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  1. How about a gofundme for buying a custom last name? It’s 500 bucks. Now if we could only agree on what last name to get.
  2. I understand BLM as a problem between law enforcement and black people. BLM is the response to multiple cases of law enforcement showing how black lives don't matter to them. My first instinct as a citizen is to fix the problem by changing law enforcement through voting for the politicians who supervise and make changes to law enforcement. Unfortunately, racial policing problems exist largely within Democrat controlled cities like mine. So the one thing I can do, besides walking on the street protesting, would be to vote for a change, possibly voting for a Republican mayor and city council. As a Democrat I don't want to do this but you can't fix problems in a city by keeping the same management.
  3. Weird flex but ok. (I can't believe I was able to use this slang phrase in the correct context)
  4. Has anyone tried a streaming game service or cloud gaming service to run Second Life? I read about one called Shadow which runs your application on a gaming server and streams it as video to your computer. So, if you can play a video you can play a "game". This Shadow service has awful security though as everything you type is sent unsecured to the server and the video is not secure as well. I think if the service comes in at about a $100 for one year it would be a far cheaper alternative to buying a gaming laptop. I did look at the Steam gaming service but that uses your own PC to stream to another device. Sony does the same thing for the Playstation. Nvidia and Google Stadia are streaming services but don't support SL.
  5. I started looking around to see if this has been tackled by other people on the internet in the past.... AND IT HAS. So there you go. I wonder how many people would be sweating if something like this is used on the SL forums?
  6. I did a quick search and couldn't find anything in-world. I just read the theme for the 2020 world environment day is biodiversity. Perhaps we should celebrate by turning our human avatars into different life-forms. I don't know if a furry avatar counts. We need someone to create a Greta Thundberg avatar too.
  7. I think a good father should try to teach practical lessons that aren't taught in school like how to gas up the car. I also think that parents should leave their kids alone for several hours a day to allow them to create their own activities instead of shuttling them around to planned sports or events. You want to end up with a child that can cook, drive and make wise buying decisions.
  8. I have to agree with the sentiment of others that the types of alt detection listed seems primarily to catch scammer alts which don't really need to be identified as alts. Finding store owner alts also doesn't seem to be that useful either. Alts can be used for a lot of good reasons as Ivy mentions but I think that there are certain types of sinister alts which haven't been addressed in this thread and perhaps some advice on detecting them is needed. The stalker's alt - If you have a person stalking you with throw away accounts but seems to know everything you are doing and everywhere you are. The bf, gf, hubby's cheatin' heart alt - If you are in a relationship and you're singing like the Righteous Brothers "You've lost that loving feeling". Any of Maddy's alts. The toxic patron alt - If you have a business and there is someone trying to ruin your reputation through a whisper campaign.
  9. The warning sign is a response to new rules set by youtube. Many content creators are adding these even if they don’t have any adult content.
  10. I set the table width to 200 which makes the video so small that the controls don’t appear. Need to experiment with different widths. It looks like Fauve’s second video has a good size. I can see all the controls.
  11. That sounds really interesting. I'll have to grab some self-rising flour the next time I'm out. I think different nut flavored ice creams would work well although it would be fun to try some of the more unusual ice creams.
  12. Fauve, You need to create a table. In the table tool, I used 1 row and 1 column. I also set the border size to zero. Then set the table width to modify the video size and then paste your YouTube url. I think you could put several videos together in a table.
  13. Just testing if I can make these videos a little smaller. 👇
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