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  1. when I buy i always go to what ever will close in 10 minutes.. anyway, even if you wanted to wait however long and go with a slightly better raid, your saving what? $2 maybe, depending on how much your buying, I dont see it being worth while myself and i normally buy $100 worth at a time which is around 26,000L
  2. I am normally some form of canine. I do like to shop and chat, but mostly I just loiter around until friends log on.. shot me an IM if you want as I am also looking for other nice furry places to hang at other then my house.
  3. Sorciaa

    4 person cuddles

    thats the hitch, I was hoping there would already be one made that I just have not seen yet, I mean the MP search is still kinda a mess
  4. Sorciaa

    4 person cuddles

    Any furniture out there that will do 4 person cuddles? I have several with 3 and others that hold 4 but its for 2 couples. I did a MP search and really found nothing. Anyone have anything they can recommend?
  5. Maitreya and legacy, I got skins and outfits for both so I tend to just switch back and forth depending on my mood.
  6. I dunno, not my style of hair but I might try it. I mean I spent more then the 1200L on other crap I have never used, may as well on this.
  7. I think its safest to assume everyone on the other side of the screen is a guy, if this bothers you, don't bump pixels.😛 We must all remember the rules of the internet. the men are men the women are men the kids are federal agents
  8. Id say A&Y as well, just dont try and use the HUD if you have more then a few people around. it can be very, very slow
  9. Funny how Humans think they are something special. I saw this Doc a while ago and some science dudes went into this salt mine that was like a mile or so deep. they took samples of the salt there, took it back and found that inde the salt crystals there were pockets of water, and int hat water was bacteria. they dissolved it in a sterile solution and found the bacteria came alive. This salt was formed back in the Jurassic. Lets see humans do that.
  10. My mama always told me two things not to discuss at the dinner table were religion and politics and I think that should extend out into the world as well as into this virtual one we have here.
  11. now i need to find this hair..
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