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  1. Bree Giffen

    Sim reviewing and Promoting

    I think the best way to go about this is to try promoting/bringing traffic to a sim for free. At least for the first few tries. Maybe arrange this with a willing sim owner as an experiment where the both of you benefit. They get traffic and you get results that can be used to show other sim owners that you know how to bring traffic. You can then try charging people for your service. 😛📣
  2. Bree Giffen

    Disable looking through walls

    @Lindal Kidd You posted to that old thread! 😄 Why don't you remember? Anyways, it's a sim admin option only so not really a solution for most people.
  3. Bree Giffen

    Lines that annoy you most

    You were probably conversing with a psychopath.
  4. Bree Giffen

    If you were a teacher how would you use SL?

    After seeing the responses, I think that getting the entire class into SL would be expensive and the students would get distracted. Essentially, you are sitting kids in front of a gaming ready computer connected to the internet. It might be possible for the teacher to be the only one in SL and using a projector to show their screen. The teacher could just set things up in SL and show it to students. It would be just like watching a Twitch stream...if Twitch allowed SL streams.
  5. Bree Giffen

    Disable looking through walls

    Barely anything renders in 1.5 seconds. I don't think anyone could cam anywhere and expect to see anything. I've never heard of the prevent overfly. I think I'll check it out.
  6. Bree Giffen


    You pressed launch instead of lunch!
  7. Bree Giffen

    Giving You What You Want?

    I know there are maid cafes in Japan. They are having one at the anime convention I attend...the convention...not the cafe. I believe there is going to be an after hours "mature" show as well. I think this particular fetish is sometjing relatively new in SL so it might get interest from people looking for something new and from otakus who are already into it. As to making money? Tip jars for sure. Maybe a premium paid service? A special adult midnight show for big spenders? Perhaps gamifying the tipping experience? E.g. Give customers a wearable badge that displays a title, lights up different colors, etc and the maids/butlers can pay more attention to them.
  8. Bree Giffen

    Disable looking through walls

    If your kids ever hit the ban orb and get teleported away the excuse you could give is that you set up the orb to stop griefers and you "forgot" to turn the orb off.
  9. Bree Giffen

    Disable looking through walls

    I think a combination of 1. Turning avatar visibility off on the parcel and 2. An instant teleport ban orb with a radius larger than the parcel would be enough to stop people from seeing what happens inside a residence.
  10. If you were a high school teacher or maybe a college professor, what kind of project would you have students perform in SL? What kind of project would make good use of the virtual world? I'm asking because it seems educators don't know as much about SL as the residents. Would it be sending students into the world by themselves or perhaps setting up a social experiment that a group of students participate in? Let's hear your ideas.🧐
  11. Bree Giffen

    There really should be an SL2. Not Sansar.

    The main point of my suggestion was actually to address the missing link that seems to exist from watching young kids cutting their teeth on creative mode in Minecraft and building homes in Roblox. I just can't see these kids growing up in just a few short years and going to Second Life the way it is right now and Sansar, High Fidelity, etc. I watched some videos on Sinespace and creation seems to be just as complex. This isn't for SL residents either. It just feels like an opportunity is being wasted. I do acknowledge that even thinking up a simplified 3d building interface isn't something that can be done easily. It will take some kind of truly inspired thinking. It's easy to say something should be made but really difficult to do.
  12. You are not impersonating a minor by wearing a child avatar to design child avatar products. You should not be impersonating or roleplaying as a minor while acting as a store merchant. Nobody does this. Merchants and customers in SL become serious adults when it comes to purchases made with linden dollars. Your customers are almost always real life adults roleplaying as kids. If you ever talk with someone in SL who says they are a child in real life, they are either a real child or impersonating a child. As long as you yourself do not pretend to be a child and don't try to socialize with them, you are safe. Also, Linden Lab can see all chat records so no one can accuse you of saying things you did not. In summary, a merchant can sell child products in SL and be within the TOS.
  13. Bree Giffen

    Help SL addict NEEDS account and IP banned!

    You're telling us your addicted? Welcome to the party pal!