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  1. If you pay even closer attention, you'll notice that a certain maniacal adorable Linden in charge of this whole shebang will mix things up as soon as he realizes someone thinks they've noticed a pattern. Any and all speculation on the methods employed by said maniacal adorable Linden and his trusty gang of equally maniacal adorable Moles, by my speculation, simply means that everything you think you know will be turned upside down and shaken like a snow globe while @Patch Lindencackles manically adorably in the background. Which means if he reads this, he most certainly won't change the way things are being done, and your speculation will be correct, except the devil on his shoulder won't let him do that. But since he's read this, he'll realize we also know that he loves to mess with us. What to do, what to do? Has Bellisseria gone meta now? Will it simply blink out of existence tomorrow? Or perhaps it will magically spawn eight arms and legs, each with a new and as yet unthought of theme? The whole thing could sink underwater and become Bellantis. It could morph into Rainbow Magellan and simply walk off into the horizon and never be heard from again. (I couldn't post the Pop Quiz clip from Speed because it has a wordy-dird in it.)
  2. I think you misunderstood. Your previous statement was that there would not be another release today, as if you knew that for certain. I was asking if you received that information from a reliable source, or if that was just speculation on your part.
  3. Did someone with the last name of Mole or Linden tell you that?
  4. Are the house colors the same as the boat colors? Because I feel like the boat colors definitely lean towards the masculine.
  5. Reprimanded and reported by who and for what? I mean, it's a giant twig. People are gonna talk.
  6. So basically Abnor giggled and walked away? 😂😂😂
  7. I'm curious if this is still there or if the Moles have already nuked it out of existence because I'm pretty sure that Giant Red Sky Willies aren't allowed by the covenant. Though if you look very closely at certain areas of the Bellisseria map, you may well spot other... things.
  8. That thing when you read too quickly and see "swamp a**" instead of "swamp gas", both of which are very real things in the humid southern United States at this time of year, and both can be quite deadly!
  9. Rise up against the Moles?! NEVER! #teamMole4eva!
  10. I was basing my opinion on my interpretation her actual words and her actual credentials, not someone else's interpretation of them, but okay. You do you.
  11. Read the actual lawsuit instead. Even if those were the what she was hired to deal with, LL was under no obligation to act based on her recommendations. She's not a lawyer, though. In fact, she has nothing in her background, her education, or her certifications to indicate she knows anything about law, international or otherwise. LL has an entire legal team for that. She is a techie, not a legalie, and those are two very different worlds, and the issues she raised are possibly far outside her scope of knowledge, or her job description, and that's why I think she was ultimately fired. That's just my interpretation, though. I don't know nearly enough about either the techie side or the legal side of such complex issues, and I've not seen the job description she was given.
  12. It's not that I don't find it interesting, but that isn't what the lawsuit is about. She can't sue because LL didn't (to her knowledge) do what she thinks they should do. In my mind it's a completely separate matter. I'm by no means a cyber security expert, but I am a woman as well as a non-Christian who has worked for everything from companies with something like 60,000 employees to small businesses with less than 10, so I do feel somewhat qualified to comment on my gut feelings in regards to the reasons she's suing. In my 34 years in the workforce, I've seen and been on the receiving end, of some pretty vile behavior - sexually from men, and overall from "Christians". It is so much better now than it was 34 years ago, but it absolutely still exists. When you work in the Bible Belt, the religious discrimination and harassment is still quite prevalent and ugly. I do know my information has never been leaked due to a security breech by LL, and I'm assuming Moles have to sign some pretty strict NDAs, etc., and I'm not really concerned about them having access to my account and I can see reasons why they might need to, and I trust gmail's security more than I do most other companies, if that part of the lawsuit is true. People get mad because they believe LL doesn't take security seriously enough, and then when they take steps like Tilia, people get mad because they're taking steps to be more secure. Damned if they do, damned if they don't. I just know that I don't have enough knowledge of that subject to really go into any sort of depth on it. We call them CYA files in my company... "Cover your a**". I have plenty of them, too.
  13. On the contrary, I adore us women. We're the bomb-diggity. I love us so much that I know we are strong enough to not embarrass ourselves by filing frivolous lawsuits because we get fired. I got fired once. 15 years later, that is still hard to say. It's devastating and I was absolutely destroyed. It was completely without merit, in my opinion of course, but I pulled up my big girl panties and moved on. I badly wanted some sort of revenge or redemption, but I ultimately decided that the company wasn't worth my energy or emotional well-being. I think what leads me to believe that this lawsuit is frivolous is the fact that she went all "I'M FIGHTING THE PATRIARCHY" on Twitter as soon as she filed the suit, long before any evidence might be revealed during discovery. She could have waited, or not gone public at all and kept her personal business to herself but in my eyes she's shown her hand now, and she clearly has an agenda. She's knows damn good and well that LL cannot say anything publicly to refute her claims, but the court documents will reveal all when that time comes. By then, most people will have forgotten about this and moved on. She shot her shot now when it was safe to do so, in the court of public opinion. She wanted the hashtag fame and used every trigger word in the liberal rally cry handbook. (Before I get slammed for that, I'm so liberal that I make Bernie look conservative.) Love, you're doing just as most people do, and that is what I find troublesome. No evidence has been presented. You are choosing to believe the woman, as we are being trained to do in the wake of the #metoo movement, and that may seem more than fair since women either weren't believed, or were shushed into submission, for the last 4.5 billion years or so. Sadly, though, that's led some less-than-scrupulous women to take advantage of that positive wave. That's what bothers me so much about this lawsuit. It doesn't pass the smell test to me when I take all her public actions and the words she and her lawyer used in the suit into consideration. I might well be wrong. Read the reports on pretty much any company and you'll see the same. Glassdoor is anonymous and bitter ex-employees often use it to lob grenades, and HR directors often use it to post false positive reviews to make their company look better than it is. I would take anything I read there with a grain of salt. It's the Yelp of job seekers.
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