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  1. Wesley, my personal feelings on security are very similar. I tend to keep my land and home open to visitors...if I'm not there, it doesn't really matter. If I AM there, and they're nice, then that's great too. If they are not nice, I can always shoot them, burn them, blow them up, taunt and scoff at them, then eject and ban them. So...fun times either way! But, others have different opinions. Which is why we have ban lines and security systems!
  2. "Does the way your avatar look attract forum bombs?"
  3. You might want to ask this question in the People/Role Play forum, https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/320-role-play/
  4. True, but we have CAT 6 ethernet throughout the house. All the computers are hard wired to the network.
  5. Good! But why the sad face? You can indeed use money in your $USD Balance to pay for Premium dues, or for tier. In fact, when you owe them money, LL looks there first, before charging your registered payment method.
  6. When you sell $L, the money goes into your $USD Balance in your account here in Second Life. To get it out of SL, you then need to do a "process credit" transaction. You can't use a debit or a credit card to receive the money; those cards are really only designed to work in one direction. You'll need to have a verified PayPal or Skrill account to transfer the $USD to.
  7. TIL that there is a "Today I Learned..." thread!
  8. Now I don't feel so bad about all the folders I've got from hunts and closeout sales that I haven't yet gone through.
  9. You don't have to use banlines, Very. There are tons of security orbs on the Marketplace, some of them free or low cost. Just be sure you set it up right, so it doesn't start kicking your neighbors out of their homes.
  10. I really like this one!!! Sort of a cross between the Beetlejuice cartoon character of Lydia and Wednesday Addams!
  11. Face impressions? Is that like planting your face in wet cement at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood?
  12. The last three days, my viewer loading has been really slow too. It may not be connected, but it seems that if I open an internet browser as well as the viewer, it kicks things into motion.
  13. Got any links? I could not find that driver, on the 3D Connexion site or anywhere else.
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