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    Tech issue - lag & ping time

    Isn't the Secondlife cloud migration done already? You can't ping a cloud! It will turn to rain.
  2. Bree Giffen

    Second Life = "Barbie Doll game for adults"?

    I wouldn't say Gopi's description of SL is a good general description. Like all things in SL it is only one piece in a multitude of play-styles that exist in SL. The whole passion for fashion is something that appeals to many in SL but it's not appealing to everyone.
  3. Bree Giffen

    Private Investigations on the Grid?

    Sounds like a good line of work. How many times have we seen on the forums, "Where is this hair from?" Detectives to the rescue!
  4. Bree Giffen

    What makes you block someone?

    I don't normally block annoying people or griefers. I have recently blocked people for just having complicated avatars but I clear the block list right after.
  5. Bree Giffen

    Captured on secondlife

    If I bought and wore an rlv collar simply for the looks (not into rlv/bondage, use the LL viewer) will it have any effect on me? What would a person on the rlv viewer see if I had the collar on?
  6. Bree Giffen

    Valerie Inshan (Redenblack)

    I recall Valerie making a few posts. Sad news indeed.
  7. Bree Giffen

    Best laptop for SL. Don’t have desktop room.

    It looks good! Most gamers would be green with envy.
  8. Bree Giffen

    Best laptop for SL. Don’t have desktop room.

    My choice would be a 15" laptop. It's much easier to carry than a heavy 17". I would get an external monitor, keyboard and mouse for using at home. CPU would be.. not much choice.. most gaming laptops use an i7. GPU would be in order: the Nvidia 1050, 1060, 1070, 1080. Would you notice the difference in SL? Probably not. If you are thinking of VR you might want a higher end gpu. Hard drive would be... SSD's are sexy and fast but a regular HDD works fine and I've never had a problem with them. An SSD has a smaller capacity than an HDD. If you're creating a lot of video files or other media then a large HDD is what you need. I don't think SSD's are that reliable honestly. Some laptops have both SSD and HDD drives. Battery life is important if you need a portable system. Connection ports.. most gaming laptops have similar ports. You could go to the Newegg website and drill down these specs using the power search and you can see similar computers. It also shows how many computers have a particular spec and see how many have been purchased and gotten good reviews. You don't need to buy at Newegg but you can find the exact model and shop elsewhere too. Newegg is a great site though. The spec driven power-search feature definitely caters to the computer-nerd instead of simply trying to make a sale.
  9. Bree Giffen

    Possible hack?

    Save all your important documents and reinstall your operating system.
  10. Bree Giffen

    Best laptop for SL. Don’t have desktop room.

    I'm biased against HP. It is not a reliable brand. Gigabyte, Asus, Lenovo are more acceptable over HP. Also 17 inch laptops, are great desktop replacements but too large and heavy to carry around often.
  11. Bree Giffen

    Second Life Budget

    That's pretty much my budgeting method too.
  12. Bree Giffen

    What are you listening right know.

    Did you post the live version or the cosplay version yet?
  13. Bree Giffen

    Best laptop for SL. Don’t have desktop room.

    I like Lenovo. That laptop has got good reviews. No need to worry about Word as any gaming computer will be able to run it. https://www.pcmag.com/review/352190/lenovo-legion-y520 The article mentions this laptop too... https://www.amazon.com/Gaming-8th-Gen-i7-8750H-Processor-Windows/dp/B07BP9G913/ref=dp_ob_title_ce
  14. Bree Giffen

    What are you listening right know.

    This video needs no further views at 145 million. It's a beat saber level so I have to include it here.
  15. Isn't Apple taking down apps that contain depictions of nudity and reproductive behavior? I can't see SL making it's way into that walled garden.
  16. Bree Giffen

    question about blocking people

    If you think someone has blocked you send them an message saying, "Hi, I was trying to send you $10,000 lindens but the system isn't letting me for some reason." If they haven't blocked you then you'll get a message from them pretty quick. That's how you find out if you were blocked. It might cost you $10,000 lindens though.
  17. I was hoping to post on topic but related to SL. Ugly buildings was all I could think of. I guess a restrictive society equals beauty?
  18. Bree Giffen

    How much of a shopaholic are you?

    I shop quite a bit now and the process of shopping has changed a lot since demos and events came out. I don't purchase many things though.
  19. Absolute freedom is anarchy. Take the mainland...please.
  20. There could be a contact name on the sign or nearby. Might have to click on the sign to get a notecard or the club might have some place by the entrance showing the owner or manager. If it's in business just ask an employee. As last resort you can look at the land/parcel description for the owner.
  21. Bree Giffen

    Second Life on twitch.tv

    Everything in SL is essentially user generated content like mods in games. SL's company content is entirely PG. Oh well. I like youtube better.
  22. Bree Giffen

    Second Life on Steam?

    https://steamcommunity.com/app/586110 I saw the email that Sansar has been listed on the Steam website. Congrats LL! Do you all (y'all) think SL will jump into this online gaming store as well?
  23. Bree Giffen

    Grant and corrupt a wish game

    Granted! We're sending a bladerunner to retire you right now. I wish I could eat all the candy I want and not get cavities.
  24. Bree Giffen

    Could Someone Explain About the Ears, Please?

    My wolf ears are from my Mio Sakamoto avatar from Strike Witches. The ears are a manifestation of magical power and the witches don't lose their human ears.