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  1. My uses for RLV: Stargate teleports that work on any sim, without Experiences. A shoebase system I made for my lady friend that auto corrects height for sitting after adjusting to tall platform shoes. A shape and physics changing HUD also for my lady friend that detects different outfits and adjusts her stuff automatically to fit. I tried to do one for the Belleza perky and push up options too, but that'd need an API. Teleport, follow, sit/stand system to move my bots around without having to switch to their viewer. Plus a few other things I'm not thinking of at the moment. I make my own scripts. No bloated collars.
  2. I'm starting to think you take life a little too seriously.
  3. My lady friend enjoys the multiple stages of undress. Often it becomes a game between us to see who notices the "wardrobe malfunction" first after the other one has clicked. If it simply vanishes, that's no different than just detaching it, and just as boring.
  4. The War of Northern Aggression, they call it. I'm told it was a stalemate.
  5. History is written by the victor.
  6. Yeah, I got that too. So I just wanted to say "TMP Meshbody" #RSS Bet you my left leg, that's intentional. "We're not keyword spamming, that's the name of our bodies!"
  7. Not gonna lie, I have a hard time believing that it's 80%, but the number is definitely higher than most people will admit. I blame this new trend of treating the "other side" as enemies. Dehumanizing them, like soldiers do in war, which is a terrible stance to have for people that are very likely your neighbors.
  8. And yet... So you'd be okay if I said "Well of course black Fairre gets pulled over more, because the black man is always joining gangs and promoting violence and crime in their music!" ?
  9. At the end of the day, the hard numbers show that more white people are killed by police, and black people kill more white people than vice versa as well. That's straight truth, from the FBI's 2016 numbers. It's one of those uncomfortable truths that nobody likes to admit. On the other hand, it can't be denied that racist people are drawn to positions of power, and that POC in general have it tougher.
  10. Well yeah, there's always going to be crazy ones out there, but as someone that frequents conservative/republican (gun owner) forums, I can say that the police don't have many fans over there either. The reasons are a little different, but they'd like to see a lot of change too. Frame your message in the correct way, and police reform will truly be one of the few topics that the majority of people will agree on. Which is why it's such a great start- It's a perfect chance to ask "If we can agree on that, what else can we agree on?"
  11. I suggest police reform because that's one part of the problem with "easy" solutions, and will save a lot of lives regardless of racism, classism, and more- meaning we can easily get everyone on board for it on both sides of politics and race and everything else. In some cases, more laws will help. In other cases, the laws themselves are racist and need to be abolished. The entire system needs reform, but the police are a great first step. Funny coincidence. Just this morning I followed a white guy vs a black guy while looking into some stolen equipment. Behavior is much more important than skin color. Anyone that thinks otherwise is doing it wrong. The questions you're putting forward are fair, legit questions. The problem arises when you blame white Fairre for not being pulled over or for not being followed, instead of blaming the people doing the pulling and following. Throwing racist terms and insults at her is, as already previously said, going to make her dig in and argue. It's not going to make her consider the those questions.
  12. Off the top of my head, words like equality, equal rights, safety, reform, solidarity, even what you just said, racial disparity. Spend some time in a thesaurus or dictionary, or even just giving it thought, and a person could easily come up with more. There are lots of options out there. There's no need to sound racist in the fight against racism. It undermines the effort.
  13. I'd love to share some of mine, but they wouldn't fit the narrative.
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