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  1. LL has never bothered to moderate the events. Spam, Adult listings, false advertising, it's been that way for years. The only change they made was to charge L$ for it- just enough L$ to make it annoying, but not enough to make it matter.
  2. Honestly, I'd be personally fine with the requirement that all discussions on these forums be restricted to SL related only. At some point, something's going to have to be done, regardless. People are getting very unfriendly out there.
  3. Looks like something's down this weekend, for sure.
  4. If a person can set a record for time spent in the penalty box, that's just like winning.
  5. This amuses me, threads like this. Every time I see one, I make something pro-Trump and distribute it in SL. I don't even like Trump. But behaving worse than "the problem", I like that even less.
  6. I treat it exactly like a contact list. If someone wants to remain in contact, they should be on the list. If they haven't spoken to me in weeks or months, it's clear they don't want to remain in contact, and I remove them. Few have complained, and those that have either change their behavior or find someone else to complain to about it.
  7. Just the opposite. They're not legally liable at all, not as long as they have Section 230. There are a number of exceptions for specific laws and getting a warrant would have an affect, but overall, Amazon wouldn't be on the hook legally for what Parler users do. The big "problem" with Section 230 is that it enforces the idea that these platforms aren't responsible for their user's content. So when they then turn around and start to only allow content they approve of, they're taking responsibility for the content- should they still be protected by 230? That's why i
  8. I'm not so sure of this. Previously, supposedly, LL maintained all the hardware and server boxes themselves (which makes backups that much easier). That was the justification for the insane costs of land in SL.
  9. I recently looked at getting a new desk myself, including adjustable ones like that. I couldn't find any decent desks that could support the weight I wanted. The PC case I have, Thermaltake's Tower 900, alone is probably heavier than most people's entire setups. I wound up mounting six aluminum legs to an old door after trimming the door height down just a little. Used the doorknob hole to run cables. Worked out nicely. Meant I miss out on nifty features like adjustable height, but I was able to build the whole thing to exactly the size and height I wanted anyway. And it meant I was able
  10. To me, the people arguing the politics and/or thinking "we" will never behave like "those people" are sort of missing what's actually a good point. Per LL's rules, we can't back up any of our inventory locally (barring some personal creations, but that doesn't really apply). Everything's exclusively hosted on the servers. Forget politics, there could be a hundred reasons why the AWS would suddenly become inaccessible to us- change of their TOS, change of their policies, maybe the company goes under, maybe they get bought out, whatever. Some are less likely than others, but there's still a
  11. There's dots all over the place. Generally a couple of really ugly freebie avatars on poseballs together. Or a few couples like that.
  12. Zindra mainland, have you seen it? It's giant ugly boxes filled with often ancient poseball things. Since my parcel is a hangout with sub-parcels that have to see each other, I turn parcel privacy off, and most of these ugly builds were made pretty much when Zindra was new and they never turned it on, I get to see 'em going at it all the time. What's actually fascinating is how many are in terrible/freebie system avatars from 2012, too. I actually have a few people that spend a lot of time at mine, since I have a sub parcel for group members to use as a home and unboxing lo
  13. I built one. 90% of the people that show up complain because there's no sex, and then leave.
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