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  1. good o'l fashioned Candy Corn.. got to have some every Halloween, even if I am not a huge candy fan. Twix, reeses cups and Jr Mints are all close as well.
  2. Way to much work and way to much crap to buy. I am add a few things but I am not going all out.
  3. I tend to buy my L on the market rather then from LL themselves and I have been watching that pretty closely. I used to buy at 260/$1 and it would have the 10 minute delivery time. Right now its at 265/$1 with the 10 minute delivery time.
  4. I think your best bet will be to search in game and just uncheck the adult box then hop around and see what is there. I did a quick look and most are either clubs or sandboxes. I tend to find the clubs pretty cliquy and the sandboxes are, well, sandboxes. Hope you can find somewhere to hang out at, I been looking for the better part of a year and decided to just hang at the adult places and ignore the creeps.. my ignore list is gettign quite long these days.😖
  5. Its what he would use to shtup with
  6. Firestorm and I believe i mentioned SL in my post. and as far as a tinker toy I am talking about a pretty high end desktop, not a 5 year old potato. Its pretty well documented this " game " is not optimized at all and it will drag a high end PC down So I will have to assume whatever you are running it on was crafted at Hogwarts.
  7. SL is just a big, fat pig of a game. Its very hard to say what will or wont run it well. I know people who have very high end desktop systems that still get bogged down in some sims.
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