fee on it. Under the new policy, you can now buy up to 1024 sq. m. and not pay a monthly tier fee. A parcel this size would give you a prim limit of 350. If you are feeling constricted by the limitations of a Linden Home, you can abandon it, buy a 1024 sq. m. parcel of land, and put your own home on it. You can buy one of the "Horizons Homes" near the Horizons Experience gaming regions. These homes are on 1024 sq. m. parcels. You can use the control panel there to rez any of six Horizons-themed homes, or you can put your own home on the parcel. Horizons regions are rated Adult. If you own more than 1024 sq m., you'll pay a monthly tier fee on the land that's over that amount. However, LL has just reduced the tier fees by about 10% across the board.
  13. ownership transfer after sale

    Hi Lin. If they say up to 24 hours, you'll probably just have to wait. If you think it will help, or at least give you something to do, you can go to Help/Support/Submit Case on your Dashboard page and submit a support ticket. That is the only direct support avenue. Oh, or you could use Live Chat, since you are a Premium member.
  14. Looking for an Enemy

    Hey, someone actually IM'd me in world today and wanted to be my enemy. How cool is that?