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  1. I'd prefer people read profiles first but I totally understand if someone doesn't read them. In real life no one has a profile. You just open your mouth and talk to them. I would be annoyed if it was an experienced SL resident though.
  2. I've had this problem with one particular avatar of mine. She started out good but when I decided to pick a new look it was skin after skin with constant reshaping of the face and body. This went on for years. In that time I made other avatars and they just clicked. Sometimes it's like you put down the paintbrush because your creation is done. But every time I logged in this avatar was always never quite right. I think it has something to do with closely you invest yourself into an avatar.
  3. How I'd go about head shopping is to get every single bento head demo available in the shops AND a skin demo that you like. You can use the demo shape that comes with a head but I've found that with each store you can set up a head shape and reuse it on other bento heads in that store. With minor tweaks you can make all the bento heads look similar enough to the point where you can pick out the small differences of each head. Some details might be showstoppers... like duck lips... but you might find that a certain head that is more appealing than the rest.
  4. The skin doesn't look like the picture in the Marketplace. The description says this, "۞1 StyleCard (Contains the store of all photo items in the stylecard.)" Which tells me that the Bento head doesn't come with everything that matches the vendor pic.
  5. I'm only interested in the security flaw portion of the article. The rest is just dirty laundry. Access to personal information by contractors is a big flaw that should not be ignored. That's how customer data was leaked at Target.
  6. To be fair, the OP did a bad thing. There are cam perverts everywhere in SL! Someone who teleports into your parcel can pervertedly cam anywhere in your home even if you have your parcel set to hide you from people outside the parcel. Own a place long enough, and if you're pretty, you will get those cam perverts flying over to you.
  7. I don't really think this is bad. In fact I may try adding a profile wishlist on an alt to see what she can get. If I can add some kind of gacha element it would be perfect.
  8. Adding a wishlist to your profile feels kind of "sugarbabyish". Yes, that's really a word.
  9. Nice! For me the farthest cities are in Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius. I can't say I've met SL residents from there.
  10. Hey all. Where is the farthest location that someone in SL has told you they were located in a conversation? The farthest I've talked to someone was from Italy. I even remarked to him , "Wow, you live far away!" There may have been farther conversations but that's the one I recall.
  11. I don't recall seeing an art museum or it being multi-level.
  12. We haven't served those spirits here since 1969!
  13. How many alts do you have for this to be a hassle? 😱
  14. There has been a sim that was just as you described except for the prim allocation. I forgot the name and not sure if it still exists. It was like a sandbox with a prim return set to a week or two. It was always fully used up whenever I looked. There's no easy way to limit prim usage and you can't rely on the self constraint of residents.
  15. I haven't seen it recently but I recall SL used to have a similar problem when switching between sitting poses on a chair for example and your avatar would jump up before switching to the next pose. This was a very long time ago.
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