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  1. Glen, Is your current shape no mod? Otherwise I would think it would be easier (and cost less ) to add a few pounds and tweak a little here and there with your current shape. Now if you just don't like your current shape at all then if no one else suggests anything better, the MP is likely your best bet. I never bought a shape I didn't have to adjust at least a little to make my avi appear more mature.
  2. As Sylvia just said, The United States is fairly new compared to Europe. I suspect very few of us "yanks" are ashamed of our own culture. In fact I'd venture to say that the majority of us are very proud of our culture and way of doing things. Mind you, I'm only speaking of our culture and not our current political representation. That being said, many of us also have an interest in who our ancestors were. As for clinging to a mythological fantasy............ are you implying that I'm NOT an Apache Viking?
  3. I'm an infrequent poster but have found myself lurking more and more lately. Kudos to you all for managing to keep this thread going as long as it has. Sometimes some well paced derailment is JUST what's needed. However my new pet peeve is......... not once in the Great Food Derailment of 2020 did even ONE of you mention spotted dick!
  4. Methinks this thread was kind of doomed from the beginning. Perhaps a better title might have been.. " Shapes, are they worth buying? " To say that any product or service "should" be free is going to spark a feeling of entitlement or choosing/beggar to the poster by many reading such a post. It's like saying water should be free and then demanding they put it in a bottle and stock it in your local store as well.
  5. Speaking of old...... Kinda wish there was a minimum age requirement of say.... 14 or so to be able to post here. It might reduce threads like this. Mind you, it wouldn't reduce those from ones in need of professional help that only appear to be under age.
  6. Sorry no links, but a few of my favorites are: Adult Wednesday Addams Dust Simon's Cat
  7. So you're saying that Linden Labs ( a U.S. based company ) should tie its pricing to whatever country in the world has the lowest rate of exchange to the U.S. dollar? I don't think the workers at Linden Labs will appreciate it too much when management tells them that since the currency in ( for example ) Greece has tanked that each one needs to take a $ 7.00 per hour pay cut until things get better there.
  8. I'm still at work, so I can't look though my inventory at the moment for suggestions of specific stores. But a simple search of the marketplace using the word " vintage " or " retro " turns up a lot of options for hair and clothing.
  9. Yepper..... It does appear to be a rant of some kind. I just couldn't get past the giant wall of run-on bold text to see ( or care ) what it was about.
  10. Well over 40 here as well... And Thanks Elora for the mention of the Forum Cartel, I'll have to check it out!
  11. I'd take the remarks of the last post with a grain of salt. ( if you wonder what I mean just look at some of his previous posts ) There are many romantic places in SL. For example, ballrooms and jazz clubs are very nice places to meet others. Adult sims tend to focus on hook ups or a common.....err....... desire.
  12. Excelseos, You might consider mentioning what times you are most often on sl. Even the best relationships can fall apart when the times are too far off.
  13. Ruby, You also might want to add the times you are normally in world.
  14. You also may want to consider if you want a furnished or unfurnished rental. For new residents furnishing a new place with furniture that has decent animations can get a ittle expensive. And items like furniture, landscaping and so on willl count against the all importiant prim allowance that the rental place has. Most furnished rentals wil have a prim allowance for you to use on top of the prims already used to make the place look nice. A simple search under "furnished rentals" will yield many places to check out. Just decide how much you are willing to spend each week and find the one you like most that fits your budget.
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