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  1. What do you think are SL's strengths compared to other virtual worlds. What makes it recommendable over seemingly newer and better platforms? My thoughts on this: 1. It's mature. It is not untried or untested. You can find a lot of facts about SL not based on hype. 2. It's adult. SL has managed to implement sexuality in a manner neither prurient nor censored. LL's residents were the main impetus which keeps LL from outrightly designing SL for adult activity. 3. Micro-transaction market. If you want it you can buy it. If it's not in the marketplace, you just found something to sell. 4. Building with sound, animation and programming. If you need something you can make it or pay someone to make it. What other talking points can we bring up when discussing SL with others?
  2. I was reading the general discussion thread on lootboxes and gachas when this idea hit me. What if sugar babies offered gachas for their affection? A sugar baby (sb) could have a place in her home where the sugar daddy (sd) can buy gachas and get little favors from the sb with the possibility of getting some really big favor from the sb. There could be several sd's buying from these gachas at the same time! It's the gamification of this kind of relationship. I think SL is on the edge of something revolutionary here.
  3. Bree Giffen

    Grant and corrupt a wish game

    Granted but the accountant who did your taxes is a total jerk and now you have to thank her/him. I wish the new Avengers movie came out sooner.
  4. Bree Giffen

    What would be worse? pt 2

    The changing of usernames would be worse in my opinion. With 50L teleports least all the noobs wouldn't be going around all over the place causing trouble. 😎
  5. When the last names roll out will new sign-up accounts have last names for free? Or will all new accounts still have Resident last names?
  6. Have you seen chat roulette? That's full of sugar babies.
  7. Bree Giffen

    Am I the only person who does this ?

    Looks cool. I've tried my monitor sideways before but never with SL.
  8. Bree Giffen

    Family Home Room Ideas

    How about a room of horrors? A dark maze that one must navigate using only flashlights and have things pop out to scare you. You could dress up as a monster and chase people around. Or maybe an upside down room.
  9. Bree Giffen

    Dawn of the SL Dead

    We had a big zombie game a while back. It was tied to a movie I think. They gave us clothes too. I can't remember the name but I recall running around shooting zombies.
  10. I remember my very first time logging into SL and all I saw was a badly formed ruth shape and flickering triangles. There was some despair at finding the poorly rendered world but coming from a gaming background I installed new drivers and checked display settings until I could get my purple shirted avatar up and running. I switched to the goth girl system avatar and was asked to leave the newbie area by a resident helper who thought I was an older resident! I had to explain that new avatars were available. After that I spent days in the "T" pose adjusting my avatar and hunting down all the freebie shops.
  11. Bree Giffen

    Do LL works in progress affect your SL budget?

    It doesn't affect my purchases one bit. I'm blissfully unaware of anything coming down the line.
  12. Bree Giffen

    Brendens , Rileys etc

    Do you have an Irish pub on your land?
  13. High visibilty safety yellow clashes with everything! How about red vests? No. Everyone will think we're communists. Green? Environmentalists. Rainbow? Lgbt or Hawaiians. Ugh. This protest is never getting off the ground.
  14. Bree Giffen

    How far do you think 2nd Life could evolve?

    Sansar wasn't planned to cannibalize SL residents was it? It was more for the pro sim builders and general mass of casual users. We had that kind of design here in SL but the tech was too limiting for sim builders and casual users moved on. I think LL recognizes they have two sets of target audiences. Obviously they have enough SL users but Sansar's audience is a work in progress. Will 2nd Life evolve further than it has already evolved? I think so. As long as the flow of money exists and nothing comes along that is better. Again Sansar is not designed to be the better SL.
  15. I loved the movie! As a reader of the english version graphic novels that came out in the 90s, it was a pleasure to see Alita realized in such a big budget movie. The sequels will be amazing if they continue to draw stories from the manga.
  16. Bree Giffen

    Picture Group?

    Sounds great. I'd probably need to use my more photogenic alt. A photo of her has a 97.7% chance of being awesome.
  17. I propose we all wear yellow vests on our avatars. They have to be stylish vests though.
  18. Bree Giffen

    Is there virtue in being a Second Life troll?

    It's from a Japanese trading card game "Legend of the Cryptids".
  19. I read the book and watched the movie. Apparently the DMCA doesn't exist or perhaps all of the old media fell into public domain. I was amazed at every game, anime, movie and 80s reference built into the story or placed in the background. It had all the marks of a Spielberg film as well which gave it a good solid overall feeling. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
  20. Bree Giffen

    Is there virtue in being a Second Life troll?

    Trolling is never virtuous. By definition it is a terrible thing. If you are doing something that you yourself consider trolling then you are being evil. People can do both good and evil in life ever constantly drifting between both states. But make no mistake, trolling is bad. Don't pretend you didn't know.
  21. If you were a high school teacher or maybe a college professor, what kind of project would you have students perform in SL? What kind of project would make good use of the virtual world? I'm asking because it seems educators don't know as much about SL as the residents. Would it be sending students into the world by themselves or perhaps setting up a social experiment that a group of students participate in? Let's hear your ideas.🧐
  22. Bree Giffen

    10 million people watch a DJ in Fortnite

    This concert reminds me of those large dance sims that were in SL back in the day. Fortnite's creator Epic games basically did something that every SL resident makes fun of when we see a new person trying to make a dance club as their very first business effort.
  23. It doesn't really matter much to me. I just use those things for personal use. My eyes just glaze over when it comes to legalese. I suppose if I did buy a full perm item to resell I'd pay more attention. Personally, I've always felt that if you sell a full perm product to more than one person you will lose complete control of it.
  24. Bree Giffen

    Do you like playing SL alone?

    I've had many social interactions in SL from chatting with strangers to working with customers or just hanging out with friends. I do like playing SL alone as well for the freedom to do what you want but I don't shun any attempts at contact. My personal sense of balance makes me seek both solitude and the presence of others.
  25. Bree Giffen

    Locking an object to a house and like counts.

    I believe if you lock an object and try to take it into inventory you will just get a warning window. You will need to click a button in the warning window to continue. To answer your question, yes you can lock furniture and take everything together as a coalesced object into your inventory AND rez that object back in world with everything in the same place as before. I do like linking unscripted furniture to my house. I leave scripted furniture unlinked. I also lock everything and always use an extra prim as the last object as Pamela suggests.