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  1. The thickness slider is the main thing for me that can differentiate a shape between a teen and an adult woman. A lot of people use thickness set to zero for their adult avatar and it looks wrong. Nicely done shape! (Steals)
  2. Hitting the 31st day in SL is like turning 21.. or 18 in some places.
  3. It would be inefficient to have a customer service hub for the Lindens. They'd be sitting around doing nothing or helping the first person that walks up. But that's good right? No, the next person in line might have a more serious issue. There's no way to triage problems or document anything.
  4. This strategy is called double-boxing in mmo games where someone has two boxes (computers) to connect 2 accounts to a game and play as 2 characters like a fighter and a healer which increases the speed that both characters level up.
  5. If I am IMed I stay in IM and don't try to take it to public chat. If addressed in public chat I keep it public. When I want to approach someone I start in public chat. Also, I don't have usernames above people's heads so it's difficult to even begin an IM and if someone IMs me I have no idea where they are. In crowded quiet areas I like to say "If this place gets any livelier, a funeral might break out!" That's Rodney Dangerfield.
  6. I just have water since I usually get on SL in the evening. I don't usually eat snacks at night. I also can't have caffeinated drinks or I'd never sleep.
  7. The items with no-mod scripts are still modifiable even though they say 'no mod' in the inventory list of the box.
  8. I'm with you @CrowleyCorp. Maybe if Firestorm had VR mode that did everything to increase framerates like dropping detail level, removing shadows, lower draw distance and such. The lighter graphics mode could even segue into a mobile viewer.
  9. It would be nice to have a band "performing" to music. Like a Beatles band with John, Paul, George and Ringo avatars up on stage while the band's greatest hits are playing. I'm sure someone has tried something like that before in SL. I agree a live performance should be listed differently than a DJ performance.
  10. Second Life is all about the long tail. Normally when games in the past are released they die after a few years as part of the normal life cycle. SL is, quit unplanned, a long tailed online world that can still generate money with a smaller population.
  11. My procedure for eating malted milk Whopper candy is to to first bite a piece in half. If it's crunchy I eat it all but if it is a hollow ball with a gooey center I toss it.
  12. Liquor filled chocolate? Sounds like a great way to fall asleep. I just had some Jalapeno M&Ms. They taste like normal peanut M&Ms except your mouth burns afterwards.
  13. I've been watching a YouTube channel for a candy maker called Lofty Pursuits. It's fascinating to watch. I bought the rare flavor assortment which has rose, black currant and horehound. Tasty. They have some sugar free candy too.
  14. What is your favorite Halloween candy and why? I've been eating Kit Kats kept cold in the fridge. They are crispy and delicious. Peanut butter cups are a close second.
  15. I named an alt Uni because I couldn't decide if they'd eventually be a boy or girl. Poor Uni sleeps and waits to be brought into the world.
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