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  1. I put a dancing animesh Elvis on the roof and left it for a while.
  2. I think we all get the fatigue. My motivation for decorating comes in spurts (heh). I left the boat empty until the neighbor complained to me... and even then, I really waited until the urge hit again. There's not a thing wrong will leaving a house, or boat, or camper, sitting empty until you find the inspiration or motivation.
  3. Ditto... I remember watching it when I was in 6th or 7th grade, and that lead me to the books. I did a book report in 8th grade complete with a fabulous collage. I'm overdue for a re-read... it's been years. I loaned my set of books to someone (never again!) about 20 years ago and they were never returned. I need to buy a new set. Had a huge crush on David Dixon...
  4. Oh... um... well... I’m feeling a bit faint now... a bit flushed... ...thud...
  5. The Chintzy Lady's kitchen from DRD. I love it. ...making sandwiches in case @Quartz Mole gets hungry and stops by for a bite...
  6. You deleted them all! You couldn’t have sobered up that quickly! 😋
  7. A gondola is a lovely romantic way to explore the canals of Bellisseria at sunset.
  8. I believe it may have been about me. I've managed to pick up a bit of a stalker and she's decided that I am evil incarnate. I'm getting death threats and the like. As she likes to point out, I'm old. Not quite sure I'm ready to be put down yet, though, and her prison sentence would be longer than my remaining natural years. ... sighs dramatically ...
  9. I received a Manji as a Valentines gift (thanks, boo!) and it’s a blast! Handles great, looks great, great fun!
  10. Seriously, though... wtf is a vampire bond? Is this an actual thing? OP needs to get back here and explain himself!
  11. I couldn't say exactly why, but this one was always my favorite: Subatomic Toasticles (sub ah tom' ik toh' stik uhlz) n. - Tiny fragments of toast left behind in the butter.
  12. Your posts seem to be grumpier than normal recently. Are you okay?
  13. Yes, absolutely. A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman. I believe cis men do the same, but are conditioned to not speak about it. A handsome man is a handsome man is a handsome man. Thanks for answering for all of us! Men, amiright??
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