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  1. Everyone just logs into their own little bubble. If only we could get everyone close together every single time they log in and force them to interact.
  2. Grow some thicker skin. Preferably flame proof. Also, don’t make yourself a victim.That’s part of growing up and becoming an adult and taking part in adult conversations. This isn’t high school.
  3. Hopefully I’ll be enjoying a barbecue with family after having no family get togethers since the outbreak.
  4. Well, eggs and lemon juice get you mayonnaise so if you are making an egg salad that's understandable.
  5. The only reason to discuss what it is to be human means there is possibly something not human that can pass as human. Like furries for example.
  6. I like my pride lightning bolt earrings from Wasabi Pill.
  7. I've tried many an eyeshadow demo and had similar problems. Eyeshadows are tricky. If your avatar skin has specific eyelid details then an eyeshadow might not match up correctly and look painted on. There is the 'blend' function but it only changes the eyeshadow transparency which affects the original intensity of the eyeshadow. There isn't any way to adjust the positioning of an eyeshadow that I know of. My advice is to check the skin creator's store for specific makeup for your skin or to keep trying out eyeshadow demos until you find a store that aligns with your skin. I found a store that
  8. It seems that SL is pretty bad for newbies. I just saw a video of someone who had a terrible time. This was uploaded a few days ago.
  9. You are under no obligation to tip the DJ. Which makes giving a tip have so much meaning when it's done.
  10. I can't recommend any. 🙂
  11. Goodbye Ebbe. Thank you for all your work.
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