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  1. Bree Giffen

    What is your preferred virtual world?

    The Oasis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSp1dM2Vj48
  2. Bree Giffen

    What is your opinion about the Roman Empire?

    10,000 years ago, when two central american Indians were arguing, a third Indian took out a bag of popcorn and began eating, thus starting the popular popcorn meme.
  3. Bree Giffen

    Applier for Catwa head

    I'm actually trudging through all the Catwa/Lelutka bento demos and trying them with all the demo appliers for Lara Hurley skins. It's taking a long time reshaping each face and trying them with every applier.
  4. Bree Giffen

    SUGGESTIONS WANTED: Halloween Costumes

    Fionalein is right. SL has costumes for sale all the time. Not just for Halloween. I'm not sure they would be called costumes either. You would search for a pirate outfit and not a halloween pirate costume for example.
  5. Bree Giffen

    Last names coming back

    We can hope for this year. There's still a few months left. ⏳
  6. Bree Giffen

    I Am Not Your Manic Pixel Dream Girl

    Honestly, I think I come across the same in-world. I use full sentences while chatting which I've been told is quite remarkable in SL.
  7. Bree Giffen

    I Am Not Your Manic Pixel Dream Girl

    My real time chat in SL is much more informal compared to composing a forum post. The people I meet are usually informal as well.
  8. I don't think I'd be interesting at all. Unless someone likes watching me buy demos and try them on while going afk every few minutes.
  9. If you were to look at yourself in SL, like the things you do in SL and how you interact with others, how would you describe yourself? Are you an interesting person to be with? If you became the subject of an SL documentary and had a camera crew following you around would it be worth watching?
  10. Bree Giffen

    lying during RP

    No. No. That's not what I meant. If someone chats with me I would just be myself too. Non-actors would be people who are only concerned about real life in SL and expect everyone else to be like them.
  11. Bree Giffen


    I love colored pencils. They're like crayons but you can't eat them because of all the wood.
  12. Bree Giffen

    What Keeps You Coming Back To SL?

    I think mesh has become the main reason why I still visit SL. The mesh body parts and clothing market has matured to a point where it's fun to go shopping again. I also like seeing how mesh is used throughout SL in buildings, furniture and objects. SL is changing and offering new things.
  13. Bree Giffen

    The borderline-OCD inventory sorting thread

    I do the same as most have posted. One problem is when you get a top and bottom in one outfit and then you have to split it into the tops folder and bottoms folder. I guess it encourages mixing and matching which is what I end up doing.
  14. Bree Giffen

    lying during RP

    Asking about lying in RP is the same as asking about lying in the movies. Why are all these people lying in all movies ever made? They're not really in love! They're not really killing each other! Why all the lies? If you've watched Galaxy Quest there is a scene about this. When you log into Second Life you are stepping onto a stage and you don't stop acting until you log out. If someone chooses to not perform and to live a truthful real life on that stage they are in the wrong. They don't have any right to judge or call the actors liars.