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  1. Make a small pool. Fill it with 7,000 spheres set to physical with random colors.
  2. Here's my question @Velk Kerang and @Pamela Galli . Would you be saying these things in-world if you were standing next to each other avatar to avatar.
  3. In my opinion, these thirsty males are likely young and inexperienced men. i.e. teen boys. I don't think adult men are as single-minded as you described. Just avoid interacting with that type of person because it may be dangerous for you if you are the only adult in the activity.
  4. I don't notice gaps and spacing at all. Once someone IM'd me to say I was floating slightly over the floor. I had to zoom in to see the gap! I like to skew my avatar faces very slightly with the slider. Just to make it realistic because no one has a perfectly symmetrical face. Hopefully that doesn't trigger people. 😜
  5. So many good points made! And yet, here we are on the 2d web forum because it's convenient. But I think actually flaming people in-world is nicer. I also got kicked in the groin once at a cartel chat. My fault cause I was distributing a groin-kicker disguised as a hug animator.
  6. Do you think a discussion is better in SL (real-time typing in a 3d virtual world with body/face emotes, sounds, animations) or the forums (typing in a 2d web page with attachments and no time constraints)? Just thinking of the early idea that SL was the future of the internet and if it really can't compete with even a web forum. Is it just apples and oranges? Perhaps a hybrid of the two having the strengths of both that could be made into a new feature for SL.
  7. I don't think I have any weird shopping habits. I cam-shop and walk around in first-person depending on how busy the event is. One thing I always do is get demos of items I like AND get demos of items that are only slightly interesting. I've found that sometimes the vendor photo of an item doesn't look as good as the demo when you wear it on your own avatar.
  8. I haven't made a hud in a while but one issue I recall is that huds are prims like everything else in SL. Try taking one of your huds and rezzing it on the ground. It's small. Making a hud smaller means working with small prims. Like being a jeweller in SL. It's difficult because you run into the constraint on dimensions of prims. You have to design the HUD in-world and then shrink it down to fit into the HUD view.
  9. I think it should be avatar viewing and inventory management with messaging and shopping.
  10. Do you think we could crowd fund a project on Kickstarter for a mobile viewer and then hire an iOS programmer on uhm.. Upwork? I dunno. Seems like there's a demand.
  11. If you suspect that two people are the same person try having a long conversation with one of them and get specific details of what they say about whatever topic that interests them. You should also give them specific details of your topic but make sure the information is only told to that person. With the alleged alt you should also have a long conversation but your goal is to mention indirectly things only known by the person in the last conversation. So you may mention that you were in the desert and afraid of snakes to the previous person (and to no one else) and mention the desert again to the suspected alt and see if they bring up your fear of snakes. Or maybe tell the someone sent you a gift bag with a snake and see if they assume you were afraid of it.
  12. It's a good article that describes what I've observed in SL since my first login. Excellent prose Mr Hill!
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