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  1. How to upload to SecondLife Market Place

    As Alwin said, this information is easy to find. Took me about five seconds to get this link:
  2. video

    If you are using an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, their current drivers have a built in screen recording function.
  3. 2 questions.

    To clarify Syn's response to your first question: Yes, XStreet Magic Boxes have been deprecated. You can't use them for your Marketplace Store any more.
  4. Mainland Temp Rezzor

    Temp rezzers are not forbidden by LL. So in that sense, it's "OK to do". I have a few temp rezzers on my land for things like fish. What is NOT OK is to use temp rezzers to such an extent that they affect the experience of others. Most landlords have a policy against them because they can be used to "get around" prim limits established for the tenants by the landlord...and they do it by essentially stealing the prim allowances of others. I once went to a place where darn near the whole sim was temp rezzed. It was absolutely awful. I could hardly move, and I couldn't sit on anything. I'd move, were I the OP. A double prim allowance is not worth living next to a neighbor like that.
  5. Do you know this grief?

    No one can attach something to you. But it's possible to create an object that will follow you. It may even follow so closely it seems to be attached. You can get away from followers by teleporting to a different region. However, if the object is still there when you return, it will resume following you. You should not go AFK while playing Linden Realms. Not only will concerned strangers try to slap you awake, others may play various tricks on you. One place I used to hang out, if anyone went AFK, the rest of us would decorate them with funny objects and take embarrassing pictures of them.
  6. posting in events is unfair

    Holy cow, your club has more than five events per day!? Tell the owner the help needs a friggin' break already.
  7. To learn how to build with standard prims, visit The Ivory Tower Library of Primitives in Natoma. They have a whole series of self-paced tutorials. Coby's suggestion of getting a Primitar and taking it apart is a very good one. Fine details like veins and so on will most likely be part of the avatar's texturing, rather than 3D pieces.
  8. main and alt account sharing the same paypal for process credit?

    I'm not a Linden, so this is not an official response (and you aren't likely to get one in this forum...though it does happen now and then!) I don't see any problem with this. After all, it's possible to use the same email address to register your main and your alt account. It's also possible to use the same credit card or PayPal account for your main and your alt account. I should think that doing Process Credit transactions would make no difference.
  9. Is there a limit on blocking?

    If you are a Sir MutesALot sort of person, I suggest the World/Show Friends Only feature in Firestorm. This is sort of the opposite idea; instead of blocking this person, and that person, you basically block EVERYONE except those on your Friends list. Me, I don't block very often. Every three or four years I'll go in there and clear the block list...since pretty much everyone on it has either left SL, or at least my part of it.
  10. Scamming

    While logged in world, go to Help/Report Abuse. Fill in the requested details and submit the report. There are definitely counterfeit versions of popular products like the Catwa mesh heads. When you rez or wear these items, they will request permission to take $L from your account. DO NOT CLICK "ALLOW"!!!!! Detach the item, then report both the person you got it from and, if the creator is a different account, report that person as well. Genuine products will never ask for this permission.
  11. Viewer Installation. Install on SSD or HDD?

    I have all my software programs installed on my SSD, including both 32 bit and 64 bit Firestorm. No issues. I use my spinning hard drives for data, including Second Life caches. Be sure your video drivers are up to date. I had a recent Windows update that resulted in all sorts of problems, both with SL viewers and other programs, until I updated my drivers.
  12. Viewer Installation. Install on SSD or HDD?

    I'm of the school that prefers re-using old questions, Lillith. Having a forum with ten thousand versions of "Help! I'm a cloud!" just seems...untidy. On the other hand, ANSWERING questions that are several years old...well, that's just silly.
  13. Uploading files for free on the test server?

    Using the Aditi (beta test) grid is easy, but not very intuitive and not entirely bug-free. First, you have to set your Preferences to actually allow you to log in to different grids. Then, you have to go through a step or two to be able to upload mesh objects to SL. Finally, because of a bug, you will probably have to file a support ticket to get authorized to log in for the first time. And once you're on the test grid, you'll find that the geography doesn't exactly correspond to the main grid. Many locations are not represented...but then again, many are. You appear to have already done all of the above, since you have got to the "fee" stage. Here's the scoop on that. On the Aditi grid, your account has a $L balance, just like you do on the main grid. But in this case, the $L are not "real" money, it's just a random number stuck in there to make the system work. You can "spend" these fake $L to upload items all day long, and they won't actually affect your real $L balance, and you will never run out of Aditi grid fake $L. Items uploaded to your inventory on Aditi can't be transferred to your main grid official inventory. This grid is intended for stuff like product testing and refinement. Once you have your asset uploading to Aditi the way you want, then go back, log in to the main grid, and upload your final version there...paying the required (real, this time) upload fee.
  14. Display Name Eaten By SL

    Hi Blizz! Second Life's system doesn't recognize a great many special characters and fonts. When it doesn't, things work just like you've seen...the Display Name is rejected. Thank you for at least choosing a Display Name that's pronounceable...those folks with names full of hearts and flowers drive me straight up a wall. Still, you'll probably have lots better luck by just using standard text.
  15. Lucky Letters/Chairs??

    They actually had one like this at Warbugs'. It electrocuted you, but you did get the prize, was sort of fun!