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  1. You will always see your own avatar rendered fully, regardless of where you put the Complexity slider.
  2. Oh sure. Just because they're flammable, you're all happy with 'em. Anyway, in a futile attempt to drag the thread back on topic: How to make SL more interesting to males -- serve it with bacon.
  3. We seem to think alike, Ann. I visited Bogarts today for the first time in years, in the company of a very sweet Italian gentleman.
  4. Uranus, Neptune...dang, exceedingly REMOT Oh crumbs, Maddy snuck in ahead of me. Remote, and decidedly Outer Night SPOTS
  5. Wow. As someone who often needs to keep order in my home region or on the campus at Caledon Oxbridge University...and as someone who is just snoopy curious by nature, I would not like to see this implemented.
  6. "Show friends only" is the very last item in the World menu. A more versatile method is to go to Me/Preferences/Graphics and slide the Avatar Complexity slider to the left. It's a tradeoff between performance, and seeing fewer people rendered as colored cutouts, or "jelly dolls". I keep mine set at 350,000, but I have a pretty good graphics card (GeForce 980). You can move yours to the left as far as necessary to keep your computer from getting too feverish. There's a good video tutorial on Avatar Complexity here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxWrqd0o3dc
  7. This is a very good point. Some of us LIKE to build our own systems. It saves money, or at least lets you put the money you save into even more performance. It lets you get exactly the components you want. But yes, it takes time. Time to research the components, time to assemble them, time to troubleshoot the problems. And yes, there's no system level warranty. If something breaks, you have to figure out what, and then argue with that component's tech support that it really is THEIR item that's at fault. Luckily, my Resident Geek gets off on all this stuff.
  8. I'm kidding you a bit here...but I'm halfway serious too!
  9. The best laptop for SL is...a desktop! You get more performance per dollar, but the biggest advantage is that you can use a huuuuuge monitor. Consider how often you REALLY have to take your computer to a different location before deciding that it's got to be a laptop.
  10. ...me and my army of alts simultaneously screech, "No, we don't!"
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