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  1. history topic

    /me sends you a gift-wrapped gallon of napalm.
  2. Mrs, Sir

    What do you mean, Hetfield? Do you mean that you are using the in-world browser option (which is not recommended) because you can't use SL and an external browser? Believe me, that is easy to do. It's super easy if you have dual monitors, but even if you only have one monitor, it's not hard. Click the icon on the top right of your viewer window that is between the - and the X icons. This will reduce your viewer window from full screen to a floating window on your desktop, and you then have enough screen real estate to open a web browser. Or leave the viewer full screen and use your Taskbar to open a web browser and to switch back and forth between your browser and the SL viewer. Or do you mean that when you open an external browser, you have some sort of problem?
  3. But to save you the trouble of searching for them... Yes, the transaction fees for buying and selling $L have been rising. During this same period, the cost of land, both to purchase and to maintain, has been falling. For example it used to cost $1,000 USD to purchase a private region. That cost is now just $349 USD. Mainland tier fees have been dropped by about 10%. In addition, land now supports 50% more prims. In short, LL has been shifting how users pay for Second Life, spreading out the costs over a much wider cross section of the user base instead of putting most of the burden on land owners. It's not simple greed, it's a rational business decision.
  4. Land Not Showing in Search

    Hi Qie! That was me who suggested that if land wasn't listed in Search to begin with (by paying the weekly fee) it might affect whether it showed up in Search when set for sale. However, that was just could very well be right that even land not set to show in Search should show up for sale. I have also noticed that the Websearch "Land and Rentals" search engine is often way behind the fair in the other direction. When I go to visit parcels that it has reported are for sale, I arrive at places that are most definitely NOT for sale. I have not checked the alternative "Land Sale" tab search engine provided by Firestorm to see if the same errors are returned.
  5. history topic

    Stalk much?
  6. Auction page not populating

    It's doing the same thing for me. The whole Auctions page and its underlying functionality was just upgraded last week. I expect there are still a few bugs to be worked out of the system.
  7. Black Dragon was formerly known as the Niran V viewer. It's listed on the Linden Lab Third Party Viewer page, so it complies with LL's TPV policy. The caution about its avatar complexity function has nothing to do with its honesty or reliability...LL is merely noting that it doesn't use the same code or produce the same avatar complexity numbers as the official viewer. My feeling is that this is simply because it hasn't been updated in a while and doesn't include all the newest viewer functions. Unlike Alonya, I would not worry about the fact that it comes packaged as a RAR file. She's right that a lot of dodgy software uses the RAR compression format, but so does a lot of quite legitimate software. I had Niran's viewer a long time ago, just to try it out, but I only used it a couple of times, so I can't really give you an expert opinion on it. It seemed OK to me, but I like my Firestorm.
  8. But...I can run SL from a viewer installed on my RAM drive, instead of the usual C:\Programs...
  9. Maturity rating on Marketplace

    Jamiee, This could be from any of three causes. You aren't signed in. Look up at the top of the Marketplace page. If it says "Log in", then click that and enter your user name and password. Your browser is looking at a saved webpage where either you aren't signed in, or your maturity preferences are set to G only. Clear your browsing history and cookies. You are the victim of a bug that sometimes affects people. File a Support case and ask for assistance with your maturity settings, or use Live Chat if you are a Premium member.
  10. How can I delete my username 4 ever ?

    /me cheerily waves a flag, while standing on her huge pile of Stuff. I got there first.
  11. Just what do you plan on doing here? Installing and running SL on a public computer...your local library, maybe? Or at work? There are reasons why operating systems don't allow people who don't have admin rights to install and run software.
  12. seeking cuckold marriage

    Ooh, I like this one!
  13. Does the HippoRent system still work?

    The Hippo products may still work, but I don't think you can create a web page for your rentals any more. When I stopped using the Hippo system, some months ago, my web page could still be modified, so if you have an existing account, you might be OK. I would not use the system, though. It's no longer being sold, no longer has any sort of active support. I stopped using it because the rental boxes kept failing to record my tenants' payments. Well, actually, the payments were not accepted. They'd pay, and then the box would return the money and not update the rental time.