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  1. @Madelaine McMasters - His wife posted an update a little while ago. She is recovered and says John in now stable. I'm every so hopeful he's going to pull through this! ❤️
  2. Arrogant? Well, helloooooo, pot! In a nutshell, faith in a higher being was not a concept I was raised with and nothing I’ve seen, heard, read, or felt in the last 50 years (including the works of those greatest minds) has given me a reason to question what I know to be true. Some don’t question the existence of a god, and some don’t question the non-existence of one, either. Who is right and who is wrong? I’d say that I won’t know until I’m dead, but I won’t know because I’ll be dead. There is nothing after that and I’m at peace with that knowledge. If being at peace knowing I’m just a temporary mass of organic compounds means I’m arrogant, then I’m at peace with that, too.
  3. Am I close-minded because I don’t believe in the Easter Bunny, either?
  4. If you need to see some reality that is even more insane than what we’re living in right now... This is bananas.
  5. Are you washing your hands the Alton way? Ain’t no shortage of bar soap AFAIK.
  6. But... but... we’re stuck at home and need the entertainment now, not in 6 months! 😋
  7. I absolutely hate it when someone starts an insane thread like this and doesn’t stick around to entertain us. @operationhammerman, we’re going to need you to come back and finish what you started.
  8. I didn’t... but I’m sure it’s hilarious!
  9. I'm too blunt and contrary for them. Well, most people actually. I think most you in this section have gotten used to my being snarky, then sweet, then snarky again, though. They just get really passive-aggressive about it. I feel like it's gotten very Stepford-ish and any opinions that go against what has been decided is the correct opinion are not to be spoken. It's fine, though. It's much more fun up here!
  10. This is it exactly. I feel like my mood is changing every five minutes and it's exhausting.
  11. I was feeling pretty good, and then someone posted something wrong down in the LH section, and I can't correct it because I'm not at all welcome in that section anymore, and it is killing me not to correct them. Can someone please go over there and let them know that Bridge Over Troubled Water is by Simon & GARFUNKEL and it was actually Garfunkel singing it?? Yes, Paul wrote it but it's Art's voice! GAH!
  12. On the subject of chili and pet peeves (okay, not really but sort of)... I can't say this to anyone in my family so I'm saying it here. Every year, my brother and sister-in-all throw a big chili dinner thingie at their house. My sister-in-law, and I do so love her dearly, absolutely refuses to let anyone else bring anything. She makes the chili, and a few other crockpots full of different soups, and she is so proud of it. Y'all, her chili is an abomination. I mean it's really just the freaking worst. It has no flavor and it's soupy. Chili should not be soupy. It's like... bean water with beef. And it's freaking atrocious. There. Got that off my chest. If I said that to anyone in the family I'm fairly certain I'd be kicked out of the family. It's not so much that everyone else loves the bean water - it's that she goes to so much effort to bring all the family together at least once a year and we wouldn't dream of hurting her feelings. But her chili is gross.
  13. I promise to only shoot you down with hugs and possibly some tickling!
  14. ... gasps ... And I thought being a Republican was your worst quality!
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