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  1. and boats! as there is really no place for vehicles here, nor could I really find one that would really fit I thought id post this here. what are your favorite vehicles here in SL? what are they and who makes them. I been looking at some from time to time, specially cars and there are alot.. alot of very high priced ones but very few have demos much less anywhere in world to look at them, so what do you like, what do you use what do you enjoy the most.. be however it moves, sails, wheels, tracks or wings. β›΅πŸš†βœˆοΈπŸš—
  2. id have to assume most avi's would smell like bad meat or a really good cheese. Or Shame
  3. i have my PC hard wired. the only things on wifi are my printer, the phone and I think the TV. yeah, i am stumped. talked to my sister and her crew use the internet alot and they use about what I use.. and they stream ALOT more then i do.. plus both work from home and the kids are doing school at home.
  4. SL, web browsing, Netflix, yootoob.,.ect ect ect. I am surprised as well, but was really shocked at the amount Firestorm was using. 119 gbs in 11 days. I am hoping upping the cache limit will help. I am sure I was capping out then redownloading textures every time I went somewhere. I did check my router and network connections and there is no one else leaching.
  5. what i was afraid of. i did notice my cache was set to like 2500 and i upped it to max, was prob having to re download a ton of stuff
  6. As anyone who uses it, Comcast has placed a 1.2 TB data cap on their service.. now, with my usage i am just under that cap every month and i am not a hard core user ( thankfully i dont have anyone else here at home using my data πŸ˜‚ ) Firestorm is just under my browser for data use. is there any little tricks that i can do to cut that use down? I really dont want to have to pay the Great Satan an extra $25/month just to be able to function these days. Already have voice, music and media off at most times unless they are necessary .
  7. might need a translation πŸ˜† does that mean if i add that to a normal prim, its bad?
  8. Hopefully a fast and easy question.. I am looking for a script that i can ad to a prim that i can add text to ( trying to empty my inventory without deleting everything ). there are alot on the MP but some seem to add titles over avis or do other things., so i am not sure really exactly what I am looking for.
  9. I got a Queen HD Pro when they were free and I found it is very close to my old Catya.. not exact or anything but very similar.
  10. id not steal anything.. instead id stick their great, great, great grandmothers heirloom cast iron pan in the dishwasher.. then turn it on!
  11. Think this is a fantastic idea. Destinations would be ok, though I think of the destination of the arrival, rather then the act of getting there. maybe a sub forum, but this is a fantastic idea, there always seems to be questions and sometimes the various groups are not of much help.
  12. several sims have been going down today, prob maintence
  13. I have had some of them i have blocked 5 or 6 times but I still get the spam. Even after blocking it still comes though
  14. Legacy classic ? dont know what its called now but its like 1l and I think the Genus head is still free.. its a very good start.several skin makers have free skins for new avis as well
  15. I love how the Trompe look, but atleast to me, they look alot bigger on the outside then on the inside 🀣
  16. any link for Ingrid’s ? id like to check them out. also.. love that treehouse, i always wanted one.
  17. I am in agreement about this. .ticks are quite harmful and people should know about them.. specially in numbers.
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