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  1. If I have not heard from ya in 2 months.. off ya go. I try to get people the benefit of the doubt that they are really looking for a friend or if they are just looking to add another name to their list, or little black book One of my big pet peeves is people who are " friends " who cant, for some reason ever manage to say Hi. I do it for the 1st week or so after making a new " friend ". If they cant manage to do the same after a week or so, I simply stop. In all honestly, id rather have 10 people I talk to all the time then 100 I don't.
  2. that was the one I was looking at, I watched the vid but it did not explain editing it to much
  3. I just picked up 1/4 of a sim. it had everything I was looking for except it is grass textured. I asked the manager and they can not change the texture so I am looking for something I can use. the few things I have seen dont explain if the ground can be raised or lowered and still work as I dont want it totally flat, or the textures to blocky, or it to have a massive amount of lag, any one have some suggestions ?
  4. I have alot of GW, I looked at Rawage, seemed pricy and I need to wait for a friend to test the animations. thought about getting a base piece of furniture and adding the animations, but I dont like poseballs.
  5. I am in the process of having a custom house built and I am thinking of picking up some new things for it, namely for the bedroom. Who are your favorite makers and why? I have been looking at ReACT, I have a few of their items already, and I really like the animations but they are a bit on the high side I think.
  6. ok, its what I was thinking, i could never find a solid answer to it.
  7. This is just a general question, but what is causing some frame rates to be so low? is it purely the fact that all of the content is user created and simply not optimized ? I am wondering as I seem to get similar framerates regardless of the PC i use. for instance I have a laptop that I think Cesar had when he crossed the Rubicon and a well equipped desktop and I seem to get between 20 and 30 FPS on a semi crowded sim and anywhere from 80 to 100 at my semi empty home. I understand the rubberbanding is simply a server/bandwith issue and not so much graphics.
  8. I will check this place out before I got to bed
  9. Hey all, i am looking for a new house. I have this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Unfurnished-House-Majestic/4707766 now. I like it for the most part but Id like something with larger rooms, specially the bedrooms. My requirements are it has to be open. I get claustrophobic with smaller rooms, narrow hallways. Id like a large deck. I have a corner lot so I like to be able to have a nice view of my water. unfurnished is a must, I have my own things and I dont need added fluff they tend to toss into the houses. Any recommendations will be welcome, even someone who may be able to make a custom one would be nice.
  10. yeah, i try to keep my scripts down and dont breed animals, the lag seems to never get to bad. I cant see myself really adding many more scripts to a full homestead either to be honest. My main worry though is of course if there are like 16 other homesteads on a server and they are breeding thousands of critters lagging it to hell.
  11. renting for a week or two would be great, but id hate to have to put in the work of setting it up then deciding I dont want it but I do see the reasoning. I am thinking the price jump from around $40 a month to around $100 may not be worth it in the long run
  12. Yeah, I think I would but I keep seeing people say that homesteads are just not worth the cost and its a little off putting.
  13. I am renting 1/3rd of a homestead now and while I really like it I am thinking about maybe getting a full homestead where I have estate rights and no neighbors. Other then the added costs in both monthly rent as well as needing landscaping to fill a sim, are there any other drawbacks to having a homestead? Are there any other options I should be looking at?
  14. I own part of a homestead and I just picked up the parcel next to it, id like to join them and as I understand I just need to deed it to my group. my question is, can I un deed it if I need to as the sole owner ?
  15. Which is better over all? I was told that its better to just buy L then buy off the MP rather then just using paypal, what is more advisable?
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