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  1. (As I read your response to Alwin it seems apparent you don’t understand the complex difficulty in communicating to a world wide audience & reacted harshly to someone participating in the conversation (not that they need my help in pointing this out). The only thing to understand is if the person enabling them is breaching that particular areas covenant then the person offended can file a report to the overlord of the vassal & hope for whatever pixelated repercussions to occur. Same with bouncy security orbs. It’s not worth the bother of “rhetorical questions” in a forum people come to for discussion. Maybe you could keep in mind that some of your audience is from a region of the world that tends to be blunt & doesn’t make innuendos, or English is a 2nd language by disclosing that you’re making an authoritative observation & not asking questions.
  2. The nicki minaj cousins balls thing is as funny & ludicrous as the maybe a real or maybe a trolling FB comment last year (cause who can tell what is a joke or not anymore with the craziness going on) about the woman whose husband was forced to wear a mask on a business trip & caught chlamydia….. that’s not what he caught it from unless the mask was made from worn panties. 🤭🤫🤪 🦠🩲 but seriously it’s like we’ve been plopped down into the movie Idiocracy.
  3. Oh yea, I know about that one. My hubby is super stoked. That it’s his RL son, too. I’m pretty sure hubby is still traumatized by the last scene of the series. Every once in a while the song will be on tv or in the car & I’ll snap off the volume at juuuuust the right moment 🤪😈
  4. Potatoes are their very own food group!
  5. I’m about to bounce out of my seat waiting for Ghostbusters Afterlife to release already (& it was bumped back yet another week recently due to fears of competition w/ some marvel movie ☹️). So I wound up watching 1&2 & 2016 several times in the last few weeks & yesterday sat down & watched Alien 👽 1, 2, 3, & 4 because- Sigourney Weaver. Did you know she nick named herself that around 12 years old because she liked the name of a minor character is F.S. Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby? Also her portrayal of Ridley is considered on of the most important female protagonists in cinematic history? I didn’t till I ended up going down the 🐇 hole. Anyways, I’ve always thought she ((Weaver) just exudes confidence & sophistication. Like I’d hope I could have turned out lol. oh I also watched Prometheus & Covenant today but upon googling found out that those “sequels” aren’t necessarily in line with the original to explain the story. 🤷‍♀️ & alien vs predator doesn’t really count (to me).
  6. I noticed there was no big giant thread last weekend…. & here we are! 😁 I don’t have any insight into other platforms or games to make a comparison. But I think SL would see an uptick in cultivating a growing new user base that actually becomes regulars if there were some new position like a Mole that can meet & greet new users & offer guidance in a corralled new user area, or something to that effect- cause if you’re not someone with previous game experience SL is very overwhelming. If there was some way to offer an introductory free or reduced rate1 month of premium, somehow one per user, not avatar might go far in generating more interest, too. Tho I don’t know how that is enforced if it could be. OP has a passion for SL that is admirable. But we’ve seen what those higher ups do with their profits in the name of developing their product: the wasteland known as Sansar. It might be fruitful if those powers that be peeked in on conversations like these.
  7. Satsuma by The Body Shop is the most amazing citrus scent 😍 🍊
  8. I know what you’re talking about, but I know this person doesn’t have themselves hidden.
  9. Thanks to you both. I keep noticing this & the broken search mentioned here. I don’t know how to run SL but those seem like pretty important things that need fixing.
  10. ( I tried searching the forums & just googling but can’t the threads I’ve seen in the past few months) I logged on the other day, & accepted a friend invite & I noticed on my dashboard they aren’t showing up?
  11. People lie. & something with the anonymous incognito culture of SL when you get tied up in emotional relationships seems to make it so much worse. I’ve been witness to 2 friends… people faking their RL deaths (only to come back around the same group of friends on alts that were obvious & eventually confessed- one eventually resurrecting the original avi). Another faked a RL fatal prognosis to explain a temporary ban from SL, only to return on an alt. I’ve had friends presenting in female Avis that I knew were males (& I don’t care who is behind the screen, if you’re my friend, you’re my friend & I love you- SL is a safe way to explore or just experience what RL refuses to allow). I’ve had a serious relationship that I was completely open about my RL circumstances & the other party went out of their way to encourage certain reactions & expectations from me while completely lying about their own RL. The impact to me was I don’t want to say catastrophic, but I no longer trust people online. Why lie? If someone lies about little things, how can I believe them when they really need me to? (A philosophy I raised my offspring with). Besides, the truth always finds a way of coming out. Don’t insult anyone by lying to them, believing they are as dumb as *you* (the liar) is to believe the fib themselves.
  12. It takes time to create each listing, but you’d be surprised how quickly you can resell random commons on MP.
  13. I hosted 12 years ago at a pretty busy live music venue & I took it very seriously. Was overwhelming feeling that I had to watch local chat, keep an eye on radar to greet, remember to copy & paste into chat various things about tipping venue & artists, offering group invites etc. I then forayed into exotic cartoon stripping & I enjoyed it immensely when a patron would be interactive & weaved a short scene with me. But it was usually very tedious and eye rolling with “u make sex?” IMs & policing tripods who weren’t adhering to realism rules. I learned it’s easier when I had the opportunity to just buy my lindens & if I were broke, did without for a period.
  14. Rather than hoping for long term clients right at the start- maybe think more boutique experience with an “evening in another land” sort of thing. Have a space you can decorate in a traditional theme from that region, maybe provide virtual snacks- even provide the menu in advance for the adventurous- something simple someone might make at home in rl too? Kind of like the sip & sketch painting parties. Prepare some short intro or interesting points about the language & then spend 1/3 of the hour teaching a few phrases- presenting your teaching style? Maybe that could garner interest for return- enrolling students and I would think would be a fun night for attendees.
  15. Hope for landing at a safe sandbox & work small batches & photograph.
  16. & everything is subjective of so that might have been a lot of lindens for you at the time. I know sometimes I don’t buy lindens & that can be a huge sum. I’m sorry you were scammed. It happens- happened to me twice, once by a photographer & then my someone who said they could make something mesh for me. Both times it was a lot for me to lose out on. =/. You might try playing with learning to take your own photos in SL- with the atmosphere & lighting controls, creating your own scenes from scratch. Can be lots of fun.
  17. Emma (2020). I do love a dashing Austen hero (tho I’m a Edward Rochester girl). This adaptation is beautiful & 100x better than the Paltrow version.
  18. Bridgerton! https://www.netflix.com/title/80232398
  19. Well with the humidity here, you can just sit idle & melt into a puddle! But I gotta be a sweet smelling one! 😂
  20. Deodorant on the hottest day of the year.
  21. International Falls, Minnesota- to see the Northern Lights. Carmel-by-the-Sea -because it looks like a fairy tale & the Redwood Forest in California Central Park in Autumn, Rockefeller Plaza at Christmas in NYC The Pyramids at Cairo Anywhere with the little hotel huts over the pristine water along a sugar sand beach
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