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  1. I got Wipeout VR just to see if I could get motion sick. I get a little dizzy but not sick.
  2. I saw this aquarium with realistic fish once. Also, you should put snacks on the kitchen table.
  3. Haha. I worked in Nintendo customer service when the Virtual Boy launched. I had to tell people the VB wasn't designed for kids. Very strange for a kid-centric game company. The current VR is awesome. Still not good for kid's eyes though. But the kids love it. No one should be worried about getting bothered while in VR. The first time someone gets into the space of a VR user and gets smacked by accident will usually be enough to stop any further intrusions. People usually pull back when they know they will hit someone but a VR user won't.
  4. Ohhh. Looks interesting. I use Clip Studio right now but if Affinity is like Photoshop without the need for subscription then it's worth a look. In Windows too.
  5. People can be so vain in SL. When will they learn? They will never look as good as me.
  6. I've seen this overhyping phenomena in other genres. For example, if some surfing movie were to come out, the surfer forums and community would be all hyped about it. RP1 certainly wasn't a cinematic jewel but for those who recognized the nostalgic references it was better than most.
  7. There is a bill introduced in the US Congress to ban the sale of lootboxes in video games. It takes a long time to turn a bill into law (note: do not post schoolhouse rock video). If this ever happens I think LL would ban gachas just to be safe.
  8. When you turn super premium you will get this weird flame around you and your hair turns blonde.
  9. LL could make all 3rd party viewers unable to connect to the servers. That would certainly make the community like the LL viewer.
  10. Several states have online stalking and other laws to protect people. You might want to check if there are any that apply to you. This may not be up to the level of legal action and lawyers can get expensive.
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