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  1. But aren't those hormones produced by hormonal glands which grow based on genetic code? Genetics controls hormones and once again controls the differences between genders.
  2. What about this clothing! It can be put into SL right? https://www.nvidia.com/object/apex_clothing.html
  3. One thing I've learned is to trust your gut feelings. If you feel a little weird about someone then it might be justified.
  4. Maybe file an AR on the object? Even if it's rezzed their land, if it is big enough to be outside their parcel boundary it can be AR'd (Abuse Report).
  5. Greek, if you become a submissive in SL, you'll be logging into SL because your master says so and not because you're interested. Hope this helps.
  6. Can't wait until all mesh clothes switch to this!
  7. I've always seen emojis as a kind of emotional shorthand that satisfies the innate human need to look at people's faces. I think SL's gestures are the emoji of Second Life but aren't that effective because no one can see people's faces when they make gestures. Most everyone walks around in third-person view and aren't focusing their cameras on people's faces. It'd be better if someone could make a gesture (to a targeted person or to a group) and cause those target's cameras to zoom into their face. The avatar's face would have the EMOTE that everyone could actually see. For example, if some guy saw a beautiful girl then he'd type out '/nosebleed at girl' which would cause that girl's camera to zoom into his face which would show a funny nosebleed animation. I guess it could get pretty annoying to have your camera taken over but it's just an an idea that could be refined.
  8. LL needs to rename that new area the Keys or the Riviera. 🏖️The Marina maybe.
  9. I haven't been in world except for just short periods sitting in just one place. Is there something happening?
  10. For me, fullbright AND no mod is an automatic reject. No mod/copy is acceptable but I prefer mod/no copy. Physics, as in set to physical, is never needed in housing/furniture. I do check that my camera works properly with the object rezzed. Sometimes there is invisible stuff that affects the camera. I like mod for the option to set things phantom. I just don't like constantly bumping into tables and such. Also, mod is good for linking items. I try to link as much as possible. LOD isn't too important as I use a very low draw distance inside a small skybox. Scripts are not an issue as I don't have many scripted furniture.
  11. Wow. You must be really good! I'm not good at singing. I do enjoy hearing people sing in Second Life. Looking at an avatar on a stage as they sang and seeing the crowd of other people just listening was one of the first things that really showed me the possibilities of a virtual world. I don't think I can name any good SL singers though. Except for Maddy.
  12. You can go the world map in SL and check the box that says 'land sale' which is normally unchecked. This highlights all the land available in yellow with a little price tag icon and a dollar sign. Clicking on this tag shows the land size and price. If you don't see something exactly the size you want you can try talking to the land seller in the area you like. There is also a forum below: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/286-parcels-for-sale-mainland/
  13. I guess this explains why we see those naked guys with their franks n' beans hanging out in the welcome area! They must've crashed. 😨
  14. I do like the Isis body more but I guess I could just get Isis clothes when available and if not, get the Maitreya version.
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