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  1. I go gaga over houses/homes. The sky is the spending limit if I like something.
  2. Not sure there's an MP store, search for it in world and you should find it.
  3. Just because other beds work on your parcel doesn't meen that there can't be an exception... Also, LL will not get involved in resident to resident disputes.
  4. I agree with you. I tried it once and my brain was so confused. Like, is it supposed to be sweet or savory? Didn't finish the slice, it just wasn't for me.
  5. Personally I wouldn't eat pineapple on a pizza. I have however been ogling a new kind of pizza in store, one of which is apple cinammon. Basically cake toppings on a pizza bread base.
  6. Before SL, I was indeed using IMVU and once I discovered SL I didn't go back. Well I tried, but upon log in it said my account was on hold due to inactivety or something. I can't be bothered to send them my credentials to unlock it. Oh wells.
  7. Finally got around to watch Shadowhunters and eight episodes in I'm a die hard Malec fan.
  8. Noodles, eggs, rice, pesto, bell pepper, bananas, pepperoni, cheese, brocolli. I could mishmash the rice with vegetables and eggs, shouldn't be bad! Edit: I totally just wrong quoted, sorry!
  9. I don't know what to make for dinner. Send help >.<
  10. I'm truly loving these stay at home gifts!
  11. Definitely humor. If he can make me laugh than that's a huge step into the right direction.
  12. Picked up this cute outfit at the stay at home club^^
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