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  1. Sorry, dude... Drakon was correct. I was referring to people like you. She and I have butted heads but I respect her and her intelligence, and 98% of her beliefs align with mine.
  2. The racists not only know they're racists, but are proud of it as well. Look at that other thread that's currently sitting at the top full of white Europeans who have somehow come to the asinine conclusion that they have any business telling another person who they can, or more accurately, cannot be. 328.2 million other persons, really. My attention needs to be on my city now anyway. Black militants and white nationalists have chosen Louisville as their armed battleground tomorrow. Either they are all going to show up and it's going to be a bloodbath, or none of them will actually show up, and nothing will happen - I don't hold out any hope for a peaceful protest if both parties show up separated only by a single street and an inept police department, and I live and work far too close to that assigned battleground for comfort. 😔
  3. Thank you, but I'm not actually back. I just look in every once in a while to see if anything has gotten better. The proliferation of racists popping up here, and in other threads, was enough to take away any enjoyment I got from participating in these forums. Too many people that I had previously respected, if not necessarily liked, showing themselves to be beyond redemption, and the constant head-splitting attempts to help them see that their extraordinarily white European perspectives aren't the actual reality for the majority of people on the planet was making 2020 uglier than and more difficult than it already was for me. I'm giving my energy to things in the real world when it comes to tackling racism, and returned to blogging to say the things I feel like I need to say in a platform where I don't have to hold back. On the positive side, Taylor Swift surprise-dropped her best album to date last night so I've got that going on. Keep fighting the good fight - I'll be battling on another front. ✊🏽
  4. My family wasn't even here... My mother was British and my father's grandfather came over from Germany... but I absolutely wouldn't mind paying a couple bucks extra in taxes for reparations to both the ADOS community and the Native American community. Now I donate to organizations involved in those communities, but it sure would be grand if our government did the right thing and those organizations became unnecessary because we're actually taking care of ALL our people.
  5. Well, crap, Ceka, I just finished that documentary and I’m absolutely guilty of exactly what they were talking about at the end - seeing all the media and thinking everything is just awful on the south side and not seeing any of the good that’s going on. I like to think I know better and that I’m all sorts of woke, but I have miles to go and volumes to learn. One of the things that struck me most was the bit about black people not being able to make mistakes and fail at things without it destroying and defining their entire lives. Take two kids in the same circumstances, say... something stupid like stealing a car... but one is white and the other black, and the paths laid out in front of them a very different. I’ve got a lot to think about now. Thank you for waking me up a little bit more.
  6. Thanks... I’ll start there. I also think it’s important to see the violence and not sterilize it. That makes it too easy to dismiss and deny. I know Louisville is like a smaller version of Chicago. We’re the midway point between there and the Deep South, as well as between Florida and NY for the traffickers (human and drug). If people don’t see it, they don’t believe it, and that willful obliviousness is part of the problem.
  7. I am pretty out of touch here... I’m old and tragically unhip to a lot of things. I know, of course, about the violence in Chicago, and I know how parts of the city, the projects, have basically been abandoned. I never heard it called Chiraq, but I get it now. Do you recommend a place for me to start learning? A website, book, blog? Or should I just hit google and keep going?
  8. And Mississippi is... well, when other states fail at something, they console themselves by saying, “At least we aren’t Mississippi!” The fact that they woke up is a huge deal.
  9. They brought pizza? Like, “Oh, hey... we’re just sitting here, having a little pizza picnic... as you do... in Chicano Park. Don’t mind us... we’re not planning on tearing any monument down. That’s those other white guys... with the, er... cheese sandwiches. American cheese on Wonder bread. Yeah, those are the racists you’re looking for...” 😂😂😂
  10. Go to sleep! We'll probably still be having the same argument tomorrow when you get off work!
  11. You've still not answered the question about whether or not you've had the racism conversation with Kim, or anyone else. Why are you avoiding it? I voted for a wonderfully successful black man for POTUS twice, and almost wrote him in for a third time (oh, but would I could). It is absolutely wonderful that there are human beings, regardless of their color, thriving in this world because it ain't easy. Every time I turn around, I see successful black people. They are in my community, my government, my workplace, shopping at my supermarket, living in my complex, on my television... well, they would be if I owned a television... I hear successful black voices during every protest in my city. Charles Booker, Attica Scott, Jecorey Arthur. Are they lying about being happy, successful black people because they acknowledge and actively fight against racism? Or do they not matter to you for that same reason? No one is saying that things have not improved since the 13th Amendment was ratified. No one is saying that things have not improved since the Civil Rights movement. Improvement does not equal equity, or equality. Black people have made huge strides towards being on the same footing as white people in the United States, with little help from the white man. White people had a running head start and black people have still not been able to catch up because that head start was enormous - it was the difference between being a human being and being property. We have shown you study after study showing that black people have not achieved equity or equality in the United States - most of those studies conducted by very successful black people - and you are still on this strange mission to deny these truths. If we were belittling the successful black people of the United States as you seem to think we are, then are you belittling the non-successful black people? Which is more insulting to the black community as a whole, especially when those same successful black people are telling you with their millions of voices that racism is still an issue in the United States of America? Why aren't their voices important to you? Why is it only the successful black people that you personally know - the ones you've seemingly have not had the conversation with about racism?
  12. Have you had a conversation about racism with any of them? Kim? Your boyfriend? Some random black guy in your multi-ethnic community? How many conversations have you had? And they all said, "Nope, life is spectacular... never once experienced this racism thing people keep talking about!"? Where is this Utopia? I want to live in a place where racism has been wiped out. We could be neighbors!
  13. No, I think January hasn't engaged Kim in a discussion about race. I'm not saying Kim doesn't have an awesome life... or Janet, or Ashlyn, or Pussycat, or Ceka, or any black person, but I'm guessing Kim is very aware of the possible prejudices she's encountered. January doesn't want to know that because it would destroy her comfortable worldview. And January, you are the one who brought up "my black friend". I didn't make her the token - you did.
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