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  1. I love the threads where a person complains about the admins, only to reveal why the admins had to punish them.
  2. I've spent nothing on myself, but a ton on other people when I saw them looking at stuff on sale. Kind of lost track at this point. At least a couple thousand.
  3. This CDC Spokesperson told us we should cancel Thanksgiving.
  4. Where I come from, it's called "holiday pay". It's one of the costs of doing business.
  5. Still incorrect. You even say so yourself, paying full price for half done product. Further, I can demand whatever I want, however I want it. If they don't meet those demands, they lose a customer. If they lose enough customers, they go out of business. They have to balance those demands with what they can deliver. It's called "free trade".
  6. Incorrect, in so many ways. But, clearly enough people like paying full price for half products, behavior like this has become common. I blame millennials that like abuse, personally.
  7. I haven't seen anyone in this thread ask for 100% uptime. I work in a 24/7, 365 industry myself. We have someone there, 2 AM on Thanksgiving morning (up until recently, that was me), to make sure if something does go wrong, we can handle it. Because we're charging for the whole year- not the whole year except days we want to take off. Attitudes like yours are why software companies got into the habit of releasing unfinished, broken stuff for full price. If they can't staff holidays, they should be giving us discounts during the months that include holidays. Since they
  8. Speaking as someone that rarely agrees with Prokofy, I agree with Prokofy. If you're offering a 24/7 service, you'd better have someone available 24/7. I don't get to pay less that month if the region is down for a day, they shouldn't be taking the day off.
  9. Luckily many of us here on the forums have an extra chromosome or two to spare.
  10. Sure. It happens there, too. But you tell me, you're as guilty of it as anyone I've seen. If you want further clarification, you'll have to follow up another way, or we risk taking this way off topic.
  11. They obviously argued their case to people that would listen. Screaming "you're a bigot!" at the bigots doesn't solve anything. So again. Learn to move on.
  12. Nope. Still applies even if you want to take it to the real world. You just can't change some people. Learn to move on instead of wallowing in that negativity. I'm gonna brag to all the other trolls that someone called me philosophical.
  13. Still not relevant. I was talking about what you can do if someone hates you. You can walk away and live a happy life even if they hate you.
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