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  1. No, the problem is that nothing LL does will make 100% of the people happy. They tried a huge release at once. People complained. They tried a smaller release with the pickle. People complained. Now they're trying this, and yes, people are going to complain. If the Flying Spaghetti Monster swooped down from the sky with a shiny, clean, brand new Linden Home or Houseboat in the ideal perfect location for every single person, AND it was self-aware and would just know intrinsically how to be that particular resident's idea of the perfect house, with the perfect furnishings, with the perfect landscaping AND refunded every single dollar collected by LL over the past 16 years with a promise to pay each resident a daily stipend of L$25,000 on top of that, along with unlimited real life squishy hugs from the person from their real life that they most desperately need one from, plus an ice cream cone, someone would still complain. "This is unfair", "they should do it this way", "they should do it that way", "they favor this", "they favor that..." OMFG. OMFG! If all the complainers know so much about what LL should do, then they should go get some venture capital and start their own SL.
  2. Don't you tempt me like that! I love a good challenge!
  3. I am a happy premium member and consider my premium cost a gift to LL (sort of) on top of what ever I pay by shopping, etc., etc. The fact that they give me a lot of benefits that I love on top of that is just the icing on the cake. I want SL to be around for a very long time and that's not going to happen without money. I would be utterly LIVID, though, if LL tried to limit how much I can spend or how much I can buy per day based on my premium membership. I'm not going to spent money so that I can spend money. And putting limits on buying and spending would just hurt everyone's bottom line, from the creators, to the DJs, to the hosts, to the Lab, and everyone in between.
  4. Mixed does work better. If I go to an event primarily to buy clothing, and the H and G stuff is in another area, I won't see it. If it's mixed, there is a very good chance I'm going to see something I didn't set out to buy but can't resist. As a matter of fact, most of my H and G stuff is a result of impulse buying. With clothing, I have to get a demo, take it home and try it on, and then go back to buy it. That gives me time to think if I really want it or not. I see some cute H and G something or other, anything from L$100 to L$10,000 and there is a high likelihood of me just plopping the money down right then and there.
  5. Why on earth did it take 1,125 words to ask for a dialogue with LL if that's the gist of this petition? One reason could be that whoever wrote it is just a wordy person. A more sinister reason could be they wanted it to be so long and drab knowing that most people would just sign because their favorite designer asked them to and not read what they were actually signing. If it were more transparent and concise, I would give this petition more weight. I get that the creators want to be heard. This, however, reads more like a heavy-handed bullying tactic.
  6. I will sign up to be a mentor just so I can be Geraldine Gerbil.
  7. Only the people who chose to have their signature and comments made public, and it's pretty clear from reading those comments that a lot of people didn't read that gargantuan wall of text and didn't really understand what they were signing.
  8. You also only have to have an email address, and how long does it take to sit and make multiple throwaway emails?
  9. Also, in going along with the adult content policy, as long as their is an attempt to keep things behind closed doors, I would assume a meth lab is just fine as long as it's not able to be seen unless someone cams in? God know I have adult content all over my moderate parcel.
  10. Me, every time I read one of monotonous variations of complaints and criticisms of how LL is releasing the new homes and boats...
  11. YES! Much love and appreciation! As a matter of fact... @Quartz Mole c'mere and let me hug you!!! I WILL LOVE YOU and you will like it, by golly!!
  12. I already saw someone in one of the groups complaining about the new releases coming in small batches because they're just going to be disappointed every single day when they miss out. No matter what they do, someone is going to be angry about how they have been personally offended.
  13. Nah, I don't like other people enough to want to be that close to so many of them at once. I'd rather have smaller meet and greets more often. Besides, how would everyone get to ask their questions if there are a 200 avatars there?
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