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  1. Lindal Kidd

    Two Premium Accounts & Land Ownership

    Rolig's right. Besides, you cannot deed a Linden Home parcel to a group...only "set to group". However, pretty soon there will be new Linden Homes on 1024 parcels, with 350 prims available. We don't know just when, or what the terms and conditions will be.
  2. Lindal Kidd

    Graphic cards for Laptop

    Hey, Josh...I'm glad you got your computer to work, but this Band-Aid fix of yours is not the solution to every problem! It's not even the best solution to your own problem. See my answer to you at: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/363952-mesh-body-and-older-clothes-do-not-show-on-it/#comment-1872798
  3. Lindal Kidd

    Avatar a cloud but can be seen normally by other people

    Josh, see my response to you in this other thread: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/363952-mesh-body-and-older-clothes-do-not-show-on-it/#comment-1872798
  4. Lindal Kidd

    Mesh body and older clothes do not show on it.

    Josh, I would not recommend that as a fix. What you've done is to switch your laptop from using the high performance graphics (ATI Radeon) to low performance graphics. You might now be able to see mesh, but you're not going to get anywhere near the frame rate that you'd get with the ATI graphics. Instead, try updating the Radeon graphics drivers. If that still gives problems, take a look here for more detailed advice: https://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/ati
  5. Lindal Kidd

    Sims/Servers Going to the Cloud.

    We'll have to disagree on Mr. Musk, Fiona. In my view, he's one of the visionaries of our generation, and he is one of the few who puts his shoulder to the wheel and makes his visions happen. You'll note that Tesla's autopilot isn't the only one that has glitches. Boeing's not having a good month.
  6. Lindal Kidd

    Sims/Servers Going to the Cloud.

    If we could cross Elon's "solar shingle" roof idea with a terahertz network, maybe we'll have house paint that has millions of nanotransceivers mixed in. Glidden 6G.
  7. Lindal Kidd

    Grant and corrupt a wish game

    Ye canna change the laws of physics, Maddy!
  8. Lindal Kidd

    Sims/Servers Going to the Cloud.

    Speaking of bandwidth, I see in the news that the FCC is opening terahertz frequencies for experimenters. (For those that aren't electrical engineers, the bandwidth of a radio signal...its capacity to carry data...goes up as the frequency goes up.) The article said that the problem with terahertz signals is that they get stopped by ordinary walls. We already see how our 5 GHz wifi has less coverage than the older, lower bandwidth 2.4 GHz band. The inventor who comes up with a practical workaround for this will make a mint.
  9. Lindal Kidd

    How to make other people cant Inspect our items?

    Wasn't there a small fad among the fashionistas some years back, where people would wear a very complex, but transparent object to prevent others from clicking on their attachments to inspect them? As I recall, it didn't last too long.
  10. Lindal Kidd

    Linden Homes Preview

    Pamela's spot on...sure, there are still landlords (me, for example) and estate owners renting to tenants...but there are fewer of us than there used to be, and we don't have as much land or as many tenants. Caledon used to have about 40 regions...now it has 27, and may shrink further. A lot of the blame for less land in SL goes to LL and the Linden Homes. We learned to live with the 512 sq m. ones...so now LL has decided to take a bigger slice of the rental pie with 1024 homes. At 175 prims, a lot of people feel constrained, and are inspired to "move up" to a larger parcel, a bigger home, and more prims. The new homes have an allowance of 350 prims, and the pressure to move up will be much less.
  11. Here are some things to consider: I'm assuming from the $7.00 figure that you own Mainland. Your land is paid for "in arrears". That is, each month you are paying for the PREVIOUS month's ownership. Therefore, you will be charged $7.00 NEXT month, whether you abandon or sell your land this month or not. You should not buy the new parcel first, before selling or abandoning your current land. Mainland tier charges are based on the MAXIMUM amount of land you hold AT ANY POINT in the billing cycle. If you buy the new parcel, and then get rid of your current one, you will have owned both parcels at the same time (even if it was only for a minute!) and your tier will reflect that. If you are willing to risk someone else buying the parcel you are looking at, you could set your current land for sale, at an attractive price, and try to sell it before the end of the billing cycle. If it hasn't sold, or you get nervous, abandon the land and then go buy the new parcel. If you can sell it, good! You get back some or all of the price you paid for it, or maybe even a small profit. Remember that you are not billed based on a particular parcel, or parcels, of land. Your monthly tier charge depends only on the maximum amount of mainland you hold during the billing cycle. Getting rid of one 2048 parcel and gaining another 2048 parcel does not affect your tier for that month at all, nor do you "lose the benefit" of your land if you move during the billing cycle. (This is unlike the situation where one wants to downgrade from Premium membership. In that case, it IS a good idea to wait until near the end of the subscription period.) Groups get a 10% tier bonus. Here are some examples, assuming only one Premium member in the group, who's paying the tier. If other members are also premium and are donating tier, add 1,120 sq m. for each of them : At the $7.00/mo. level, a group can own 2,240 sq. m. At the $13.00/mo. level, a group can own 3,376 sq. m. At the $22.00/mo. level, a group can own 5,632 sq. m.
  12. Lindal Kidd


    As a matter of fact, I do this all the time. My alt, Lynnette, is the accountant-and-bank for our land rental group. All my tenants' rental payments are sent to her. Once a month, I transfer enough money from her account to mine to cover tier for the month. I sell the $L and it goes into my $USD Balance.
  13. Lindal Kidd

    I can't click on my huds.

    The problem Nalates is referring to is that a lot of HUDs permanently break, if the region you're on crashes and dumps you out of SL. Her proposed fixes will work great if this is the problem, as it most likely is. Another possibility, although it's pretty bizarre...if you have somehow attached a really big, transparent prim to one of your HUD screen attach points, it can block your attempts to click the HUDs, even though you can see them clearly. (I've had a few HUDs that have a huge area, even when minimized, and block others, too). Try detaching EVERYTHING that is on any screen attach point, then add HUDs back one at a time and see if they work.
  14. Lindal Kidd

    Does the setup fee include my first month's rent?

    You may want to do a little more research before buying a new region from LL. You have some options to consider. A new region costs $349, and carries an ongoing monthly payment of $249. You can buy an existing region from the resident who owns it. In the past, this often let you save money up front, because purchasing from LL cost more...$600, or even $1,000 if you go back a couple of years. The savings probably aren't nearly so great now, because of the lower cost of an LL region. However, some existing regions are "grandfathered"...that is, they carry a monthly cost of only $195. This grandfathered status can be transferred to a new owner, with the payment of a one-time fee of $600. A little math will show you that you can recover this cost within the first year of ownership. Thereafter, you're saving a clear $54 per month. You can read about the procedure for transferring region ownership here: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/private-regions-r59/#Section__3_6 You can find private regions for sale here: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/284-regions-for-sale-full-private-island/
  15. Lindal Kidd

    Two Premium Accounts & Land Ownership

    Qie is absolutely correct. If he keeps this up, I'll have to stop doing Land Calculations altogether! But to show his steps... Avatar A is Premium and has 1024 sq m. free tier. So does Avatar B. They form a group We'll assume that Avatar A will do all the transactions The pair want to own a 4096 parcel, and they want to know how much Avatar A will pay in tier. We'll also assume that neither avatar owns any other Mainland, owns a Linden Home, or has donated tier to any other groups. Both avatars open their group's info window, and donate their 1024 tier to the group, using the Land and $ tab. The group now has (1024 + 1024) x 1.10 = 2252 sq m. of tier available to it, due to the 10% group bonus. The land is 4096, so there is 4096 - 2252 = 1844 sq. m. of tier left uncovered. Avatar A increases her tier level to 2048, to have enough tier to cover this shortfall, and donates an additional 1677 sq. m. of tier to the group. After the 10% group bonus, this will give the group the additional 1844 sq. m. it needs. Avatar A now has 2048 - 1677 = 371 sq m. of tier paid for, but unused. She can donate it to the group so it can buy even more land or she can buy another parcel of up to 368 sq. m (good luck finding one that size, though!) (The 368 comes from the fact that land comes in 16 sq m. chunks, minimum. 368 is the closest you can get to 371). OR, Avatar A can find a group that pays her to "rent" her spare tier, to help cover a bit of her ongoing $13.00 USD per month tier payment. Having done all this preparation in advance, Avatar A puts on her tag for the land group, goes to the vacant parcel, and chooses World>Parcel Details. Then she clicks the Buy For Group button, follows the prompts, and the happy couple can move into their new location!