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  1. Wie schon gesagt, du kannst nur Objekte verkaufen die Transfer sind. Alles andere ist auf ewig in deinem Inventar und das einzige was du damit machen kannst, wenn du sie nicht mehr brauchst, ist sie zu löschen.
  2. It'll be more clever to show what you can do up front by posting links to your work or by directly posting your work, this way people will know right away whether they want to employ you or not.
  3. You might want to put a SLURL to the parcel so potential buyers can actually come see it.
  4. Most likely. They also have an inbuilt way to be posted on the website if they're for sale, so it'll be really simple to buy and sell them. Plus, they're cute and I'm looking forward to getting a new parcel for them and making it look nice. So far they say they'll be released at the beginning of quarter 2 this year, so april.
  5. I love love love my Loonetta.
  6. All I do in SL is housing and creating a little bit. Waiting for Kreatures to be released to get back into the breedable game that I never grew out of.
  7. I usually tip 200, sometimes more depending on the length of the class and the quality.
  8. This seems like something only LL can fix. You best create a support ticket detailing your troubles.
  9. Of course it's deliberate. Do you have an extra tinfoil hat?
  10. The atrocious spelling on the promo pictures had me cringing badly, as did the price. No, just no.
  11. So Whimsy


    You promote it just like you would a real life business. Also by joining events and having sales. Word of mouth is also very valuable.
  12. For my dinkie and furry avi I need unrigged hair, for my human? I couldn't care less (and never once had to adjust my head to the hair either.).
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