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  1. oh ok, when I see MC, i think of this
  2. that is a very nice place! good luck on your roommate search.
  3. pardon my ignorance, but what is an MC ?
  4. yeah, I use that to see whats new in the last few days but if you find something you might like, you have no idea when it was made. I think it would be a good idea to show an upload date then maybe edit dates if the item is changed
  5. any item, it was only a general question
  6. Is there anyway to find this out? I am always seeing something I may want but then, if there are no reviews I got no idea if it was uploaded a few months ago, or back in 1976. If there isn't a way to find this out, I think there should be.
  7. Sorciaa

    Zip down catsuit

    I will check them out. thank you!
  8. Sorciaa

    Zip down catsuit

    Anyone make something like this? I am seeing ones that are either zipped down, none that are both. Something either with both a zipped and unzipped version, or a clickie version would be good. Thanks!
  9. get a good CPU cooler if you are going top try and OC your CPU as well.
  10. fantastic, thank you so much!
  11. OK, i saw a houseboat pop up and in a rush to nab it, i put in a bunch of numbers for a name, can I change this ?
  12. Woh, after many and many refreshes, what pops up.. a HOUSEBOAT!
  13. I predict it will be the second Tuesday of next week.👅
  14. yeah, its the lindin home from the premium account. Id like one of the new houses when they are out, just not sure how id go about it.
  15. Kinda a dumb question but id like to get one of the larger plots with the new houses at some point, how exactly do I do this when they are available? thanks.
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