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  1. But... but what if the new houseboat is a Pirate ship! We sea going folk can sack and burn your mega house
  2. seems to have corrected itself. prob gremlins on SL side.
  3. yeah, SL has been pretty wonkey the last week or so. I was just curious as it seemed to just happen out of the blue
  4. a week or so ago, i noticed my sliding doors on my plot began to close very slowly. I tried de rezing and rerezing the house but it had no effect. I have not really added anything I can think of that would slow things down but I dont know. may it be the sim just needs restarted, or would it be other issues that I need to look at.
  5. Sorciaa

    Legacy Body

    I will give that a try. to me it seems as the body skin is darker then the head, I dont see this problem with the Mait body even though the skins are the same ( Pink fuel ) I want to see if the neck blend the body has will cover the seam but that is if the styles start workiing
  6. Sorciaa

    Legacy Body

    i got one of the black friday ones and I am having a hard time getting head and body skins to match even though they are the same color from the same maker. and the funny thing is, seems that server is either down, or very bogged down cause my styles are not coming up at all 😭
  7. oh yeah, i wasted so much on stuff i never used. kinda fun though to play archaeologist and dig through the stuff I bought and find things I forgot I had.
  8. ha, I did both. like 4k at backbone 🤪
  9. was as of lastnight, I went on a bit of a spending spree over the last few days
  10. I bit the bullet and got one, the sale was to much to pass up. no way in hell at 5,000, but at 2,500..may as well. The thing that was almost a deal breaker was needing to go though that abortion they call a store. Only issues I see is that depending on the lighting you can see the alpha seams in my skin. might just be a skin issue or not, I did use one from Pink Fuel that matched the one for my head.
  11. I think its part of the problem, alot of times people think that dating in SL means they are dating IRL as well. You need to make sure what each others intentions are. Personally, id love to have a partner in crime here, but i have 0.0000 interest in going IRL and alot dont seem to like that, but its what it is. Just need to use proper communication when discussing how your relationship is going to be
  12. To crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentation of their women.
  13. I am on an estate so i am less worried about someone walking by, or flying over. more about the random perv who sees someone with a female sounding name and TPing in. Had that problem with the 1st place I rented. Could not afk on any furniture with animations. There was a security orb but it would not eject sooner then 30 secs. I moved pretty quickly after hearing that and had ban lines up ever sense. Id love something that mimicked ban lines without the lines themselves
  14. that is another worry of mine, i dont want it to go past my boundaries and mess other peoples plots.
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