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  1. Hmmm. Bree Yeetly.... Nah! Littlepaws? No, I'm not a tiny. Maybe Rhonda Huntsman! Or Bumpkin Wumpkins... Keep going.... Congrats to all the winners though. I wish I had entered.
  2. I was thinking that Oct was asking us if we were his alts. Then I thought why would he do that? Anyways, I checked and I'm not your alt. Also, sorry if I have your gender wrong. Octavia?
  3. All the interactions I've had with Goreans has been respectful. It seems that they treat non-roleplaying people as free people? I don't recall the terms. The girls have some nice chokers and skimpy bikini robe dresses.
  4. If there is a lot of emphasis on nudity in the sim then the mesh body requirement is understandable. It's like saying you must have a horse and jodhpurs if you want to join the equestrian sim.
  5. New advert slogan: Coronavirus patients are dying... to play Second Life! Download for free today! See? I got the hook, the product name and the call to action.
  6. Rhonda, both of your avatars look good. I don't know why one would be more popular than the other. Men are from Mars as they say. I am getting a Xena warrior princess and Gabrielle vibe though.
  7. The best method is to hire an entourage of bodyguards to keep people away verbally," please step back, Bree isn't signing autographs right now" or they can resort to pushing people away and keeping you thoroughly unmolested.
  8. I honestly do not post to get likes. I do appreciate it but it is unlooked for. One thing I noticed on the forums is that the OP, the person starting a thread, usually doesn't get any likes for the starting post. Posting replies gets likes but starting threads does not. Weird huh?
  9. I've done this several times. I don't abandon my old accounts. Lately I have refreshed an older account instead of creating a brand new account (cause my old account has a last name). On the refresh, I get rid of the old inventory and erase the profile before restarting with a new mesh body and wardrobe.
  10. I suggested this before but it hasn't been implemented by LL; Add a right click option to detach all and delete folder. There are too many mouse clicks needed to do things. Maybe a macro creator where I could create the function I need and add it to my right click menu or a keyboard shortcut.
  11. Jason Momoa is fake. Look at this:
  12. It may be you are identifying potential rivals. If you couldn't identify a healthy and virile male who is attractive to women you wouldn't know who to compete against.🤔
  13. From a survival point of view, a man looks for a good looking woman who is healthy and fertile. A woman looks for the same in a man. A woman can raise the children of another so recognizing a healthy fertile woman is a trait that is also needed in women. The same cannot be said between men who view each other as rivals.
  14. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/02/13/tech/fortnite-taxes/index.html Are we off the hook on reporting virtual income?
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