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  1. The snowflakes in my title are actual snowflakes now
  2. I tried upwards of 30 pictures but could never get an age, how you guys make it work is beyond me o.o
  3. I'd love to see tree houses and underwater homes.
  4. Nope, no one I know in RL is on Second Life and I wouldn't even know who to ask to dive in.
  5. Depends on the mental illness and the person to be honest.
  6. Everyone's SL is different and they can decide whom not to mingle with via banning certain groups. It may not be right but its their second life.
  7. In that case, we're doomed.
  8. What skills do you bring to the table?
  9. This, so much this. Each year it just passes me by and I'm 'oh well' about it.
  10. 'nother little story. It was my grandpa's birthday in july and he was honestly gobsmacked when we wished him a happy 76th birthday. He honest to god thought it was his 71st lol. I took that as an opportunity to make myself 5 years younger for my own birthday this year as well
  11. I don't see getting this old as something to thrive for unless one is as healthy as Mr. Overton was till the end. My great grandmother died one month before the big 100, but she had lived with dementia for 20 years prior to that.
  12. Hmm, does this make me the crazy cat lady of the forum?
  13. This is a trainwreck. I really want to look away but I can't.
  14. I had a lot of BBQ's with my family in the garden (in germany you can rent garden patches and stuff). Went to grandpa every day so he wouldn't feel lonely and entertained my three cats and one dog so nobody would get cabin fever.
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