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  1. Friend has a SL body and we are looking for clothing, what should I be looking for? most stuff I find is for mesh bodies, and I dont know what the SL body is called and its hindering my search.
  2. honestly, i would not worry about it at all. anyone teleporting into a busy sim sees wayyyy more, regardless of if its general or adult.
  3. Hey all, I am looking for some advice on landscaping. I got a beach so palm trees would be best. What makers would you advise? Low lag is more important then prim cost at the moment. I have looked at hayabusa and I love their stuff.. just I am not sure if I want to drop that much L on some trees and grass, but I may just do that
  4. I cant imagine trying to play SL on anything but a computer. my desktop can grind to a halt playing SL, i cant imagine what it would do to a phone or a tablet.
  5. if you play your dancer when the DJ is playing, you get blocked. if you have a bunch of particles that lag the sim out, you get blocked. If your extra creepy, you get blocked. If you run around trying to be the most outrageous avi in the sim, you get blocked. Pretty much, if your super annoying.. you get blocked.
  6. I got to say I got a odd vibe from that as well...
  7. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterfell City/83/179/28 I looked at those and grabbed several but none were the same.. one was pretty close though. I IMed the land lady but have not heard back as of yet
  8. I checked my default textures folder and it seems to have everything but the sand lol
  9. I will ask and see.. thanks
  10. I am looking to make a cave at my new place. I got the arch and then made a platform over it. My problem now is matching the texture of the platform with the texture of the sim. I tested all the textures for sand that I can find in the texture folder but none seem to match. Can someone point me to a place where I can grab this?
  11. Decided I am just going to look for another place to rent. Not sure how much having all that stuff is affecting me but still, $70 a month I should not have to deal with it.
  12. those are the fountains. I tried to de-render but it seemed to not help much, dropping the draw distance way down so that half of the sim did help but eh. I have been looking at other plots but I am kinda picky about the land facing, Soo I may send an IM to the land lady and see if she can do something.
  13. I have had those items up for quite a while, the lag meter going constant red has only been int he last few days. I talked with my neighbor and they said pretty much the same thing. They were wondering if LL was having a problem as well. Thanks for having a look as well. I still don't really understand what causes " lag " on a sim. it does not " feel " laggy but friends have said its taking longer for things to load and of course my lag meter burning red all the time now.
  14. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vanilla Skies/75/213/31 this is my plot
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