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  1. I have one for investigating new sims before I decide to frequent them on my Main and then another to just stand by my main and make others think I'm taken when I don't want to be bothered by people who want slex in adult sims when I just want to people watch and sort my inventory after a weekend of shopping. I don't think what you're doing is bad, sounds kind of fun tbh.
  2. Thanks for the input everyone, I think I'll wait and see if Legacy does a sale before I buy a body for my male alt.
  3. Looking for a male body that has the most support with creators, what do you recommend?
  4. Unclick the option to show your profile when being searched.
  5. I'll shoot you a message and see if we get along. :3 I'm trying to be online more, but my time is mostly spent at night (It's 10:45am at the time of this posting.)
  6. Well..maybe you had one on under the ninja suit?
  7. Oh god.. yeah, those days. (I always just did something else till the next day or something.)
  8. Clear out your browsers cache completely, it will force anything that's logged in to be logged out. As one person mentioned, check your bank or paypal to see if the payment was even taken out of your account. Restart the browser after clearing the cache and log back in. If none of that works. then make a case with LL or call them, I think this would count as a billing issue.
  9. Haven't been paying too much attention to the news, but now you have me curious as to if they've been actively mentioned on Vice or anything like that.. I know, not really news but they are rather popular. Edit: Links from vice dating last year that mention SL. Virtual reality is going to change live events culture forever Landlords want to make virtual reality just as hellish as real life Second life avatar enhancements
  10. Not hiding anything. I'm on at dumb hours of the night and my computer is in the same room as my sleeping partner. I use to voice on SL but that was when my medications allowed me to get up at 5am and actually stay awake to have some me time.
  11. Like the title says; I want to make my shape taller but without being all awkward looking about it. I've spent years crafting shorter avatars and I've finally grown tired of looking at them, so I want to be taller but I'm afraid of getting the proportions wrong. any advice?
  12. Okay, so this is from my understanding with BOM: BOM is a feature for a lot of mesh bodies, parts and what not to allow us to use our system layers (tattoos, some skins will work, make up layers) which is awesome, means you can just slap on a tattoo layer once you activate it. activating it is done through the hud of whatever it is you are using, it's usually in the skin tab. Now as for omega stuffs You still have appliers! you just need to look up Omega in the MP (easiest) or hunt down the store that enables that feature for your body, some will just install a new script while others are huds, you just load whatever applier you have for the item and click it to apply. Personally... I like BOM stuff, lowers my script and avatar complexity count since it means I don't need to worry about loading or having something installing stuff into my mesh. Keep in mind, I suck at explaining things and this is all from my understanding, someone else might be able to explain it better.
  13. So.. What I'm hearing is I need to make my alt into a disheveled looking servant girl.. (Thanks for the idea actually. I've been wanting a reason to start rping again)
  14. I've had many close call encounters with it to the point I don't fear it but do fully embrace it. My most recent one was in 2016 on my way home fron therapy at the end of the year, the roads were slippery but usually that isn't a problem, we rolled (my mom and I) the jeep, slamed against a rock wall and and went into a ditch. That incident threw my dog out of the car, he was roaming the woods for nearly a month before wandering up to someone wanting to go home, I couldn't retrain him so I retired him and rehomed him. I should of died in that accident. The passanger side took a lot more damage than the drivers, I should of. My face was horribly bruised and the hospital kept me for almost a week because my blood sugar wouldn't come down due to stress (Of course it wasn't going to, I was more concerned for my dog than myself.) Fourth day they finally let me out despite the result because I refused to be put on insulin. I actually do think I did die for a moment, I lost consciousness and was told it wasn't time. So what I know is from pictures and what I was told, this last bit has never been told to anyone. I don't have a will written up, I've made it clear that a lot of things are to be just donated while what I've always held close to be. Buried with me or have an alter set up with them and my ashes should someone keep me.
  15. Yes! Ha sorry I didn't mention that when I had my first post up. But, yes.
  16. I'm getting a tooth removed next week, as a reult I have to skip out on celebrating like I have every year to avoid eating things I shouldn't and drinking as well. It's not all bad! I get to stay home with the dogs, eat sherbert and play age of calamity (which comes out on the 20th. Same day I'm having a tooth removed.)
  17. I'm trying to dress my alt account (which will become my main due to seperate issue entirely) but I want to stray away from what my usual style has been for the last.. Eight or so years since the creation of this account. There are a LOT of fashion geared SL blogs and twitter accounts out there to the point where I am overwhelmed by it all, I'm having trouble finding bloggers who do 20s and lolita styles. Can I get a few suggestions for blogs or just stores that are more aimed at those styles? I'll still be looking on my own, but I'd like a little help. Edit: 20s. Historical era, Flappers and such.
  18. Depends. I try to spend as little time as a human in SL now a days, my bedroom is cold enough as it is, I don't want to add to it. It's got something to do with the whole mind over matter thing, but that's a 50/50 on how true it is.
  19. Every. Damn. Day. My brother goes to work and his dog chooses me as his human till he comes home, the black blob is my peke, Rio (pink collar behind the other human) is my mom's, we've had her since she was a puppy in 2012 or so and still has a puppy face, the one with the blue collar is Hans, he's an old man who is now adjusting to the loss of his sister and finally, Rio's pillow is another doxie by the name of Tiger... Who won't shut up at 4am when my brother comes through to let his dog out. Sometimes I lose my legs to my brother's and Hans. Edit: Rio and Tiger sleep with me and two of my other dogs.
  20. I finally got a victorian styled home, but now I have a problem... Decorating. Aside from building a library (planned), I don't know what kind of furniture to go with. Sometimes I'll walk around and cam into other homes and check them out for inspiration, but some in my area are naked so it's been tough. Anyone have a reccomendation for creators that make victorian styled or even like a modern victorian twist is fine too?
  21. Thanks for the info everyone! I've been considering on doing a name change... again. Reasons being stalking issues and with this being my oldest account I really don't want to give up using it since I have a lot of rare gacha items from past events in-world. Course until I can afford to I've just been staying offline or hiding on an alt. I didn't have the stalker till after the name change btw. They didn't like being told no and have decided to make trouble for me in our common hangouts. I do have the person blocked, but I'm really not fond of being forced to keep my IMs off as they send people to be a bother.
  22. So, I know that like when you change your full name that all your data in forums doesn't just go away. Is that the same for in-world too? Like, For example. Say you changed your name from Billy Bo to Sponge Bite or something, Would a person who has an IM history with you still have that history or is it disregarded because of the name change? Just something I've been wondering.
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