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  1. It's amazing how many people don't realize they're already 9 feet tall.
  2. That's crazy, I can't imagine someone would do something like that.
  3. I'm going into day 3 of side effects, each night easier than the last. First night was like the worst flu I've ever had.
  4. I wasn't gonna say anything, but @cunomarmakes a fair point. I've been affected by laws that only ever punished the innocent people and did nothing to actually solve any problems. When you tell people "I'm going to take your [whatever], because someone else, somewhere else, used or might use their [whatever] incorrectly.", you gotta expect people will lash out at you. I'd argue that the way the practices were forced had as much to do with non-compliance as people's self-centeredness.
  5. Listen, the whole reason the space Nazis on the moon who resurrected Literally Hitler and took over the planet manufactured the virus was to microchip you! You know how they always wanted to see our papers, now our papers are bluetooth and 5G! They manipulated this whole thing to control us! Don't talk to me about facts!
  6. Really? "I want to find a place that racially segregates, but I don't want this to be about race." The reason you're struggling to find a place like that is because in SL, that's not really a thing. The advice is to do the things you like to do and you'll meet like minded people in the process. There aren't many places just for "a certain kind only" in SL. Well. Except for furries and lesbians. They corner that market.
  7. If you have shadows on, turning them off might help. That's just a different flavor of the old alpha sorting issue.
  8. This is especially funny, because if there were ever a situation where I wouldn't feel bad to see a creator get copybotted, it'd be a situation like this. Breaking people's content remotely is basically begging them to copybot it to fix it.
  9. For the love of god, put the negative stuff last- doesn't matter what it is. If you feel the need to write it at all, write it last. Demands, deal breakers, your complaints about your ex, whatever. Open up on positive stuff. You're essentially writing an ad, you need to grab people's attention and hold it for a moment. Talk a little about yourself, but don't overdo it. Just the basic facts, and some of your best features. Then hobbies. Any hobbies. Put something, so people won't read it and think "this person is boring and is going to make me entertain them". Put in your schedule and
  10. I'm saying if I put on a Star Trek outfit, they're going to throw me out of a pirate region. If I dress liken a hobo, they're going to throw me out of a formal ball, even though I'm a human every time. Same applies to tinies, furries, animals, and whatever else. In SL, there's no such thing as physical "discrimination"; only dress codes. They don't have to spell it out, they own the place. They can have as few or as many rules as they want. That said, the ones that want people to show up will do their best to accommodate us and make it clear what they expect.
  11. That has nothing to do with what I said. Doesn't matter who's at a place or why, or what the conversation is, if there's a theme the owner is trying to maintain.
  12. For me, it depends. If the greeting is automated, or a gesture, it's borderline offensive. Better to leave it off. If a host or someone is actually taking the time to type out a personalized greeting for each person, I recognize and respect the effort they're putting into that, even if they'll forget my name in 10 minutes.
  13. On the shoulder vs in the middle, sounds fine to me!
  14. Going to echo this. Sometimes you build something and set up something, and you have a theme you want to maintain. Telling someone they're not in theme is not the same as not liking that person or their avatar.
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