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  1. If it hasn't happened by now, it won't until morning.
  2. Er... Pardon me, but that's Quartz Lake. 😝
  3. I wouldn't exactly call my words "joyful" but whatever.
  4. LL has already done everything they can about VS. The ghouls that run it were banned from SL ages ago, and they were forced to change the name of the site. They are very careful about not posting RL info about people, and have the suicide hotline at the top of every post as if that absolves them from being the facilitator of so much hate. As much as I would love to see VS forced offline, that's not going to happen. The only way it's going away is if the one snot goblin that is left to run the site suddenly gets a conscience, and I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen. Plenty of people have spoken out about the awfulness of VS. They aren't breaking any laws, though. Moral laws, certainly, but not actual laws that could take them offline. If they were, LL and their lawyers would have already taken them out.
  5. I'm going to come across as the evil witch some people already think I am for posting this today (and if you read Virtual Secrets you'll know what I'm talking about - and that is not a recommendation to read that vile site) but you are seemingly getting terribly bent out of shape over a website that everyone knows is garbage, run by garbage, posting garbage, with garbage people commenting on it. Even if one of the lead garbage enablers shuffled off from her mortal coil, it doesn't negate the fact that she was a garbage human being. I didn't go search for the posts about you because I don't care, and I generally think the people who post the "secrets" are full of crap and don't much take any of the secrets as anything but jealousy and lies. Wear it as a freaking badge - "I made it on Virtual Secrets!" I haven't even made it on there, and some people want to burn me at the stake. Freaking own that shiz. Start an exclusive group for people who've been featured on it. Create levels - if someone has 10 or more "secrets" posted about them on that site, they get an Elite title. Instead of getting mad about it, mock it. Rise above. Have fun with it. Don't get down on the level with the infectious sputum that inhabit that site. Maybe now that 1/2 of the evil duo has ceased to be, that site will finally die a long overdue death.
  6. You are going to be a much happier person all the way around when you accept that you can't tell anyone what to do. People are going to be people. The only thing you can control is your own reaction, and you don't seem to be doing that very well. Perhaps your time would be better spent working on that rather than telling everyone else what they should think, believe, say, do, etc. That's just a suggestion, by the way, not a direction.
  7. OP, I'm going to suggest you abandon this thread for a day or two, then come back and re-read it, and look at it from the view of people who know nothing about you other than your words here. We know nothing of the drama to which you're referring, but we do see you becoming increasingly seemingly unhinged. Based purely on what we know, based on what you have provided, the drama seems to have one source - you.
  8. Yes, you've got the idea! I'm not saying it was intentional... but I have a hard time believing it wasn't!
  9. Campwich Lodge Rorschach... What do you see?
  10. But all the best bathroom stalls in SL say I'm the Goddess of the Release. 😂😂😂
  11. It really makes me twitch that some of these things are capitalized and some aren't.
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