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  1. Sweet, thank you both. I will check both of them out
  2. I do see several bandits as well. I own a few Endeavors and I have not had an issue with them, but I have not really taken mine out much and.. as you are more into the military ships.. can you recommend a good U Boat? the few that seem good I have seen are either oldish ( 2014-2015 ) or they are huge.
  3. Hey all, not sure if this is the right place but..I am looking for a sail boat.. i would love to know which are your favorite boats/ boat builders. I am shopping around at this point so any and all recommendations are welcome!
  4. for clothing Belzebubble: some of the best fitting clothes I have found Pink Cream Pie : just fun textures. for furniture I like Backbone. More fun items and good designs
  5. you mean everyone is not a secret agent, astronaut millionaire ? 🤔
  6. It was working for me on Saturday.
  7. I been using mine alot more often. ( got both the legacy and the perky ). as far as issues. the Skin Hud can be a tad dodgy and can take a while to come up. and if the region your on is laggy, using the alpha can be a pain, specially if you have to alpha the back areas.
  8. there should be a demo for it either on the MP or at the inworld store.
  9. looks like the map is back.
  10. I am reminded of an amazing voice that is no longer with us 😢
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